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TechPupi have a question13:58
TechPupcan my PC run lubuntu13:59
TechPupClient: HexChat 2.12.4 • OS: Unknown Distro • CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.86GHz (1.87GHz) • Memory: 968.8 MiB Total (887.1 MiB Free) • Storage: 6.4 GB / 13.1 GB (6.7 GB Free) • VGA: 8086:2592 @ 8086:2590 • Uptime: 56m 56s13:59
lubot<Rudra Bali> Yup, it can14:01
lubot<Rudra Bali> Although it might be unusable14:01
lubot<Rudra Bali> Try Puppy Linux14:01
TechPupi already have14:01
TechPupbut i want a version of ubuntu14:02
lubot<Rudra Bali> Ah, you can try Lubuntu then14:02
lubot<Rudra Bali> Linux Lite14:02
lubot<Rudra Bali> Lubuntu's better14:02
TechPuplinux lite?14:02
lubot<teward001> ignore that.  Lubuntu should be tested on your environment :P14:02
lubot<Rudra Bali> Yeah14:02
lubot<Rudra Bali> Shouldn't have mentioned it14:02
TechPupthx for your help14:02
lubot<teward001> That said, with only 13.1GB of disk space available on your system, you're going to have long term storage problems14:03
lubot<Rudra Bali> Yup14:03
lubot<teward001> and with < 1GB RAM you may run into issues in the long term with upgrades and newer functionality14:03
lubot<Rudra Bali> and don't try running Chrome14:03
TechPupfuck chrome14:03
lubot<Rudra Bali> It takes 4GB of ram on my system14:03
lubot<teward001> please watch your language here TechPup14:03
lubot<Rudra Bali> Horrible!14:03
lubot<teward001> !language14:03
diogenes_with that RAM don't use firefox but palemoon.14:03
ubottuPlease avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:03
tewardstupid bot14:03
TechPuperrr guys14:04
lubot<Rudra Bali> @ubottu [<ubottu> Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including a …], What to do about this!14:04
lubot<Rudra Bali> @TechPup [<TechPup> errr guys], Yeah?14:04
TechPupi want to run minecraft14:04
lubot<aptghetto> Isn't RAM there to be used? And if there is a lot of RAM, why should Firefox or Chrome not use it?14:04
lubot<Rudra Bali> @TechPup [<TechPup> i want to run minecraft], Don't try it!14:05
lubot<Rudra Bali> @aptghetto [Isn't RAM there to be used? And if there is a lot of RAM, why should Firefox or …], Only 1GB14:05
lubot<Rudra Bali> And 14GB Storage14:05
lubot<aptghetto> And? 1 GB is enough14:05
lubot<Rudra Bali> It's too less14:05
lubot<Rudra Bali> Expect slowdowns14:05
lubot<aptghetto> You should not open dozens of tabs14:06
lubot<Rudra Bali> I keep about 36 totally14:06
lubot<Rudra Bali> :)14:06
TechPupi only need 4 or 214:06
lubot<tbs61> cant he use flash disk for help ram? at least while playing miecraft?14:06
MetamorphosisHe already has puppy but can't install certain software like Flatpack, snap and appimage14:07
lubot<Rudra Bali> I know, but even 2 take 500MB out of 16 Gigs14:07
lubot<Rudra Bali> @Metamorphosis [<Metamorphosis> He already has puppy but can't install certain software like Fla …], I know14:07
TechPupi will send you what i want14:07
lubot<teward001> @tbs61 [cant he use flash disk for help ram? at least while playing miecraft?], that won't guarantee any improvement - using a flash disk to help RAM is basically saying "Use Swap"14:07
lubot<Rudra Bali> Yup14:08
lubot<Rudra Bali> And even slower!14:08
lubot<teward001> yep14:08
Metamorphosisfor example he wants to install https://www.openra.net/ on his Ubuntu based puppy. If you know a workaround help him14:08
lubot<teward001> even with SSDs holding Swap on it, it's still slower than the RAM speeds.14:08
lubot<tbs61> slover but edible14:08
lubot<Rudra Bali> Gonna be too slow14:09
TechPupwith 30 fps i am good14:09
lubot<tbs61> flash disk is much faster than hdd14:09
lubot<Rudra Bali> Nah, it isn't14:09
lubot<tbs61> @@14:09
lubot<Rudra Bali> @TechPup [<TechPup> with 30 fps i am good], It's not gonna work14:10
