OerHekssure you can build ubuntu packages yourself, but why waste such huge time?00:01
sondreactually I have a pending upload of 4.7MB00:01
KNERDOerHeks: For learning, and experimentation00:02
KNERDI guess I can ask on the -dev channel00:03
sondretatertotsI-ve tried three time but the upload remains in pending state00:03
KNERDi want to build the whole OS, not an app00:04
sondretatertots I-ve tried with smaller files and it works.. could there be a limit in siza?00:04
amazoniantoadI'm trying to boot into xen but the system hangs on "initial ramdisk" this is an efi system00:05
sondretatertots  don-t know why it is not uploading, now that I have the file here can I pastebin the info you consider to be useful?00:08
sondreTo sum it up I have a working 19.10 system, with connectivity, with something wrong with the RX 580 driver. It boots, asks for password (full ecnrypted disk), mount partitions but goes to blank screen. Only way to access it using recovery mode -> root shell.. anyone can help me in making work the video card again?00:12
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sondreinxi -Fxxprzc0 show n/a in the driver section for the video card (AMD RX 580)00:20
sondrehow can I install the ubuntu driver?00:20
amazoniantoad I fixed my previous issue with hwmatch. But now when I try to boot the system hangs on "initial ramdisk". The system runs efi and dwfreed I tried to configure xen to run efi but Idk if this issue is relevant to ramdisk00:23
tatertotssondre: the kernel supplied driver goes by the name radeon or ati00:25
tatertotssondre: if you run> ubuntu-drivers devices00:26
tatertotssondre: does it show anything besides cpu micro code00:26
sondretatertots  it shows nothing (neither cpu)00:28
sondreI was watching the Xorg log and I see  that X has a modulepath set to a directory that doesn-t exist anymore00:32
sondrebut that should be another problem I think..00:33
tatertotssondre: i just saw your msg00:33
FaTaL_Gafter boot, I see in dmesg: "ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Could not resolve [\_SB.PCI0.SAT0.PRT0._GTF.DSSP], AE_NOT_FOUND (20181213/psargs-330)" where should I look first to find out how to resolve it?00:43
jayjoive been having a lot of bluetooth problems on my machine, and i recently got a pair of bluetooth headphones that i know work that I still cant connect reliably (or at all even). Are there additional drivers that need to be installed in order to get a bluetooth dongle working on Ubuntu? lsusb gives me `Broadcom Corp. BCM20702A0 Bluetooth 4.0`. I'm at step 0. Does the kernel manage these sorts of connections00:47
jayjowith drivers that I need to manually update?00:47
jayjoI have had this same type of problem with connecting ANY bluetooth device with this dongle. It used to work reliably, however, on a previous version. Not sure when, this is a work machine and I didn't notice which actual update caused it to stop working. May even have been a software update. Now I'm on ubuntu 19.10300:49
jayjoubuntu 19.1000:53
tomreynFaTaL_G: bios update. see     journalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'     to get your model and current version00:55
shibbolethwhat is the purpose of "cloud-initramfs-copymods" and why in the name of... whatever does it keep messing with /lib/modules?01:04
pragmaticenigmashibboleth, manages initramfs modules by copying them into root filesystem for later use01:08
pragmaticenigmapart of an automation setup01:08
sondrefollowing your advices I'm installing the OS.. made a USB with 19.10 just started it but I receive a failed to execute / init (error -2).. what is it now?01:09
tomreynshibboleth: apt show cloud-initramfs-copymods 2>/dev/null | grep -A999 ^Description:01:09
shibboleth...and somehow manages to mount initramfs modules as an overlay onto the running rootfs01:09
shibbolethmaking damn sure i can't do much about the stuff actually in /lib/modules unless i boot to recovery media01:11
shibboleththis appears to be limited to those poor deluded souls using lvm for root01:11
tomreynlike... a default ubuntu server installation would do.01:13
jayjoI found this https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=291426 detailing a driver issue for this bluetooth dongle on mint. What is a hcd file?01:13
tomreynjayjo: a "host controller driver", i would think01:14
tomreyni.e. firmware01:14
shibbolethtomreyn, niche case indeed01:16
shibbolethso, i remove "cloud-initramfs-copymods" and i'm left with /lib/modules for a kernel i'm no longer running and i am therefore unable to generate a initramfs01:19
tomreyn/join #ubuntu-server01:20
shibbolethare there any configs that govern this behavior, how do i defang this stuff?01:24
pragmaticenigmashibboleth, What version of Ubuntu are you running?01:26
pragmaticenigmaDesktop or Server?01:27
broberthi guys I have 19.10.1 server01:27
brobertIm setting the netplan config, and now I follow instructions to restart the networking01:27
broberthowever, this instruction ...  systemctl restart system-networkd01:28
shibbolethbrobert, save yourself a lot of trouble and replace netplan with ifupdown01:28
brobertdoesnt work, seems 19.10 server doesnt use system-networkd01:28
brobertshibboleth, ok, ehm, just asking because comes vanilla with that01:28
brobertproblem is system-networkd is not there01:29
brobertso something changed from 18 to 1901:29
tomreynbrobert: for ubuntu server, please /join #ubuntu-server01:29
pragmaticenigmashibboleth, Please don't ... ifupdown is not a supported configuration anymore and isn't compatible with the other features and configurations of Ubuntu01:29
shibbolethyes, and i assume that any complications caused by such features are, as always, offtopic?01:31
