valorie@Sick_Rimmit looks good!01:33
valorieI just did a bunch of RTs20:21
IrcsomeBot2<ahoneybun> Does anyone have an email for Canonical to update the Wordpress or at least back it up so that we can upgrade it (if we can)?20:48
IrcsomeBot2<ahoneybun> I'm a bit worried about it since it's an older version.20:49
RikMillsI think we just open a ticket by emailing rt20:49
IrcsomeBot2<ahoneybun> rt@canonical.com ?20:49
IrcsomeBot2<ahoneybun> Cool I'll do that now.20:50
RikMillsumm no20:50
IrcsomeBot2<ahoneybun> ah dam.20:51
valoriedoesn't matter, they'll just ignore20:52
valoriethe wrong one I mean20:52
valorieI swear I did maybe a year ago but can't say for sure20:52
valorieso I guess I shouldn't *swear*20:52
IrcsomeBot2<RikMills> https://twitter.com/phoronix/status/121754433097974989420:54
mparilloSpamming reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/ep8izd/phoronix_kubuntu_focus_offers_the_most_polished/21:12

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