Knight_Of_Warsafter i updated my isp it changed the traffix to that and linux did not change the traffic to it just stayed at the old one00:00
Knight_Of_Warswlp2s0: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST>  mtu 1500        inet
ducassewhich release is this?00:02
Knight_Of_Warsi forget i dualbooted this from a website00:02
Knight_Of_Warsi think 16.0400:02
ducasse'lsb_release -d'00:03
ducassedhcp or static addressing?00:04
jonfen_I am having an issue where $ groups says it cannot find one of the groups i am part of, gid of 127 -- and sure enough it isn't in /etc/group -- what file do i need to reset00:04
Knight_Of_WarsDescription:Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS00:04
Knight_Of_Warstrying find root?00:05
sarnoldjonfen_: use vipw to help edit /etc/passwd00:08
Knight_Of_Wars nano works to00:09
ducasseyes, but it doesn't check syntax by itself00:10
sarnoldyou do not want to screw up your password database; use vipw00:10
sarnoldyou can set VISUAL or EDITOR to whatever editor you please00:11
pnwiseHow mature is the 20.04 server? Can I start testing stuff with it, or better wait00:11
pnwiseI mean not for production00:11
sarnoldpnwise: very immature. things will break. your testing feedback is very welcome :)00:11
ducassepnwise: try #ubuntu+100:11
pnwiseThanks sarnold I look to develop some ansible playbooks on it00:11
Knight_Of_Warsi broke my ubunto lol00:12
pnwiseBut will probably start on 18.04 and will start testing them after a month or so and if there is something for a feedback will give it00:12
sarnoldpnwise: excellent! :)00:12
Knight_Of_Warslol there are some errs00:13
Knight_Of_Warswhat the most updated ubunto00:13
jonfen_sarnold: i haven't edited that file directly at all00:13
jonfen_just viewed them00:13
sarnoldKnight_Of_Wars: 18.04 LTS is our most recent LTS release; 19.10 is our most recent non-LTS release00:14
Knight_Of_Warshey would you guys get mad if i moddife it?00:14
Knight_Of_Warslicness say not to make copyies00:14
Knight_Of_Warsand i made a shit load00:15
Knight_Of_Warswith archlinux moddfications00:15
sarnoldah, I'm not entirely sure there; there's clearly many derivatives of ubuntu; I am not a lawyer but I suspect so long as you do not try to represent your modifications as "Ubuntu" then you're probably on the happy side00:15
Knight_Of_Warslol that be stealing the logo00:16
Knight_Of_Warsubunto logo and hme page is plain00:16
sarnoldthere's space for 'flavours' to use the ubuntu name in their project, kubuntu, ubuntu budgie, lubuntu, ubuntu studio, etc00:16
Knight_Of_Warskinda boring00:16
Knight_Of_Warsi turning a ubunto system into a hacking tool for developers00:17
sarnoldI don't know how exactly a group goes about getting their own 'flavour' -- if you just make changes to ubuntu and don't try to represent the end result *as* ubuntu, then you've probably got pretty free reign00:17
sarnoldthe flavours have fewer freedoms but also get hosting and infrastructure and so on :)00:18
Knight_Of_Warssecound question is there away reboot my inet00:18
Knight_Of_Warswould it be in /etc/init.d00:18
ducassesystemctl restart networking00:18
sarnolddoes that work?00:18
ducasseit should00:19
sarnoldI know that doing /etc/init.d/network* restart in previous releases was a good way to hang the machine :)00:19
Knight_Of_Warsi see what i can do chan ge my traffic00:19
Knight_Of_Warsbtw crontab -e not working on ubunto 1800:22
ducassehow does it not work?00:22
Knight_Of_Warsit dont run command after reboot i made a bash code to start ssh and the @reboot not working00:23
Knight_Of_Warsi gave it +x executing00:23
Knight_Of_Warsand everything still nothing00:23
ducassewhat's the complete line you put in crontab?00:23
Bashing-omKnight_Of_Wars: Check:  forgetting to add a newline at the end is a common source for the job not running.00:24
Knight_Of_Wars@reboot /home/darkwar/Desktop/ssh.sh00:24
ducassewhat does that script do?00:24
Knight_Of_Warsssh.sh has code that accept iptables and starts ssh00:24
ducassedo you mean sshd?00:25
Knight_Of_Warsno i named the file ssh.sh00:25
Knight_Of_Warssoo its bash file00:25
sarnoldpastebin that file?00:25
sarnoldpastebin your crontab?00:26
Knight_Of_Warslet me see if i can pull it out of back ups00:26
ducassei'm more curious about ssh.sh00:26
MikeRLUgh. I've been trying for hours now to get GSConnect to pair my laptop with my S10 after a factory reset of the S10, and now nothing shows up.00:27
MikeRLI tried the usual purge everything, reinstall, reboot. No good. Both devices are on the same WiFi.00:28
Knight_Of_Warsyou might of corrupted your drive00:28
Knight_Of_Warsare u trying to reinstall it?00:28
sarnoldKnight_Of_Wars: sudo usually requires a terminal that it can use to prompt for passwords etc00:29
sarnoldKnight_Of_Wars: why not just configure the sshd unit file to start at boot automatically?00:30
sarnoldKnight_Of_Wars: why not use ufw or iptables-.. restore? save? soething like that, to automatically apply the firewall rules you want at boot?00:30
MikeRLNo I don't see any corruption under GParted.00:30
Knight_Of_Warssarnold never thought of that tbh XD00:30
MikeRLBesides, I dual boot, and Your Phone works fine.00:31
Knight_Of_WarsMikeRL when i crashed my drive it said it was all fine00:31
MikeRLLooks like I have my answer.00:32
MikeRLI generated a support log and see UFW block in the log.00:32
Knight_Of_Warsbut half the files where trashed00:32
Knight_Of_Warsufw and iptables00:32
Knight_Of_Warsyour two firewalls00:32
Knight_Of_Warsokey thx00:33
Knight_Of_Warsi going try it00:33
donofrioneed some assistance.....I'm having an Apt issue https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4vDXht8YQk/ (it's on the bottom of that paste)01:26
urgodfatherdonofrio just apt-get install xserver-xorg-legacy:amd64 -y01:28
donofriourgodfather, no change - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FJ4TsnW5zh/01:30
tomreynwouldn't "xubuntu-desktop" have been a better approach?01:30
sarnoldthat's a HUGE list01:30
donofrioit was "sudo apt-get install xfce* xfce-* hexchat inxi ubuntu-desktop -y" seemed link (in my building this process) was the best way I could ensure all (most all) xfce4 packages installed (seemed like category missed things but that could be dated information in my addeled mind)01:32
donofriolink = like01:32
myuser__How can I diagnose random crashing01:41
myuser__dmesg freezes on me.01:41
tomreynmyuser__: whats the hardware?01:42
myuser__Ryzen 3800x, X570 taichi, old NVidia card01:42
myuser__32 GB Ripjaws V01:43
myuser__tomreyn ^01:43
tomreynis the mainboard firmware fully updated?01:43
tomreynwhich ubuntu release?01:43
tomreynwhich kernel?01:43
myuser__18.04 / Both 5.0 kernel and 5.3 kernel crash randomly01:44
sarnoldcan you run a memtest86 or memtest86+ on it?01:44
myuser__but it's getting worse01:44
myuser__memtest86 shows no errors as long as I have the XMP loaded in EFI. Otherwise it shows errors.01:45
myuser__The errors seem to be coming from PCU 14 though... is there a way to test the CPU01:45
myuser__sorry CPU 1401:45
tomreynnot really, you can build linux or run cpuburn or similar and see what happens but that's about it, i guess.01:46
tomreynbut then your system is already unstable, you'd do this to prove it is stable normally01:47
myuser__I did see a few errors in dmesg but it seems to keep freezing as I look through it.01:48
myuser__the install is up to date.01:48
tomreynremove all DIMMs but one01:48
sarnoldyou could try running stress-ng stuff, perhaps from a live environment01:48
sarnoldhow's the power supply? is it appropriately sized for the machine?01:48
tomreynhow are temperatures?01:49
tomreynapt install lm-sensors -> sensors-detect -> sensors01:50
myuser__I have 7 hdds and a dvd burner01:50
tomreyngenerally, memtest86 showing errors is indication of hardware problems, i guess. you could maybe get better help in ##hardware01:51
vertex_sound1Maybe you can try install hardinfo program. It has Benchmarks tests for CPU, but I don't know would that be useful?01:52
myuser__tomreyn: apt or apt-get?01:52
vertex_sound1oh Im not sure01:53
sarnoldmyuser__: they both work; apt makes some better choices with 'apt upgrade', so I tend to suggest it to others, even if I still type apt-get myself :)01:54
myuser__tomreyn: It doesn't find sensors-detect or sensors, just lm-sensors01:56
myuser__I see. those are commands01:57
sarnoldsensors-detect and sensors are programs packaged in the lm-sensors package01:57
tomreynyou may actually need the latest !mainline kernel and lm-sensors for this cpu01:59
myuser__sarnold: it didn't find any01:59
sarnoldand sensors? did it dump a handful of temps?02:00
myuser__ok. I'm running 5.0 because I thought 5.3 was causing the crashing02:00
myuser__says 82, but when I go to bios it's much cooler02:00
myuser__efi shows SB temp at 4902:02
myuser__CPU at 4002:02
myuser__MB at 2802:02
tomreynthe temperature offset can be incorrect on new CPUs02:02
