commander32Is there a compatibility check?03:53
commander32For the realtime kernel03:54
tomreynyes, but you missed it.04:17
tomreyncommander32: what do you mean by compatibility check, what would it check, or what makes you think there can be one?04:18
OvenWerksthere is no ubuntu real time kernel an yway.04:26
OvenWerksUbuntu has the generic kernel and the lowlatency kernel, both of which support the same things. That is, whatever works in the generic kernel (grafics cards etc) should also work in the lowlatency kernel.04:27
commander32Mostly soundcard06:38
OvenWerkswhich sound card? Alsa is Alsa, the kernel will make no difference in that06:41
commander32tomreyn: drivers fully function for raw writing sound io06:41
OvenWerksIf it is a USB 2.0 (or 1.1) they should just work. All the old PCI cards seem to work too06:42
commander32And realtime audio monitoring06:42
commander32Can we get on par with winXp yet direct x 606:43
OvenWerkscommander32: the line "drivers fully function for raw writing sound io" does not make sense, rt audio monitoring can mean a number of things but I would assume low latency is what you are interested in.06:43
OvenWerkson par? I always thought win... anyway was slower than mac or linux.06:44
OvenWerks(longer latency)06:44
OvenWerksThat seems to be the attitude of the audio interface manufactures06:45
commander32It has realtime kernal io, linux is latent06:45
OvenWerksEverything is latent. The question is how much.06:45
OvenWerksI have run sound at .7mslatency in linux with no difficulty06:46
OvenWerksAnyway, I need to pick up my wife from work. Then bed. Talk later06:46
commander32With Ubuntu sound didnt seem to monitor (loopbck) any06:47
commander32My guess why: it is the loopback monitor And the audio is rigged06:48
commander32Raw data goes straight to spyware06:49
commander32Lucid studio worked06:50
commander32After lucid everytying went trash06:50
commander32It all went to xen or something06:53
commander32Xen with fakeroot06:54
commander32Maybe a spyware backend and most usefulnes broke06:55
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frankHallo, I have trouble starting ubuntu-studio controls. Can somebody help?19:16
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