pragmaticenigmabrobert, usually those commands are systemd-networkd ... i believe you might want to check that you aren't missing the letter "d" after system01:31
pragmaticenigmashibboleth, yes01:31
shibbolethpragmaticenigma, so ubuntu roll replace standard stuff with their own shizzle and if said shizzle causes problems well, that's just life and offtopic?01:33
shibboleth'cuz that's what you just said01:33
pragmaticenigmashibboleth, currently your line of questioning is offtopic. please stop.01:34
pragmaticenigmabrobert, did that help?01:41
tomreynpragmaticenigma: i invited brobert to #ubuntu-server and we're discussing it there.01:46
pragmaticenigmatomreyn, thanks for the update01:47
jayjotomreyn: I was able to get the device to connect (and stay connected! that's a huge step!) but now I can't actually get an audio to stream. Typically do I need to install audio drivers onto my motherboard/audio card in order to detect a bluetooth speaker (the headphones) or does a different software layer determine where it can stream?02:23
jayjowhen it connected, should it have detected that it's an audio streaming device, and the kernel would allow that as a sound option in system preferences?02:24
tomreynjayjo: as i menationed before, i'm really not into bluetooth nor audio debugging, but you can use thse commands i told you about to get a better idea of what's (not) happening.02:27
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup02:28
OerHeksthe bluez ppa helped me a lot over the standard bt app02:28
OerHeks* for bionic02:29
jayjowhat would be the best mailing list (or something else) to try and figure this out on? This has been an annoying problem for a few months on my work machine. I had a bluetooth keyboard before that I had to buy a wireless keyboard with a dedicated dongle to get to work, for example. I'm ok with working on it snail-mail style, but I do think I'd like to figure out what's happening here a bit more (or like you02:32
jayjosaid, what's not happening here)02:32
jayjoappreciate your help either way... made more progress last 48 hours than the last two months!02:39
amazoniantoadSo I have been trying to configure this fresh install of ubuntu on a laptop I got for christmas. It's an asus zenbook pro duo, it has two displays both of which are touchscreen. However, when I try to touch the second display the input is sensed on the primary display. How can I fix this?03:10
pragmaticenigmaamazoniantoad, not sure if there is a fix yet... that's really really new hardware, there might not be drivers yet03:11
pragmaticenigmaor proper configuration03:11
OerHeksknown issue, multi touch and one device primairy03:12
amazoniantoadYeah I apparently can't even get xen properly running on it so I had to ditch it03:12
lotuspsychjetry unity desktop, touch support might have other influences there amazoniantoad03:12
pragmaticenigmaamazoniantoad, it's possible othe distros that sit closer to bleeding edge might have in roads to getting it to work properly03:15
OerHekshow about wayland session?03:16
amazoniantoadpragmaticenigma, What distro do you suggest then?03:16
FaTaL_Gtomreyn: "FaTaL_G: bios update. see     journalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'     to get your model and current version" --> wow, really... I can't imagine haha. I'll go check!!!!03:19
lotuspsychjeamazoniantoad: you are in #ubuntu, here we suggest ubuntu and its !flavours03:20
pragmaticenigmaamazoniantoad, we try to help and keep focus on ubuntu in this channel. though I'm sure you're able to perform a search of the web. I'd even recommend checking with terms like "ubuntu zenbook pro duo" or "linux zenbook pro duo" as part of your search terms03:21
amazoniantoadthanks guys03:23
FaTaL_Gtomreyn: "Dec 27 14:37:15 TARDIS kernel: DMI: To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M./Z370 Gaming K6, BIOS P1.30 11/22/2017"   So I should update my bios to fix that error? This is going to be interesting03:25
lotuspsychjeFaTaL_G: does your computer/mobo have a bios update?03:27
tomreynFaTaL_G: you asked for a first step to try, which i provided.03:27
tomreynlatest bios for this mainboard is dated 2019/11/603:28
lotuspsychjethere we go03:28
pragmaticenigmaamazoniantoad, some of my quick seraching results in items pointing toward neeing Nvidia-Prime for some of the display features of that laptop.03:30
amazoniantoadthanks pragmaticenigma03:32
FaTaL_Gtomreyn: Yea Im going after it now03:35
tomreynamazoniantoad: try this https://www.reddit.com/r/ASUS/comments/denjgl/linux_on_asus_zenbook_pro_duo_ux581gv/03:35
tomreynoh i'm late03:35
FaTaL_Gwas actually curious what indicated bios (so Im more aware)03:35
FaTaL_Gdamn... this board has had a TON of updates hahah03:36
tomreynFaTaL_G: well, the log message you posted started ""ACPI BIOS Error (bug)", and searching the web for the rest of the message suggested it is (as usual) more likely a bios bug than a linux bug.03:37
tomreynthis doesn't rule out that you could maybe have linux work around it, but i'd personally try to fix any problems at the source, if possible.03:38
FaTaL_Gtomreyn, interesting, I read it and thought for sure it was a driver/kernel/file issue never even considering it could be compatibility. Shame on me for ignoring that, I will be delighted if it is the cause03:46
FaTaL_GI googled it, and never saw something making me think bios lol03:46
FaTaL_Gwill find out soon! and I was super happy after reboot last night AND today, the internet facing adapter came up without fail03:47
FaTaL_GOnce I fix this (and toy around with dnssec&cahce) I'll maybe get more into trying to hammer away at brcfmmac4366c working :D03:49
tomreynFaTaL_G: note i'm not saying the bios upgrade will fix it, it is certainly worth a try though. the ACPI device path given in the message [\_SB.PCI0.SAT0.PRT0._GTF.DSSP], points to the first SATA port, so it's something stroage (or more likely storage controller) specific. i could not figure out what GTF and DSSP stand for, though.03:51
