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astraljavaOk, this random screenlocking glitch is really causing loss of productivity now. Is there someone here who could help in debugging the issue further?09:06
astraljavaIs it worthwhile to do any bughunting, or recommended to switch to xscreensaver, still? 09:07
JackFrostAre you using light-locker or xfce4-screensaver?09:10
astraljavaI checked that the latter is the only thing installed on my machine.09:14
astraljavaI have tried to parse logs that I can think of, but there's no sign of any entries. Or at least anything so direct that I could spot it.09:16
brainwashastraljava: caused by having a second monitor?10:09
brainwashastraljava: there is a patch here https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16327#c810:10
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 16327 in General "Screen being locked at random even if device is being used and not idle" [Normal,New]10:10
astraljavabrainwash: I dunno, it has happened at least once without, but yeah I do use an external monitor every once in a while. Cheers, I'll check that out.10:24
astraljavaWell, this is much fun. At first, that bug seemed to match. I wanted to test this, so I headed to Screensaver settings. To my surprise, it was set off. :o11:11
astraljavaBut what's even funnier, the minute count there still stands, meaning even if the screensaver is set off, it will still fire and lock the screen as mentioned in the settings.11:11
astraljavaYep, if I set lock screen to not follow screensaver, the screen only blanks. Though I set the screensaver theme as Random, from Blank, so there's that, too. :D11:14
astraljavaSheesh, talk about one broken product.11:14
astraljavaStill need to test that 5 minute marker separately, but that's for later as now I gotta work some.11:15
brainwashthe screensaver/locker business is a cruel one11:23
astraljavaIt's nasty, when you want to double check that your screen won't turn black during presentations. You switch it off, but alas, it won't be hindered with such mere lackluster efforts.11:48
astraljavaHmm.. another worry. Suddenly one of my xfce4-terminal windows stopped receiving keystrokes. Everything else worked, I could minimize it, use menus etc. Just wouldn't type.12:43

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