meenaone problem with scapy might be that we'd have to create / parse lease files… oooooooor, we ignore that perform dhcp_request() every time we're called? alternatively, a lease could be a dict for the entire class, where we store that we've been called with interface x, from class y, and received IP z; if interface x still has ip z, we do15:37
blackboxswrharper PRs 171 170 and 168 are fixed for starting SRU testing.16:44
blackboxswmeena robjo +1 on the network configuration refactor suggestion discussion. I need to spend a little more time on robjo's existing PR trying to piece together if I have any concerns about this approach.  I agree that the line between distro and network modules is unclean/muddy  and needs a bit of cleanup. I'll try to frame what my perspective is on the best path forward.16:47
robjoblackboxsw: Keep in  mind the current pending PR does make no attempts at refactoring anything, it works within the given framework and basically shoehorns more distro knowledge into the sysconfig renderer17:03
meenarobjo: which it could do without, if we did what you propose?18:30
robjomeena: Yes18:31

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