teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:47
ChinnoDoghi msalvatore16:00
ChinnoDogAnyone know of a cheap Linux SBC with a lot of memory? Probably needs at least 8gb ram and a 64-bit arm or x86 cpu.16:02
ChinnoDogJust found this: http://linuxgizmos.com/ringing-in-the-new-year-with-136-open-spec-linux-sbcs-under-200/16:05
ChinnoDogSBC with 8gb is expensive. 4gb looks like the sweet spot where you get a lot of memory for fairly low cost.16:10
ChinnoDogPi4 and Rock64 seem to be where it is at. Maybe big enough with memory compression for my use case.16:20
msalvatorehi ChinnoDog16:35
msalvatoreI could be wrong, but I think they may have a hard time physically fitting 8gb of ram on the smaller boards.16:37
msalvatorewhat's your use case?16:37
msalvatorei guess there are 16gb boards, so I'm probably wrong about the physical limitation. It may depend what else is on the board. IDK16:46
ChinnoDogmsalvatore: I don't think it is a physical limitation. Probably just not a common use case. I am considering building a network appliance as a proof of concept but the software it requires is memory heavy.18:24
ChinnoDogI can probably break it into smaller pieces that will fit into 4gb and/or dedupe and compress memory and/or scale it down to use less resources.18:26
msalvatoreChinnoDog: if you use docker and somehow work in a blockchain, you can probably get a VC to fund it.18:27
ChinnoDogIt will need docker but I doubt there is a use for blockchain.18:50
pleia2msalvatore: haha19:36
waltmanDrop-in bitcoin mining containers!20:51
ChinnoDogNot even worth it without hardware acceleration and your own power plant.21:10
waltmanNonsense! Build an array of cheap lower power miners out of raspberry pis!21:14
ChinnoDogPretty sure the ₿/$ will be low if not negative because of the mining farms in China.21:18

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