jibelMorning all04:30
dufluMorning jibel04:34
duflujibel, if you're starting work at 5:30am then I hope you're finishing early04:35
jibelHi duflu, not even, I usually end around 5:30PM04:53
jibelbut do breaks during the day04:53
pieqsalut jibel !06:10
pieqt'es tombé du lit ?06:10
jibelSalut pieq06:15
jibelnon, je me lève en général vers 5h06:15
jibelmes nuits sont plutôt courtes :)06:16
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:17
pieqjibel, I woke up at 5AM too, but it's because of jetlag :D Usually it's more 6AM.06:20
oSoMoNbonjour pieq, jibel06:28
jibelsalut oSoMoN06:28
didrocksgood morning07:01
jibelbonjour didrocks07:06
didrockssalut jibel07:08
dufluMorning oSoMoN, didrocks07:22
dufluAfternoon pieq07:22
didrockshey duflu07:26
oSoMoNsalut didrocks07:27
oSoMoNhey duflu07:27
pieqhey oSoMoN and duflu !07:31
pieqOn one of my laptops at home, I'm on 19.10 with -proposed activated. If I'd like to switch to 20.04 dev (without -proposed), what commands do I need to run?07:32
didrockssalut oSoMoN et pieq :)07:34
dufluHi seb12807:58
seb128hey duflu, how are you today?07:58
seb128gooood morning desktopers :)07:58
dufluseb128, going well. You?07:58
seb128I'm good, I had a better night than the previous one, I feel somewhat recharged this morning :)07:59
seb128duflu, the downstream patch is for onboard not xserver though right?08:02
seb128(just saw your comment on https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/issues/679)08:02
* duflu looks08:02
dufluseb128, yes you are right. I remember now thinking it's not an ideal patch if a broken app can still crash Xorg08:03
seb128right, same here08:03
dufluBut that was a few months ago08:03
seb128it's good to fix the app if it's code is incorrect, still xserver should be robust to incomplete calls08:03
dufluseb128, yes I wrote that in comment 12 in October. Just forgot08:06
seb128duflu, :)08:07
dufluWhich is why comments are useful08:07
jibelpieq, first disable proposed then run update-manager -d . It's possible the the packages installed from proposed will block the upgrade08:49
jibelpieq, or from the CLI: do-release-upgrade -d08:49
pieqjibel, merci ! I'll try that tonight08:51
jibelpieq, if anything goes wrong, the logs are in /var/log/dist-upgrade. You should be able to figure out what broke. Dependency issues can be tricky to troubleshoot, but then start by reverting the packages from proposed to the version in -updates or release08:53
pieqjibel, how can I revert packages? I thought apt would always take the latest version of a package...08:54
duflupieq: sudo apt install --reinstall packagename/eoan08:56
dufluor eoan-updates08:56
jibelpieq, or you can specify the version with apt install package=version09:00
oSoMoNjibel, doesn't update-manager disable -proposed entries automatically, like it does for PPAs ?09:02
pieqduflu, jibel thanks!09:03
jibeloSoMoN, yeah, I think you're right. there is a flag to enable proposed on upgrade IIRC09:04
oSoMoNhey Laney09:04
Laneywhat up oSoMoN09:05
jibelanyway running proposed permanently without pinning seems dangerous to me09:05
seb128hey Laney, oSoMoN, how are you today?09:06
oSoMoNyeah, I wouldn't recommend that on a machine that's not used exclusively for testing09:06
oSoMoNI'm good, I slept well and am ready for a productive day09:07
seb128\o/ :)09:08
marcustomlinsongood morning jibel oSoMoN pieq didrocks duflu seb128 and Laney :)09:10
pieqhery marcustomlinson :)09:11
dufluMorning marcustomlinson09:11
jibelbonjour marcustomlinson09:14
Laneyhey seb128, doing alright: won the pub quiz last night 💃💃💃09:14
Laneymoin marcustomlinson09:14
seb128hey marcustomlinson :)09:15
seb128Laney, wooot, well done!09:15
oSoMoNgood morning marcustomlinson09:17
seb128I don't understand, I created an arm64 bos instance yesterday, ssh to it stopped working in the evening09:18