myuser__exhaust feels at room temp02:04
ducassemyuser__: anything suspicious in the logs?02:04
tomreyni.e. dont expect temerature sensors to work properly on 5.302:05
tomreynnor earlier02:06
myuser__So I have no idea if it's my PSU, MB, CPU, or memory02:06
myuser__or software for that matter02:07
tomreynif it's unstable on memtest86+ / memtest86 too then my guess would be on the hardware / firmware02:07
myuser__tomreyn: it only gets memory errors if the XMP profile ISN'T loaded in the EFI02:08
tomreynnot that i'd generally recomend it, but in the cross-testing sense, you could try the OS which this desktop hardware was primarily tested against.02:08
urgodfathercan i make a non sudo user a sudo user from the kernel?02:09
ducassefrom the kernel?02:09
ducassewhat do you mean?02:09
tomreynmyuser__: right, but ideally it'd enver see any, right?02:09
urgodfatherrecovery mode wont work so i have to pass init=/bin/bash in grub and mount the md02:10
urgodfatheras rw02:10
ducassethat will make you root, why do you need sudo?02:10
myuser__tomreyn: true - They always seem to be with CPU 14, so I may have a bad CPU.02:10
tomreynmyuser__: did you chynge memory timings, power levels on the UEFI config?02:11
urgodfatherit will but initrd isnt running so i cant apply netplan to bring this system online02:11
urgodfatheri do have access to 2 non sudoers and gdm02:12
urgodfatherim having to use a java kvm session btw02:12
urgodfatherno physical access02:13
tomreynmyuser__: ryzen 3800x is an 8 core (16 threads, but i assume memtest86 does not care about SMT)02:14
tomreynurgodfather: what are you running, how is recovery mode "not working"?02:15
tomreynor initrd for that matter02:15
sarnoldurgodfather: obligatory question, sorry, do you have a way to verify that thismachine has link light and connectivity and so on?02:16
ducasseurgodfather: you can also try setting up networking manually02:16
sarnoldurgodfather: are you sure you're working with the right port / nic / etc on this system?02:16
tomreynwas there any mention of network issues? i didn't see those02:18
tomreynoh "can't apply netplan", i see.02:18
vertex_sound1Hello to everyone here. I am fresh Ubuntu user and I use Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. I messed up audio, so now I don't have any sound or I can see any audio device. I've installed and uninstalled pulseaudio and QjackCtrl ( at the end whole bunch of alsa, pulseaudio and QjackCtrl related programs ), which I did mostly with Synaptic Manager ( I'm not good with Terminal ). What is are the suggestions to do now? How to fix audio?02:26
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Wallyvertex_sound1 it's probably the audio user group02:27
Bashing-om!sound | vertex_sound102:27
ubottuvertex_sound1: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:27
vertex_sound1Thank you! I'll try that.02:28
sarnoldvertex_sound1: running pavucontrol can often help you spot what's wrong, but depending upon what you did with jack.... that might not be easy to put back the way it was02:29
ducassealso check levels/mute in alsamixer02:30
vertex_sound1levels are not muted in any mixer sure. They were.02:32
vertex_sound1In regular Settings > Sound there are no devices Input Output nothing.02:34
vertex_sound1But alsa mixer is showing them,I have two sound cards.02:34
vertex_sound1ATI R6xxHDMI and Realtek ALC 1220 and they are not muted, and are checked in their check boxes fine. That worked before but not quite perfect.02:36
urgodfathertomreyn sarnold its a hosted machine running 18.04 with gdm installed. the provider added a 10G card, moved it and advised to use kvm to enable it for network connectivity. i can confirm there is a link on the device but it needs to be configured and the only way that i know how to do so is to apply the netplan yaml. without root login through gdm02:38
urgodfatherand no external connectivity other than kvm, my options are limited. not to mention the keyboard is german and mine is us.02:38
sarnoldI used a qwertz keyboard for a week once; it was baffling :)02:40
sarnoldyou wouldn't think you'd use y or z all that often but noooooo02:40
tomreynurgodfather: loadkeys US     doesn't help?02:40
tomreynurgodfather: all you should need is a login shell, and the kvm should provide this, i assume?02:41
urgodfatheri tried modifying /etc/gdm3/custom.conf to allow root, remarked out pam_succeed in /etc/pam.d/gdm-password and modified .profile in /root/02:41
tomreynuh don't use X with root02:41
tomreynactually don't use X at all02:41
sarnoldyeah I'm surprised it boots to X02:42
urgodfatheryeah i know, i was surprised to see X enabled02:42
tomreyncan you switch TTYs?02:42
urgodfatherbut it was just another approach i took02:42
urgodfatherctrl alt f1?02:43
urgodfatherdidnt pass through kvm02:43
tomreynprobably rather F3 if F1 and F2 are busy with gdm and gnome-shell02:43
urgodfathermaintenance mode wont accept the root pass02:43
tomreynby "maintenance mode", do you mean "recovery"?02:44
vertex_sound1I can even now hear some sound file when I play it in Ardur, but mvp does not play anything. It just crush when I play sound but when I play video it plays video with no sound. In speakers I hear just some noise.02:44
urgodfatherpassing the single switch to the kernel in grub02:44
urgodfathermaybe it was f3 but it didnt work02:45
urgodfatheri can try again02:45
tomreyni'm not sure "single" works with systemd the way it did in the past.02:46
sarnoldinit=/bin/bash probably still works as it ever did, but if there was a ton of system setup done by systemd that's hard to do by hand..02:46
tomreynyou said "initrd did not work" (quote from memory) , what did not work, how could you tell?02:47
urgodfathersarnold yes it works, but you are following where im getting stuck02:49
urgodfathertomreyn, its not getting loaded up b/c im passing init=/bin/bash before it gets loaded02:50
tomreynand you pass that because?02:50
urgodfatheronly way to access root and have the md mounted02:51
tomreynbecause md support is missing in the initrd?02:51
urgodfatherif i could hit it externally then this would be sooooo done and over02:52
urgodfatherno, b/c recovery wont boot02:52
urgodfatherwhy idk02:52
tomreyndid oyu try an earlier kernel version?02:52
tomreyn(and thus initrd)02:53
urgodfatherhonestly if i try that now, im stuck02:55
tomreynwell it's more likely related to the newly added hardware anyways.02:55
urgodfatherim limited to this scenario or a pxe scenario but dealing with an array this size its much safer to go this route02:56
urgodfatheroh im sure of that02:56
urgodfatherits only an intel 10G card02:56
tomreyni'm heading out, good luck!02:58
urgodfathersurely someone else might have a suggestion?03:00
urgodfathermaybe modify the crontab for root and set an @reboot ?03:00
sarnoldusing @reboot is almost always a mistake03:03
sarnoldit made a lot of sense in 1994 when it was introduced but I believe systemd's user session support can replace it and then some..03:03
vertex_sound1"find /lib/modules/`uname -r` | grep snd"   How to type that sign after -r?03:05
urgodfather@reboot works perfect for root03:05
sarnoldvertex_sound1: it's to the left of !03:05
urgodfatherbut for non root users, yeah it wont work03:05
leftyfburgodfather: "find /lib/modules/$(uname -r) | grep snd"03:06
leftyfbsorry, vertex_sound1 ^03:06
urgodfatherthats impossible to do on a qwertz via kvm03:06
urgodfathertrue struggles03:06
leftyfburgodfather: you've got remote KVM. Is that through some VM interface or some way you can upload an iso to boot from?03:07
vertex_sound1right so I've stuck again03:07
urgodfatherlefty, yes but there's also a massive softraid array that i would have to mount03:08
urgodfatherso i have pxe or kvm (what seems to be the logical choice b/c it mounts the softraid)03:09
urgodfatherbreaking that array would be catestrophic03:09
leftyfburgodfather: you should be able to mount the softraid through a booted iso of a server or live iso03:11
urgodfather12 disk raid0 ? b/c the pxe boot is an ubuntu image and it couldnt find it.03:11
leftyfb12 disk raid 0? Oh, then that shouldn't be a problem. Just rebuild the entire thing from scratch. Since it's that much storage on RAID 0, that mean he data isn't important.03:12
sarnoldleftyfb :D03:14
urgodfathertooo funny yeah i know what you mean but hey, not my choice to run raid0. i probably would have done like raid6 with some parity03:14
urgodfatheris there a way to force boot to not start up X?03:16
leftyfbno, seriously. The data on that is completely unimportant. RAID 0 with a couple drives is risky. The more drives you add, you increase the chances of losing everything on all drives. At 12 drives, you are begging that data to disappear03:16
urgodfatherif that was possible then i would have been done a long time ago but i couldnt find an answer03:17
urgodfatherleftyfb im totally with you but thats a whole different topic03:18