lubot<teward001> @tbs61 [flash disk is much faster than hdd], RAM is faster than ${INSERT_ANY_DISK_MEDIUM_HERE}14:10
lubot<Rudra Bali> Too less14:10
lubot<Rudra Bali> @teward001 [RAM is faster than ${INSERT_ANY_DISK_MEDIUM_HERE}], Yup!14:10
lubot<teward001> SSD, Flash Disks, HDD, etc.14:10
lubot<teward001> all thsoe are slower than RAM14:10
lubot<Rudra Bali> Ram's the best!14:10
lubot<aptghetto> I use only cpu registers14:10
lubot<tbs61> ofc ram s fastest, but we try to help ram here, even if it s slow for helping it we may choose that way14:11
lubot<Rudra Bali> If you have a lot of RAM, use ramdisks14:11
lubot<Rudra Bali> Just an example of ram14:11
lubot<Rudra Bali> not applicable in this case, though14:11
TechPupsorry i was AFK14:12
lubot<Rudra Bali> Don't try making a ramdisk of swap, though14:13
TechPup i was AFK14:13
TechPupi want hexchat, wireless interface for wifi, sound support or driver,14:14
lubot<Rudra Bali> Don't try such apps like hexchat14:15
lubot<Rudra Bali> Too slow!14:15
TechPupi want to have contact with other users of puppy linux14:15
lubot<tbs61> i guess its been too long to remember for you guys how it feels to use old machine, even if it s slow being able to do something more feels so good, i had 1 gb ram and about 1-2 gb swap, thanks to swap i could play games, win7 already consumed most ram i had but with swap i could play games cuz system sent some datas that i dont use whi14:15
lubotle loading game datas which s newer for system, even thought going back to desktop was hard system was running, even thought it was slow i prefered that gladly14:15
TechPupi want to have contact with other users of puppy linux14:15
lubot<Rudra Bali> Don't try it on a slow system14:17
lubot<Rudra Bali> Or use command-line version14:17
TechPupsend me the download link14:17
lubot<Rudra Bali> https://hexchat.github.io/downloads.html14:18
TechPupthx mate14:18
lubot<Rudra Bali> No worries :)14:18
TechPupwhere is lubuntu14:19
lubot<Rudra Bali> lubuntu.me14:19
lubot<Rudra Bali> not lubuntu.ne14:19
lubot<Rudra Bali> lubuntu.net14:20
TechPupbtw guys if you see someone called techpupmobile is me14:20
lubot<Rudra Bali> Ah, I'm on Telegram14:20
lubot<Rudra Bali> But will log into freenode14:20
TechPupI MISS LUBUNTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:22
lubot<Rudra Bali> :)14:22
lubot<Rudra Bali> Great!14:22
lubot<Rudra Bali> Issue?14:23
bannedi outsmarted drone14:26
bannedis me TechPup14:26
banneddrone dont mess with me14:28
lubot<Rudra Bali> You name is appearing as banned14:28
lubot<Rudra Bali> *your14:28
lubot<Rudra Bali> Is the bot recognizing you as banned, TechPup?14:29
bannedlol i outsmarted your bots14:32
TechPupyes i can still text14:32
TechPupbanned off14:32
geniiTechPup: The bot onl quieted you for 3 minutes14:32
bannedas you wish14:32
lubot<Rudra Bali> Uh oh14:33
lubot<Rudra Bali> He's back banned14:33
TechPupno banned was me14:33
TechPupi used banned to trick the system14:33
lubot<Rudra Bali> Ah :)14:34
TechPupyour bots didnt reconize me14:34
TechPupbots: who are you14:34
TechPupme: a friend14:34
TechPupbots: ok have fun14:35
TechPup 14:40
TechPup 14:40
TechPup 14:40
TechPup 14:40
TechPup 14:40
TechPup 14:40
TechPupsorry i forgot14:43
lubot<TheLimeRunner> TechPup please stop spamming in this channel. If you have a legitimate support request please ask, otherwise move to the offtopic channel.14:47
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TechPupdo you want to join my channel14:56
tewardadvertising other channels is a no-no here14:58
tewardcc: dax for reasons14:59
TechPupjust asked14:59
TechPupwhy did you kicked me15:01
TechPupi know ways to get around the system15:01
geniiTechPup: Because you're being a nuisance on many different channels, and were already told to stop spamming in this one.15:03
