vorlonahasenack: hmm nevermind, wouldn't help because postgresql-server-dev-12 also Depends: clang-9 and I don't know that this could be made :any (but also, what's with dev packages specifying a compiler :P)00:00
WoCCould be worse, it could be demanding cobol 1.0.1, which may be tricky to find ;)00:02
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AsciiWolfI have noticed that "info" package that is preinstalled on Ubuntu Focal contains a desktop file (/usr/share/applications/info.desktop) that adds a "TeXInfo" desktop entry that is shown among other (GUI) apps in Shell Overview12:18
AsciiWolfthis desktop item opens a terminal window with the info program12:18
AsciiWolfI don't think it is a good idea to have something like this showing on a clean system installation since it is confusing for many (regular) users12:19
AsciiWolfadding something like NotShowIn=GNOME; to the desktop file would solve this12:20
AsciiWolfbut I am not sure if info has an active maintainer in Ubuntu or is just synced from Debian12:20
AsciiWolfI have made a Launchpad ticket for this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/texinfo/+bug/185996312:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1859963 in texinfo (Ubuntu) "Info package on Ubuntu Focal comes preinstalled with desktop file" [Undecided,New]12:26
rbasakahasenack: import complete for netcfg13:19
rbasakBut it looks like it hasn't changed since Feb 201913:19
rbasakSo I'm not sure it actually did anything13:19
rbasakMaybe it updated the branch pointers only13:20
juliankAsciiWolf: I feel like GNOME should just hide applications with Terminal=true in a subfolder13:41
julianke.g. "Terminal applications"13:41
AsciiWolfjuliank, hmm, I am not sure... however the info.desktop does not have Terminal=true13:54
juliankAsciiWolf: Well sure it has13:54
juliankIt's Exec=info\n[...]\nTerminal=true13:54
AsciiWolfjuliank, really? that's weird13:55
AsciiWolfthen I am not sure why it shows on latest Ubuntu Focal among other apps13:56
ahasenackrbasak: hi, could you please give me some help in figuring out why bind9 is stuck in migration?14:00
ahasenackI rebuilt every reverse-deps I could find14:00
ahasenackthe only ones I can't really test are the udeb ones14:00
ahasenackbut I did upload debian-installer, which is all that it took in the previous bind9 soname bumps I have done14:00
ahasenackbut now some guestfs packages are showing up in update_output.txt14:01
ahasenackI installed all os those in amd64 and s390x, then removed all previous bind9 libs, and nothing else was removed. The old bind9 libs were even in the autoremove suggestion list14:01
ahasenackI'm also trying now on s390x, which has nbdkit-plugin-guestfs14:02
ahasenack(not available in amd64)14:02
ahasenackbut that also installs fine14:02
ahasenackand I don't see how that relates to the bind libs14:03
ahasenackor isc libs14:03
ahasenackmaybe it's debian-installer-udebs on s390x14:05
* ahasenack starts downloading individual udeb packages14:07
rbasakYeah I think it's udeb related14:10
rbasakBut amd64 also, not just s390x14:11
ahasenackrbasak: do you know of any way to easily check udebs, other than downloading them and dpkg -i each one?14:14
ahasenacki.e., something apt related14:14
rbasakI was just looking in to that.14:15
rbasakI want to add debian-installer to chdist14:15
ahasenackI'm using pull-lp-udebs for now14:15
rbasakI haven't found a way yet14:15
rbasakisc-dhcp-client-udeb is one14:18
ahasenackone what?14:18
rbasakThat'll need rebulding I think. It needs libdns-export1104-udeb for example but the new bind9 is making libdns-export1107-udeb14:18
ahasenackI did rebuild isc-dhcp, isn't that where the udeb comes from?14:19
rbasakAh maybe I'm looking at the release pocket14:19
ahasenackhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/isc-dhcp/4.4.1-2ubuntu6 is the rebuild14:19
rbasakahasenack: I'm not sure if I'm just catching up with your understanding here14:26
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rbasakdebian-installer-udebs in focal-proposed still depends on libdns-export1104-udeb and libisc-export1104-udeb14:26
ahasenacklet me see the rebuild logs14:27
rbasakAnd also libisc-export1100-udeb14:27
ahasenackmaybe I uploaded it too soon :/14:29
rbasakI did work out how to get chdist working with debian-installer14:29
rbasakhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WJF4SZgJHQ/ for example works14:29
ahasenackGet:9 http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu focal/main/debian-installer amd64 isc-dhcp-client-udeb amd64 4.4.1-2ubuntu5 [210 kB]14:29
ahasenackit grabbed the old one indeed14:30
ahasenacksame for bind14:30
