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hynbhi guys09:53
hynbis anyone online i am very new09:53
hynbi have not rtfm09:54
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:54
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tbshow can i be sure my laptop doesnt have bluetooth19:04
wxllspci should reveal any bluetooth19:05
wxlhonestly, it should reveal any device whatsoever19:05
kc2bezIf you have a usb (external plugin dongle) device you can use lsusb19:22
wxlalthough assumedly you would know that by physically seeing it XD19:25
kc2bezVery true but if you are troubleshooting you can see if the system recognizes it.19:26
tbskc2bez: i have a laptop and im not sure if it has bluetooth or just bluedevil wizard doesnt work, how can i be sure?19:30
wxltbs: like i said, lspci19:32
tbswxl:  sorry i didnt see ur message before19:33
tbsand idk what s lspci19:33
wxlopen terminal19:33
wxltype lspci19:33
tbsBluetooth: Ralink corp. RT3290 Bluetooth19:34
tbsso i have19:34
tbsi couldnt use it when i use win7, i come to linux about 3 months ago19:35
tbscuz there was no bluetooth driver for my laptop19:35
tbsfor win719:35
wxlwell windows 7 is dead so :)19:36
tbswell, i wouldnt mind about that actually, i didnt use updates or antivirus for years with win7 already for years19:37
wxlyou are a brave soul19:38
wxli wouldn't trust windows to ANYTHING, updated or not19:38
wxllooks like you've got a very problematic driver that might require some compiling to get it to work19:39
tbsand didnt get any problem or virus, there s toolwiz timefreez to help me, i would be happy if there s an app like that at linux too :/19:39
tbsim going to read the pages u sent now19:39
wxllinux malware is incredibly rare. like almost unheard of.19:40
tbsisnt android also linux?19:40
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wxlit uses a linux kernel, yes19:41
wxleven there, relatively small number19:41
tbswhat about virus?19:42
wxlviruses are a subset of malware19:42
tbsi heard there s a lot of viruses for android19:43
wxldoesn't seem like it19:45
wxlhere's the newest one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xafecopy_Trojan19:45
tbsi try to do this but i get error when i write make19:52
tbsmake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.19:52
wxli don't know which instruction you're following, but this is a general problem with trying to understand how compilation works. generally you do `./configure` then `make`19:54
tbswxl: ^19:54
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lubot<PaulOverTelegram> Hi everyone20:19
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> (Photo, 967x541) https://i.imgur.com/gkhu54Y.jpg20:23
wxldid you check the integrity of the iso and the installation media?20:23
wxlalso what version is this?20:23
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> I encounter a similar error installing every linux distro based on ubuntu. This helps me but this is a different installer than the ubiquity. At least I have tried to open it and it does not work20:25
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> (Photo, 1234x1079) https://i.imgur.com/JMRx23g.jpg20:25
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> @wxl [<wxl> also what version is this?], 19.10 64-bit20:25
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> @wxl [<wxl> did you check the integrity of the iso and the installation media?], I am sure it's good because this always happens to me. (I think the problem is caused by my "hard drive" which is a 32 GB eMMC)20:26
wxldid you do the checks?20:26
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> @wxl [<wxl> did you do the checks?], Not officially but I am sure this is the problem I know and encounter for ages20:27
wxlwell until they're dnoe, i can't rule out the most common issue20:27
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> I solve it but running the installer without installing the bootloader and installing the bootloader alone20:27
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> Well I am performing them right now20:28
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> "Check finished: no errors found" press any key to reboot your system20:28
wxlthis is the "check disc for defects?"20:29
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> @wxl [<wxl> this is the "check disc for defects?"], Yes20:29
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> @PaulOverTelegram [<reply to image>], This always fixes it for me. Just can't find a way how to tell the installer not to install the bootloader20:29
wxldoesn't look like calamares supports it https://github.com/calamares/calamares/issues/51720:32
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> Well do you think if I install the ubiquity it could work?20:32
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> It's offered me an option to install me but I've never needed to do this before so idk how this is going to work20:33
wxllubuntu doesn't use ubiquity so i doubt it will help; it's not configured as such20:33
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> The last option which pops into my mind is using an external hard drive20:34
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> I have some WD HDD so I'll try this one and hope it'll work20:35
wxlto be fair, i've never tested it on an eMMC20:35
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> @wxl [<wxl> to be fair, i've never tested it on an eMMC], Yeah it's pretty tricky20:35
lubot<PaulOverTelegram> Okay it's done. Now let's see if it works20:37
tbsE: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/morphis/anbox-support/ubuntu eoan Release' does not have a Release file.20:58
tbsN: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.20:58
tbsN: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.20:58
tbsi get this error, what to do?20:58
wxlfind the author of the PPA and ask them21:00
wxlPPAs should be considered unsupported21:00
wxlFWIW he is online.. his nick is morphis21:00
tbshe s online where?21:02
wxl1300 -!- morphis [~morphis@p5DCC3A56.dip0.t-ipconnect.de]21:02
wxl1300 -!-  ircname  : morphis21:02
wxl1300 -!-  channels : #launchpad #canonical-sysadmin21:02