urgodfatherif you want to dm or jump in offtopic i'll explain how the data is still safe03:19
urgodfatherso that grub_cmd can i pass that in grub?03:19
leftyfbI don't know the answer to that03:20
urgodfatherand if so, where should i add that?03:20
urgodfatherlast 2 lines, 1) load the kernel 2) load initrd03:21
leftyfburgodfather: https://askubuntu.com/a/607061  you might try that03:21
CalliciousI have an issue where software-properties-gtk/Additional Drivers/etc fails to launch on Ubuntu 19.10. The issue is a mimic of (https://askubuntu.com/questions/789966/software-updates-crashes-and-will-not-open). The terminal spits out (https://pastebin.com/FpD1MFC3). I've attempted all solutions but none appear to work, does anyone have any ideas?03:25
urgodfatherthats what is throwing me off. there is no quiet, no splash, and no $vt_handoff . those are not there03:25
leftyfburgodfather: then add them in yourself03:25
sarnoldCallicious: try without sudo ?03:27
sarnoldCallicious: using sudo might have busted something else though :/03:27
CalliciousTerminal spits out the same issue03:27
urgodfatherok, ill try. seems that my time has run out with the kvm session (only given allotted windows) so i have to put in another ticket03:27
Calliciousoriginally I tried launching directly through the "Additional Drivers" program but that doesn't work, which is why I switched to terminal03:27
urgodfatherthanks leftyfb sarnold and tomreyn03:28
lotuspsychjeCallicious: is your system up to date, kernel version?03:28
Calliciousit should be up to date03:29
sarnoldurgodfather: ugh! :( what a frustration03:29
urgodfathertell me about it :joy:03:29
lotuspsychjeCallicious: works here on my side, did this start to fail after an update or something else?03:32
Calliciousi've not had to use the additional drivers functionality since this fresh reinstall of ubunto a few days ago03:33
peepsalotI'm curious about how bug fixes are handled in older LTS releases such as 16.04, when the packages they use are considered not supported by their maintainers?  (for example Qt which seems to have a very aggressive end of support schedule https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qt_version_history#Qt_5 )03:33
lotuspsychjeCallicious: can you try creating a new user, see if the same happens there?03:34
Calliciousok, on it03:34
peepsalotthat wiki page for Qt releases mentions "extended support availability", does that apply to ubuntu releases?03:34
lotuspsychjepeepsalot: that fits more in #ubuntu-discuss03:35
Calliciouslotuspsychje the same issue presents itself03:36
sarnoldpeepsalot: the security team does a huge amount of patch backporting03:37
peepsalotso only bugfixes for security vulnerabilities then?03:37
sarnoldpeepsalot: I can't speak to regular bugfixes03:38
sarnoldpeepsalot: those are handled via a 'stable release process' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates03:38
lotuspsychjeCallicious: can you see if this is your bug please? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/185418603:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1854186 in software-properties (Ubuntu) ""software-properties-gtk crashed with TypeError in new_init(): could not convert value for property `transient_for' from DialogCacheOutdated to GtkWindow" crash happened after I clicked "Reload Cache" upon checking "Software Restricted by copyright" in the Ubuntu Software Menu" [Medium,Invalid]03:39
sarnoldpeepsalot: you can get a feeling for what has been fixed in xenial with https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xenial-changes/03:40
lotuspsychjeCallicious: and another one, bug #185816803:41
ubottubug 1858168 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 19.10 after updating the "Other Software" tab in "Software & Updates" the "cache refresh" hangs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185816803:41
Calliciousneither of them03:43
lotuspsychjeCallicious: you real sure you can confirm what sarnold asked, same happens without sudo?03:43
Calliciouspositive, no difference in terminal output as far as I can tell03:43
lotuspsychjeCallicious: did you add external ppa's to your system?03:44
Calliciousi don't recollect adding any03:44
lotuspsychjeCallicious: ok, do you have time to file a new !bug then? let the developers see if your bug is or isnt a dupe of these03:45
Calliciousi've never done it but sure03:45
lotuspsychjeCallicious: do you have a launchpad account?03:46
Calliciousi don't believe so03:46
lotuspsychjeCallicious: ok, please create one before filing the bug03:46
lotuspsychjeCallicious: after that, ubuntu-bug software-properties-gtk from terminal and add a title + description on your bug03:49
Calliciousmuch obliged, i'm working on submitting the bug report03:50
lotuspsychjeyes sir03:57
Calliciousyikes... lotuspsychje *03:57
CalliciousI've submitted the bug report03:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1860504 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "software-properties-gtk fails to launch via "Additional Drivers" or via terminal" [Undecided,New]03:57
lotuspsychjeCallicious: ok thank you for making time to create your new bug and make ubuntu better, this helps yourself & the community03:58
Calliciousthanks for your and sarnold 's help c:03:59
lotuspsychjeCallicious: can you also add you tested a new user, without dice03:59
lotuspsychjeCallicious: to speed up solving of bugs, there's a few tricks, find other affected users to your bug and let them affect it, and keep your bug alive by doing tests yourself, and add new comments about what you tryed04:03
Calliciousshould I post a comprehensive list of all the solutions i've attempted?04:03
lotuspsychjeCallicious: its better you use a new comment, for each test you tryed, so the devs & other users can follow your progress04:04
zxvffis there a systemwide hot key similar to apple+shift+ [ or ] defined in Ubuntu by default? (next/previous window/tab) ?04:04
JimBuntuzxvff: like CTRL-TAB?04:06
lotuspsychjezxvff: the hotkeys in ubuntu are listed under systemsettings/devices/hotkeys04:06
JimBuntuDepending on the Ubuntu version... press and hold your meta key ( Windows key generally ) for some KB shortcut help/info04:07
zxvffyeah I couldn't figure it out, not a hot key that's listed in system settings04:07
zxvffJimBuntu: wow that works perfect, thanks04:08
zxvffa little awkward to go in reverse with ctrl+shift+tab though04:08
zxvffbut that works04:08
zxvffi'll try to figure out how to remap it04:08
JimBuntuYou are welcome zxvff , yeah some of them are not comfortable to use04:08
lotuspsychjeCallicious: im using software-properties-gtk 0.98.6 and it works here with and without sudo04:09
zxvffHaving a difficult time migrating a server to a new ubuntu instance. it's an ubuntu server but apache2 is running from /etc/apache-sp. How do I update my systemd script to use the /etc/apache-sp locatio instead of /etc/apache2?05:26
zxvffI can't find the location of the init script that runs the command to start apache05:26
lotuspsychjezxvff: see also the #ubuntu-server channel, where more server volunteers are gathered05:26
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pi0how do i specify which default kernel ubuntu will boot?06:14
Gigabittenokay so this is pretty weird. I want to be able to run a .desktop file from my terminal because I'm using i3, but no matter what I try I can't get it to work. If I switch off of i3, it works fine to double click it, but xdg-open and gtk-launch both fail spectacularly. It's just one of those wine-generated .desktop files. Can I get wine to do something? Is there some other miscellaneous command I can use? This really shouldn't be hard.06:44
GigabittenI used to figure that surely xdg-open and double clicking would always work the same but I guess I was wrong!06:44
GigabittenI guess the workaround is to hop into nautilus and open it from there06:44
Gigabittenbut that's lame06:45
lotuspsychjeducasse: maybe one for you ducasse ^07:15
ducasseGigabitten: check out dex07:16
pi0not sure if my question was answered but how do i set a kernel as a default07:25
lotuspsychjepi0: common sense is needed when playing with kernels, can you tell us first wich kernel you want to use for wich reason?07:25
pi0i do, i have a special surface pro kernel07:26
pi0that enables touch screen and pen use along with battery percent07:26
lotuspsychjewich kernel would that be07:26
pi0uname -a 5.1.15-surface-linux-surface07:26
pi0i would say that one07:26
pi0i had to hit the escape key at boot and specifiy this kernel07:27
lotuspsychjepi0: problem is we can only support the mainlinekernels from the ubuntu repos07:27
lotuspsychjepi0: cant you test the latest kernel from !mainline for example?07:27
ducassepi0: man grub-set-default07:28
ztanetook quite a while to figure what was so wrong about window decorations in 19.1007:58