FaTaL_Gtomreyn: once I update, there is no going back, but Im going to update. lol. I do not hold you responsible for any subsequent pain that may be delivered.03:51
FaTaL_Gdamn, Im suprised there were that many bios updates.03:52
tomreynyou can normally downgrade, but try to get a copy of the current version before you upgrade.03:53
FaTaL_Gtomreyn: apparently not this time.... https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Fatal1ty%20Z370%20Gaming%20K6/index.asp#Download03:55
FaTaL_G* User will not able to flash to previous BIOS once upgrading to this BIOS version.03:56
FaTaL_G** We don't recommend users to update the BIOS if their system is already running normally.03:56
FaTaL_Gbut hey.... the system is not working properly ;)03:56
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FaTaL_Gtomreyn: lolz, like I said, "whatever pain subsequently delivered" .... the oddest thing happened. (so the internet wouldn't work at all)04:43
tomreynso you had to downgrade again?04:44
FaTaL_Genp0s31f6 was nowhere to be found in the list of ethernet devices, and that *IS* the forward facing nic. but alas... there was now a new device named "enpo1"04:44
FaTaL_Gno, (I couldn't if I wanted to). But the same ACPI bug still exists04:44
tomreynso the system has network connectivity now, ubt with a differently named device. that's ok, i guess.04:45
FaTaL_Gjust odd that the bios update triggered ubuntu to call the nic something different04:45
FaTaL_GIts ok, just odd lol04:45
FaTaL_Gso sure I could have aliased it, but I just replaced it with vi regex in interfaces and my iptables rules04:46
FaTaL_Gnot sure I have it anywhere else, I'll go see, but those were the critical ones.04:46
tomreynfeel free to post the current    journalctl -b -p4    or just the full    journalctl -b    if you wand folks here to have a look.04:47
tomreynis there actually any notable problem which this error message comes with or is it just that there is this error message?04:48
FaTaL_Gtomreyn: https://pastebin.com/aUjidrVt   &  TARDIS kernel: DMI: To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M./Z370 Gaming K6, BIOS P4.20 10/31/201904:49
FaTaL_Gno noticible performance issue I've seen. Granted, it runs unmanned all of the time, and just forwards ethernet traffic, but its pretty solid. No crashes or anything04:50
tomreynso you can just ignore it. or try to work around it using acpi_osi04:51
FaTaL_Gtomreyn: the journal contains iptables-dropped, session info, public and private ips and some other things. I guess I should redirect those to better files.04:54
tomreynFaTaL_G: don'T waste your time on cleaning it up then.04:57
FaTaL_Gtomreyn: this wiki link of yours is masterful, nice friggin job props04:59
tomreynnot my article, it's TJs05:00
FaTaL_GI haven't seen TJ in some time05:00
FaTaL_Gbut then again I havent logged in here in a few months at least lol05:00
FORDRDNKGood evening, Is there anyone with information about installing DWA-131 D-link drivers for Linux Mint. (new to linux) trying to install and then use the device via Virtual box for vehicle diagnostics in windows05:16
tomreynFORDRDNK: oh, you didn't say linux mint in #lubuntu, we only support ubuntu here.05:20
tatertotslinux mint has their own chat room FORDRDNK05:20
FORDRDNKgot ya..05:21
FORDRDNKSorry been 20 years since i been on IRC05:21
tomreynyou can try ##linux also05:21
FORDRDNKthanks guys sorry about that..05:22
FORDRDNKwhich would be better tho... i was kinda given direction to linux mint.. but if the others would support better i could go that route too05:23
tatertotsdoesn't matter..you're running out of rope here05:27
FaTaL_Gtomreyn: lol... well, that didnt work, & it didnt work. It broke the intel proE1000 server nic (put it into perm sleep mode or something), and the same errors persisted. So I removed the Windows 2015 entries the script added.05:32
tomreynFaTaL_G: okay, did it work around the bios bug through?05:34
FaTaL_Gthats what the second part of that meant (errors persisted)05:34
FaTaL_Gbut to your point....  the functions  I need do work already05:35
FaTaL_Gwhatever its adding is likely something I dont want05:35
absent_I'm trying to learn sysadmin and I thought I'd pop in here to see if anyone has any advice. Any recommendations on what kind of environment to set up for practice?05:38
crunchy-doritoJust setup different environments for different tasks.05:44
crunchy-doritovt are you interested in?05:44
crunchy-doritoWIth virtual machines, it's super easy to learn without messing anything up.05:45
crunchy-doritoSetup a webserver and see how it works.05:45
crunchy-doritoBreak stuff and then fix it.05:45
absent_What distro is the most desirable by employers generally?05:49
FaTaL_Gabsent_, there's no one answer to that. Linux is linux (almost). While many flavors have different package deployment methods and key focus areas from the teams that maintain them, you use what you are interested in and learning linux, you'll be able to port general use knowledge to pretty much any distro. You're in Ubuntu! A solid place to be!05:53
absent_I've been using it for about a year now and I'm very comfortable with all of the general user-related terminal commands. I guess I'll set up a VM and start breaking things! >=D05:54
sparrthe Online Accounts settings interface and the dropbox installer are both exhibiting a problem where they try to connect to a website via IPv6 and get no response, lsof reports stuck in SYN_SENT state. Is there some common factor I should investigate? Can I disable IPv6 for those tools?06:12
sparrupon further investigation, it seems like IPv6 isn't working in any program06:14
