Fuseteamthe bridge is down i believe00:37
dczJanC: are you guys getting emails from @puri.sm? we've not gotten any replies from you since December16:15
dczI hope I pinged the right Jan :P16:18
JanCyou probably want someone else  :)16:18
dczif you could tell jan@ or ricardo@ to get in touch with us at Purism, I would appreaciate that16:19
dcztrying the other way around doesn't seem to work...16:20
JanCI'm just in here because I'm a user, so you probably want to contact someone else...16:23
dcz*sigh* I certainly do, friend16:24
JanCalso, as someone mentioned before you joined: the bridge to the telegram group seems to be down16:24
dczat least I tried16:25
dczif there's any developer here, please try to stay in touch with us, we can't cooperate if we can't talk16:28
dczif there's anyone here who's in touch with the UBPorts developers, please let them know that Purism is trying to talk to them16:29
JanCI copied your request in the telegram group16:29
dczI'll send you my email addres in a private message if you could forward that?16:30
UnivrslSuprBoxI've notified Jan. Have your messages been bouncing?16:31
dczno, just never got anything back16:31
UnivrslSuprBoxThat's strange. I'll keep up on it.16:31
UnivrslSuprBoxThanks for notifying us16:31
dczsure thing16:32
UnivrslSuprBoxdcz, Could you PM me your address then? Something seems fishy17:22
UnivrslSuprBoxOr send me a message, dalton@ubports.com17:28
dczUnivrslSuprBox: email sent19:18
hallyndcz: "any developer" - i guess i might qualify as that, dunno.  my keyboard attempts have failued this far and this is purely free-time .  but if there is a mailing list i'm happy to join.20:15
dczhallyn: when it comes to the issue I had, UnivrslSuprBox helped me out. If you're asking about developing for our (Purism's) Librem5, then our mailing list is here: https://lists.community.puri.sm/listinfo/librem-5-dev21:32
dczcoincidentally, I'm the person working on a Wayland on-screen keyboard: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/squeekboard21:32
hallyndcz: does it support swype? :)21:33
dczthere's enough non-technical uncertainty about it that it's not even on the radar :(21:34
hallyni'll look, thnaks21:34
dczin other words, as far I know, us implementing it could result in getting sued21:35
poVoqNow with ubuntu touch support :)22:12

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