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lordievaderGood morning07:25
IrcsomeBot2<daniel9411> hello everyone, can you tell me by chance when the issue of google online accounts will be resolved?10:14
IrcsomeBot2<RikMills> @daniel9411, Not yet. Of the 2 bugs involved, this one is still open and unfixed. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41421910:28
ubottuKDE bug 414219 in KCM "Google Drive access not working" [Normal,Confirmed]10:28
BluesKajHi folks13:46
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BluesKajhi _zxq9_14:42
_zxq9_Anything interesting going on for you today?14:42
_zxq9_I forget what TZ you're in. (UTC+9 here).14:42
BluesKajEDT here, Ontario Canada14:43
BluesKajEST actually14:43
BluesKajwas checking this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-YBeo9hlzk14:53
_zxq9_Pretty slick.15:08
_zxq9_I've only ever bought a handful of desktops from Linux-focused computer companies before. Never a laptop.15:09
_zxq9_The trouble is that they're all in the US and can't do a Japanese keyboard layout very easily. :-/15:09
dave2592Dell is my best recommendation.....15:10
_zxq9_I hate Dell with a passion (but not because of their PCs/notebooks so much as having had to deal with their server support folks while managing data centers).15:13
BluesKaj_zxq9_, which brands are Japan friendly?15:14
_zxq9_Anyway, Dell isn't a very reliable option where I live. Toshiba and Fujitsu have excellent presence and service here.15:14
_zxq9_Most of my customers have moved to Toshiba at this point for notebooks (we make most of their desktops in house).15:14
_zxq9_Their after-sales support is unbelievable.15:15
BluesKajToshibas are nice, good quality for the money or so I've heard15:15
_zxq9_Most of the stuff I've seen sold by them in the US are ruggedized notebooks (for field use), or gaming type or desktop replacement type notebooks.15:16
_zxq9_Here they are really big on the "super tiny, runs cold, low consumption" sort of business notebooks that focus on size, weight, battery life and (of special note) non-crappy keyboards.15:16
_zxq9_That happens to mesh well with most our clients' needs, so we see loads of those here.15:17
BluesKajmy laptop is a Dell and I'm happy with it ...not a pemium TOTL, but it suits my needs15:17
_zxq9_Most of our own notebooks internally are Toshibas that we've refurbised after they've gone past 5 years at a client site, actually. hehe15:17
BluesKajis toshiba a very linux friendly brand HW wise?15:18
_zxq9_Replace the drives, clean everything out, and put Kubuntu on them with our config -- and that's it.15:18
_zxq9_Never had an issue with them. The UEFI set up is very familiar for us (and not hidden or mysterious) so it tends to be really easy to get things set up right on the first go.15:19
_zxq9_Until just recently they weren't doing many Ryzen mobile models, but they've started, so in that area things have gotten better, too.15:20
_zxq9_Most of the time we get the hybrid drive models for clients, then when we get them back we replace them for internal use with a fresh SSD. Everything just sort of works. Never had an issue with any built-in peripherals using Kubuntu or Debian Stable.15:21
_zxq9_Acer has been a bit of a mixed bag (we still have a few of those around).15:21
_zxq9_Some of their stuff is *really* nice. Some of their stuff is just sort of OK. The biggest issue with Acer (at least in Japan) is it is hard to get solid after-market support, even under warranty.15:21
_zxq9_For business uses like ours that's important.15:22
BluesKajI had an acer "elcheapo" laptop, it lasted less then 4 yrs15:25
_zxq9_:-/ That sucks.15:26
BluesKajthe lenovo replacement wasn't much better15:26
_zxq9_The only system we ever had totally break down was a Toshiba -- they had a replacement *walked* to the office, in person, the next afternoon. Blew us away.15:27
_zxq9_I mean, there is good support, and then there is sending a dude to walk a replacement out to you within 24 hours.15:27
_zxq9_Never had a very good experience with Lenovo. Doing dual installs on them we've had this problem with after major updates the boot selection sequence will get weird and we have to tell it to boot grub before the Windows bootloader.15:29
_zxq9_I'm not sure why it was a problem there and not anywhere else, though.15:29
BluesKajthe cpu on my lenovo died after 5 yrs or so15:30
_zxq9_The CPU? Wow. That's unusual.15:30
_zxq9_Did it run hot?15:30
_zxq9_Or hot/cold a lot?15:30
BluesKajthe screen started dying just before that...never noticed any heat problems15:30
BluesKajI'm not a big load user , just a home user with simple needs15:31
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heinoja9Hi everyone. I was testing Kubuntu 19.10 earlier and it seemed to be quite nice. Now only issue is that EWS calendars are read-only. Is this by design?17:23
Alabalisticwhat is EWS calendars17:26
heinoja9Exchange Web Services, Exchange server / O365 mails17:26
AlabalisticI know nothing about it17:27
PHaynsworthAttempted to install kubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64 ...on a Lenovo N23 ... Processor: Intel Celeron N3060 // Memory: 4GB DDR3L 1600 MHz // Storage: 32GB eMMC ... Replaced  Preinstalled Windows 10 Pro17:32
PHaynsworthAfter install, get: Boot Menu: // 1. Windows Boot Manager // 2. eMMC Disk:  Samsung 32GB ... neither 1 nor 2 commences a boot, instead looping back to option 1 https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/ts350MjTdiJlQ0Bq0kYv?signature=4ad7ec401e16876d07c3201a89af2e645e268f2e34ad9d337b9acc482ec49d98&policy=eyJleHBpcnkiOjE1Nzk3MTYwMzB917:32
IrcsomeBot2<Linuxophil> Hey guys!19:41
IrcsomeBot2<Linuxophil> My dad's Kubuntu 18.04 sometimes prompts for the WIFI password on boot even though it is stored (unencrypted) for all users.19:41
IrcsomeBot2<Linuxophil> The password is still there. I can look it up in the settings!!19:41
IrcsomeBot2<Linuxophil> It does not matter if I activate or deactivate the password management of Kubuntu.19:43
IrcsomeBot2<Linuxophil> It happens irregularly.19:43
IrcsomeBot2<Linuxophil> When searching the web, other people seems to have the same problem.19:43
IrcsomeBot2<Linuxophil> But no solution.19:43
Alabalisticthe account is with no password login I suppous19:44
AlabalisticI remember having same issues, but if you turn on the password login and turn of the wake password, then this can be a easy solution.19:46
mycrapgraphics card help please20:29
IrcsomeBot2<ahoneybun> We're going to need some more information...20:49
fuzeThis says ashmem and binder kernel modules are included in 19.10, does include kubuntu? https://github.com/anbox/anbox/issues/128921:23
jerichohello all22:58

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