Skyriderahasenack: No worries, I got it.00:16
SkyriderAt least you can set seconds with systemd timer, you can't with cron.00:16
SkyriderThanks :)00:16
SkyriderWhat do you mean with the random fuzz btw?00:17
broberthi, Im running 19.10.1 and Im trying to restart networking01:30
brobertI read instructions to do,  systemctl restart system-networkd01:30
brobertbut ubuntu 19.10 complains there is no system-networkd service01:30
brobertdid the service name change?01:30
tomreynyou're missing a 'd' there01:30
brobertok that works01:33
brobertIm using netplan01:33
tomreynso which instructions did you read, did they have a typo?01:33
brobertor rather I was, ... but now Im afraid I screwed things up,,, because got fed up with it and uninstalled it01:33
broberttomreyn, yeah not official01:33
tomreynmaybe contact them and tell them about it to save others if you feel like it01:34
brobertSo I made my netplan... and applied it... now I restarted the systemd-networkd...01:34
broberttomreyn, yeah I will set a comment01:34
brobertim a little confused, I dont get anny errors from my netplan settings... Im not sure what the systemd-networkd   is doing with the config... if it fails or not01:36
brobertcertainly I dont get an ip or anything01:36
shibbolethi was referred due to any complication caused by a default component of ubuntu supposedly being offtopic in there.01:36
tomreynbrobert: so what does      systemctl status systemd-networkd     have to say, what does    networkctl    say, how about     ip link    and    ip a    , how about the systemd journal in general?01:37
tomreynshibboleth: that's untrue, i referred you here because you run ubuntu server and have questions regarding it.01:38
shibbolethdo any configs govern "cloud-initramfs-copymods". i has somehow managed to mount some overlay onto "/lib/modules" for several months. this has caused a lot of issues01:38
broberttomreyn, thanks..yes systemctl status gives me something01:38
shibbolethit has01:38
brobertwlan0 could not bring up interface01:39
brobertso seems the netplan was received... but not working01:39
brobertmy netplan was for wlan001:39
shibbolethremoving "cloud-initramfs-copymods" leaves me with a "/lib/modules" for the kernel bionic was installed with01:39
tomreynbrobert: so      netplan apply     ran without errors?01:40
shibbolethwhich is not the same kernel i'm running a year later01:40
broberttomreyn, yes01:40
brobertnetplan -d apply no errors01:40
shibbolethwhich presents me with an issue if i now hope to generate a new initramfs?01:40
tomreynbrobert: i'd check the journal about what's not working.01:40
broberttomreyn, how do I read the systemd journal is it in var/log?01:42
tomreynbrobert: journalctl01:43
shibboleth<tomreyn> shibboleth: that's untrue, i referred you here because you run ubuntu server and have questions regarding it.01:43
shibbolethoh really?01:44
tomreynyes, you really weren't referred here because you were chatting "supposedly offtopic"01:44
tomreynthat was entirely separate.01:45
OerHeks<shibboleth> so, i remove "cloud-initramfs-copymods" .. why?01:46
brobertlast line of journal is   one hour ago... systemd-journald: Journal stopped01:46
brobertso it crashed?01:46
brobertI guess I'll reboot and try again01:46
shibbolethOerHeks, to make it stop forcing an overlayfs onto /lib/modules01:46
shibbolethwhich has given me an ulcer by now01:46
shibboleth<shibboleth> do any configs govern "cloud-initramfs-copymods". i has somehow managed to mount some overlay onto "/lib/modules" for several months. this has caused a lot of issues01:56
shibbolethOerHeks, uninstalling it was apparently the wrong way to handle this, are there any docs outlining anything at all re this?01:56
OerHeksor what modules caused this to happen, i think "cloud-initramfs-copymods" should be possible.02:01
shibboleththat isn't a valid command neither with or without that package installed02:01
OerHeksyeah, curious, this last post says install it, and remove & reboot fixed it.02:03
shibbolethyeah, same issue i read02:03
OerHeksanything special, installed HWE?02:03
shibboleththe other person was fortunate enough to not have updated his kernel02:03
shibbolethi was able to resolve this by dropping the kernel, module and header .debs in /var/cache/apt/archives and reinstall the running verions02:05
shibbolethbut my question remains: what is the purpose of "cloud-initramfs-copymods", is it governed by any configs and who thought it would be a good idea to break the install if it is removed?02:06
OerHeksthis is maybe one step closer02:09
shibboleththe only way this was at all visible was a line in the output of "df"02:13
shibboleth"copymods 1234    78780  1234   1% /lib/modules"02:14
OerHeksthis bugreport gives copymod could not find modules https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-initramfs-tools/+bug/176672302:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1766723 in cloud-initramfs-tools "copymods puts modules out of modprobe's path" [Medium,Fix committed]02:15
shibbolethit is not at all apparent how and how this overlayfs is configured and forced upon the user02:15
shibbolethOerHeks, ?02:16
OerHekssame as yours, cruft left so  unable to generate a initramfs02:16
shibboleth"After copymods runs, modules can be found under /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/$(uname -r):"02:17
shibbolethhow so?02:18
OerHeksthis is fixed in 0.44 http://ubuntudiff.debian.net/q/uploaders/goneri%40debian.org02:20
shibbolethyes still affects a fully updated bionic?02:34
shibbolethquestion remains: do any configs govern this ubuntu-only "feature"? how/where does it force an overlayfs onto the rootfs02:37
shibbolethand if it has been known to be broken on bionic, what's up with it still being broken on bionic?02:39
albechwhat is the best practise to secure a running system. I know encryption like LUKS only secure systems at rest, but what if I wanted to secure the system from physical access while its running?11:46
maswansturdy cabinet with a good lock12:16
albechwhere I come from the government loves to request access to digital equipment even with no or very little proof. I was wondering if it was possible to make their life harder.12:19
maswanwell, if you manage to cut power to the server, encryption at rest is pretty sturdy12:21
albechmaswan: aye, i am wondering if some door sensor to the dc could unmount the encrypted volumes and possible some internal network check if fails also could unmount.12:23
bipulI have simple query to know , How to update Packages.gz file{Metadata information regarding /pool packages} inside the .iso ?13:39
shibbolethi was asking some questions about "cloud-initramfs-copymods" and how it by default mounts an overlayfs at /lib/modules. this has caused quite a few issues for me over the last months and when removed managed to break the install since what's left doesn't match the running kernel15:44
shibbolethOerHeks suggested that the issue has been known and fixed in v0.44 yet bionic is still at 0.4015:44
shibbolethnow, are there any configs governing this behavior?15:45
shibbolethbasically, what i'm asking is: how do i disable this behavior so that i may back up content of the overlay?16:00
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