kv102tjoe_alf: sure, we run windows VMs on xcp00:00
kv102tjoe_alf: anyway, you said understood, is that about trying the reserve IP? that should work..00:00
joe_alfkv102t: will try your suggestion. i'm searching on how to do it00:04
kv102tjoe_alf: what router?00:05
kv102tjoe_alf: or more to the point what pushes your DHCP? windows server or router and then if router what make.00:07
joe_alfkv102t: windows00:11
kv102tjoe_alf: perfect00:11
kv102tjoe_alf: easy to complete00:11
kv102tjoe_alf: in dhcp look at the releases, you can rigtt click and select reserve or somethign to that effect00:12
kv102tjoe_alf: this will then make it static with this address.00:12
kv102tjoe_alf: later after tested you can copy the MAC address and delete / recreate the reservedIP inputting an IP you want to set and adding the MAC address in the box.00:14
kv102tjoe_alf: so putting eth0 back to DHCP will give you the current IP of eth000:15
kv102tjoe_alf: thats the one you want to reserve.00:15
joe_alfkv102t: sorry i misunderstood your question for dhcp. but my eth0 is vEthernet on windows. settings on this is changing everytime i reboot my windows host machine00:17
kv102tjoe_alf: ah, so th MAC changes etc..00:18
joe_alfkv102t: for vEthertnet sometimes it is 192 and sometimes it is 17200:18
joe_alfkv102t: i did set static MAC under hyper-v settings for my guest machine which is ubuntu00:19
kv102tjoe_alf: so shoudl you not be able to reserve this?00:19
iATR_hello i meant00:20
kv102tjoe_alf: i guess if the vEth keeps moving00:20
kv102tjoe_alf: Sorry joe, i'm out without knowing more of the setup(and time) but not DNS issue, routing / default ethX in play it looks like..00:21
joe_alfkv102t: i think i did tried to set the ipv4 config on this before but totally broke my two other vm guest machine which is centos and windows 2016 server00:22
joe_alfkv102t: Thank you for your help. appreciate it. will try to research on your suggestion. and yes understand now that it is not dns problem.00:24
joe_alfkv102t: it was working before. not sure why suddenly it is not working. i guess something with the update on my ubuntu machine00:25
kubast2Hey, how can I launch a program in a certain cgroup right away?00:29
iyydtxeidhgmiufhhello is anyone there hello00:35
iyydtxeidhgmiufhhello help is anyone there hello help00:36
iyydtxeidhgmiufhpulseaudio audioeffects00:37
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI need help. equalizer not working00:37
sarnoldkubast2: there's a chance that systemd-run can do that00:37
iyydtxeidhgmiufhcan't edit .conf anything00:37
iyydtxeidhgmiufh10 or something editors installed, about a gig of everything installed, still nothing00:38
iyydtxeidhgmiufhseveral days00:38
iyydtxeidhgmiufh50 tabs open on browser searching everything but nothing00:39
tatertotsdoes your volume control work?00:39
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI have audio, I have pulseeffects open, everything but equalizzer qoirkmnd]00:39
iyydtxeidhgmiufheverything but equalizer on pulseeffects work00:40
sarnoldwhen you run pulseeffects from a terminal do you get any error messages in the terminal? do you get any errors in the other system logs?00:40
iyydtxeidhgmiufhlogged in as root on terminal and still can't edit whatsit00:40
iyydtxeidhgmiufhmade copies of multiple .conf / .json / .pa files to paste into respective folders00:42
iyydtxeidhgmiufhread only not write00:42
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI'm root on admin on the terminal and just trying to edit but they fucking won't00:42
iyydtxeidhgmiufhhow do i do this on the goddamn terminal00:43
sarnolddo what?00:43
iyydtxeidhgmiufhwhy does my screen keep flipping upside down00:43
iyydtxeidhgmiufhedit the damn files in the read only folders as root on terminal00:43
sarnoldyou use whatever text editor you like; vim, pico, nano, jed, ed, emacs, whatever00:43
sarnoldthat won't help yuou00:44
iyydtxeidhgmiufhfirecamp for json,00:44
iyydtxeidhgmiufhseveral editors downloaded00:44
iyydtxeidhgmiufhused all of them00:44
iyydtxeidhgmiufhnone of them write just read and won't save00:44
sarnoldwhat error messages did you get when you used your favourite one?00:45
tatertotssounds like he's tunnel visioned or stuck trying to edit files00:45
iyydtxeidhgmiufhhow do i make myself root / admin / wtfever on more than terminal but actually on the editors00:45
tatertotshe hasn't even tried running it from terminal yet00:45
sarnoldtatertots: who knows what he's done? he's not telling us. I'm done. good luck.00:46
iyydtxeidhgmiufhwhat's the command on terminal?00:46
iyydtxeidhgmiufhi have been on this for several days no luck no nothing00:47
NyleHello, I am looking for a lightweight DB management/client for mariadb/mysql. I use currently mysql-workbench but it's too slow. Any recommendations?00:47
iyydtxeidhgmiufhequalizer just doesn't turn on and i'm just trying everything00:47
iyydtxeidhgmiufhdownloaded everything00:47
iyydtxeidhgmiufhuninstalled everything, reinstalled, reuninstalled, shit stayed installed00:47
iyydtxeidhgmiufhhow do i run it on terminal?00:48
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI'm on terminal00:48
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI'm root on terminal00:48
iyydtxeidhgmiufhif I'm root on terminal how do the editors not edit the read only files i ought to write00:49
iyydtxeidhgmiufhi need another cigarette brb00:50
kubast2Okay cool00:51
iyydtxeidhgmiufhrefresh time:00:51
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI don't know wtf I'm doing on ubuntu00:52
iATRI’m back again lol. Still looking for a help with ssh. I have a client on my iPhone , but I would like to connect to my laptop when I’m outside my local network. Any help is greatly appreciated!00:52
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI'm coming from windows 7 to ubuntu without having used it for several years00:52
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI have tried for several days via multiple programs, install packs, bundles, this that and the other and I think what messed all this up is I installed the first few extensions I searched for under "equalizer" without having actually installed / made the equalizer in the first place00:54
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI'm so out of my mind I couldn't even get through /nickserv earlier and just bashed the keyboard for about a minute and kept hitting enter00:55
kubast2sarnold, I see I can limit memory usage with MemoryLimit from the man page I read that systemctl show will show all available properties00:56
kubast2but I don't see MemoryLimit there only "DefaultLimitRSS" text etc.00:56
kubast2 Properties for units are00:56
kubast2           documented in systemd.unit(5)00:56
iyydtxeidhgmiufhcan anyone help me00:56
kubast2pattern not found hmm00:57
OerHeks install nautilus-admin, to get the option: edit as administrator00:57
OerHeks!info nautilus-admin00:57
ubottunautilus-admin (source: nautilus-admin): Extension for Nautilus to do administrative operations. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.9-2 (eoan), package size 8 kB, installed size 66 kB00:57
OerHekstip: install synaptic, a detailed softwarecenter00:58
