thumpertesting parallism is hard01:06
babbageclunkreview for a small merge to develop anyone? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1111602:34
thumperbabbageclunk: lgtm02:43
babbageclunkand anastasiamac!02:43
anastasiamac\o/ same minute :)02:43
anastasiamaci was telling u on irc that m looking but it erred on me ;(02:44
thumperlucidone: what was the ubuntu sso issue with launchpad?02:48
thumperlucidone: do you have a launchpad ID?02:48
lucidoneI have an ubuntuone login, and logging in to launchpad presented an ubuntuone login form which didn't accept my email/password combination02:51
thumperlucidone: what is your login?03:32
kelvinliuwallyworld_: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11112 got this PR to add MutatingWebhookConfiguration support, could u take a look when u got time? thanks!03:51
wallyworld_yup, after meeting03:51
nammn_demanadart achilleasa pr (show-space) is ready to be reviewed. I still need to run qa on aws. Maas qa seems to be fine. Output and design doc is linked. I still need to match the output a little by adding a custom parser. Though codewise is mostly done: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1108809:20
nammn_deso I am happy for the first in review :D09:21
nammn_deand would be great if you have some error cases in mind as you have a lot of knowledge in spaces09:23
nammn_derick_h:^ for the output of the command. Im thinking about having a --long output which includes subnets sub information and without10:02
manadartnammn_de: Finished reviewing.10:23
manadartFor review: https://github.com/juju/description/pull/7110:42
achilleasamanadart: looking10:46
nammn_demanadart: great thanks for the review! Almost done, just don't understand this comment: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11088#discussion_r36678685010:54
nammn_dedo you mean rename it to EntityParams?10:54
manadartnammn_de: Sorry, I meant `params.Entities`.10:57
nammn_demanadart: I have written some tests for applications and machinecount before I moved the methods out of space to a shim to decouple them. The tests itself are a little big and I wouldn't call them unit test as they are using state quite a lot.11:29
nammn_deWhat do you suggest doing with them? Moving them? Changing them?  Removing altogether? TestApplications and TestMachineCount11:29
nammn_dehml: i tried to incorporate your feedback on creating stubs and did it the following way: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11088/files (under apiserver/...). The tests itselfes still needs to be added. Just want to know if thats what you meant]17:03
hmlnammn_de: looking17:03
nammn_dehml: I tried to not import state in apiserver17:06
hmlnammn_de:  the common apiserver code is used to pull in common functionality for the apis to use.  not for use by the apiserver side code itself.17:24
hmlnammn_de: Life() is a good example. and used all over.17:25
hmlnammn_de: there is a common LifeGetter.17:25
hmlnammn_de:  pulling the machine common into network common looks odd to me.17:26
hmlnammn_de:  in apiserver/…/spaces/ you can add a Machine interface to be used by the stateShim.  it only needs to implement AddressesBySpaceID() at first glance17:30
achilleasahml: got one question for utils/30617:42
hmlachilleasa:  just a sec17:43
hmlachilleasa:  sure, what’s up?17:44
achilleasahml: just a comment about whether that func must be public17:44
hmlachilleasa:  yeah, it doesn’t have to be, i was following the precendent in the pkg already17:45
hmlachilleasa:  I could go either way on that17:45
achilleasahml: I think having one entrypoint and delegating to different impls based on the args is cleaner. In this case, the two functions have almost (variadic vs slice for certs) the same signature17:46
hmlachilleasa:  sure, i can do that17:46
achilleasahml: as I will EOD in a couple of min, do you want to take a stab at the install hook for k8s? Unless I'm mistaken, it should be a matter for removing an if block somewhere...17:52
hmlachilleasa:  sounds like fun!  :-) a nice change from docs17:52
nammn_dehml, : thanks I will keep that in mind, I am still sometimes in a state of figuring out which package is meant for what17:53
hmlnammn_de: https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/xC2zxW8DBV/17:55
hmlnammn_de: it’s interesting figuring those bits out.17:55
nammn_dehml, : great! yeah it is, asking a lot and reading it up helps me a lot, thanks again17:56
hmlnammn_de: also put a hint about using collections/set NewStrings() in your pr too.17:56
hmlit’s very useful!17:56
nammn_dehml,: will do :)!18:00
kelvinliuwallyworld_: a quick one, forward port webhook pr to 2.721:42
wallyworld_kelvinliu: lgtm21:43

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