tomreynis the focal release kernel version decided, yet? it'd be nice to have wireguard (5.6) in there, but, well, just nice to have.04:33
tjaaltontomreyn: 5.405:42
tomreynah, pity, and thanks for the info. there'll be hwe, i guess05:51
zx2c4tomreyn: we're going to ship a backport of 5.408:05
zx2c4of wireguard for 5.408:05
zx2c4it should be included out of the box08:05
tomreynzx2c4: oh, i wasn't aware you're around. :) i read about the backport, but suspect lower performance for the backport due to more "translation" on the kernel (this is just a guess, i have not looked at any of the code)08:35
tomreyneither way, i'm glad you're doing this, it certainly involves much work and wasn't an easy decision to make.08:37
zx2c4tomreyn: backport is faster because the crypto is better08:48
zx2c4making upstream crypto better is an uphill battle that's taking a long time08:48
tomreynyour persistence is appreciated. :)08:49

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