ahasenackok, that explains it14:30
ahasenackI'll upload again14:30
ahasenackrbasak: thanks!14:30
rbasakhttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/CpKH2dYYMq/ is what gave me the answer in the end14:31
rbasakYou're welcome!14:31
ahasenackwhat's chdist-if-migrated?14:31
rbasakahasenack: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/M57JwfjFFW/14:32
AsciiWolfjuliank, I just re-checked it on latest Ubuntu Focal, TeXInfo is showing in Shell Overview although it's desktop file contains "Terminal=true"14:34
AsciiWolfare you sure that desktop files for terminal applications are normally not showing in GNOME?14:34
juliankAsciiWolf: No, I meant that GNOME should stop showing them14:36
AsciiWolfah :-)14:37
AsciiWolfI agree14:37
ahasenackrbasak: bind9 migrated, thanks again for your help16:13
tjaaltonI have a (non-root) zfs mirror on focal, and need to import it after each reboot.. how to fix that?17:16
tjaaltonseems it's bug 185013017:29
ubottubug 1850130 in zfs-linux (Ubuntu) "zpools fail to import after reboot on fresh install of eoan" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185013017:29
ahasenackrbasak: hi, quick help again if you are still around17:46
ahasenackI think doko removed nut from the archive17:46
ahasenacksee https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nut/+publishinghistory and the output of "rmadison nut"17:46
ahasenackthat only shows nut in focal-proposed17:46
ahasenackwhich was kanashiro's upload17:47
ahasenackwe didn't know nut was removed17:47
ahasenackit's a server package :/17:47
dokoahasenack: let me look ...17:47
dokoboth nut and net-snmp are valid candidates17:53
ahasenackI'm troubleshooting the net-snmp migration, and found this oddity about nut17:53
ahasenackthat is't not in the release pocket17:53
ahasenackcan't say yet it's what is causing the migration to fail, I just spotted it17:53
ahasenackit's built with the right libsnmp35 lib, so that's good17:54
dokoneeds a rebuild17:54
ahasenacknut-snmp has Depends: nut (>= 1.4.1-pre1), libc6 (>= 2.28), libsnmp35 (>= 5.8+dfsg)17:55
dokook, you're right17:55
ahasenackok, and I think I found the culprit17:56
dokoahasenack: looking at the last occurrence of net-snmp in https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt shows you that nut is not blocking17:57
dokoyes, libsane is among those17:57
ahasenackand it all boils down to a dep8 failure in arm64 for gscan2pdf which blocked sane-backends in proposed (which is built with the right libsnmp35)18:00
ahasenackwhat a rabbit hole18:00
ahasenacksorry for the nut alarm18:00
ginggssounds more like a squirrel hole18:04
ahasenacknuts at the end18:07
ahasenackman, that test passed just once in 13 runs18:08
ahasenackeven worse if I count all runs in that page18:08
ahasenacksea of red18:08
dokoahasenack: the problem is the amount of triggers you need ... and all-proposed=1 doesn't work because the current arm64 kernel is broken because it was built with a bad binutils18:10
ahasenackyou think gscan2pdf/arm64 is failing because it needs selected packages from proposed?18:11
dokohmm, no, looks more like a perl package18:12
ahasenackdoko: I can reproduce that hang in gscan2pdf/arm6418:34
ahasenack  54751 pts/0    Sl+    0:01                                                      \_ /usr/bin/perl t/06190_Dialog_Scan_Image_Sane.t18:35
ahasenack (the next test to be run) is stuck18:35
ahasenackt/0618_Dialog_Scan_Image_Sane.t ............... ok <-- last one logged in the output18:35
ahasenackI can work with this, maybe even disable just that one test if it comes to it18:35
allquixoticIn terms of testing and bug reports, what is needed for Focal right now? I'm a developer (though not a current contributor to Ubuntu, I have an LP.net account, etc.) and I just updated my laptop from 19.10 to the latest 20.04 packages. I know testing week happened recently but I'm happy to give my 2 cents now as well, and will be on the hunt for obvious bugs while using the system.19:21
sarnoldallquixotic: I think it's probably a bit underwhelming as an answer -- use your system and report bugs as you find them :)19:24
ddstreetrbasak any change you could import ubuntu-dev-tools into git-ubuntu?  doesn't seem to be there currently19:54
zygafocal updates crash on ubuntu-release-upgrader: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/zj92spzYNF/20:56
ahasenackzyga: worth a bug against the release upgrader?21:00
zygayeah, I think so21:00
mwhudsonxnox: 57pollinate is not +x in the casper in bionic proposed :(21:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1860606 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "TypeError: _fetch_archives() missing 1 required positional argument: 'allow_unauthenticated'" [Undecided,New]21:02