seb128I destroyed it and created a new one this morning, same problem :/09:19
seb128I can ssh fine to ones on other archs though09:19
oSoMoNseb128, there was a brief moment yesterday in the evening when my canonistack instances became unreachable (and even the web UI was down), but it didn't last long, and it's now working well for me09:27
seb128oSoMoN, do you have any arm64 one?09:27
seb128my s390x and amd64 ones are fine09:27
oSoMoNlet me check09:27
oSoMoNyes, I have a bionic arm64 instance, and I can ssh into it09:28
WimpressMorning desktoppers o/09:30
seb128oSoMoN, ok, thx for checking! I wonder what's going on here then :-/09:30
seb128hey Wimpress, how are you?09:30
WimpressTip top :-D09:30
oSoMoNhey Wimpress09:31
seb128I'm good!09:32
dufluMorning Laney and Wimpress09:33
marcustomlinsonmorning Wimpress09:35
WimpressHi duflu. How are you?09:35
dufluWimpress, one year older but OK. You?09:36
WimpressAll good here. Just topping up the coffee levels09:36
marcustomlinsonduflu: happy belated birthday!09:37
dufluI was pleased to get this written and done on Monday night, which is satisfying; https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/mutter/merge_requests/100309:37
dufluThanks marcustomlinson09:37
seb128oh, happy birthday duflu!09:39
dufluThanks, but it's done and gone09:39
dufluIt was a nice day though09:39
Laneyhey duflu09:41
seb128shrug, same on a bionic/arm64 instance, so not the focal issue creating problem :/09:46
seb128I get a ' No route to host'09:47
Laneytried reconnecting the vpn / the other endpoint?09:47
seb128I turned the computer off during the night so it's a fresh boot/session and that didn't fix it, but trying again just in case09:47
seb128also ssh to other instances (!arm64) works09:48
LaneySure, but it's plausible they take different routes09:48
seb128nop, no difference09:48
seb128(reconnecting the vpn)09:48
Laneyinstance booted OK? (openstack console log show ID)09:49
seb128looks like it09:50
seb128ci-info: no authorized ssh keys fingerprints found for user ubuntu.09:50
seb128in the log09:51
seb128but that probably doesn't explain the routing issue09:51
LaneyI got that keypair thing too, and indeed I can't SSH into a new instance but I get a proper refusal09:57
Laney[   32.650884] cloud-init[572]: 2020-01-15 09:54:38,481 - util.py[WARNING]: No active metadata service found09:57
Laneythat is suspicious09:57
Laneyprobably issues to take up with IS I'd say if you have the energy09:57
seb128k, will do10:07
dufluseb128, are we aiming for Xorg 1.21 in focal?10:10
didrocksTrevinho: do you know if there is a ppa for recent GNOME Shell version for the Yaru team to try?10:11
seb128duflu, ask tjaalton10:11
seb128hey didrocks, how are you?10:11
didrocksgood. thanks seb128 and you?10:11
seb128I'm good!10:11
tjaaltonduflu: it's called 20.something at this point, but there's no idea when a release is going to happen, so probably not10:12
dufluHmm, I was keen on just one fix. Not sure how patchable it is10:12
dufluI shall look10:12
seb128tjaalton, I fixed the webkit build with an upstream patch btw, looks like those includes changed somehow, I didn't want to spent too much time to ge to the bottom of it though10:13
tjaaltonseb128: ok, dunno.. the header was in the same pkg as before10:14
seb128tjaalton, but webkit doesn't include that header10:14
seb128tjaalton, it does #include <EGL/eglext.h>10:14
seb128so I wonder if that was including other things and stopped doing so or what10:14
seb128tjaalton, anyway, https://github.com/WebKit/webkit/commit/ade440b1 fixed it10:14
tjaaltoneglext.h moved to libegl-dev, which libegl1-mesa-dev depends on10:16
seb128tjaalton, yeah, it's not a packaging problem, for some reason EGL_WAYLAND_BUFFER_WL isn't being defined when it was before, but at the same time webkit doesn't include the .h which defines it10:19