amazoniantoadI'm trying to change screen brightness and while the ui appears for me to adjust it, and the scroller allows me to adjust the brightness settings, the brightness of the screen doesn't actually change. how can I fix this?06:24
arrari need some help06:31
arrari someone online?06:32
arrarhello ?06:35
crunchy-doritowhat kind of help?06:41
crunchy-doritowhat's the problem?06:41
arrarHey, hello, well it's about OpenVPN and SSH acces on my VPS06:41
arrarI've installed openvpn, i connect it to nordvpn.ovpn "openvpn nord.ovpn" it works fine, but it drops me out of SSH acces06:42
arrarI'am running it on my VPS and accesing it from VPS Public IP adress06:43
arrarHere is my post06:43
crunchy-doritoyou're trying to tunnel an ssh session through a VPN tunnel?06:43
arrarnah, tru my original ip adress06:43
arraryeah !06:45
arrarand he never comes back... :(  ,anyone else willing to help?06:46
tomreyn<tomreyn> amazoniantoad: try this https://www.reddit.com/r/ASUS/comments/denjgl/linux_on_asus_zenbook_pro_duo_ux581gv/06:59
amazoniantoadthanks tomreyn :)07:00
arrarcloud someone help me?07:00
tomreynamazoniantoad: a quote from there (if not for ubuntu): "the second display works fine, also the touch screen using Gnome shell + Nvidia drivers + bumblebee + Xorg instead of nouveau" - so it is generally possible. you could try a newer kernel version and X, or a newer ubuntu release in general.07:05
pi0is there a special app to configure a bluetooth joystick07:37
pi0i have a generic bluetooth joystick controller that i would like to setup07:37
arrarhello, could someone help me out with something ?07:38
arrari can't get it to work07:38
pi0any suggestions?07:44
tatertots1st you should "pair" the device "successfullY"08:21
tatertotsbecause all bluetooth devices should be "paired" if you intend to use them together08:22
albechwhat is the best practise to secure a running system. I know encryption like LUKS only secure systems at rest, but what if I wanted to secure the system while its running?11:15
alexeyneudsecure from what?11:25
albechphysical access to the server..moving the server while maintaining a running state11:26
BluesKajHiyas all11:38
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illuminatedis there a way to configure an interface that gets its ip from dhcp with both dhcp and a second, static address?12:06
sixwheeledbeast!xy ?12:11
ubottusixwheeledbeast: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:11
emi71hello, I can't install wine on ubuntu 16.04. someone can help me?12:21
illuminatedsixwheeledbeast: i believe I've heard that expression before... i forget the exact details, but that is exactly what I want to do.. not trying to do y but asking for x.  but if it'll help, I want to create what used to be called an ip alias.  so I can bind my bittorrent client to it and create a pool of ip addresses to traffic shape on pfsense12:21
amazoniantoadI'm trying to change my screen brightness but it doesn't seem to change. The buttons works and they act as though they have changed the brightness, but the displays don't actually dim13:09
amazoniantoadCan anyone help me figure out what I need to do?13:09
bipulI have simple query to know , How to update Packages.gz file{Metadata information regarding /pool packages} inside the .iso ?13:37
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Giu7Hi did anyone had read speed issues with usb 3 ports on ubutu 18.04 ? I am running ubuntu on sandisk 3.1 flashdrive attached to the usb 3.0 port of my hp 8470p laptop but in disks I measure a read speed of 40 MB/sec. It is  slow. Appreciated any help or advice. Thanks15:13
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FingerlessGlovesIs there a way to install ubuntu server, with even less packages?16:56
FingerlessGlovestrying keep my ubuntu VMs small as possible.16:57
OerHeksFingerlessGloves, basicly, no, you might find out what pakages you don't need, but the bytes saved is not worth it.16:59
OerHeks'ubuntu server' is just the core and tools, nothing special17:00
mguyGiu7: THat laptop has some USB 3.0 ports and some USB 2.0 ports (I know he's left...)17:13
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adrian_1908I think I'm running into an issue with fontconfig and firefox. Is there a painless way to just updating fontconfig to a newer version? I'm on 18.04 with fontconfig 2.12 (2.13 might fix it)17:28
Mcl0vingood day folks17:45
Mcl0vinanyone here using esxi vm with GNS3 ?17:45
Mcl0vinthis might be a question for the gns3 community ... I have an ubuntu server running on my esxi that i want to import to my gns3 topology running on Windows17:45
HabbieMcl0vin, 30 nicks in #gns3, i suggest trying there!17:53
Mcl0vinHabbie: will do. Thank you17:54
non-sensehow the hell do I start ssh tunnel on user login? I have a working script.sh that I'm trying to exec at login and editing visudo didn't seem to work.17:54
non-senseI added path/to/script.sh in visudo but no success17:55
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adrian_1908non-sense: Where are you adding/loading the script?18:05
non-senseI was just trying to run it first but it kept asking for password18:08
EriC^^non-sense: visudo doesnt add stuff to login, add it to the user's ~/.bashrc18:08
non-senseit's an x11vnc ssh tunnel, I'm going to try launching with cron using @reboot18:09
non-senseI don't think that will actually work but going to test it now18:10
adrian_1908non-sense: Adding a systemd unit with `WantedBy=multi-user.target` is probably the modern approach.18:11
non-senseok i'll look into it. but I'm more curious about why visudo doesn't work.18:12
non-senseI added /path/to/script.sh and it still asks for passwd18:13
adrian_1908Don't know enough about the visudo rules/syntax to help there. Hope you figure it out.18:17