ztanebut hey, windows do not have borders at all... how stupid is that07:59
zambawhy isn't the correct sound modules loaded at startup in my ubuntu installation?08:00
zambai have to do 'modprobe snd_hda_intel' manually after each reboot08:00
ztanehow do I get a border? I am using Konsole in Gnome and ...08:00
ztaneblack on black with a hint of drop shadow *isn't* usable.08:00
Gigabittenducasse: dex worked! thanks. glad somebody has solved this problem which shouldn't exist08:17
ducasseGigabitten: you can also use rofi to launch apps from .desktop files, it's what i use. works well with i308:19
GigabittenIn what ways are they different?08:20
ducasserofi lets you search and select from a list08:20
GigabittenWell that's pretty neat.08:21
BigBrothyrcan I see what keys are being pressed and then reprogram them to be something else?08:21
ducasseyou can use xev to see what keys send, and the xkb tools to remap08:22
ducassealso xmodmap, but that's deprecated08:22
GigabittenIt's not even what I was here for but that makes me wonder08:24
Gigabittenautohotkey is one of the reasons I don't use linux exclusively08:24
Gigabittencan similar functionality be achieved in linux with some knowhow?08:24
ducassenot familiar with autohotkey, but ubuntu has autokey if that is similar08:25
Gigabittenyeah, actually it is08:26
GigabittenI've looked into AHK alternatives for linux previously. How did something so similarly named not come up? Lol08:26
Gigabittenheck, this seems to have some things autohotkey doesn't have!08:28
Gigabittenthe recording function seems like an especially nice shortcut solution for cases which require little speed08:29
DarwinElfi stopped my display manager, because I wanted to try running a different desktop environment.  After the GUI network-manager closed, I found there was no network anymore on the command-line and no way anymore in /etc/init.d to start networking.  All I can say that setup is garbage08:30
GigabittenFor now, I sleep because I have to get up without dying tomorrow, but thanks a ton ducasse. I'll definitely enjoy looking into this!08:30
ducasseno problem, have fun08:31
ducassethe people in #i3 are very helpful, btw08:31
=== leden_ is now known as leden
DarwinElfso how do I get networking when I'm not running a GUI?08:33
BigBrothyrducasse, is it gxkb now?08:37
DarwinElfdon't tell me you're using an initialization system networking *depends* on GUI?!08:37
DarwinElfi mean, what worse OS design mistake could you make?08:37
ducasseBigBrothyr: not familiar with that08:41
ducasseDarwinElf: in the network configuration, you select the checkbox that allows all users to connect, iirc08:42
DarwinElfi mean, there are commercial OSes for average users 25 years ago with even more bugs, but they run network when they're in command-line mode... and systemd doesn't?  Or does it?  If it's better than an OS 25 years ago, how do you do this on the command-line?08:42
DarwinElfcommand-line doesn't have 'checkbox'08:43
ducassemaybe nmtui allows you to do that too, i don't use network manager08:44
DarwinElfyeah, that'll probably do it.  Thanks!08:46
BigBrothyrducasse, I can't find 'xkb'08:51
roryHi, I have an idea to scrape some information from the screen, and I realize there may already be some kind of accessibility API used for screen reading.08:53
roryI suspect I need to write an Orca script but I welcome the input of anyone who has done this before.08:53
ducasseBigBrothyr: check out xkbcomp and setxkbmap - docs are sparse, unfortunately08:53
stoffieHello everyone! I'm trying to install an out-of-date version of chrome/chromium for the purpose of demonstrating the functioning of an old plugin which is no longer maintained. Can someone suggest a way to do it? Thanks08:59
stoffielet's say I want to install version ~50 more or less08:59
BigBrothyrducasse, I'm trying to get this media remote to work as I need it to. I had a different one before then it died.09:09
DarwinElfbut it's not about ones you had before; it's about removing old functionality to stay new and trendy but sometimes things don't work anymore!09:16
lotuspsychje!who | DarwinElf09:16
ubottuDarwinElf: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:16
lotuspsychjestoffie: we usually reccomend to stick to the package versions, thats meant for the specific ubuntu version, so if you want to use lower or higher package versions, try/test/install a lower or higher ubuntu version09:19
lotuspsychjestoffie: there are also other methods like !backports !pinning and snaps for other package versions09:25
b3h3m0thI've SSH'd into an Ubuntu box with lighthttpd up and running. I'm trying to SSH into another box from it and instead of asking me the SSH key unlock passphrase at the commandline, it's launching the GUI prompt at the GUI. How do I configure it to not do this?09:38
paul98every time I run a command in a shell, I get stuff like "+ ARTIFACTS_TARGET=./artifacts09:44
paul98how do i turn this off?09:44
ossepaul98: set +x09:45
paul98of course, I set it in the script i'm running! need more coffee!09:46
geirhaexec {BASH_XTRACEFD}>debug.log; set -x09:48
geirhanow all the set -x output goes to debug.log instead09:48
paul98I would been ok if i turned it off in script, I forgot I even set it09:49
paul98j bash09:57
BigBrothyris there a key combination to mute audio?10:23
oerheksBigBrothyr, standard no, but you can set oen yourself in systemsettings > devices > keyboard > [sound section]10:26
OnepamopaDoes someone know how exactly hugepages are being populated on a dimm? I have 4x8 G and 4 free slots. When loading say 4 x 1G hugepages - do each of the dimms gets 1G, or 4G from 1 dimm or what ? Is there a way to specify this?10:36
oerheksWhen loading.. so hugepages are in use while booting?10:39
oerhekssounds like reserved memory for your CPU?10:39
oerheksor reserved for KVM..10:40
BigBrothyrthis solved my problem https://askubuntu.com/questions/610786/volume-hot-key-not-working-in-lubuntu10:43
oerheksoh, you do have volume keys/mute ?10:44
oerheksthat was not clear in your Q10:44
BigBrothyrI didn't mention it, no. it's a wireless mini keyboard with some media function keys.10:44
BigBrothyrseems like I could add in my own section with a command for other keys.10:48
deadrom18.03 live from usb: apt update -> release file is not valid (for 88 days) <- fixable?10:49
deadromnvm, fixed, system time was way off10:51
Onepamopaoerheks, reserving memory for KVMm question is how exactly does hugepage reserve memory.11:03
oerheksno idea, huge pages are just reserved memoryblocks11:04
oerheksfirst idea is internal gpu11:04
Onepamopaoerheks, I'm aware, question is if you can specify which dimm to reserve memory from (for example).11:05
oerheksOnepamopa, i find no option there, why would you do that manually?11:13
jka1Hi - I can only see the first chars of an filename. I.e. verlylongfilenameisagoodthing1 and verlylongfilenameisagoodthing2 are both shown as verylong....13:13
jka1How can i disable this?13:14
pragmaticenigmajka1: Where are you looking?13:14
pragmaticenigmahow are you viewing the files?13:15
jka1Nautilus. But it seems to be "everywhere"13:15
pragmaticenigmajka1: can you post a screen capture to https://imgur.com/ and send us a link so we can see what you see please?13:17
jka1Please have a look at the right screen - the filenames in Nautilus have been cut, also the title of the desktop-icon13:20
pragmaticenigmajka1: That is normal behavior for that view mode. You can change the view mode to "Details" which will show a more conventional list of files where you can expand the column to reveal the entire file name13:21
jka1Yes - but how can i switch the view mode of the desktop (the LotRO-Icon i.e.)? Or is there "no way"?13:22
pragmaticenigmajka1: I'm not aware of a way to change the desktop view mode13:23
pragmaticenigmajka1: I would personally get into the habit of not placing stuff on the Desktop. The ability to have things on the desktop is going away with the newer versions of nautilus.13:25
geirhathe button to the right of the magnifying glass (search button)13:26
jka1It would be nicer if it cuts some chars from the middle. I.e. "Der Herr .... Online" instead of "Der Herr der Ringe ...." :-)13:26
jka1I really love placing icons on my desktop! This is one of the greatest things you can do with it! :-)13:27
jka1The advantage is, that you can place like you want. I.e. "Top left corner - alle image manipulating things". "Top right corner - the whole online stuff".13:29
jka1I thing everyone has it's own strange habits :-)13:30
pragmaticenigmajka1: You're not alone in your thoughts. However, the team that is responsible for the feature are trying to decouple nautilus from the Desktop, to make managing nautilus easier. currently, nautilus requires a large segment of special code just for the desktop. They are removing that part. The longer term plan is to use Gnomes extension feature to allow users to restore that feature. But I haven't been following it closely enough13:31