Trevinhodidrocks: mh no... Best way is just jhbuild in general though as ppa might be quit a lot work to maintain10:19
seb128so I guess it was getting through some other .h before10:19
seb128tjaalton, anyway, I just wanted to say that webkit is fixed :)10:19
tjaaltoncool :)10:19
tjaaltonduflu: I pushed 1.20.7 yesterday10:20
seb128tjaalton, we need to sort out openscad/s390x though, are you actively looking at that one?10:20
tjaaltonI don't know where to start10:20
duflutjaalton, yeah I know thanks, but I don't think the fix is there. Just creating a launchpad bug now to reflect upstream10:20
duflutjaalton, not a major priority but now exists for the record: bug 185978210:22
ubot5bug 1859782 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Xwayland apps like glxgears report 58 FPS on a 60Hz display" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185978210:22
seb128tjaalton, did you try to reproduce on a cloud instance or something? I guess that would be step 1, getting more details about the error?10:25
didrocksTrevinho: ack, thx10:30
tjaaltonseb128: no10:31
seb128tjaalton, let me try here, I've an existing s390x instance10:34
popeykenvandine: tested telegram desktop snap on kde neon with breeze and breeze dark. mouse cursors are working as expected! Thanks!11:04
xnoxdoko:  thank you for making python3.8 tests pass; makes it easier for me to make test_ssl pass properly11:07
seb128tjaalton, so it's the libgl1-mesa-dri update from proposed that make openscad unhappy11:11
tjaaltonseb128: as the test log history shows11:13
seb128well I can confirm/reproduce on a cloud instance11:13
seb128now to get some debug11:13
seb128also it's those specific binary from the update, no libglx or something else11:14
tjaaltonah -dri, so swrast_dri since it's using llvmpipe11:14
tjaaltonmy lock screen got stuck after entering the passwd, how to kill that?12:09
seb128tjaalton, try to lock again? otherwise kill gnome-shell from a vt I guess?12:11
tjaaltonah it's provided by the shell.. killing helped12:14
tjaaltonthough it also kills most apps12:14
seb128yeah, known issue :/12:22
Laneyfixed issue12:24
Laneyin eoan-proposed, do try it out12:25
tjaaltonI'm on focal, though I hadn't dist-upgraded in a while12:26
tjaaltonyep, seems to work12:27
* Laney stares at ubuntu-drivers15:08
hellsworthgood morning desktopers!15:54
oSoMoNgood morning hellsworth15:54
hellsworthhi oSoMoN !15:57
marcustomlinsonhey hellsworth16:01
hellsworthhi marcustomlinson ! how's life?16:02
marcustomlinsonhellsworth: pretty good thanks :) yourself?16:03
hellsworthyeah pretty good. ventured out to a coffee shop today to see people and the coffee is good :)16:03
marcustomlinsongood friends and good coffee, what more do you need16:05
Laneyhey hellsworth16:05
Laneyit's nice working from a coffee shop but I always wonder how often I should buy something new16:05
hellsworthhi there Laney !16:06
hellsworthyou know i have the same wonder16:06
hellsworthmaybe one item every 2 hours16:06
Laneylike once an hour seems good but who wants that much coffee?????16:06
* hellsworth sets an alarm to buy a new coffee in 2 hours16:07
LaneyI read about a place that charges by the minute for people working16:07
Laneywhich would absolve me of that worry16:07
hellsworthbut it would be way more expensive in the long run16:07
Laneybut it was probably in stupid old London, not awesome cool Nottingham16:07
hellsworthsounds like a co working space, not a coffee shop16:08
Laneykind of a mixture of both16:09
Laneythink the fee was pretty cheap16:09
hellsworthi bet the coffee at a pure coffee shop would be better16:09
Laneycouple of pounds an hour or so16:09
hellsworthand overall cheaper16:09
