urgodfatherhello, im banging my head in on configuring a remote dedicated server new nic. i only have kvm access and maint. mode will not work. i can confirm that there is in fact a netplan yaml but i cannot for the life of me get it to initialize on boot. it was incorrect, so i have updated with the correct info using bash from the kernel. would anyone be01:09
urgodfatherwilling help me nudge this along?01:09
compdocthis looks interesting:  http://www.yamllint.com/01:19
compdochas the interface name changed?01:20
urgodfatheri think (?)01:24
urgodfathernot to mention its a german keyboard in kvm01:24
sarnoldwarum sie haben es kaputtmachen?01:25
compdocmaybe:  sudo netplan try01:28
urgodfatherfrom kernel?01:28
WallyI'm looking at the logs for Ubuntu, whenever I attempt to login with an AD user it spits out "Jan 22 13:28:45 ubuntu systemd-resolved[539]: Server returned error NXDOMAIN, mitigating potential DNS violation DVE-2018-0001, retrying transaction with reduced feature level UDP." I'm pretty sure this is why tis not working, any ideas would be appreciated02:29
WallyPretty sure it's a DNS issue -_-02:31
sarnoldWally: this discussion may help you understand it better https://github.com/systemd/systemd/pull/860802:32
zxvffHi all. I am having a difficult time migrating a server to a new ubuntu instance. it's an ubuntu server but apache2 is running from /etc/apache-sp. How do I update my systemd script to use the /etc/apache-sp locatio instead of /etc/apache2?05:27
zxvffI can't find the location of the init script that runs the command to start apache05:27
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lordievaderGood morning07:24
lordievaderzxvff: You want an systemd override (systemctl edit apache2.service), else your edit will be overwritten on the next update. That said, why not migrate your apache-sp to /etc/apache2?07:25
samba35i have setup basic bridge with ovs-vsctl add br and ovs-vsctl add-port to my nic07:33
samba35and i have guest on kvm ,now how do i assing ip address to guest from host07:34
samba35yes try but its now working07:55
samba35or i am doing some thing wrong07:55
lordievaderFirewall dropping the requests/answers?07:56
samba35no firewall no appliation firewall07:58
lordievaderStart tcpdumping then07:59
samba35sorry but i have very little or equal to no idea on how to read output07:59
lordievaderWhat you are looking for is if the server sees the dhcp request (and answers it), and on the client to see if the answer is being received.08:01
samba35let me give try08:02
samba35will also refresh packages08:03
weedmicIf anyone needs to know how to manipulate both icon size and precise placement of icons in plasma5 kde, let me know.  I have it all figured out now.10:05
lotuspsychjeweedmic: hows that related to ubuntu server please?10:06
weedmicsome use de = plasma10:06
lotuspsychjebut its not a server specific question10:07
lotuspsychjeweedmic: could try #plasma ?10:13
lordievaderMore suited for #kubuntu10:53
coreycbsahid: re: networkx ussuri backport, yes it seems more and more packages are needing 2.x. I've been trying to patch packages back to 1.x in ca-patches but it's getting more likely that we need to backport networkx13:19
coreycbsahid: I started trying to but it gets very involved13:19
bipulI'm looking for a help regarding X forwarding on ssh inside Ubuntu server.13:21
sahidcoreycb: i was considering doing a revert of dc6495cfa1c8e1dc95bad554a55f0b4e8e360abe13:23
coreycbsahid: in taskflow?13:23
sahidi mean condiring prepare a patch for ca-patches that to revert it13:24
coreycbsahid: let's do that for now and carry it in ca-patches13:25
coreycbsahid: horizon's uploaded, thank you14:03
sahidcoreycb: ack14:04
coreycbsahid: looks like we'll also need a ca-patch to six.patch to s/python2/python in d/control14:33
jayjois it possible to set up EITHER a yubikey or Google Authenticator two-factor auth for ssh on ubuntu, but not both?16:16
jayjoSimilar to how on google (for example) you can register multiple second factors in case one becomes unavailable, but you don't have to use each of them on each login16:16
pragmaticenigmajayjo: This thread seems to be close to achieving what you're looking for... it might start you down the right path? https://serverfault.com/a/22265516:39
pragmaticenigmaI haven't heard of the ability to choose one or the other on login... you'd have to have some way to prompt the user which they're choosing16:40
lordcirth_jayjo, I'm pretty sure in PAM you could set it to prompt for both, but only require one to pass. That's pretty clunky though.16:48
pragmaticenigmalordcirth_: How would PAM be able to identify which one is being used though?16:49
lordcirth_pragmaticenigma, it prompts for one, and then the other, and in one you just press enter and submit emptystring16:49
lordcirth_And it ORs then16:50
pragmaticenigmaah, simple solution :-)16:50
lordcirth_Very kludgy16:50
pragmaticenigmaAt the moment, I haven't seen anything better. Except to ask users on setup which they prefer and setup the user to only use that option16:50
lordcirth_It *might* be possible to present one text prompt, and run it past both methods16:56
lordcirth_For example, Yubikey auth works if you type your password, then your yubikey, or yubikey -> newline -> password16:57
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jayjoIf I were to allow users to decide which one they prefer, would there be any way to bypass the 'preferred' one if it became misplaced?17:27
jayjoThanks for the resources, definitely on the right track17:27
pragmaticenigmaI'm sure anything is possible17:42
jayjoI found this feature just searching through ubuntu docs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSO/FAQs/2FA18:56
jayjois this for ubuntu in general or just for login.ubuntu.com ? It does mention "You can add multiple 2fa devices to your account; the system will auto-detect which one you use at each login. We recommend having at least two devices associated with your account so you will have a backup in case the main device fails or locks you out. It's also required to have a "printable backup codes" device in case18:57
jayjoall your electronic devices become unavailable.18:57
sarnoldjayjo: all the services that use the canonical-supplied 2fa mechanism (which isn't entirely the same as all canonical services that have logins, I think I've seen third-party projects integrating with the login.ubuntu.com single-signon before..)18:59
tewardjayjo: anything that uses login.u.c and its SSO system is bound to that20:44
tewardsome third party services utilize it as well, but that ONLY applies to login.u.c and the SSO system that goes with it20:44
tewardthose statements don't apply to other SSO systems/providers which don't integrate with Canonical's SSO.20:45

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