pragmaticenigmato know when or if that has happened. https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/merge_requests/4613:31
pragmaticenigmajka1: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/issues/15813:32
leftyfbhttps://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1465/desktop-icons/   this works at the moment13:32
jka1So i have to wait some more years :-)13:32
jka1Here is a nice screenshot how my first desktop looked: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System#/media/File:X-Window-System.png13:34
jka1I thing it's a little bit more intuitive now^13:34
bipulHow to enable ssh x forwarding ?  I have tried changing inside /etc/ssh/sshd_config X11Forwarding yes; X11DisplayOffset 10. But still no luck.13:37
BluesKajHi folks13:46
dfstormHi ^^'13:46
pragmaticenigmabipul: Are you supplying the option "-Y" when you connect to your remote system?13:51
bipul-X option13:51
bipulThis is the output Unable to get session bus: Error spawning command line 'dbus-launch --autolaunch= --binary-syntax --close-stderr': Child process exited with code 113:52
pragmaticenigmabipul: Use -Y... as long as you're on your own private and trusted network, -Y is fine. -X requires a lot of extra steps with authorizing applications to work with that option13:53
leftyfbpragmaticenigma: -Y is pointless. -X is just fine13:55
bipulI have created file on remote machine with .Xauthority follow the command locally xauth extract - $DISPLAY | ssh -X -i "key.pem" ubuntu@<remote>  xauth merge -13:55
leftyfbpragmaticenigma: read the man page for ssh and look at -Y. Then run "ssh -G localhost"|grep ForwardX11Trusted # you'll see that it's default. -Y does nothing on debian-based systems. Just FYI13:57
bipulNow when i'm trying to open Jupyter notebook it's taking huge time to respond and at the end it get crash.13:57
bipulThe output i'm receiving is Unable to get session bus: Error spawning command line 'dbus-launch --autolaunch= --binary-syntax --close-stderr': Child process exited with code 113:57
leftyfbbipul: it sounds like this is an issue with the remote, non-ubuntu side and not an issue with ubuntu13:58
bipulDo i need to install dbus-x11  ?13:58
leftyfbbipul: are you running ubuntu on the remote machine(s)?13:59
bipulYes, the remote machine is Ubuntu server running 16.04.5 LTS13:59
leftyfbbipul: is the remote machine running a graphical desktop with someone logged in?13:59
bipulleftyfb, No, it's Ubuntu server. And it's only being used by me.14:00
leftyfbbipul: then how do you expect X forwarding to work if you don't have X installed on the remote machine?14:00
bipulUsing ssh x forwarding.14:01
bipulDoes not required X , to access/run GUI application on headless/server/Desktop14:02
bipulAnyway it's working now, the issue is with dbus14:10
coraxxhi ... how do I add a DNS server to a network-bridge (br0) in Ubuntu 18.04 ?15:21
=== MassDebates_ is now known as MassDebates
leftyfbcoraxx: https://netplan.io/examples15:24
leftyfbcoraxx: just like you do a normal network config15:24
leftyfbcoraxx: assuming you left netplan as the network daemon and didn't replace it with anything else (ifupdown)15:25
__Myst__Hi, I'm trying to compile something that statically links libclang.a however `apt install libclang-dev' does not give me that. what can I do?15:26
coraxxleftyfb: not sure ..its not a stic bridge ...its created when an OpenVPN server is started ... both the bridge script and the netplan has nameservers in their configuration ...however it is still not working.15:26
coraxx*stic = static15:27
oerheks__Myst__, depends on the ubuntu version, libclang-6.0-dev, libclang-8-dev or libclang-9-dev15:28
__Myst__oerheks: why must i specify the version?15:28
leftyfbcoraxx: define "not working"15:28
__Myst__oerheks: `libclang-7-dev`15:29
__Myst__does not work15:29
leftyfboerheks: I just did a search, the file libclang.a doesn't seem to exist in Ubuntu 18.0415:29
coraxxleftyfb: a "ping www.google.com" results in "ping: www.google.com: Temporary failure in name resolution"15:29
__Myst__I'm on ubuntu 18.1015:29
oerheks18.10 is EOL, dead15:29
__Myst__so you're telling me I should upgrade15:29
leftyfb__Myst__: time to upgrade if you want support15:30
oerheks19.04 will be dead.. tomorrow, so upgrade to 19.10??15:30
__Myst__2how do I upgrade?15:30
oerhekswait you never hit updates with the message there is a newer version available?15:30
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:30
__Myst__wdym by that ?15:30
leftyfb__Myst__: personally, I would install 18.04 from scratch. And then upgrade to 20.04 in April15:35
__Myst__leftyfb: "from scratch" is easy to say15:35
__Myst__i'd have to make a backup of the stuff I need15:35
willrobboHi! I've manually installed Firefox Developer Edition to /opt/firefox/firefox. Is there a way to create a "launcher" to it in my Show Applications menu?15:35
elias_a__Myst__: You are apparently being asked whether you have ignored all notifications about new releases and/or EOL.15:35
__Myst__elias_a: there have been no notifications15:36
oerhekswillrobbo, sure https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-create-desktop-shortcut-launcher-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux15:36
willrobbooerheks, great thank you :)15:37
leftyfb__Myst__: you should already have a backup15:37
elias_a__Myst__: If your system has been online there must have been unless you have disabled them.15:37
__Myst__elias_a: i'm assuming you're assuming i'm using unity'15:37
elias_a__Myst__: No I am not. That does not depend on the window manager.15:38
__Myst__elias_a: i agree on that however i'm assuming that the default configuration manages the notifications and I have never gotten a single notifcation about anything15:38
elias_a__Myst__: Do a backup set to suit your needs, test data recovery from the backup and do an upgrade.15:39
elias_a__Myst__: Here's how to do the upgrade: https://fossbytes.com/upgrade-ubuntu-18-10-ubuntu-19-04/15:40
willrobbooerheks: got a Firefox DE shortcut on my Desktop now. is there a way to add it to the app launcher?15:41
oerhekswill copy it to  /usr/share/applications/ or for your user only in ~/.local/share/applications/15:43
oerheksthe 1st one is system wide15:44
willrobbooerheks, Great, thank you again :)15:44
oerhekshave fun!15:45
blip99hi all. I'm on 19.04 and trying to edit xorg.conf but cannot find the file... am i missing something?15:47
blip99There's only the directory /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d15:48
leftyfbblip99: 19.04 goes EOL today.15:48
leftyfbblip99: though you answer your question, Ubuntu hasn't used a default xorg.conf in quite some time. Creating one in /etc/X11/ should utilize it though15:49
blip99leftyfb, what? I installed it like 2 months ago. Isn't 19.10 the latest, and .04 is LTS15:49
blip99leftyfb, ty, can I auto-generate one somehow from the current config?15:50
leftyfbblip99: 19.04 came out in April of 2019. Almost a year ago. 19.10 came out in October of 2019. Neither of which are LTS versions.15:50
blip99leftyfb, I'm simply looking to modify my Screen/Display section with Visual "GrayScale" and Depth 8 to get black and white screen15:51
Habbieblip99, .04 is LTS in even years, generally speaking15:51
blip99my bad15:51
leftyfbblip99: you really shouldn't be putting anymore effort into 19.0415:51
blip99Been on Ubuntu for i think a decade and never knew that :D15:51
ryuoblip99: how could you be on ubuntu and not know it?15:52
=== MassDebates_ is now known as MassDebates
blip99didnt read the fine print i guess15:52
blip99I usually install and use for few years, don't switch much anymore15:53
blip99ok then I'm gonna dist upgrade to 19.10 and take it from there15:53
JimBuntublip99: It might serve you well to create a reminder for May of 2020, to upgrade to LTS, so you can stick with one getting updates and such for a longer period of time.15:55
blip99Thanks JimBuntu, will do15:56
ubottuCanonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.15:57
oerheks5 years + 5 years ?15:57
gigirockhi all, i want to share some nfs directory from my ubuntu 18 server, i set up everythings but i cannot 'write' to that directories from the client, i want to write in a /home/user directory.... is it possible, do I have to use another directory like /opt/mydir  or /mnt/mydir ?16:03
leftyfb!yy.mm | gigirock16:04
ubottugigirock: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle16:04
gigirockleftyfb, Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, Linux 4.15.0-74-generic #84-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 19 08:06:28 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:11
ioriagigirock,  i'd check /etc/exports if  (rw,no_root_squash) is correctly set16:12
zfoo_how can I install the kernel source on 18.04? current kernel is 5.0.0-37 and 'apt install linux-source' installs source for kernel 4.15.016:12