hellsworthi bet you could come up with an equation that takes into account the food/coffee quality, number of outlets, comfort of the chairs, etc. to come up with which one is better16:11
hellsworthi encourage you to do that :)16:11
Laneymaybe this is the one I read about https://ziferblat.co.uk/#/discover16:11
marcustomlinsonLaney: you work at the library now and then right?16:12
Laneyyep, I'm there now in fact16:12
marcustomlinsonhow is it? I think about doing this16:13
hellsworthoh man! for 8 hours, it's 38.4 pounds!16:13
hellsworththey must have the best coffee, the most outlets, and the comfiest of chairs in all the land!16:14
hellsworthoh the library is a great idea16:14
Laneyit's great16:14
Laneybut this is not a public library, oh no sir I don't want to mix with the general public16:14
hellsworthdo you pack everything up and take it with you when you go to the bathroom? or do you hurry and hope nobody steals your stuff?16:14
Laneynah I just leave it16:15
hellsworthwait a private library?16:15
hellsworthi don't think that's a thing here16:15
Laneyhttps://www.bromleyhouse.org/ this place16:15
hellsworthwhat makes a library private? do you pay for a library card or entrance or something?16:15
marcustomlinsonyeah what is that16:15
Laneysubscription fee16:15
Laneybig tables, wifi, coffee area, that kind of stuff16:16
Laneybooks too if you like that kind of thing16:16
hellsworthlooks nice16:17
hellsworthi've scouted most of the coffee shops in my area and have a few i go in between when i do leave the house.16:17
hellsworthi should leave the house more often16:18
hellsworthit's just the whole two monitor thing often trumps the need to see other humans16:18
hellsworthbut not all the time :)16:18
Laneylooks like there's a few in the US: https://www.nysoclib.org/about/membership-libraries16:19
hellsworthnone in colorado :(16:21
Laneyyeah :(16:21
Laneyuniversity libraries are a good alternative if there's one of those you can use16:22
* Laney sometimes goes to that one too16:22
* Laney goes back to staring at ubuntu-drivers16:23
hellsworthat any university you'll need the university email/ldap pw to login to their wifi tho16:23
* hellsworth refocuses too :)16:23
Laneythis one has guest wifi, but also I have unlimited data so I can tether if necessary16:24
LaneyYES, WORK16:24
Laneyit was a good mini break, since I was being confused that a call wasn't just creating infinite recursion, turns out it's calling a fucntion with a very slightly different name16:25
Laneylooking away and looking back allowed me to see that16:25
hellsworthi get to add stuff to the build snap while i wait for my snapcraft extension to be re-reviewed16:28
hellsworthtoday will be a fun day :)16:28
Laneytseliot: hey, any opinion on moving ubuntu-drivers-common under the ubuntu organisation on github? also, 1:0.7.6-1 seems to be missing16:39
tseliotLaney, I forgot to push my changes. It should all be in the master branch now. I haven't really thought about moving the repository there, since when we started u-d-c it was probably the only package maintained on github. Is the use of the ubuntu organisation on github for packages documented somewhere?16:58
Laneytseliot: doubt it's documented in particular, but there are quite a few projects doing it already: https://github.com/ubuntu/17:02
tseliotLaney, ok, I'll have a look17:02
kenvandinemarcustomlinson: i tested your latest changes to the gsettings fix, still works great17:25
marcustomlinsonkenvandine: awesome thanks! yeah that's ready to merge if you'd like to do the honours17:26
kenvandinemarcustomlinson: did you copy the latest changes to the snapcraft PR?17:29
marcustomlinsonkenvandine: I did yes17:29
Laneyok NOW I am in a coffee shop18:15
marcustomlinsonseb128 will soon be in a “coffee shop” too18:16

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