sarnoldkubast2: did you have any luck finding a way to limit memory use via the slices?00:58
iyydtxeidhgmiufhnautilus is also just called files?00:59
iyydtxeidhgmiufhsynaptic already installed. installed everything I could through it00:59
beaversorry for my stupid flood01:14
iyydtxeidhgmiufhinstalled nautilus admin through synaptic after starting to download it all through browser through another 10 tabs of deb on01:15
iyydtxeidhgmiufhstill not root01:16
sarnoldbeaver: has your cat apologized?01:16
sarnoldbeaver: does a cat ever *mean* its apology? :)01:17
OerHekserr, we don't do pckg.org, use synaptic or terminal with apt01:17
iyydtxeidhgmiufhright clicking shows nothing admin01:17
iyydtxeidhgmiufhon the window on the file on the window something01:17
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iyydtxeidhgmiufhyeah downloaded nautilus admin on synoptic aptic01:18
iyydtxeidhgmiufhpackage manager01:19
OerHeksoh oke01:19
iyydtxeidhgmiufhdoes this just not apply until i restart the computer?01:19
OerHeksjust restart nautilus/files01:19
iyydtxeidhgmiufhclosed / quit then restarted files01:20
iyydtxeidhgmiufhchecked permission right clip propoertie01:21
iyydtxeidhgmiufhchecked the permissions if they changed since closing files and it still says I'm not the owner01:21
iyydtxeidhgmiufhstill write protected01:22
iyydtxeidhgmiufhi don't even know if it would do anything to write anymore if i could01:23
iyydtxeidhgmiufhI'm root on terminal but not on files, how do i edit files on terminal01:23
iyydtxeidhgmiufhretrying pkgs01:24
iyydtxeidhgmiufhno too many tabs needing shit from other tabs installed and everythings all over and not in the right order of installing,01:26
iyydtxeidhgmiufhnaultilus admin downloaded on terminal stil ldoesnt work after trying on synaptics but found a .deb on desktop opened software trying to install but doesn't01:29
iyydtxeidhgmiufhrestarting laptop i just want the equalizer to work01:30
uctehoihtowxhgdrfinally an open as administrator option on the rightclick on the files01:36
DarwinElfrecently I had to boot to recovery, and it didn't have networking!  How do I (re)install the service that would show up as /etc/init.d/networking ?01:36
uctehoihtowxhgdr2 fucking god damned pulseeffect equalizer extensions installed on top of pulse effects running and one doesn't open, the other just turns on, i look at both volume icons, i click equalizer on pulseeffects, there is god damned not a fucking equalizer anywhere01:38
sarnoldDarwinElf: it's been a while since I used the recovery thing; is that an entirely 'new' filesystem, with your hard drive available to mount? or mounted somewhere other than / ?01:39
uctehoihtowxhgdrbut fucking hell at least i managed to delete the .confs and pasted the new ones in the fucking folder01:39
sarnoldDarwinElf: probably you could do something like "chroot /path/to/root/filesystem /bin/bash" -- hopefully that'll start a new shell rooted at your installation, with networking configured as it was01:39
DarwinElfit's on a CD/DVD or USB01:41
OerHeksanon, no spam here, nor on #freenode, thanks01:44
uctehoihtowxhgdrrestarting again01:47
iyydtxeidhgmiufh...I think just the simple fact that I can actually now touch files I couldn't before is making me just a little more calmed down and sane from earlier02:02
iyydtxeidhgmiufhNow I just need to figure out how to view / fuck with shardlibrary files02:04
pragmaticenigma!ohmy | iyydtxeidhgmiufh, Please mind the language.02:08
ubottuiyydtxeidhgmiufh, Please mind the language.: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList02:08
JustTheDoctorhello, with ubuntu i used a command to generate a line of html code per file in the dir. https://pastebin.com/hvEs6LbN <-- shown here as ^^ original, my question is, can i use a command to generate the other code, using a command in linux ssh in ubuntu02:25
sarnoldJustTheDoctor: give me a moment to see if I can whip  something up02:30
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sarnoldJustTheDoctor: try this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qTZWQq8vjq/02:34
iATRAny ssh pros available?02:59
sarnolddepends how pro you need03:00
keyrcbot[rudi9719]: I'd like to think of myself as an SSH adept; I know how to use tunnels and the control sockets to keep connections open/multiple shells from one connection03:06
JustTheDoctorsarnold are you still around?03:23
sarnoldJustTheDoctor: yeah, for a bit03:26
JustTheDoctorwould you mind if i please private message you03:27
JustTheDoctori'll make it quick03:27
myuserCan I copy my ESP and root partitions to another drive without booting issues?03:27
keyrcbot[rudi9719]: myuser, you'll probably have booting issues. You would need to install grub on that new drive and if you're using UEFI you'll need to update that as well03:28
myuserdoes 18.4 use grub?03:29
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keyrcbot[rudi9719]: myuser, afaik everything from 12.04-19.10 is using grub or grub203:34
sitmI recently purchased a new Intel NUC 10 BXNUC10I7FNK1 i7-10710U and every version of Ubuntu I have tried to install fails to recognize the Ethernet03:35
sitmI looked online and the integrated LAN is "Intel Ethernet Connection 1219-V"03:36
myuserkeyrcbot: So could I copy the partitions and just point the grub boot manager that was copied to the new root partition? (And update the NVRAM to boot of the copied ESP)03:36
sitmWhat I think is happening is that this is a newer version for this type and since the checksum is failing, Linux is refusing to install the drivers for it03:36
sitmWhat I'm wondering is how I can manually install the drivers or tell Ubuntu / Linux to ignore the checksum error03:37
keyrcbot[rudi9719]: myuser, if you're still booting off of the old drive that would work. If you're trying to boot from the new drive you would have to do grub-install on the device03:38
myuserI'm thinking I just want 1 NVRAM entry that would point to a GRUB boot manager. Grub can manage my various OSes.03:40
dirtycajunSo i have a zfs mount that is mounted at /mnt/media and a ext4 mount mounted at /mnt/media/storage. I need to ensure that the ext4 mount does not mount until zfs mounts. Is there a more graceful way then @reboot crontab hacky script03:46
sitmwhat's the command to probe for ethernet adapters?03:49
sitmlshw is showing the ethernet adapter03:50
sitmso weird03:51
spinningCati added user to www-data but i still get permission error. What should i do more?04:20
sarnoldspinningCat: explain your problem clearly :)04:20
spinningCati try to cd /var/www/folder i am not able to cd that folder. I got permission error04:21
spinningCati added my user to www-data with adduser user www-data04:21
spinningCatstill cant do it04:22
tatertotsthat's expected behavior for that dir04:23
tatertotsare you chatting from the computer right now?04:23
spinningCatso well i need to change owner of directory each time when i change smt04:23
spinningCatis it?04:23
tatertotschanging owner each time should suffice04:30
spinningCattatertots,  this is what i do now thanks04:32
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pavlushkathis page is behaving weird, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/eoan/man8/tunctl.8.html06:21
