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jukebohuh-oh... I opened a plasma vault, moved in a couple of files and now I am unable to close it20:55
jukebohI've no Dolphin windows in there. The Plasma Vault is taking up 100% of CPU, even as it should have nothing to do at all20:56
jukebohPlasma Vaults have broken on me previously, so don't feel like restarting the machine and hoping that it did not break20:56
jukebohI rebooted anyways21:06
jukebohNow trying to open the Vault sorta succeeds, but CPU utilization goes to 100% and I cannot access the vault21:07
jukebohAfter 2nd reboot I can open the vault and see inside with shell. But Dolphin window hangs. I try to kill the Dolphin and see if it starts up ok and the Vault is ok21:21
jukebohNope. Dolphin will just not die 'sudo kill -9 pid' does nothing21:25
jukebohIn 'ps aux  | grep dolphin' I see the program that will not die with 'sudo kill -9' and there are also 3 pcs slave sockets.21:28
jukebohTo get the Vault to work is not a urgent thing, nor very critical as the information is also stored elsewhere, but would be nice to get working. Got irccloud, will hang around if someone can help21:31
jukebohRebooting, I can open the vault and see its contents in Bash, but when I try to access  ~/Vaults with Dolphin it freezes.21:44
jukebohYeah. When Dolphin enters ~/Vaults it freezes and for reasons unknown to me cannot be killed. Maybe I need a better file browser. Any suggestions?21:59

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