EriC^^non-sense: when you execute it you need to do sudo /path/to/script.sh  and not sudo ./script.sh18:17
non-senseman if that's it lol18:17
non-sensestill asking for password..18:21
EriC^^non-sense: pastebin "sudo -l"18:22
nanthencodeneethdocker run -it yamamuteki/ubuntu-lucid-i386  /bin/bash to set up ubuntu 10.0418:23
nanthencodeneethbut i can t ping or do curl from image18:23
OerHeksnanthencodeneeth, sorry. Lucid is no longer supported18:24
nanthencodeneethso you mean we cant do apt-get18:24
nanthencodeneethapt-get install package*18:24
non-senseEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DMwQGR57Vx/18:25
OerHeksjups, mirrors are down .. there might be one old releases, but i do not bother to look that up.18:25
nanthencodeneethOerHeks so you mean we cant do apt-get install package*18:25
OerHeksget a supported image, 16.04/18.04 or up18:25
nanthencodeneethmy requirement is to setup php5.318:25
OerHeks16.04 if you need is i38618:26
nanthencodeneethOerHeks  requirement is to setup php5.318:26
nanthencodeneethwill that be possible in ubuntu 16.0418:27
Seveasnanthencodeneeth: fix that requirement then, php 5.3 is also obsolete and these days considered rather insecure.18:27
non-senseEriC^^: I suspect it's the shell script18:27
nanthencodeneethSeveas just to get an application running for demo purpose which was build 10 years ago18:28
EriC^^non-sense: yeah i think so too18:28
non-senseit creates a ssh tunnel.18:28
EriC^^non-sense: are you able to pastebin it?18:28
non-senseEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MwNXC8dJBb/18:29
non-senseit creates a ssh tunnel for x11vnc, which can only accept requests from localhost.18:30
EriC^^non-sense: i see, just as a quick test if you create a file with just #!/bin/bash and echo hello does it work with sudo ./newscript.sh ?18:32
nanthencodeneethyou need to give execution permission as chmod +x newscript.sh18:34
non-senseyea it does.18:34
EriC^^i see18:34
non-sensevisudo fails in this case?18:34
EriC^^non-sense: sorry if it's a dumb question, but why do you need sudo with the ssh command? the x11vnc port is lower than 1024 or something?18:34
nanthencodeneethis there any way i can do update packages in lucid18:38
non-senseport isn't lower. when I ssh it asks for a password18:38
nanthencodeneethwhich is in docker18:38
non-senseso I'm trying to evade that on login.18:38
non-senseI thought sudoer would handle that18:38
non-sensemaybe I need to allow ssh in sudoer first18:38
EriC^^non-sense: nah that's the ssh password for logging in18:40
EriC^^non-sense: are you ssh'ing to the same machine you're using?18:41
non-sensereplace ssh with pubkey auth?18:41
non-sensereplace ssh password*18:41
non-senseEriC^^: yes18:41
EriC^^non-sense: yeah that would work18:41
non-sensethat makes sense now.18:42
EriC^^why though? i think there must be a different way to go about it18:42
non-sensehow else can I log into myself witout asking for a password?18:42
EriC^^non-sense: i'm pretty confused here tbh :D18:45
non-senseall in all that will solve my problem now.18:45
non-senseEriC^^: ty.18:45
non-senseEriC^^: heh. It's a ghetto mans VPN.18:45
EriC^^isn't it that another pc has a vnc and you log into that pc from another?18:45
non-sense5900 is closed.18:45
non-senseI can only vnc via ssh.18:45
non-sensethat is correct. but in this case, it's more secure than having a VNC on the wan.18:46
non-sensethe ssh server is tunneling to localhost:590018:46
non-sensetherefore I don't need to open 5900 for the z4kkerz18:46
EriC^^non-sense: ah ok18:48
thyriaenHiya - i would like to use ACO with mesa but as far as i understand it is not enabled by default - i have to set the enviournment variable RADV_PERFTEST=aco to use it as stated here: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Mesa-19.3-Lands-RADV-ACO - however how do i globally set that so that i use aco on boot and with all the programs i run ?18:49
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OerHeksthyriaen, reading this, https://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/1640915206474070669/ ---- you need https://launchpad.net/~valve-experimental/+archive/ubuntu/mesa for ACO ..18:58
OerHeks'use aco on boot and with all the programs i run ?'... what games do you run at boot?19:19
amcclureHello, does anyone know if there's a solution for Surface Laptop 2 keyboard not working?19:26
quakloHey. Installing fresh ubuntu19.10, deciding for guided full disk encryption in the installer, resulting that he is creating all partitioning by himself. 2 Issues: SWAP always ends up only 1GB on 3 different Laptops I tested (different RAM sizes and other config). Can be solved by swapfiles, but still, calculating swap size is broken in guided19:36
quakloencrypted installer. The other issue is that the guided installer occupies the whole diskspace for its partitioning. leaving empty space for another OS is not possible by that. Solution: Tried Manual Setup from this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManualFullSystemEncryption/DetailedProcess#The_stages I tried this now for total of 3-4 times19:36
quakloon different machines other a time of 4 months starting with 18.04 LTS. ALWAYS my grub gets corrupted, even with the extra grub-refresher that is integrated by the guide. So: How can I setup ubuntu, encrypted lvm/luks, with proper swap partition, and leave space for other partitions so I can install another OS - and have it stable for working?19:36
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iseneI have created a new font using LibreOffice Draw (yes, you read that correctly - I needed simple snaps and it was the easiest option for this specific font). Now, how do I make those 36 drawings (capital letters and numbers) into an actual font?20:02