Randolfpavlushka: It looks okay in Opera (on Ubuntu) for me.06:27
Mark60hey guys :)06:34
Mark60i have acedently moved my files into the trash folder and then when i restated the PC which was a stupid thing to do it now has a user lock on it which i am unable to get arround. can someone pls help me with a live usb to mnt the HDD so that i can recover my files please :)06:35
jnewt_trying to install a .deb package (unifi controller from ubiquity) on ubuntu 18.04.   every time i click install, it doesn't actually install, but adds an entry to the software list for installed with a button that says install unlike all the others that say remove06:58
tatertotsjnewt_: try installing it from terminal07:09
thomas_25what's a modern shell that could do real good (i.e. fetch --help of the command and auto complete that), smart (per directory history) autocompletion? (like the shell 'fish' in mac)07:19
tatertotsi didn't see anything that can't be done in stock default ubuntu ...becoming proficient with it doesn't happen over night,07:22
Mark60hi guys how can i recuver my pc when i accedently moved files into the trash bin. can i mount the HHD and access the trashbin?07:59
Mark60i know the files are still in there yet i cant access them due to ubuntu created a new user profile :/07:59
Ben64Mark60: what files08:06
DarwinElfrecently I had to boot to recovery, and it didn't have networking!  How do I (re)install the service that would show up as /etc/init.d/networking ?08:35
Mark60Ben64 just standart files08:38
Ben64Mark60: why can't you just log in and retrieve them08:39
Mark60@ben64 i have accedently moved some config files into trash which then made ubuntu create a new user and i cant login :/08:40
Ben64Mark60: log in in a console and navigate to /home/<user>/.local/share/Trash08:42
Mark60on a live usb?08:42
Ben64on ubuntu on your computer08:43
Mark60well i cant login into the new user as i dont know what the accunt details are :/08:43
Mark60so i can only use live usb08:43
Ben64no you can log in with your user on the console08:43
Mark60how do i get to the console?08:44
Mark60ah thank you08:44
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moopthemightyhello! If I install bison 3.3 from a .deb ... will it screw up my 18.04 install that only has 2.3?09:35
moopthemightyI am trying to install boomerang decompiler09:35
moopthemightyI dont really feel like going through the effort of testing in a VM when I can just ask, considering I'd have to make the VM!09:36
tilerenderingnot sure whether this is the right channel to ask, but: am I correct in the assumption that Ryzen-based servers are not really made for that purpose? i.e. the Ryzen being a workstation cpu (low latency) rather than one assuring high throughput?09:53
ryuoRyzen based servers? I thought the only actual servers were based on EPYC not Ryzen.09:53
tilerenderingmhh.. look: https://www.hetzner.com/dedicated-rootserver/matrix-ax09:55
tilerenderingthese are the servers I m talking about09:55
ryuotilerendering: don't think it matters that much honestly. main difference i can see is core count.09:57
tilerenderinghm. is there a channel here you could recommend for this type of questions?09:58
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paul98hi, I have /usr/src/ with loads of headers, I run uname -a and I am on 4.4.0-1054-aws - but i've got headers with higher numbers e.g,I don't want ot upgrade but is it worth deleting them10:43
tomreynpaul98: assuming that you are running ubuntu 16.04 "xenial" on AWS, linux-image-4.4.0-1100-aws is the latest kernel version and you could delete any others but the one which you are currently running.10:47
paul98DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS10:47
paul98cause of just rm each one?10:48
tomreynyou don't seem to install seurity updates regularly then10:48
tomreynnot rm, use apt10:48
paul98no this box hasn't been touched for over 2 years :(, I've just picked up a ticket to look at the server.10:48
tomreynUbuntu 16.04.6 LTS would be the latest (and possibly last) installer version10:49
paul98ah fair enough10:50
paul98i guess I can do sudo  apt --purge autoremove ?10:51
tomreynyes, but this is more likely to be effective in removing older kernel packages after you installed the pending updates and rebooted.10:51
tomreynon the other hand - a system which has ceen collecting security vulnerabilities for two years you might actually prefer to setup from scratch10:52
paul98 10:52:59 up 635 days, 43 min,  1 user,  load average: 0.04, 0.01, 0.0210:53
tomreynespecially if AWS means Internet10:53
paul98not quiet 2 years since reboot10:53
paul98Thought it would be worse "157 packages can be upgraded"10:59
tomreynmaybe it's worse: ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported11:01
paul98You have 2 packages (0.2%) that can not/no-longer be downloaded11:04
paul98You have 67 packages (7.9%) that are unsupported11:04
paul98not to bad.11:04
paul98i'll put a change management ticket in to update it.11:04
paul98Thanks for your help tomreyn11:05
ryuopaul98: realistically, xenial should be upgraded to something newer in the near future. it's not too much longer before EOL for people not paying for EMS.11:07
tomreynpaul98: note that this utility also considers packages from community supported repositories as 'unsupported'11:07
ryuoApril 2021.11:08
paul98ryuo, agreed got a year or so to go, I'll suggest it as a change management, I don't know much about the server to be honest so may not be as easy as just building a new server.11:08
ryuoprobably to focal11:09
ryuomay as well skip bionic11:09
paul98focal 20?11:10
ryuothe next LTS11:13
paul98ah, didn't know it was upto 20.04!11:13
paul98even my work laptops out of date ha11:13
ryuoit's not out yet11:13
ryuobut by the tim you upgrade it probably will be11:14
paul98haha, sounds about11:14
paul98 will keep a eye out for it11:14
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FoldMarkHow do I make ubuntu talk to IPv4? 0% [Connecting to http://no.archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:29f4::51)]11:39
aivitso after the initial 'docker run' with arguments, is that now like a vm i can call upon by id, like 'docker start' and then reference the id of that image? if so, do i need to provide the arguments again or just the id? i used the auto restart(or whatever) argument so that it starts upon boot do i need to do that again or can i just ``docker start idhere``?11:47
BluesKajHowdy folks11:52
JayDoubleuis there a way to determine the "latest" kernel by simply scanning the repository and finding the latest kernel metadata without the need to be *on the OS itself ?11:56
pendarsoheilHi, I know that predictable network names are preferred and good. However I am having some trouble detecting the correct and connected interface for preseeding. If the ordering is based by drivers being loaded can I be assured that the eth interface on the motherboard will always be eth0?12:07
pendarsoheilwhat are the assurances that the mobo interface will be probed first?12:09