geniiTechPup: If you persist, an actual ban will follow15:03
TechPupok sorry.....15:03
TechPupbut a little warning for you dont get me on aggresive mode again k?15:04
geniiTechPup: Veiled threats are also not welcome.15:24
mat_czhello all!15:42
mat_czi have quick question; i just installed lubuntu 18.04 at asus c300 chromebook15:43
mat_czbut i dont have sound on it. i tried with pulseaudio, nothing happend, i tired with alsa but it was stubborn with setting HDMI as default device15:44
mat_czi blacklisted at in modprobe.d/blacklist.conf the snd_hda_intel, and still nothing15:45
mat_czcan someone please tell me what else i can try?15:45
akemmat_cz, Try with alsamixer, see if you can swith to internal instead of HDMI.15:45
lubot<Rudra Bali> https://www.reddit.com/r/Lubuntu/comments/d6rc2u/installed_lubuntu_onto_asus_c300m_chromebook_no/15:46
lubot<Rudra Bali> Exactly your issue about audio15:46
mat_cznow, after blacklisting snd_hda_intel i cannot run alsamixer (there is no such file or directory)15:46
akemYou need to install it first: "apt install alsa-utils", but thet link Rudra Bali posted may have more infos.15:47
mat_czthere is no answer15:47
mat_czjust question15:47
lubot<Rudra Bali> Ah I found that one15:48
lubot<Rudra Bali> Thought it might be of use15:48
mat_czakem: alsa-utils is already the newest version (1.1.3-1ubuntu1).15:48
lubot<Rudra Bali> Open up a terminal window and type' sudo alsa force-unload' to kill the audio services … Replace the system’s sound config file with the downloaded version: … Type sudo cp ~/Downloads/asound.state /var/lib/alsa … Reboot your Chromebook15:48
akemmat_cz, Hm, it should be there, try: locate alsamixer | grep bin15:50
lubot<Rudra Bali> https://gist.github.com/jeremy-breidenbach/92fc648ed2590ff9cd3a0ae57ed98e4a15:51
mat_czakem: /usr/bin/alsamixer15:52
mat_czmaybe because i blacklisted main card?15:52
lubot<Rudra Bali> ??15:52
akemmat_cz, Nop, type: "/usr/bin/alsamixer"; but there is something wrong with your path maybe, just typing "alsamixer" should work.15:53
mat_czRudra Bali: give me few minutes and ill try15:53
mat_cznie udało się otworzyć miksera: Nie ma takiego pliku ani katalogu15:54
lubot<Rudra Bali> ??15:55
mat_czcouldnt open alsamixer: there is no such file or cataloug15:55
lubot<Rudra Bali> Couldn't understand a word of it15:55
lubot<Rudra Bali> Type the following:15:55
lubot<Rudra Bali> sudo apt purge alsa-utils15:55
lubot<Rudra Bali> sudo apt install alsa-utils15:56
mat_czok, i reboot15:56
mat_czwait please15:56
mat_czok, im back16:03
mat_czhttps://pastebin.pl/view/421a95cd just before changinf asound.state16:04
lubot<Rudra Bali> Worked?16:04
mat_czalsamixergui; alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory16:05
mat_czRudra Bali: nope, still no sound16:05
akemYou need to reload the alsa drivers before running alsamixer.16:05
mat_czat this github is information about linux 4.4 and then it worked16:05
lubot<Rudra Bali> https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/alsamixer-function-snd_ctl_open-failed-for-default-no-such-file-or-directory-157454/16:06
akemYou should ve tried alsamixer first.16:06
mat_czakem: still the same, no such file or directory16:06
akemmat_cz, Ok, weird.16:06
lubot<Rudra Bali> @Rudra Bali [https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/alsamixer-function-snd_c …], Have you checked this one?16:07
mat_czakem: https://pastebin.pl/view/3d30912b16:10
lubot<Rudra Bali> Ah, I can't understand16:11
mat_czRudra Bali: still the same, /usr/bin/alsamixer not such file or direcotry16:12
lubotJoaoGri was added by: JoaoGri16:12
akemTry: 'export LANG="en_US.UTF-8"'; cause we don't understand .pl or whatever the language.16:13
mat_czive deleted blackilisting of snd_hda_... and i ll check now16:13