bryceallquixotic, apart from finding new bugs, as a tester another great way to help any open source project is to review existing bug reports and see if you can reproduce them, and if so add your findings to the existing bug report.  If there's patches or ppas proposed, verifying those fixes can be super helpful.21:03
sarnoldmdeslaur, juliank, ^^ -- this feels ever so vaguely like this may be a regression https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/186060621:03
mwhudsonoh well easy to fix21:03
allquixoticbryce: Sure thing. So far things seem _really_ smooth on KDE Plasma. The only thing I had to go off the rails to support is my external GPU; I am using a PPA for egpu-switcher that runs on boot, detects whether the eGPU is attached, and symlinks in an appropriate Xorg.conf. Not sure if eGPU support is planned for Ubuntu-Gnome3 or KDE Plasma for 20.04.21:07
allquixoticIt's "supported" at a hardware level for sure, as I can get it working without issue once egpu-switcher puts in the right Xorg.conf -- my GPUs are an Intel IGP, an Nvidia dGPU in the laptop, and an Nvidia eGPU -- but there's no nice GUI for switching/selecting the GPU. I think pop! OS has that.21:08
mdeslaurjuliank: looks like you forgot to fix aptdaemon in focal21:11
mdeslaursarnold: fyi ^21:11
sarnoldmdeslaur: is this running focal code? or eoan code?21:11
zygasdhd-sascha: eoan updating to focal21:12
mdeslaursarnold: focal, and I confirmed atdaemon isn't patched in focal21:12
zygasarnold: I was running eaon at the time, focal update was initiated with do-release-upgrade -d21:12
zyga(when it crashed and burned I did it manually)21:12
sdhd-saschahey, zyga :-)21:13
zygahey :)21:13
mdeslaursarnold: I think /me shrugs21:13
mdeslauror perhaps eoan wasn't updated before the update to focal21:14
zygaeoan was freshly updated all the way21:14
zygaI was going from 19.04 to 19.10 (fully including reboot)21:14
zygathen to 20.0421:14
sdhd-saschazyga: hmm ... what should a distributor do... support all ... or give for each hardware, a branch....21:15
zygasdhd-sascha: ?21:15
sdhd-saschazyga: well, then all ;-)21:16
sarnoldthe other user in #ubuntu who is reporting this same problem also said that python-apt was updated just before starting the do-release-upgrade21:16
sdhd-saschasarnold: what problem ?21:16
sdhd-saschai'm new here... and can test...21:17
sarnoldsdhd-sascha: when upgrading from eoan to focal, this error message https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/186060621:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1860606 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "TypeError: _fetch_archives() missing 1 required positional argument: 'allow_unauthenticated'" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:17
sdhd-saschahey, of course. But the message says, that it's sure that one argument is missing ;-21:19
mdeslauroh right, looks like ubuntu-release-upgrader needs a fix21:19
mdeslaurjuliank: ^21:19
zyga"run focal they said"21:19
sarnoldstill gotta admit it found a bug, right quick too :)21:20
mdeslaurthis is going to fail on every release21:20
sdhd-saschazyga: thank you ... really, i like to test the next version ;-)21:20
sdhd-saschazyga: but i don't remember what this python library calls... (ncurses thing)21:21
zygasdhd-sascha: I don't know what you mean21:21
bryceallquixotic, external GPU sounds like something that would best be worked on directly upstream21:24
sdhd-saschahey, folks... how can ubuntu in future installed without be hardware aware ?21:30
sdhd-saschai don't nknow.21:30
sdhd-saschai try to build a limited snap... with seccomp and apparmor... but didn't know if the user had nvidia or amd... what should i limit or do ?21:33
juliankmdeslaur: oh yes21:41
juliankmdeslaur: I forgot to fix aptdaemon in focal21:41
mdeslaurjuliank: yeah, but unrelated in this specific issue21:41
sdhd-saschahey, i wonder, is mesa packages better - or non mesa ?21:45
sdhd-saschazyga: you can ask tomorrow. it's not your timezone;-) what version could land into 20.04?21:51
sdhd-saschahey, should i upgrade tomorrow ? or will the new kernel .... ...21:54
sdhd-sascha(i'm not kernel .. but developer)21:55
CarlFKa while ago I brought up  bug #180704723:59
ubottubug 1807047 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "sync hd-media FLOPPY_SIZE with debian" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/180704723:59
CarlFKsomeone said something like "ubuntu is moving away from di"23:59

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