damiandabrowski2Hello, Do you think that virtualization on centos with kernel 3.10 can be slower than ubuntu 18.04 with kernel 5.0?(because of network drivers, RBD module, KVM support etc.)12:37
lotuspsychjedamiandabrowski2: we dont take polls here, perhaps something more for #ubuntu-offtopic?12:37
damiandabrowski2lotuspsychje: ok thanks12:39
aivitanyone know if there is an app to check google api quotas and usage?15:00
pragmaticenigmaaivit: For software recommendations please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic15:11
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VinceGHeii... is there any tool that hashes a whole passwordlist for me? If got a old database from a friend and he stored the passwords as plain-text.16:52
VinceGNow i wnat to hash them for him... but ahm... yeah... idk16:52
pragmaticenigma!alis | VinceG: That sounds like a programming question. There are plenty of programming channels on IRC to help you. Pick a programming language you would like to use and the query alis16:55
ubottuVinceG: That sounds like a programming question. There are plenty of programming channels on IRC to help you. Pick a programming language you would like to use and the query alis: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"16:55
kotek14You can always write an ugly python script16:55
VinceGyeah... python... i am not good with that :|16:57
pragmaticenigmaVinceG: Please see the comment from ubottu16:57
VinceGI looked at it and decided to ignore it due the fact that this was not a question about programming.. that was more like a "is there a existing tool on ubuntu"-question17:00
pragmaticenigmaVinceG: There is not... that's why I directed you to a programming channel17:00
VinceGthanks for the help... took my basic python knowledge and a little bit more google and got it.. ^^17:17
gambl0reif i want to do fast charging on my phone, does the usb cable have to be fast charging or is it just the charger?17:54
pragmaticenigmagambl0re: That is not an Ubuntu support question. Please ask again in #ubuntu-offtopic or find a mobile phone forum or other general technology chat.17:55
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pjsAnyone notice issues with your laptop sleeping when closing the lid? I'm on a thinkpad X1C6, Ubuntu 18.04.3, and this only recently started happening. I close my screen, it appears to sleep, after about a minute, it appears to be awake (solid red light) and if I don't open it up, the battery will die in 10ish hours. I've had to shutdown when packing up my laptop lately.18:21
pjshrmm, just now remembering a bios update. Maybe the sleep setting was reset. I'll check that first.18:22
holiI want to test my snapshots taken with "back in time" made from another system and saved in an extern hard disk in case I loose my computer. when I import seetings I just see the configuration of back in time loadede  but not my snapshots. what can I do please?18:23
eeosI do not know wat is happening with freenode and the ubuntu channel, but it keeps asking me to register, even if I have been registered for more than 10y18:36
eeosanyone else experiencing the same? I am actually logged in with the account.18:36
daxeeos: you're probably trying to join the channel before your client finishes authentication. see https://freenode.net/kb/answer/sasl to avoid that18:37
eeosdax:  nope, I waited .... as you can see I can easily post.18:38
dax(i just checked, you weren't logged in when you joined -unregged, so yes, that sasl link should fix it)18:38
daxeeos: you can post *now*18:38
daxwhen your client tried to join #ubuntu originally, it wasn't identified to nickserv18:38
eeosdax: nope, when I asked the question (at 19:36 see above) I had been logged in for 19 (nineteen) minutes .... and the nickserv was answering18:39
eeosdax: so, that is not the explanation (have been using the freecad server for a few years, I know how it works ....)18:40
daxeeos: you attempted to join #ubuntu at 18:17:26. you were not logged in to nickserv at the time, and thus ended up in #ubuntu-unregged. you actually managed to join #ubuntu at 18:35:42, after logging in18:40
daxand every other time you have ended up in #ubuntu-unregged you were not identified at time of join18:41
daxassuming that your quit message is correct, you want to take a look at https://userbase.kde.org/Konversation/Configuring_SASL_authentication , and if you have questions about it you should drop by #freenode and ask them18:41
eliyahuTBRShalom from Israel. Newbie. when i go to settings/online accounts and click google I get "Unacceptable TLS certificate".18:45
eliyahuTBRany ideas?18:45
eeosdax: the problem was specifically with the ubuntu channel, all the others channel did not give a problem, and I have the screenshot of the freenode nickserv which says I logged into the server at 19:17 and in all other automatic channels (of which ubuntu is the last) within about a minute .... I think the problem is with ubunru channel and not wih the freenode (or the client).18:45
daxeeos: the problem is not with the #ubuntu channel, and if you join #freenode and ask them to explain to you why your non-SASL authentication setup has a race condition I am sure they will be happy to do so18:46
daxbut, since it's not an Ubuntu technical support question, it'd be better off there than here18:47
eeosdax: that said, it is not my problem, I am not the manager of the channel, hence I have done what I was supposed to do and signalled the problem (which is the standard behaviour in the OS community), the rest is not up to me.18:48
daxfine, i wasn't gonna do this but sure18:48
daxeeos: hi, I've been using freenode for over a decade, was freenode staff for about half of that, and have been an op on this channel for a *long* time. I've implemented services authentication for various things and know intimitely how it works. This is *not* a channel issue, it's an issue with your client configuration, and #freenode is the correct venue to get support for it.18:49
eeosdax: can we please consider this discussion closed?18:50
daxSure, have a good rest of your day.18:50
eliyahuTBRi disconnected on accident. did anyone happen to address my question above?18:51
pragmaticenigmaeliyahuTBR: There isn't enough information provided for the volunteers to assit you. TLS certificates are provided by the service provider you're attempting to connect to. If you are receiving the message from attempting to perform software updates, you should check with your internet provider as they are likely interfering with your connection.18:53
eliyahuTBRthat is almost surely the issue pragmaticenigma. thanks. i used a filtered internet provider.18:53
seven-elevenhow do I allow a systemd service to execute in apparmor?19:38
seven-elevenafter I run the service I read this in the syslog Jan 16 02:35:50 phpc01 kernel: audit: type=1400 audit(1579116950.799:353): apparmor="DENIED" operation="rmdir" profile="snap.barrier.barrier" name="/home/philipp/snap/barrier/83/" pid=12773 comm=19:38
sarnoldseven-eleven: you'll need to contact the snap author; be sure to include that line, they may need it to request additional privileges in a snap interface19:39
seven-elevensarnold, is it possible that I tell apparmor to allow the snap?19:40
