SkyriderGreetings all10:33
SkyriderCan someone tell me an alternative to cron which has the ability to do jobs in a specific year?10:34
jellyapart from the obvious workaround, checking the year inside the job?10:36
SkyriderMh, didn't considering using year check in the script.10:38
jellysystemd.timer(5) units seem to be able to specify an absolute timestamp with OnCalendar=10:39
SkyriderThanks, will check it out :)10:39
SkyriderLovely.. Attempted to remove disk file system, and we can't allow that11:15
Skyriderhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CsgTnb39p7/ - What I have thus far. Could be wrong, but still attempting to improve it.11:16
SkyriderBut thus far, getting: /etc/systemd/system/./inferno-daily.timer:8: Unknown section 'Service'. Ignoring. Attempted to remove disk file system, and we can't allow that.11:16
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Orcs53Hi! I've got a question for you guys. I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS installed, and USB webcam attached. I am trying to stream the webcam A/V using VLC, thus far I have had success streaming the Video, but not yet the audio, I note no audio device are registered in the system. What software would I need to install to get the11:27
Orcs53microphone from the webcam to show as an audio device?11:27
Orcs53Any help would be greatly appreciated!11:27
SkyriderWow this systemd timer is annoying...12:36
Skyriderenable name.timer works just fine, but when I attempt to start it getting error printed out "Refusing to start, unit to trigger not loaded"12:36
ahasenackSkyrider: a timer needs a service unit as well, do you have that, with the same name?12:39
* ahasenack reads up12:39
SkyriderYa, I do. Otherwise the SH file couldn't run with enable.12:39
SkyriderWhen I run the enable command, the sh from service is being run. Just can't start it.12:40
ahasenackthe service has to stay put, not started. On what do you run the enable command?12:40
Skyrider`systemctl enable backup.timer` - `systemctl start backup.timer`12:40
SkyriderOnly trying to start the timer file.12:40
ahasenackand what does "systemctl list-timers" say about the backup timer?12:41
ahasenackI don't remember now if one has to "start" the timer12:41
Skyrider0 listed timers, using --all it shows the inactive timer I setup, all with n/a12:41
ahasenack0 timers? Is this a normal ubuntu system, or something stripped down?12:42
ahasenackyou should have many timers listed, without --all12:42
SkyriderI filtered by my timer name.12:42
SkyriderWithout any filters, the rest of the system timers shows up in the list :)12:42
ahasenackok, good :)12:42
SkyriderI'll pastebin the 2 files :p might make it easier.. maybe I messed up.12:42
ahasenacklemme see your paste12:42
ahasenackhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CsgTnb39p7/ is what you pasted before, right12:43
SkyriderYa, I messed up the above paste. Wasn't aware service & timer had to be there as 2 files. I assumed timer was one.12:43
ahasenacka timer doesn't have... ah, ok12:43
Skyrider1 sec12:43
ahasenacka timer is just another way to start a service, in the end12:43
SkyriderService file: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vydKfxjQzY/12:44
SkyriderTimer: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zQWSBfxvJF/12:44
SkyriderI included "requires" on a later time when it wasn't working. I often check google for some help.12:44
SkyriderStill doesn't work I might add ^_^12:45
SkyriderAw, crap.. I see why it doesn't work now.. I'm stupid12:45
ahasenackI think type should be oneshot12:45
SkyriderGot it to work. Thanks for your assistance. I was stupid that I didn't catch on the unit name.12:47
ahasenackhappy to help :)12:47
SkyriderSystemd has no specific seconds that it can time, does it?12:48
ahasenackwhat do you mean?12:48
SkyriderI'll ask again later when I remember what I wanted to ask ^_^, thanks.12:49
ahasenacksystemd.timer(5) has tons of options, as usual12:50
ahasenacknot easily digestable in one go12:50
SkyriderNoticed, just a shame it takes up extra files rather than a single user cron file ^_^12:55
SkyriderAh, right.. think I know what to ask.. I think with cron, it's impossible to run cron jobs at 59's second of each minute. (1 second before hitting 1 minute)13:01
SkyriderWonder if you can do that with systemd.13:01
SkyriderI use this https://crontab.guru/ to double check the cron timers in the past. Does something similar exists for systemd timer?13:05
Skyriderahasenack: Do you happen to know if I wish to make a systemd timer to run between 9 and 59 at every 10 minutes, it checks at every 10 min? Systemd seems to check only the first 9th min to run, and start after that. But doesn't check every 10 minute when to run after when its past that 9th minute.13:39
SkyriderWith cron I was able to use 9-59/10 * * * * for that13:40
Skyridermaybe 09/10 will do the trick13:50
ahasenackSkyrider: timers have a random "fuzz" added to the time, so they don't always run at the exact same time17:16
ahasenackSkyrider: that is configurable, but there are many options about it and it can be confusing17:16

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