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QuarxSiO2me too :p15:05
Priem19Anyone know a good alternative for google calendar on Android? With cloud.21:30
cimbakahnAnyone around?21:31
lightero1lI'm here.21:35
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cimbakahnI have been trying to install this:  https://sites.google.com/site/greatlittlebookshelf/  It is a .deb package.21:39
lighterowlokay. the package says it's for trusty, so chances are you're going to miss older versions of some hard dependencies if you're running a newer version.21:40
cimbakahngdebi reads that i need a dependency.  I go get that dependency, and gdebi reads i need even another dependency.21:40
lighterowlyeah, that's usually how it goes. :)21:40
cimbakahnSo how many dependencies do i need to get it installed?21:41
brainwashit's not 2014 anymore21:41
lighterowlcimbakahn: depends on the package, obviously. if you want to force apt to install all dependencies, try doing dpkg -i package.deb && apt install -f21:42
lighterowlbut if it's such an old package, this might ... break things.21:42
lighterowl(depending on what the dependencies are)21:42
cimbakahnIt is old, but it is very very good.21:43
cimbakahnI had it installed a few years back, and loved it.21:43
cimbakahnIt reads that i need this:  libpoppler-qt4-4  I try to put it in and gdebi now reads i need this: libpoppler6421:45
brainwashcimbakahn: probably best to look for an alternative program21:50
brainwashthe linked one is dead21:50
cimbakahnYou know, I hate to see wonderful programs like this bite the dust!  It's just like 'slingscold', I can't get that installed on my computer either.21:51
brainwashthe source code is available, so anyone could take it and make it work again21:52
cimbakahnI wish i knew how to do it.21:53
brainwashalternatively, you could set up a virtual machine for ubuntu 14.04, and run the program that way21:54
cimbakahnI wonder what happened to Mr. Petrović.21:55
cimbakahnI don't want to do that.  I just want to bring the application up to 2020.21:57
lighterowlfrankly, it might turn out that it's enough to recompile the source on a new enough system.21:58
lighterowloh wow, qt4. no thanks.22:00
cimbakahnWell, what happened to all of the dependencies?  Are people not keeping those currant anymore?22:00
lighterowlthey can't be kept current because newer versions have been released.22:01
lighterowland if a program is written to use, say, version X.Y.Z, then it might not/will not work with version X+1.Y.Z.22:01
cimbakahnAnd did they name those versions that same name or something else?22:01
lighterowlcimbakahn: the problem isn't in the name. the problem is that the application needs to be ported to newer versions of the appropriate libraries.22:03
lighterowlcimbakahn: if you want, I can take a look at the app and try to port it.22:06
cimbakahnHow do i know what those libraries are?22:06
lighterowlcimbakahn: the application's main dependency is version 4 of the Qt library. this is a library which provides graphical interfaces for C++ applications. the application also uses Poppler (presumably to render PDF content inside it), but the version of Poppler is tied to the version of Qt.22:10
lighterowlwhile the new Ubuntu repositories do still provide Qt 4, they don't provide Poppler for Qt 4 anymore.22:11
cimbakahnSo, it is just going to wind up being another excellent application that bit the dust!22:14
lighterowlcimbakahn: it isn't that large. might not be that time consuming to port it. I'll see what I can do.22:14
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cimbakahnlighterowl, Oh wow!  Thank you!22:21
lighterowlcimbakahn: yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath - I got it to compile, the application runs, but it clearly needs a lot more work...22:29
lighterowlfor example, trying to add any pdfs results in the application saying "you already have this book in your shelf".22:31
lighterowlcimbakahn: I might take this project up, will commit/update stuff here if I decide to do anything further : https://github.com/xavery/greatlittlebookshelf22:34
cimbakahnI got to go now.  I have this channel saved in Hexchat, and i'll keep an eye on that page you sent me.22:48
lighterowlwell, this is going to be fun. 200-column lines and comments in Czech.23:04

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