seven-elevenif I run the app in foreground it works; just trying to run the snap via a systemd service it fails19:41
physiologyHi all.  I'm booting from optical drive, looking to install on a new Dell workstation.  I can select "Install Ubuntu," but then the screen stays black for some minutes.19:41
physiologyThe monitor hasn't gone to sleep.  Any thoughts?19:41
sarnoldseven-eleven: you *might* need to do some snap connection things19:42
EriC^^!nomodeset | physiology19:42
ubottuphysiology: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.19:42
sarnoldseven-eleven: https://snapcraft.io/docs/interface-management19:42
physiologyEriC^^: Thank you.  Ubuntu is *not* yet installed on this system.  I am booting from optical drive in order to install.  Does this still apply?19:43
seven-elevensarnold, http://ix.io/27ut19:43
EriC^^physiology: yeah19:44
seven-elevensarnold, i think im gonna simply add it to my bashrc then19:44
EriC^^physiology: do you get a black and white grub menu or a neat menu in the middle of the screen?19:44
sarnoldseven-eleven: connecting the plug and slot thing?19:45
seven-elevensarnold, i will run it in the foreground via the bashrc; /bin/snap/barrier runs fine19:45
physiologyEriC^^: I do get the first screen of installation, "Test Ubuntu," "Install Ubuntu," etc19:45
sarnoldseven-eleven: oh strange. this might be worth discussing in #snapcraft I think, folks there are experts :) I just pick up a few things here or there19:46
seven-elevenjust through a systemd service unit file (which i wanted to use for autostart) it fails; but if it starts automatically once I open a shell I'm ok with it19:46
sarnoldseven-eleven: ahhhhhhh. still :) you might not be the only one who wants to do that19:46
kotek14physiology: what happens if you "test" it?19:46
seven-elevensarnold, probably because systemd uses its own environment and then elevates to the desktop user19:47
zxvffI desperately wish to figure out how to gain some semblance of stability when using a web browser on my Ubuntu installation19:48
zxvffChrome, Chromium, Firefox... all seem incredibly unstable, crash frequently19:48
zxvffLinux RMX00x-1 5.3.0-26-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 18 05:37:46 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:48
zxvffI'm wondering if it's some kind of a drive problem19:48
kotek14zxvff: That's weird. Anything in logs?19:49
sarnoldseven-eleven: possible... does fsuid or euid show up in the log line, showing it running as root?19:49
physiologykotek14: Trying that now.  Black screen as well.19:50
physiologyThis is a fresh out-of-the box Dell 3620.19:50
zxvffthe error I'm frequently seeing, that is of little help, is this: [121156.904670] traps: Compositor[20521] trap invalid opcode19:50
sarnoldwhat CPU do you have?19:51
zxvffbefore this error I usually see a message about [121909.196120] mce: CPU3: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 37304)19:51
zxvffso, I get the CPU temp message followed by a compositor error & a tab crashes19:51
kotek14physiology: yeah, you may want to look into kernel boot parameters19:52
kotek14zxvff: well, then what is the CPU temperature?19:52
physiologykotek14: But Ubuntu is not installed yet.19:53
zxvff          product: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6560U CPU @ 2.20GHz19:53
zxvff          bus info: cpu@019:53
zxvff          version: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6560U CPU @ 2.20GHz19:53
zxvff          capabilities: lm fpu fpu_exception wp vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe syscall nx pdpe1gb rdtscp x86-64 constant_tsc art arch_perfmon pebs bts rep_good nopl xtopology nonstop_tsc cpuid aperfmperf pni pclmulqdq dtes64 monitor ds_cpl vmx est tm2 ssse3 sdbg fma cx16 xtpr pdcm pcid sse4_1 sse4_2 x2apic movbe popcnt tsc_deadline_timer aes xsave avx f16c rdrand lahf_lm abm 3dnowpr19:53
OerHekszxvff, check your vendor for a bios update?19:53
OerHeksoverheating is not likely a browser issue19:53
sarnoldzxvff: strange, that's a pretty comprehensive list of supported instruction sets19:54
kotek14physiology: you gotta bring up the grub menu during boot. Try repeatedly hitting escape on boot19:54
zxvffOerHeks: i have installed the latest bios updates from dell19:56
physiologykotek14: On boot from disc?19:56
kotek14physiology: yes19:56
zxvffit's a xps 13 9350I believe19:56
ioriaphysiology, pressing   F6  should  show you some options19:56
ioriaphysiology, when you got the Main Menu, i mean19:57
zxvffyes, 935019:57
zxvffI want to keep using Ubuntu for my work computer, but if I can't fix this browser issue I'm going to be forced to switch to Windows or use my Macbook instead19:58
physiologykotek14: Rebooting, just a minute19:58
zxvfflol firefox just crashed entirely again19:58
sarnoldzxvff: is this a firefox from ubuntu's archive? from a snap? from mozilla? somewhere else?19:59
zxvffthe best luck i've had is running google-chrome-stable from the CLI as root with the --no-sandbox flag19:59
zxvffsarnold: i'm not sure, i've tried several different sources for chrome, chromium, and firefox19:59
physiologykotek14: I do get 'grub>'19:59
zxvffit seems to be a problem no matter where I source the application19:59
zxvffalso I don't seem to have a /var/log/messages in ubuntu. is there another system logging file?20:01
sarnoldzxvff: is there more to that error line? an ip? opcode? etc?20:01
kotek14physiology: According to askubuntu, you have to type "normal", hit Enter and tap escape repeatedly20:02
sarnoldzxvff: this'll probably be recorded in the journal (so journalctl), dmesg, /var/log/kern.log, /var/log/syslog.log,20:02
zxvffi've been looking at dmesg, i'll check the other files20:02
zxvffsarnold: which error line?20:02
sarnold"trap invalid opcode"20:02
zxvff[124428.253554] traps: Compositor[12800] trap invalid opcode ip:56527a7f2c3d sp:7fb828938590 error:0 in chrome[565277ea8000+7170000]20:03
zxvff[121156.904670] traps: Compositor[20521] trap invalid opcode ip:56527a7f2c3d sp:7fb828938590 error:0 in chrome[565277ea8000+7170000]20:03
zxvffthese errors are always adjacent to each other -20:04
zxvff[121156.904670] traps: Compositor[20521] trap invalid opcode ip:56527a7f2c3d sp:7fb828938590 error:0 in chrome[565277ea8000+7170000]20:04
zxvff[121909.196120] mce: CPU3: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 37304)20:04
zxvff[121909.196121] mce: CPU1: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 37304)20:04
jellythat's 750 seconds apart20:05
sarnoldI've got two guesses on that -- first, it's just a coincidence, whenever you're doing whatever it is in the browser that hits this invalid opcode, it's probably in a portion of code like video playback that's just going to spin the cpu up and smack into the thermal limits, so it's  just coincidence20:05
jellybut if a system without ECC RAM is overheating, who knows what kind of bit corruption that may cause20:05
JakeSaysso while running apt remove clang-9 i get errors regarding invalid partitions from grub because  apt is trying to remove a kernel image. why would it be doing that?20:05
sarnoldthe second theory is that if it's drawing more power for whatever these operations are, and thus hitting limits, it might also be drawing *more* power than the system can supply, and then things go funny when it's undervolted or similar20:06