wxl1300 -!-  server   : livingstone.freenode.net [New York City, NY, US]21:02
wxl1300 -!-           : is using a secure connection21:02
wxl1300 -!-  account  : morphis21:02
tbswxl: thanks, i sent message to him21:05
lubot<aptghetto> Use the snap instead of the PPA21:25
tbs@aptghetto, how can i do that?21:34
wxl@aptghetto unfortunately it still needs the ppa https://github.com/anbox/anbox/blob/master/docs/install.md21:42
lubot<aptghetto> @wxl [<wxl> @aptghetto unfortunately it still needs the ppa https://github.com/anbox/a …], Ah, sorry. I remember now, that I had troubles with it on newer releases. … But I have cloned the repo https://github.com/anbox/anbox-modules and compiled it myself. Then the anbox snap works also on 20.04 (development version). … But that isn22:06
lubot't the easy way (for beginners).22:06
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Guest83669whats up gamers22:09
kc2bezThis is the support channel for Lubuntu. did you have a question Guest83669 ?22:11
Guest83669oh, no. i just installed this and messing around22:12
kc2bezOk we have an offtopic channel for chat.22:12
ubottuFor discussion unrelated to Lubuntu support or development, please join the #lubuntu-offtopic channel on IRC or https://telegram.lubuntu.me/offtopic for Telegram.22:13
Guest83669okay thanks dude. sorry to disturb22:13
kc2bezno worries.22:13
blammohey everyone. I'm trying to get a multifunction printer working fully, and I was wondering if someone could suggest an easy app for a scanning test? Just something to acquire the images from the scanner?22:13
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blamm00hey everyone. I'm trying to get a multifunction printer working fully, and I was wondering if someone could suggest an easy app for a scanning test? Just something to acquire the images from the scanner?22:14
kc2bezwhich version of Lubuntu blamm00 ?22:14
blamm00sorry about the duplicate. kc2bez  Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS22:16
blamm00I have OpenOffice installed if a part of it can do image acquisition22:17
kc2beznot sure. I have to start up my bionic VM22:18
blamm00i also have inkscape and gimp installed but lack familiarity with them22:18
kc2bezit looks like simplescan should be installed.22:19
blamm00it is!22:20
Guest836692048 doesnt work. i try to swipe and its completely unresponsive22:20
kc2bezif that can see your scanner you should be able to use that to scan22:20
wxlGuest83669: "swipe?"22:21
blamm00kc2bez, it can see the scanner, but gives an error "Failed to scan Error communicating with the scanner"22:21
Guest83669dont you swipe tiles?22:21
wxlGuest83669: that's a word i reserve for touch interfaces22:22
Guest83669ooh gotcha22:22
kc2bezGuest83669: I am pretty sure you use the arrow keys.22:23
kc2bezblamm00: what is your scanner model?22:23
Guest83669arrow keys work22:23
Guest83669youre the best22:23
kc2bezhappy to help Guest8366922:24
blamm00kc2bez, if were being honest with each other, I'm not sure the drivers are properly installed. I can print from OpenOffice but it took me several attempts. I last had it working under lubuntu 14.04 following the instructions i found then here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2245011 although my printer is a Canon MF8280CW22:25
blamm00kc2bez, I'm unable to print a test page from the system util, but can print from OpenOffice. which is weird to me.22:25
blamm00kc2bez, I have multiple version of the appropriate files from Canon, if thats helpful.22:26
kc2bezThat link takes me to drivers for a different printer model.22:30
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kc2bezI don't see any linux drivers on the page for your model https://www.canon-europe.com/support/consumer_products/products/fax__multifunctionals/laser/laserbase_mf_series/i-sensys_mf8280cw.html?type=download&language=EN&os=Linux22:32
blamm00kc2bez, yes thats right, its a different model. This is the solution I used with this MF8280CW the last time I set up the printer under lubuntu 14. I have also tries instructions I found specifically for this model but did not have success.22:32
blamm00kc2bez, I'm not sure but I have downloaded the right files for the right printer from Canon multiple times and have several versions available here locally22:33
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kc2bezIt looks like they may have existed at one point due to the reference here https://askubuntu.com/questions/583968/how-to-install-canon-mf8280cw22:33
kc2bezBut when you follow the link there are no linux drivers there.22:34
blamm00kc2bez, I have the right drivers from Canon here, and Ive tried the information on that askubuntu link you provided but the Software Centre definitely does not open22:35
blamm00I'm more than willing to try again though.22:36
geniikc2bez: The link needs to now specify 32 or 64 bit. eg: https://www.canon-europe.com/support/consumer_products/products/fax__multifunctionals/laser/laserbase_mf_series/i-sensys_mf8280cw.html?type=drivers&language=en&os=linux%20(64-bit)      for 64bit22:38
kc2bezso if you have a .deb file you can install it with gdebi22:39
blamm00genii, kc2bez yes I had to do some additional navigation and I have all the files for version 5.00 for Linux 64-bit22:40
blamm00(i also have v3.10 which is what was available the last time I did this under lubuntu 14.04)22:41
blamm00kc2bez, gdebi?22:48
kc2bezgdebi is a graphical tool to install .Deb packages.22:49
blamm00kc2bez, If i understand correctly, there are two parts. the CUPS driver and the Canon UFR driver. I've installed both of those from the package you linked.22:49
blamm00kc2bez, Yes, gdebi seems to be the program that opens up when I double click the 2 .deb packages (CUPS and UFR). The only option is reinstall and remove.22:51
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blamm00Whats a little unclears is which CUPS .deb file to install? There are 49 of them in those Canon packages22:53
kc2bezI am not sure blamm00 I haven't checked but usually the .Deb package takes care of that part for you.22:57
blamm00ok ill poke around for a bit more and see. I'll probably be back later22:58
blamm00ty kc2bez and genii22:59

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