quaklobunch of guides available how to make such.... research20:02
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FaTaL_GI use hostapd on the wifi side for my unsupported broadcom card, the machine runs as a wired&wireless router. I want to remove wpasupplicant.... is there any harm that may occur?21:13
isenequaklo: None that I can find that takes a vector drawing and creates a letter from it. SVG import in both glyphr, birdfont and fontforge does not seem to work with the SVG created by LibreOffice Draw.21:13
FaTaL_GI dont use networkmanager or netplan either21:13
OerHeksFaTaL_G, if you want WPA WPA2 on that wifi, yes, wpasupplicant is needed21:15
FaTaL_GOerHeks, its needed for hostapd too?21:16
quaklo@isense: crosscheck by importing your .svg to some other application and export it as .svg again. maybe libreoffice draw is the issue?21:16
iseneCould be. I'll try Inkscape21:17
FaTaL_GI thought hostapd was supposed to be its own thing that took over wifi management (entirely). But I do want WPA2 so I wont remove it if that be the case!21:17
quaklowrong syntax, never use IRC, sorry21:18
OerHeksFaTaL_G, i see21:20
OerHekswhen i read this, they collide https://askubuntu.com/questions/683727/problems-with-wpa-supplicant-and-hostapd-help21:21
FaTaL_GOerHeks, this is where I get my quandary: https://w1.fi/wpa_supplicant/devel/21:21
FaTaL_Gyea....... well, I have had BOTH installed for a dogs age, and rightfully so have been having some network issues we've (you, I, TJ, and many others!!!!) have been helping me with for ~2 years21:22
OerHeksi was at https://w1.fi/hostapd/, i thought wpa_supplicant was always needed, learned something today21:23
FaTaL_Gironically, it works with both installed, lol... but Im weeding out errors, and reading tells me I dont need both, but I dont want to crippple the system by removing it21:23
OerHeksremoving is oke21:23
FaTaL_GI think Im going to grab the package offline, and see. if it doesn't work, i'll put it back ;)21:24
FaTaL_GI read anotehr post where someone removed wpa, and their entire network stopped working, wifi and lan21:24
leftyfbFaTaL_G: you could just disable the wpa_supplicant service and see if everything still works21:24
FaTaL_Gleftyfb, true true... tis' faster21:25
FaTaL_GOerHeks: https://askubuntu.com/questions/857226/accidently-deleted-wpa-supplicant21:25
stramhi there, I have a full disk encryption setup but am now in a situation where mounting my encrypted "/" partition requires me to first load a kernel module from /lib/modules, which is currently part of the "/" partition, and thus unaccessible. Are there any workarounds to allow a kernel module to be loaded without needing access to "/"? "/boot" is currently my only unencryptedpartition21:27
quaklomhhh... asked 2 hours ago already: Installing fresh ubuntu19.10, deciding for guided full disk encryption in the installer, resulting that he is creating all partitioning by himself. 2 Issues: SWAP always ends up only 1GB on 3 different Laptops I tested (different RAM sizes and other config). Can be solved by swapfiles, but still, calculating swap21:28
quaklosize is broken in guided encrypted installer. The other issue is that the guided installer occupies the whole diskspace for its partitioning. leaving empty space for another OS is not possible by that. Solution: Tried Manual Setup from this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManualFullSystemEncryption/DetailedProcess#The_stages I tried this21:28
quaklonow for total of 3-4 times on different machines other a time of 4 months starting with 18.04 LTS. ALWAYS my grub gets corrupted, even with the extra grub-refresher that is integrated by the guide. So: How can I setup ubuntu, encrypted lvm/luks, with proper swap partition, and leave space for other partitions so I can install another OS - and have21:28
quakloit stable for working?21:28
pragmaticenigmastram, You might be able to gain access to the encrypted volume with a Live disk21:30
strampragmaticenigma: yes, I am able to access the partition via some workarounds, but I am referring to how to set up a bootable system that requires a kernel module to be loaded before it can decrypt the root partition21:31
FaTaL_Gdidn't kill my internet at least21:31
linearainhi, im at 14.04.something, how do i update to 14.04.6 or whichever is the latest? without going beyond 14.04?21:36
quaklolinearain regular update, but not upgrade. Upgrading from 14.x even is difficult and needs some extra steps.21:37
Aavarlinearain: Correct me if i'm wrong, but I don't thing a regular upgrade will upgrade to a new release?21:37
pragmaticenigmastram, that depends on how you installed your system. did you use the ubuntu installer and encrypt on fresh install, or did you attempt to encrypt the volume after you had finished installing?21:39
pragmaticenigma!14.04 | linearain ,21:40
ubottulinearain ,: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade21:40
pragmaticenigma!eol | linearain21:40
ubottulinearain: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:40
linearainpaid support?21:41
pragmaticenigmalinearain, the key to those were : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:41
linearaini guess i wont even try21:42
linearainjust go to another distro21:42
pragmaticenigmalinearain, that's fine, but I don't understand why you won't look at the link that I sent you. It has the instructions you were looking for21:43
strampragmaticenigma: nevermind, I just needed to add the module name to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and update intramfs21:44
pragmaticenigmastram, cool21:44
jayjoI've read through the ubuntu help on bluetooth and audio, and after a couple days of googling it looks like  a common joke that "ubuntu ships with bluetooth audio issues". I'm just trying to understand it better ... if I have a bluetooth dongle, is bluez a different manager than what is installed in system preferences? with adding some hdi scripts I was able to get the device to connect, now is the concern22:00