kotek14zxvff: i mean, have you looked into sensors? I don't know how likely is the browser shitting itself due to overheating, but that would be my first step20:06
zxvffkotek14: not really, what would you suggest?20:06
zxvffI installed tlp20:07
kotek14zxvff: typing "sensors"20:07
zxvffwhich i understand should help control CPU temperature20:07
zxvffAdapter: ISA adapter20:07
zxvffPackage id 0:  +89.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)20:07
zxvffCore 0:        +84.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)20:07
zxvffCore 1:        +85.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)20:07
zxvffAdapter: Virtual device20:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:08
kotek14Does it have active cooling? It should be sounding like a jet20:08
physiologykotek14: No love on "normal" and escape.20:08
zxvffit's not very loud20:08
kotek14It should be loud, 85 is pretty hot20:09
physiologyI can get to installation boot parameters!20:11
physiologyWhat will address the black screen lag?20:11
kotek14EriC^^: physiology got to the boot parameters, please halp20:13
EriC^^physiology: do you get a black and white grub menu or a neat menu in the middle of the screen?20:13
kotek14"Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there."20:13
ubottuSystems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.20:13
physiologyEriC^^: black and white, I'd say.  It takes up the whole screen.  Only four lines for the install grub parameters.20:14
EriC^^physiology: ok, press "e" over try ubuntu to edit it20:14
EriC^^physiology: then add "nomodeset" in the line that says linux /boot/........ root.... blabla, towards the end before any "--"20:15
EriC^^and press f10 to boot20:15
physiologyEriC^^: Executing20:16
physiologyDisc is moving, still black screen so far20:16
ioriaphysiology, consider that installing from a dvd is considerably slower20:18
physiologyioria: Of course.  Still black screen, btw20:19
kotek14ioria: how slow could it be?20:19
ioriaa bit20:19
physiologyI'm going to let it hang 5min, then try again.20:20
ioriaphysiology, how did you do the installation media ?20:22
physiology.iso burned to DVD20:23
ioriaphysiology, with what software ? form windows buitt-in  app ?20:24
physiology'Burn' on OSX.20:24
ioriai see20:25
physiologyRestarting for another try20:25
zxvffI added some entries to /etc/modules, rebooted, and sensors is showing 87C and 73C this time20:26
zxvffI'm also running KDE plasma right now instead of gnome, maybe that will make a difference20:26
zxvffmy browser never ran well, but performance suffered drastically right after I installed a bunch of modules via gnome-tweaks20:26
physiologyEriC^^: ioria: Ubuntu . . . . .  screen loading.20:26
physiologyThis is for "Try Ubuntu"20:26
EriC^^physiology: does pressing escape show anything?20:29
physiologyEriC^^: Booted to desktop of trial.20:29
physiologyI should be able to install from here, you think?20:29
ioriaphysiology, so if you want to install, you should have an icon on desktop, right ?20:30
EriC^^physiology: yeah20:30
tomreyn"/etc/modules" ... "installed a bunch of modules via gnome-tweaks"? - you know these aren't related, right?20:30
EriC^^physiology: did you end up using nomodeset?20:30
zxvfftomreyn: yes20:30
ioriaphysiology,  but before, please, open a terminal20:30
tomreynok ;)20:30
physiologyEriC^^: ioria: Yes, icon on the desktop.20:31
physiologyioria: Terminal open20:31
physiologyEriC^^: yes, nomodeset20:31
ioriaphysiology,  lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999920:31
zxvffhopefully this works a bit better on KDE, but I liked my Gnome setup20:31
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EriC^^physiology: ok, you might need to install a driver afterwards or so, it might not boot later without putting nomodeset again20:32
physiologyioria: Termporary failure in name resolution.20:32
physiologyEriC^^: I can add that in permanently though, yeah?20:32
ioriaphysiology,  enable your connectivity, maybe20:32
ioriaphysiology,  or, sudo apt update && sudo apt install pastebinit20:33
ioriaphysiology,  we want to know your video card model , if you're wondering20:34
physiologyioria: This is an offline/standalone machine right now.20:35
ioriaphysiology,  ok,  run   lspci    lspci -k | grep -EA3 'VGA|3D'   and tell us what you see20:35
physiologyOn it20:36
ioriaphysiology,  sorry,   lspci -k | grep -EA3 'VGA|3D'20:36
physiologyNVIDIA Corporation Device 1cb3 (rev a1)20:37
ioriaphysiology,  maybe something else ....20:38
JakeSayscan someone take a quick look at this and give me some insight as to why this is happening? https://pastebin.com/r4cyH12320:38
ioriaphysiology, NVIDIA Quadro P4000 ?20:39
OerHeksJakeSays, sorry, only visit paste.ubuntu.com without js enabled20:39
JakeSaysOerHeks: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fK46637FVM/20:41
OerHeksattempt to remove clang and it removes an old unused kernel too..20:45
physiologyioria: Yes, I think that is the factory default for this Dell.20:45
physiologyDouble click to install doesn't seem to work.  Maybe because of the nomodeset?20:46
ioriaphysiology, nope20:46
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OerHeksmaybe you need autoremove, sudo apt --auto-remove clang-920:47
ioriaphysiology,  the cursor is spinning ?20:47
NyleHello, I am looking for a lightweight DB management/client for mariadb/mysql. I use currently mysql-workbench but it's too slow. Any recommendations?20:48
NyleSomething I can easily install via apt20:48
physiologyFrozen screen, at the desktop with a terminal window ioria20:48
JakeSaysOerHeks: tried that. same errors20:48
physiologyMouse is moving though.  Perhaps just slow to read from DVD.20:49
ioriaphysiology,  can you type in terminal ?20:49
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
physiologyioria: No, just mouse movement right now.20:53
physiologyDoes it take awhile for the installer to start from disc?20:53
physiologyMaybe faster to reboot with nomodeset w/Install Ubuntu?'20:53
ioriaphysiology,  sy, have to leave . good luck20:54
superkuhHi. Since we can't talk about Ubuntu 14.04 here, can whoever is responsible for #ubuntu-1 give up ownership so people excluded from here can talk there?20:58
bpromptNyle:  hmmm  DB management/client?   as in some GUI app for DB/tables management?20:58
physiologyI'm getting: blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sr0 sector 12345620:58
physiologyIterating between that and loop020:59
tomreynsuperkuh: try commercial support from canonical.20:59
bpromptsuperkuh:  tried instead using #ubuntu-offtopic?20:59
leftyfbsuperkuh: this isn't the place for that. Try #freenode for help with channel ownership20:59
sarnoldphysiology: that feel;s likely to be a busted drive / hardware / etc20:59
superkuhleftyfb, I went to #freenode and they told me to come here.20:59
leftyfbsuperkuh: they were wrong20:59
superkuhtomreyn, I am using 14.04 ESM already.20:59
dax#freenode would bounce them to the Ubuntu group contacts, who would say that EOL versions of Ubuntu aren't supported by Ubuntu's IRC team, so we're not going to open a channel for it.20:59
