cjwatsonilasc: Oh.  That test failure is actually from my fix-webhook-visibility-check branch I think14:13
cjwatsonSo maybe it's my problem and not yours14:13
ilasccjwatson: :) ok, thanks for looking at it Colin! I'll definitely look at the failure in more detail once I'm done with the Turnip tests14:15
cjwatsonLight dawned immediately after the standup14:15
cjwatsonilasc: was that the only failure?14:15
ilasccjwatson: there was this too -  assumed it was because I was already running LP : https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/FnBZt5RXrY/14:17
ilascwas going to re-run with LP not running today but never returned to the topic today14:18
ilascI noted it though - won't forget in case it is something real14:18
cjwatsonYes, very likely just a clash with a running server14:19
cjwatsonilasc: Fixed in fix-webhook-visibility-check.  You can rebase your branch if you like, but it's not necessary since my branch will necessarily be merged before yours anyway14:28
ilasccjwatson: sweet! thank you! will look at the fix - good opportunity to learn something (I didn't even know where the error was coming from :) )14:31

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