ioriaon the server, i mean gigirock16:12
leftyfbgigirock: also, check the write permissions of the directory/mount on the server and client16:13
gigirockleftyfb, i have (rw,sync,no_subtree_check) on the server side as the guide and examples suggests.16:14
leftyfbgigirock: I'm talking linux filesystem16:15
=== HappyHotDog is now known as ContentChienChau
gigirockyes leftyfb on the linux fs i have 775 in that directory for the user of the directory16:16
=== ContentChienChau is now known as FrenchHotDog
ioriazfoo_, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/5.0.0-37.4016:17
gigirockleftyfb, did you mean ufw can 'block' the nfs access ?16:17
leftyfbgigirock: well, that is a thing, but not be default and not was I was suggesting16:17
leftyfbgigirock: does the client have nfs-common installed?16:18
leftyfboh wait, you can mount it but not write. That means it's installed16:18
gigirockleftyfb, the client is and will be some win10 pro pc16:18
leftyfblook in the logs on the server16:19
ioriazfoo_,  also check linux-source-5.0.016:20
gigirockleftyfb, only for a check, can i set the exported directory as 0:0 user and group ?16:21
zfoo_ioria, thanks, missed that before16:22
gigirockseems that win10 client has no user:group setup .......16:22
ioriazfoo_,  ok (but might be 5.3, not 5.0 :( )16:22
ioriazfoo_,  'Picking 'linux-hwe' as source package instead of 'linux-source-5.0.0''16:23
zfoo_ioria, looks like it installed 5.0.0 under /usr/src16:25
ioriazfoo_,  you used it  without the 'source' flag ....16:26
ioriazfoo_,  ' apt install linux-source-5.0.0  ' , right ?16:26
zfoo_ioria, yes16:26
gigirocksee you tonight... :)16:27
ioriazfoo_,  if you use 'apt source  linux-source-5.0.0' it ll give you 5.316:27
zfoo_ioria, for me it created /usr/src/linux-source-5.0.016:28
ioriazfoo_,  nvm, it's ok16:28
zfoo_ioria, still didn't seem to solve what I'm trying to do. Trying to build a kernel module16:29
ioriazfoo_,  usually you just need the headers16:30
zfoo_I tried there first but I get this error: No rule to make target 'arch/x86/entry/syscalls/syscall_32.tbl'16:30
ioriazfoo_,  that sounds a make syntax error16:32
zfoo_ioria, error also says: arch/x86/Makefile:239: recipe for target 'archheaders' failed16:34
zfoo_ioria, I'm on x86_64 though, so think the x86 is the error16:34
ioriazfoo_,  well, it's not subject for this channel, but nope i don't think that is the problem16:36
zfoo_ioria, thanks for the help16:36
ioriazfoo_,  paste the Makefile (maybe it's a simple error)16:37
zxvffIf you or someone you know is drowning, please stay calm and send a private message to a channel operator immediately.16:38
zxvffA channel operator will respond to your request as soon as he or she is able. Thank you.16:38
zfoo_ioria, $(Q)$(MAKE) $(build)=arch/x86/entry/syscalls all16:39
ryuozfoo_: is that supposed to be a bad joke? lol16:39
ryuozxvff: ^16:39
ioriazfoo_,  that's all ?16:41
pragmaticenigmazxvff: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?16:41
pragmaticenigmaryuo: If it appears something is off topic... it's best not to reply or encourage it further16:42
zfoo_ioria, thats line 239 from arch/x86/Makefile, its the only line for that target (syscall table generation)16:42
zxvffpragmaticenigma: no, I do not16:42
zxvffnot at the moment16:42
zxvffthanks for your concern16:43
pragmaticenigmazxvff: Please come join us in #ubuntu-offtopic16:43
zxvffI am in that channel already16:43
wjtaylorIs there a way to determine which ata controller a particular drive is connected to?17:36
ioriawjtaylor, try     dmesg | grep ata[0-9]17:39
kinghatits ok to set /var/log/journal to something smaller? its 4GB atm.17:41
ioriakinghat, you can truncate it or set the size in journal.conf17:42
kinghatya i know you can i was just wondering if it is ok to do so? i dont fully understand the ramifications 🤷‍♂️17:43
ioriakinghat,  i think it keeps the last 8 logs and then rote/delete (not sure)17:43
pragmaticenigmakinghat: The reprocussions are not being able to go back far enough in time to see when a problem began occuring. How long as the system been running? Is it a home system, or something used for work?17:44
kinghati have a TON https://irc.kinghat.info/uploads/6b9d9e25a1c41056/image.png17:44
kinghatpragmaticenigma: home system17:45
pragmaticenigmakinghat: this install been in service for a long time?17:45
kinghatmore than a year for sure17:46
ioriakinghat, journalctl --verify17:46
pragmaticenigmaif it's been stable for that long, I see no issue with setting the configuration to maintain a smaller size17:46
kinghatheh now its verifying all those files, ioria17:47
ioriayep, maybe there was some corruptions kinghat17:47
kinghatpragmaticenigma: like 50M? 500M?17:47
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
kinghatioria: finished w/o reporting anything back17:49
pragmaticenigmakinghat: All I could say is the higher the number, the further back you can research. It's unique to your system though. 500M for me might get me 3 months, you might only get 3 hours17:49
ioriakinghat, so if you don't nned them for debugging purpose, you can vacuum it17:49
kinghatthanks for the insight guys!17:54
Monona1Hey there, I am looking for a timer I can use to log time spent on different projects.  Ideally it would be able to track a few different things and be persistent over logouts.  Any suggestions?18:08
EdFletcherT137Monona1: toggl.com18:10
Monona1EdFletcherT137: Looks good, have you used it?  I was hoping for something FLOSSy, but it looks like their basic plan is free (and works across platforms).18:16
tomreyn!ot | Monona1, EdFletcherT13718:16
ubottuMonona1, EdFletcherT137: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:16
ioriaMonona1, with systemd  you can use  .timer  units18:17
Monona1ioria: Thanks, that might be above my skill set a little.  But something to dig into...18:19
AngelKdehi Intelo18:32
Intelologrotate: the original mongod-new.log is 0 bytes. the .1 keeps increasing in size. What might be wrong?  https://pastebin.pl/view/eefa323518:34
seereIntelo: your mongod didn't close/reopenen it's logfile. Do you still see the process running?18:48
LaLaLarsHow is it possible for the dev team to force a broken Chromium snap in 19.10?18:48
LaLaLarsAre the .10 versions experimental versions?18:49
sarnoldLaLaLars: snaps exist separate from the releases18:49
LaLaLarssarnold: In 19.10 Chromium is forced snap.18:50
Inteloseere,  mongo is running and the log file ending .1 is increasing size18:50
sarnoldLaLaLars: yes, but more people are using the chromium snap on 18.04 than on 19.10 https://snapcraft.io/chromium18:50
Inteloseere,  the pid file is not there though18:50
sarnoldLaLaLars: please hit the 'contact canonical' link on that page and file a bug to describe what you're seeing18:51
LaLaLarssarnold: It makes no sense to contact Canonical, whith an error so basic, that you can not access files from within a browser18:54
Inteloseere,  where is pid?18:54
seereIntelo: you didn't tell your mongod to write one in your mongod.conf18:54
LaLaLarssarnold: that is default behaviour!18:54
Inteloseere,  line 14118:54
seereIntelo: Nope. That's for systemd to tell systemd where it could find it if needed, not for writing it. "The service manager will not write to the file configured here" (man systemd.service)18:56
Inteloseere, ok, how can I tell mongo ?18:56
seereIntelo: to get a pid file you need tell mongod to write it. https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/configuration-options/#processManagement.pidFilePath18:57
sarnoldLaLaLars: oh. I wonder if chromium can use the 'home' interface -- https://snapcraft.io/docs/interface-management -- try snap connect chromium:home :home   ?18:57
oerheksthat is chromium confinement, reinstall with the --classic option18:58
Inteloseere, ok but I don't know how to set param? should I do processManagement:   pidFilePath: /var/run/mongodb/mongo.pid ?19:00
Inteloseere,  just like line 101 https://pastebin.pl/view/eefa323519:01
seereIntelo: you mean 111?19:01
Inteloseere, yes19:02
Inteloseere, Is this correct? processManagement:19:04
Intelo  timeZoneInfo: /usr/share/zoneinfo19:04
Intelo  pidFilePath: /var/run/mongodb/mongod.pid19:04
Inteloseere, I think its right. Do I need a restart of mongo?19:07
Inteloseere,  I want to avoid it19:08
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Inteloseere, ExecStart=/usr/bin/mongod --config /etc/mongod.conf (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)19:11
seereIntelo: ask your logs why it won't start. Has the user mongod is running under the rights to write it's pid file where it should?19:17
PorpetinhaAnyone knows, how can I drop this packet using iptables? 16:47:23.520178 IP > UDP, length 019:48
Porpetinhausing -m lenght --lenght 0 doesn't intercept that19:48
oerhekswhat does this mean?  16:47:23.520178 IP > UDP, length 019:49
Porpetinhathis is a line of tcpdump19:50