physiologysarnold: Bought new today!21:00
physiologyThat's so disappointing, if so.21:00
Zylopsarnold !21:00
superkuhI don't want you to open a channel. I want you to give up ownership of a channel you refuse to use.21:00
bpromptsuperkuh:  try instead using #ubuntu-offtopic21:00
dax#ubuntu-offtopic doesn't do technical support.21:00
tomreynsuperkuh: that may be, but we (voulnteers) don't support ESM, just canonical does.21:00
leftyfbsuperkuh: there is no "you" here21:00
superkuhWhich is why #ubuntu-1 is needed.21:00
daxNo, it isn't.21:00
bpromptdax:  well, but due to that it'd cover 14.04 =)21:00
daxIf you have ESM, you need to talk to Canonical. If you don't, you need to upgrade off 14.04.21:00
leftyfbsuperkuh: ask #freenode for help finding out who owns and how to register a channel21:01
Zylopcorrect 19.04 actually is not supported21:01
Zylop10.04 is cool21:01
leftyfbdax: I don't think the recently announced free ESM for the community includes support21:01
superkuhYou guys have already made it clear that #ubuntu-offtopic isn't for technical support. #ubuntu isn't for 14.04.21:01
tomreynphysiology: sorry if this was asked before: so you not have a working usb attachable storage maybe?21:01
leftyfbsuperkuh: why not try to register ##ubuntu-1?21:01
physiologytomreyn: To install from, or to?21:01
daxleftyfb: ah, forgot about that, thanks21:01
physiologyI'm getting the blk_update_request error, alternating between sr0 and loop021:02
tomreynphysiology: to write the installer to and boot the installer from21:02
superkuhleftyfb, I guess I'll have to. While #ubuntu-1 sits empty and unused forever.21:02
leftyfbsuperkuh: Again, ask #freenode for help finding out who owns and how to register a channel21:02
=== Zylop is now known as zylop`
daxthey don't need to, the answer is "/msg chanserv info #ubuntu-1" and "talk to Ubuntu's GCs"21:03
zylop`s info21:03
leftyfbdax: ah, interesting21:03
leftyfbdax: well that just shoots someone in the foot doesn't it? :)21:03
superkuhAlright. Thanks (seriously) for the help guys.21:03
leftyfbdax: I think someone needs to think about support for the new community ESM plan. It's kind of misleading in that you get package support but no technical support21:04
daxspeaking personally, I think Canonical needs to consider things like community support options before making decisions like this21:05
leftyfb"I think Canonical needs to consider things like community" ;)21:05
daxas far as I know they didn't contact IRC folks at all, and thus as far as I know the IRC folks are sticking with "you get 5 years and after that you can go talk to someone else"21:05
tomreynphysiology: those messages you see there are media errors, where reading or writing to / from the installer storage (or the ramdisk overlay spun over it, to seemingly enable writes to it) is broken. this usually happens when at least one of the following conditions applies: physically broken installer storage, installer was not properly or fully written to installer storage, reading data from installer storage fails, ram is physically broken or21:06
tomreynthere are read errors as a result of undervoltage.21:06
tomreynthe latter is very rare21:06
physiologytomreyn: Brand new Dell 3630, burnt installation media today.21:07
physiologyTurned off Secure Boot.21:07
tomreynphysiology: just try a usb stick instead if you have21:13
superkuhWelp, I contacted arthar360 on his wordpress blog. Hopefully he notices and gets back on freenode. Been almost a year.21:13
physiologytomreyn: That's the plan of attack now.  This is getting me nowhere.21:14
zylop`very true21:14
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=== meebo is now known as Squarism
JakeSaysmy issue seems to be related to a bad grub.cfg being generated21:29
BetalI get freezes running radeon + intel igpu, there is some option to make then work? what 'solved' the problem for me was removing the vga output from the motherboard, so only the radeon as gpu21:52
kotek14Betal: What have you tried already?22:15
maszloHello Channel, I am really having some problems with migrating a system.  It appears to be something related to gdm3 but cannot find the source22:35
Betalkotek14: I found it weird because it happens on live too22:45
maszloits almost like my issue is from switching from nvidia back to integrated graphics22:50
tomreynmaszlo: if you're looking for help with this, you'll need to enable the channel to help you. so far, you haven't.22:50
maszlotomreyn: I am unsure what you mean by this22:51
tomreynmaszlo: well this is a support channel - so in caser you're looking for support, sum up the problem you're facing, what you tried so far, how it did not work out as expected (and what the expectations were), and maybe provide logs, too.22:52
genii!details | maszlo22:52
ubottumaszlo: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.22:52
tomreynif you were just reporting what you're doing then this would be the wrong place, though.22:53
tomreyn(i suspect you're really looking for support, though?)22:54
maszlotomreyn: sorry I was just unsure of where the issue was.  I will elaborate on what have attempted22:54
tomreynno worries, i'm just trying to help you help us help you ;-)22:55
seven-elevenhow can I delete all old kernels in ubuntu?22:56
seven-eleveni tried autoremove, but they aren't removed; i dont want to uninstall them manually, because there are about 1522:56
OerHeksseven-eleven, normal and hwe kernels?22:59
seven-elevenOerHeks, yeah, headers and image22:59
OerHeksi guess you need to remove them manually, noticed that before23:00
OerHeksautoremove only does the 5.x part23:00
seven-elevenah, then im going to do it manually23:01
maszloI have migrated a 18.04.3 system that was running on an older system to an Intel NUC 8 i5.  After cloning the sata drive to m.2 the system will boot up but am not able to get X windows to load.  The old system had a nvidia gpu and this intel one has an AMD gpu.  I do have ssh access to the system across the network, but from console the system just keeps looping when it gets to gdm3.23:01
seven-eleveni'm on ubuntu 18.04, is it normal to still have kernel 4.15.X?23:01
maszloI have updated the kernel from 4.15 to 4.18.20 to support the gpu.  from what I am reading it should at least let you login with this gpu on the 4.15 kernel though.23:02
Bashing-omseven-eleven: Yes " sysop@x1804mini:~$ uname -r >> 4.15.0-74-generic" IF you installed 18.04 or
OerHeksseven-eleven, yes, unless you install fres, then you would get the 5.x hwe kernel only23:03
seven-eleven should I switch to hwe kernel?23:04
Bashing-omseven-eleven: Why switch ? what do you think you may gain ?23:05
tomreynseven-eleven: remove "echo" if it looks good: sudo /bin/true && dpkg-query -W -f '${Package}\n'| grep -E 'linux-(image|headers)-[0-9]' | xargs echo sudo apt-mark auto23:05
seven-eleventomreyn, nope includes my newest kernel :D23:06
seven-elevenim just using wildcard to remove the old kernels, worked quickly23:07
seven-elevenBashing-om, not sure, at least i dont have kernel orphans :-)23:07