jayjoto get the kernel to recognize it as an audio device?22:00
pragmaticenigmajayjo, The joke it bluetooth itself. manufacturers don't always follow the specification fully which leads to issues with pairing. Apple products are notorious for having issues connecting to standard bluetooth receivers.22:04
jeremy31jayjo: when first connected bluetooth audio devices should work fine.  It is after the first dissconnection/reboot that you may have issues22:05
pragmaticenigmajayjo, bluez provides a full stack implementation for Bluetooth. To my knowledge it should already be installed on your machine22:09
jayjofor example now my device says that it is conncted in blueman-manager, but should it show up as an audio device available in system preferences?22:11
pragmaticenigmajayjo, Unless you are talking about installing bluez-tools ... yes, it offers more configuration options than the control center options22:11
jeremy31jayjo: right click on the device in blueman, set audio profile to off, right click on device and choose disconnect, then connect and change profile to A2DP22:14
jayjoI don't have that option, even though it is recognized as an audio device22:17
jayjoit is recognized as a headset actually22:17
jayjoit does have a microphone on it (sony wh 1000mx3)22:18
jeremy31jayjo: you can't set audio profile to off in blueman?22:18
amazoniantoadI'm trying to change my screen brightness but it doesn't seem to change. The buttons works and they act as though they have changed the brightness, but the displays don't actually dim22:21
jeremy31amazoniantoad: post URL from terminal for> ls -r /sys/class/backlight | nc termbin.com 999922:25
pragmaticenigmaamazoniantoad, Is this on your Zenbook Pro Duo from yesterday?22:32
jayjomy options are "Send File", "Browse Device", "Pair",22:32
jayjo"Trust", "Setup", "Rename Device", "Remove", and "Disconnect"22:32
jayjocould it be because blueman thinks this is a headset, not headphoens?22:32
jayjoblueman-manager; 2.0.8; Blueman is a GTK based bluetooth manager - is the software I'm using22:33
amazoniantoadpragmaticenigma, yes. I'm checking our a reddit thread that was linked to but it doesn't seem like anyone else has gotten it to actually work either.22:33
amazoniantoadjeremy31, https://termbin.com/ul3p22:34
pragmaticenigmaamazoniantoad, do you know if you're running in Nvidia graphics mode or the Intel?22:36
amazoniantoadpragmaticenigma, Nvidia graphics mode22:36
pragmaticenigmaamazoniantoad, based on the output (i'm not too familiar with it) but Ubuntu is trying to use the Intel driver to send the backlight commands, but the NVidia chip has priority. Any luck getting Nvidia PRIME setup on it?22:38
pragmaticenigmaamazoniantoad, or at the very least do you have the nvidia drivers installed, and looked in that control panel for a brightness setting?22:39
amazoniantoadpragmaticenigma, I have the drivers installed and PRIME is set up22:39
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FaTaL_GMy ubunut install has an odd annoyance, but it doesn't appear to break anything.... If I look at the status of the services "systemctl -t service" I see:  ifup@br0.service  ifup@eno1.service & networking.service as failed/failed22:44
FaTaL_Gbut it all works properly.22:44
amazoniantoadpragmaticenigma, I haven't seen any control panel for the brightness setting within the nvidia control panel22:45
pragmaticenigmaFaTaL_G, Do you also have NetworkManager installed?22:47
jeremy31jayjo: URL from terminal for > pactl list short | grep blue | nc termbin.com 999922:49
pragmaticenigmaFaTaL_G, I'm not sure what you did with your setup... and why you removed the default networking setup from your machine. It makes it very difficult for volunteers here to help support you when you decide to not use what's included. Ubuntu is setup to use newer methods for managing the network. I would recommend trying to seek help in ##networking, ##linux or some other channel.22:50
FaTaL_Gpragmaticenigma, networkmanager is a gui app, the goal of this machine is to not be display driven. Its a router. It uses iptables, interfaces, and hostapd22:52
pragmaticenigmaFaTaL_G, then why not use netplan?22:53
FaTaL_Gbut that is advice I never considered, and is a super idea22:53
jayjojeremy31: https://termbin.com/jms022:54
FaTaL_Gpragmaticenigma, none of the resources I followed that got me to using this as a router used any "additional" packages or tools (other than absolutely necessary), they were old(er) and basic.22:54
amazoniantoadOh the joys of intro to IPSec22:55
jeremy31jayjo: module-bluetooth-discover is loaded so I am not sure what the issue might be, strange that blueman shows no audio option22:55
amazoniantoadI remember when I built my first pfsense firewall and had to learn all of that.22:55
OerHeksFaTaL_G, likely old cruft from wpa-supplicant?22:57
pragmaticenigmaFaTaL_G, If building a router is your goal, perhaps Ubuntu isn't the best choice? Seems like a really heavy OS to use for networking routing, perhaps pfsense or something similar would meet your goals better?22:57
amazoniantoadFaTaL_G, I suggest you use pfsense buddy22:58
amazoniantoadpragmaticenigma is right22:58
FaTaL_Gpfsense is quite specific, I wanted a fully supported linux distro that I can keep up to date with hardware and any packages my heart desires, (for montioring or whatever), whereas pfsense is pretty tight on what it is and can do, and has a much different support base.22:58
FaTaL_Glets face it.... if iptables blocks it, it aint getting through. :D22:59