mguyPorpetinha: the length isn't 019:51
mguythe udp and ip header are counted I believe19:51
PorpetinhaHmm, i see what you are saying19:51
mguytry 2819:51
Porpetinhaintercepting now19:52
Porpetinhamguy thanks!19:52
mguyyou're welcome19:52
oerheks!cookie | mguy19:52
ubottumguy: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:52
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LaLaLarssarnold: Thank you19:56
sarnoldLaLaLars: are things working now? which method did you use?19:58
LaLaLarssarnold: --classic.19:58
LaLaLarssarnold: still thinks a broken browser by default is a terrible desicion. This is Ubuntu not Gentoo19:59
LaLaLarssarnold: Oh, sorry --classic did not fix the problem... I'll just download the Chrome deb then20:03
sarnoldLaLaLars: hrm, what's --classic breaking? :(20:03
LaLaLarssarnold: after uninstall and snap install chromium --classic the browser is still confined.. Access denied e.g external drive20:04
ioriaLaLaLars, have you tried snap connect chromium:removable-media20:06
sarnoldLaLaLars: hrmph. I don't know snap well enough to know if --classic should have allowed that, or if you still need to connect interfaces to get to external storage20:06
oerheksioria +120:08
oerheksclassic would do the same as home:home i guess20:08
ioriaexternal drive20:09
LaLaLarsioria: Thank you! Solved the problem (for me..) I guess alot of users will strugle with this.20:10
ioriaLaLaLars, oky20:10
jeremieswhy netbeans doesn't support php20:11
jeremiessudo apt install netbeans20:11
ioriamaybe you need a plugin20:12
oerheksmaybe you need to use an other source? https://tecadmin.net/install-netbeans-ide-for-php-in-ubuntu/20:13
oerheksthis guide gives totally different screens https://php.tutorials24x7.com/blog/how-to-install-netbeans-11-for-php-on-ubuntu20:14
jeremiesyes but in apt says that it can be added support for php20:15
jeremies* in apt show netbeans20:15
oerhekslong time i used netbeans..20:15
ioriaSupport for PHP, Ruby, C/C++, Java EE and others can be added20:15
ioriajeremies, Tools -> Plugins -> Settings ?20:16
jeremiesioria: thanks!20:21
ioriajeremies, ok20:21
g105bHi Ubuntuers. My current PC is not compatible with Ubuntu 19.10. I upgraded from 19.04 and it was unusable. I blame the graphics card, which I probably could fix with some xorg nonsense, but I don't have time for that any more so I downgraded to 18.04 LTS and everything works fine. Now I'm ready to buy hardware for a new PC, how do I get the best20:21
g105bLinux compatibility? What do I even look for?20:21
ioriag105b, please details20:23
ioriag105b, if it works with 18.04 should work with 19.01020:24
leftyfbg105b: https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/cty/pdp/spd/xps-13-7390-laptop/cax13w10p1c606csu20:24
ioriag105b, sounds to me as a broken upgrade20:25
g105bioria: As soon as it is booted, everything lags. Mouse/keyboard input is unusably slow. This was off a fresh install with no other hardware plugged in other than what is absolutely necessary.20:25
ioriag105b, a fresh install of 19.10 ???20:25
leftyfbioria: I don't think they're asking to fix the old pc. They're asking what new pc to buy20:26
iorialeftyfb, yes, i got this but maybe a little hasty20:26
g105bYes, fresh install. I downloaded and installed it again because I thought I'd done something wrong. Same. Installing 18.04 works fine. I asked in here a few months ago, someone helped me diagnose the issue to be graphics card related (I have Nvidia Geforece GTX 970).20:27
ioriag105b, Maxwell wants Secure boot disabled ...20:27
leftyfbsecure boot should always be disabled regardless. Pointless tech20:28
ioriag105b, cpu and ram ?20:28
g105bI always disable secure boot.20:28
g105bIs there a way to detect the make of RAM?20:28
g105bIt's pretty standard stuff, but I'll clarify everything.20:28
ioriag105b, lscpu ;  free -m20:29
g105bIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz20:29
g105bMem:          15987        3546        8451         254        3988       1185720:29
ioriathat's good20:29
ioriag105b,  i don't see an issue ;  lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999920:30
g105bSo, is there no way to know what to buy? Is it just pot luck? No brands that are better Linux support than others?20:31
ioriag105b,  yes, nvidia driver  it's not ok20:32
g105bWhat do you mean not ok?20:32
g105bMy specific driver, or the one that ships with Ubuntu as standard?20:32
quadrathoch2g105b, it really depends on what you are looking for. as in desktop or laptop etc20:32
ioriag105b,  look if you want to buy new hw,  i don't want to wate your time ...20:33
pragmaticenigmag105b: As far as recommendations for machines, the best bet is to avoid bleeding edge stuff (like laptops with fancy extra displays in the mouse pad, or other keyboards that change colors). Just about any computer will run linux, the issues usually are realted to the newer stuff on the market that developers haven't figured out how to write drivers for20:33
g105bDesktop. I compile software some times, I boot into Windows every so often to render video (unless anyone can recommend a non-linear video editor that isn't After Effects that doesn't suck), that's about it.20:33
ioriag105b,  but that setup looks fine20:34
g105bpragmaticenigma: I am a total fan of computers without any fancy bleeding edge stuff, which is why I'm quite happy with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.20:34
ryuog105b: if you need recommendations, i can give you some detailed stuff in #ubuntu-offtopic20:34
g105bioria: It is fine, but not if I install a more modern Linux distribution.20:35
ioriaas you wish20:35
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g105bCuriously, my problems are not Ubuntu specific. In my frustration I downloaded and installed the latest Debian with whatever default Gnome stuff it ships with - same issue. Issue not present on Debian{latest version - 1}.20:36
pragmaticenigmag105b: From this channel, problematic machines often show up in the Acer family. I honestly feel the safer bets are priced midrange and have tech in them that's maybe a generation behind what's out on the market. Beyond that, it's hard to know what will work out of the box and what won't until you try. That's the benefit of a Live USB instance, at least you can test to see if it works before you jump in20:37
frank1ejust joined to say: I love Ubuntu20:37
pragmaticenigmaThat's great frank1e ... feel free to join us in #ubuntu-offtopic to tell us what you like most about Ubuntu!20:38
UndefinedIsNotAFI have a BTRFS filesystem which is too small20:38
UndefinedIsNotAFcan i do a snapshot and restore it on a bigger BTRFS partition?20:38
UndefinedIsNotAFHow i can remove all snapshots made manually and by snapper ?20:38
ryuopragmaticenigma: incidently, i wonder if it's related to the issue i observed with 19.10 on an Atom. GDM wouldn't even start. I traced the issue to a race condition of some kind with the GPU driver. the fix? include the i915 driver in early boot via initrd.20:38
pragmaticenigmaryuo: Not sure why you directed that me. And what you described is a completely different setup to what the other person is working with20:39
UndefinedIsNotAFplease help me im out of space :/20:40
ryuopragmaticenigma: well. it sounded like a similar nature. graphics that are seemingly unusable.20:40
pragmaticenigma!patience | UndefinedIsNotAF20:40
ubottuUndefinedIsNotAF: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/20:40
ryuobut w/e.20:40
UndefinedIsNotAFpragmaticenigma: what is patience?20:40
UndefinedIsNotAFpragmaticenigma: i cannot be patient, im out of space, and my computer can freeze at any time ://20:41
g105bPipe all new commands to /dev/null20:41
pragmaticenigmag105b: That's not appropriate, please don't do that20:41
g105bAs long as you don't need to read the files again, it's a perfect solution.20:41
UndefinedIsNotAFg105b: i can do rm -rf /opt > /dev/null ?20:42
g105bYou could, but then there may be more questions than answers.20:42
vertex_sound1Hello to everyone! I'm want to reset audio in Ubuntu 18.04 to default and I'm instructed to do that with this line:  " sudo aptitude --purge reinstall linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils linux-image-`uname -r` linux-ubuntu-modules-`uname -r` libasound2 " . But, Terminal tells me that there is no aptitude command, than I cannot use auto-apt, than after I tried apt-get tels me that it doesn't understands --purge. So, does anyone knows is it better20:53
vertex_sound1to do a --purge without reinstall and after that reinstall or to go with reinstall without --purge, or if there's some other better way to set audio stuff to default?20:53
tsarompyvertex_sound1 just install aptitude and try it again20:55
tsarompysudo apt-get install aptitude20:55
vertex_sound1ok people thank you20:55
vertex_sound1I've installed aptitude and tried that line but it tels me that "--purge" is invalid option and that only "--purge-unsed" is valid. Is that ok?21:03