vitimitiEvery time my screen gets locked (like for the timeout) or I restart my computer, my sound settings are automatically set to my display HDMI and my mic is set to my webcam as if my headset disappears from Ubuntu's memory completely and I can't find any fixes, anybody that could help? Ubuntu 19.10 uname -a Linux vitimiti-MS-7978 5.3.0-26-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 18 05:37:46 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux23:07
tomreynseven-eleven: you need to ensure you have the linux-generic (or generic-hwe...) package installed, and run the above once, then, then just run "sudo apt update; sudo apt --purge autoremove" in the future23:07
seven-eleventomreyn, hwe is new for me, let me read up on it. if it has no disadvantage i will switch to it23:08
seven-elevenoh hwe looks usefukl23:09
tomreynseven-eleven: this is not what i suggested, though23:09
tomreynmaszlo: how did you "update the kernel"?23:09
seven-eleventomreyn, oh i got linux-generic installed too already23:10
maszlotomreyn: I used UKUU to update the kernel.23:10
seven-elevenso i can just remove all other kernels23:10
tomreynseven-eleven: the long command line i posted above is to mark all packages which should be marked as automatically installed as such. if you have the 'main' / meta packages installed then future versioned kernel image and header packages shiuld also get marked as automatically installed.23:11
seven-eleven         ok23:11
tomreynseven-eleven: and once those versioned packages are marked as automatically installed they should also be considered for automatic removal23:11
tomreynmaszlo: you should not ionstall !mainline kernels when you can instead install a newer but supported kernel23:12
tomreyn!mainline | maszlo23:12
ubottumaszlo: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds23:12
tomreyn!hwe | maszlo23:12
ubottumaszlo: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack23:12
tomreyn^ those are supported23:12
maszlotomreyn: It boots the same as it did with the 4.15 kernel though.  I have tried to purge and reinstall gdm3, and reconfigure xserver-xorg but with no change23:12
tomreynmaszlo: the 4.18 kernel you installed using ukuu is probably rather old, important patches from it will have been backported to 4.15, but there may be better support for newer hardware (such as amd gpus combined with intel cpus) in newer kernel versions, such as those HWE provides.23:14
OerHeksmaszlo, so UKUU is bugging you, "it boots the same" is enough reason to reverse that23:14
OerHeksand UKUU should be in your first question23:14
maszloOerHeks: 4.15 did not load X windows.  that is the root of the issue not the kernel23:15
maszlotomreyn: it is 4.18.20 that I installed.  that listed as the last 4.18 kernel23:17
maszloat least as far as UKUU had as an option23:17
tomreynmaszlo: maybe i was not making myself clear enough there: UKUU is nbot supported here, the kernel images it enables you to install are not supported here.23:18
tomreynmaszlo: mainline images are just for testing, and if you deicde to use them, you should really just do so for testing, and (very few exceptions there) always use the latest ones only.23:19
maszlotomreyn: if I step back and dd the drive again so that it is 4.15 again, would help with pointers to determine how to resolve the X windows issue?23:20
tomreynmaszlo: you don't need to do this, just uninstall the unsupported kernel image(s) and instead try the HWE one.23:20
OerHeksfresh 18.04 gives HWE as standard, good start to find out if that fixes things.23:21
mcphailmaszlo - once you sort out your kernel, in similar situations I have had to `apt purge` all nvidia packages to get past gdm23:21
OerHeksnobody can tell without hardware specs, its all a little vague23:21
maszlothis is the hardware https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/boards-kits/nuc/kits/nuc8i5beh.html23:22
tomreynthat's old enouhg that hardware should not pose any problems, at least with a HWE kernel image.23:23
tomreynhmm actually the wireless might23:24
tomreynbut give it a try nevertheless23:24
maszlotomreyn: wireless is not needed.  I will do as directed.23:24
mcphailmaszlo I presume you were using the proprietary nvidia drivers on your old system?23:25
tomreynif so , you probably just need to purge those packages and the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file23:26
tomreynthis can be done from recovery.23:26
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode23:27
maszlomcphail: yes it did have nvidia-340 from repo, not ones manually from nvidia23:28
mcphailmaszlo yes - purger all the nvidia* packages and you should be fine after a reboot23:28
mcphailmaszlo It will be trying to use nvidia's libgl. If you purge the nvidia packages it will use mesa's, which should work with your integrated graphics23:29
maszlomcphail: thank you this did load gdm properly after reboot23:31
mcphailmaszlo can you get to your desktop now?23:31
maszlomcphail: yes it did.  Its still a bit laggy but need to get the amd vega m stuff added23:33
tomreynwhat's the "amd vega m stuff"?23:34
mcphailmaszlocool. Good luck :)23:34
maszlotomreyn: that is the new gpu that is in the nuc23:34
tomreynare you running the HWE kernel yet, though?23:35
maszlotomreyn: not yet no23:35
tomreynok, chances are it'll be faster sfterwards.23:35
OerHeksamd vega .. i strongly suggest 19.10 with kernel 5.3.x23:38
maszlotomreyn: what is the method of installing that kernel?  just install linux-generic-hwe-18.04 from apt ?23:38
tomreynmaszlo: no. did you read what ubottu posted?23:40
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack23:40
tomreynOerHeks may be right about needing 19.10, though. or you might need to use oibaf's or padoka's ppa. but let's try the hwe stack first.23:41
OerHeksboot the live iso as a test?23:42
maszloI am in the process of removing the 4.18.20 I have installed first.  then will see if hwe works.23:43
Budgiiis there a way to list command history in terminal, instead of pressing up repeatedly to see what you recently executed?23:46
jeremybBudgii, There is a hidden bash_history file in the home directory23:48
Budgiiwould this be the same on a mac?23:49
tomreynmaszlo: actually, the NUC you linked earlier, https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/boards-kits/nuc/kits/nuc8i5beh.html doesn't seem to have Radeon RX Vega M graphics23:49
OerHeksBudgii, lolz23:50
BudgiiOerHeks: ;)23:50
OerHeksbest joke today23:50
BudgiiYou're welcome :D23:50
OerHekswe just typo 'history' and pang23:50
tomreynthere's also the "history" command, and ctrl-r for a search23:50
Budgiitomreyn: wow! never seen that one23:51
tomreynyou're welcome :)23:51
maszlotomreyn: thanks for pointing that out.. that must have been an option in the i7 unit that have for something else23:52
tomreynyou, too, are welcome.23:54
maszlotomreyn: It appears that intel makes deb for the Iris gpu in this one.23:56
tomreynmaszlo: "makes deb"? are you saying that intel provides drivers, packaged in .deb debian packages, for this gpu? if so, i fdon't think you need those, but i915 is probably sufficient.23:58
maszlolol intels says they were validated against the stock 18.04 kernel.. I keep going in circles23:58

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