amazoniantoadFaTaL_G, you can get shell with it if that's your goal. Additionally you can add third party repositories22:59
FaTaL_GOerHeks, its been this way for over a year. I just havent solved it yet. I mean, it all works!! but I have much to learn. The journey is something23:02
c0nkerHey, ive been having problems trying to install Ubuntu through USB, no matter what I try, I always get the isolinux missing error23:25
c0nkerI've tried using Ubuntu's own disk writer, using mkusb, using Rufus, using Usbinstallerwhatever, etc23:26
c0nkerI think my bios settings are correct, but I tried switching CMI/UEFI and it didnt seem to help23:26
tatertotsFaTaL_G: if it works...there's nothing to solve...if you enjoy chasing your own tail..go out in the yard and run in circles23:27
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c0nkerso im at a loss here, what can I do?23:28
tatertotsc0nker: are you using the same usb device or flash drive on all these unsuccessful attempts? ...yes or no23:29
c0nkerive tried with several, the one im using right now seems to work best23:29
OerHeksc0nker, and what machine is this?23:30
tatertotswork the best?..you've only been unsuccessful at installing so i'm not sure by what means or unit of measure you used to say that23:30
tatertotsbut okay23:30
c0nkerim using the ubuntu-blabla-desktop-amd64.iso23:30
c0nkertatertots, because I tried using a debian installer and it booted, so theres that23:31
c0nkerOerHeks, the one im trying to install? its a Ryzen AMD/MSI board23:32
tatertotsare you using the same USB port on the system for all these unsuccessful attempts?23:32
c0nkeri have tried others too23:32
OerHeksRyzen ... at least try the latest ubuntu, 19.1023:32
c0nkerright now Im using the 1st USB port, the one marked for flashing23:32
c0nkerI will OerHeks23:32
tatertotsare you using the same ISO file?..if yes try some different ubuntu flavors23:33
c0nkertatertots what flavor do you recommend?23:33
tatertotsany other flavor or ISO other than the "unsuccessful" ISO23:34
echoSMILEwhy this (simple) iptables rules doesn't work to allow access web? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Bg8prmSnMh/23:34
tatertotsalso you'll notice USB ports are color coded...try falling back to USB 2.0 port if you have any..and you should23:35
c0nkerok, I'll try. I had problems with other ISOs too but this makes sense23:35
bpromptc0nker:  what many are more or less saying is that, is not the .iso file most likely, so much as it might be some faulty usb stick or usb port, which I'd agree23:35
c0nkertatertots, my USB 2.0 ports are the case USB ports, my thought was that if something was going to not work, it would be the externals. I did test them and they didnt seem to work any differently anyway23:36
bpromptc0nker:  you can always try burning the iso to usb jusing "dd" in the shell, that works very reliably23:36
tatertotsc0nker: it's called "process of elimination" repeating the same things and expecting a different result is the clinical definition of .....nevermind23:37
c0nkerim not doing that again, I burned an USB like that23:37
c0nkertatertots yeah I know I've been mostly trying every combination, specially with the BIOS settings23:37
c0nkerwent through every USB I had at home, but this one is large enough for ubuntu and it didnt break23:38
tatertotsc0nker: BIOS settings, i was thinking "process of elimination" with ports, iso files, flash drives23:38
tatertotsbut yeah sure that23:38
Bashing-omc0nker: What is the host system that you use to copy for the USB ubuntu installer ?23:41
bpromptc0nker:   well, the iso being faulty is highly unlikely unless you had a corrupted download or corrupted write to usb, and the corruption could have been due to hardware, not necessarily software23:41
echoSMILEmy laptop just restart. Can someone tell me why this only iptables rules don't allow access http? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Bg8prmSnMh/23:45
tatertotsechoSMILE: if you plan to run a website/httpd you'll need to allow the applicable TCP/IP ports (default 80/443)23:50
tatertotsechoSMILE: if you're thinking you're trying to be all super secure by closing a bunch of ports down with iptables you've probably stepped on your own foot/toes of your website/httpd23:51
nanthencodeneethERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)when i run mysql -u root -p23:53
c0nkerBashing-om, in the case of Rufus and USBinstaller, Windows 8.1. In the case of mkusb and the Ubuntu Startup Disk creator, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS23:53
nanthencodeneethi am using ubuntu 10.04 inside a docker23:53
nanthencodeneethplease help me23:53
tatertots10.04 is EOL..you'll probably hear that a lot23:54
echoSMILEtatertots i don't have any httpd23:54
nanthencodeneethyes but it worked for me once before23:54
nanthencodeneethsome time23:54
OerHeksnanthencodeneeth, no support, stop it please.23:54
tatertotsechoSMILE: so you are NOT trying to have any sort of website?23:54
nanthencodeneethok OerHeks23:55
echoSMILEtatertots nop, this is just at desktop23:55
Bashing-omcodedmart: May I suggest from ubuntu that you verify the .iso file download: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM - then verify the copy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/CDIntegrityCheck. Once sure we canlook at the booting.23:56
tatertotsechoSMILE: so instead of trying to be overly technical with terms...just say " I can't get to websites with firefox or chrome"23:56
FaTaL_Gtatertots: its more irritating that looking at services shows a failure despite everything working well.23:57
tatertotsechoSMILE: http aka surfing with a browser is a "outgoing" / "egress" communication23:58
tatertotsechoSMILE: does it function as designed when booted to LiveCD/LiveUSB?23:59

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