pcworldTrying to upgrade Ubuntu 19.04 to 19.10. I get the following error, almost sounds like the do-release-upgrade scripts might be broken:21:08
pcworld  File "/tmp/ubuntu-release-upgrader-lqlvwo3z/DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeController.py", line 1233, in doDistUpgradeFetching21:08
pcworld    self.cache._fetch_archives(self.fetcher, pm)21:08
pcworldTypeError: _fetch_archives() missing 1 required positional argument: 'allow_unauthenticated'21:08
sarnoldhey pcworld -- that's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/186060621:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1860606 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "TypeError: _fetch_archives() missing 1 required positional argument: 'allow_unauthenticated'" [Undecided,New]21:08
vertex_sound1I've tried --purge-unsed man and it tells me: "--purge-unsed command not found"?21:09
pcworldsarnold: reported "6 minutes ago"? Is this a very recent bug because do-release-upgrade downloads some tarball and runs scripts from that?21:11
sarnoldpcworld: if my hunch is correct, it's a consequence of this https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-January/005282.html21:12
pcworldah, that's possible, do-release-upgrade required me to install updates before and that package was one of them21:13
pcworldsarnold: yeah that's it, I diffed the python-apt versions and 1.8.5 introduced a new parameter `allow_unauthenticated` to `_fetch_archives`. I suppose `False` should be passed there.21:34
davr0sanyone know off hand if 'intellij-idea' (IDE) is available in the ubuntu repositories - i'm seeing forum Q's saying "it is", but not finding it (eg apt-cache search, ..)21:41
hggdhdavr0s: might be available as a snap. I, at least, have PyCharm and CLion from snaps21:43
davr0syeah i'm seeing forums talk about snap, they say so21:44
oerhekshttps://snapcraft.io/intellij-idea-community  and https://snapcraft.io/intellij-idea-ultimate21:44
davr0sok snap is already installed.21:44
pcworldSo as a workaround I just made do-release-upgrade continue by changing the signature of _fetch_archives in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/apt/cache.py to include a default value for the new parameter: allow_unauthenticated=False21:44
davr0si'd not heard of snap until 5 mins ago, so its just another package manager? working across many distros?21:46
davr0sdoes it "play well" with apt?21:46
CodeMouse92davr0s: It doesn't "play" with any of the package managers. Snap is basically containerized21:46
CodeMouse92Brings the desired program *and every single dependency with it* and runs it in a sandbox21:47
davr0sthere's no duplication of stuff (shared libraries used by both or what)21:47
CodeMouse92davr0s: There's...some.21:47
CodeMouse92davr0s: But, snap doesn't use any of the system libraries AFAIK21:47
CodeMouse92Two snaps might share something (more likely they won't), but none of them have access to anything managed by the system package manager21:48
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oerheksdavr0s, you can install both versions21:53
oerheks -community & -ultimate21:53
davr0sjust got -community installed. i'm about  to look for the rust plugin..21:54
__Myst__alright. i'm back. i'm on 19.10 now! how do i get libclang.a?21:54
oerheks__Myst__, didn't leftyfb told you it does not exist anymore in 18.04 ( and possibly up? ) <leftyfb> oerheks: I just did a search, the file libclang.a doesn't seem to exist in Ubuntu 18.0421:55
__Myst__oerheks: yeah, great, but i need it21:55
__Myst__what's wrong with static linkage?21:55
leftyfb__Myst__: it doesn't exist in ubuntu. You'll have to find another, unsupported source for it21:56
CodeMouse92__Myst__: Nothing's "wrong" with static linkage. There's just a general dislike of having multiple copies of the same library code scattered across multiple projects; so we dynamically link. (I prefer static myself, but all my deps are small)21:57
__Myst__leftyfb: why do you consider it unsupported?22:01
leftyfb__Myst__: because we can only support packages/software/files that are available from the official ubuntu repositories22:02
__Myst__leftyfb: yeah, sure, but compiling from source seems like a valid solution22:03
oerhekswas this part of libclang-622:03
leftyfboerheks: looks like it was in ibclang-3.7-dev as part of xenial22:04
oerheksah, i could not find it there, thanks22:04
leftyfb__Myst__: we cannot support compiling 3rd party applications from source here. We also cannot support you finding a file which isn't available in ubuntu anymore22:04
__Myst__leftyfb: i find it very strange that static linking has been made this hard :\22:07
sparrmy wireless card seems to have disappeared after a reboot. it's been a while since I rebooted so I'm not sure what all might have changed. I am on a Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu 19.10 installed (upgrade from the OEM 18.04), kernel 4.15.0-1066. I am not entirely sure what wifi card I have.22:08
oerheks19.10 gives kernel 5.3 ??22:09
da_loraxHow do I change the name of a wifi interface in 18.04 server using netplan?22:09
da_loraxideally via a mac address match22:10
da_loraxfor some reason it oscillates between wlp[693]s0 every few boots22:10
leftyfbda_lorax: try installing biosdevname22:11
leftyfbda_lorax: or use a udev rule22:11
da_loraxdoes that mean I can't rename it using netplan?22:11
da_loraxI'd rather mess with fewer things22:12
leftyfbI don't know if you can. I don't see why that would be a feature of netplan though. It wasn't with ifupdown22:12
da_loraxit is for ethernets22:12
da_lorax(it also is for systemd-networkd, which netplan uses)22:12
da_loraxI'm a bit confused as to why it's there too, but if it's there I'd rather do it all in one place22:13
leftyfbda_lorax: did you try it with netplan?22:15
da_loraxit doesn't let me put a match: macaddress: clause under 'wifis'22:15
da_loraxit also doesn't let me put the same interface under both wifis and ethernets22:15
da_lorax(netplan apply fails)22:15
leftyfbmind you, it's not renaming it. It's setting an alias based on the mac address. I'm pretty sure the original interface name still exists22:15
da_lorax'ip link' shows the ones I assign22:16
da_loraxwhich is good enough for me22:16
Betalthere is any tip how I can turn on a projector using serial rs232?22:16
leftyfb!ot | Betal22:16
ubottuBetal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:16
Betalleftyfb: how is this offtopic?22:16
da_loraxcat "whatever" > /dev/tty<Your serial port>, where 'whatever' is somewhere in your projector's manual22:16
Betalda_lorax: I see a ton of tty*, any tip how I can detect the correct one?22:17
leftyfbBetal: it has nothing to do with ubuntu. It might be somewhat related to linux (not really. The same serial solution would work on almost any OS), but certainly isn't specific to Ubuntu. Most of your issue is hardware related.22:17
sparrdkms exists so that modules can be built for arbitrary kernels, right? I installed backport-iwlwifi-dkms and it build a driver that I can't load because of "Exec format error". Might I have missed a step?22:19
leftyfbBetal: if the projector in question is already plugged into your computer via serial, then the next issue is figuring out what signals to send to the projector to get it to do what you want. Absolutely nothing to do with ubuntu. Contact the manufacturer of the projector for support.22:20
Betalleftyfb: but my question is how to send the given signals using Ubuntu, that is what da_lorax said22:20
da_loraxcheck /dev/serial/by-id/22:21
da_loraxdepends on if it's usb serial (and what brand/driver) or actual serial22:21
da_loraxrun dmesg and search for things related to ttys22:21
leftyfbBetal: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/117037/how-to-send-data-to-a-serial-port-and-see-any-answer22:22
da_loraxyou can experiment with picocom (or nanocom) but figuring out what to send and at what baud is gonna be projector-specific and should be in the manual22:22
Betalda_lorax, leftyfb: thanks, ill check/search this info22:25
sparroerheks: I'm afraid to try upgrading from the oem kernel, but I guess it's worth a shot22:27
vlmif not running any de,no other third party drivers installed is it possible to pull root drive of an computer with ubuntu and put it in any other and boot as normal?22:40
sarnoldvlm: probably; you may want to rebuild the initramfs pretty quick, to get CPU microcode updates installed for the new processor22:41
tomreynif the other computer is the same machine architecture, also doesn't need proprietary drivers and boots in the same mode, i'd say yes22:42
tomreyn...and meets the minimum hardware requirements, too22:42
vlmnice thanks all!22:42
sparroerheks: wish me luck, and not too many drivers to find/install/build/fix, with a reboot into 5.3!23:05

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