akemmat_cz, Try the full path /usr/bin/alsamixer.16:14
akemLooks like there's something wrong with your path too.16:14
akem"file /usr/bin/alsamixer"16:14
mat_czakem: /usr/bin/alsamixer: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib64/l, for GNU/Linux 2.6.32, BuildID[sha1]=4465385f9bfa7e743f9859e728081fb199aa6e72, stripped16:16
lubot<Rudra Bali> Download ALSA from here https://www.alsa-project.org/wiki/Download16:16
akemmat_cz, Try as root: "/usr/bin/alsamixer" and try to play some audio as root too, just to see if it's not permissions issue. Like audio group etc.16:17
mat_czwhen i loaded snd_hda_intel alsamixer works without full path16:17
akemWith VLC for example.16:17
lubot<Rudra Bali> @mat_cz [<mat_cz> when i loaded snd_hda_intel alsamixer works without full path], Great!16:17
mat_czRudra Bali: but stil hdmi is default output16:18
akemCheck F616:18
mat_czakem: i chosen Card: chtmax9809016:22
mat_czbut still no sound16:22
akemTried as root? can you adjust the volume too?16:23
mat_czi added user to audio group but still no sound16:25
lubot<Rudra Bali> but did it work as root?16:25
mat_czakem: i muted headphones, and set full voulem for speakers and still nothing16:26
mat_czokey, can someont tell mi why if i blackilst hdmi modul alsamixer wont work? even if i have speakers16:31
akemDon't mute anything, set the volume up, and try to play sound with VLC and also youtube in the browser for ex.16:31
akemI would also try to plug the HDMI just to see if it works via HDMI.16:32
mat_czunfortunetly i dont have hdmi with me now16:32
akemHa ok.16:32
mat_czokey, i need to go16:32
mat_czill be here tomorrow to play a little bit more with it16:32
mat_czhave a nice day/evening16:33
akemTake care, bye.16:33
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mat_czsee you all, and thank you for help and time :) I appreciate16:33
lubot<Rudra Bali> Bye :)16:34
lubot<Rudra Bali> Take care16:34
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Bunkerganoosham I allowed to speak here?20:18
BunkerganooshI guess so......please disregard.....20:19
diogenes_Bunkerganoosh, ok20:19
MetamorphosisHello, would you guys please unban TechPup? He is a fellow user in #puppylinux and he spammed a bit here, but he is only 11 yo and he says he is sorry for doing so.20:22
wxlMetamorphosis: he spammed *terribly* so and made threats to boot20:23
Metamorphosiswxi Considering his little age and the fact that he regrets doing so, I think he can be pardoned as the admins at #puppylinux did so too.20:24
wxlMetamorphosis: his age does not excuse him from consequences. he needs to take responsibility and not have others come in to do his work for him. he can email a formal request to lubuntu-council@lists.ubuntu.com20:25
MetamorphosisThank you.20:26
akem11 yo on Freenode?20:26
wxlit's not unheard of20:26
wxlthis is why (among other reasons) we try to keep the language polite, although this particular individual violated that very early in his appearance in this channel20:27
akemHm, maybe but it must be rare.20:27
akemNot much kids on Freenode usually.20:27
wxli would say that there are an ever increasing number of them20:27
wxl(juvenilles at least)20:27
MetamorphosisYeah, with Coronavirus around, I see too many bored adolescents joining IRC.20:28
wxli was speaking outside of that context, from observations over the past few years20:28
BunkerganooshWhat about all that fancy "social media" the kids are into these days?20:29
BunkerganooshThey're doing the twitter, the face-book, and that new tick-tock.20:30
wxlit's not just the kids. you can pretty much age a person based on their social media usage20:30
daxwhat age am i if i don't have any social media usage20:30
wxldax: geriatric.20:30
Bunkerganooshyou have one foot in the grave, dax20:30
daxi think your heuristic's missing the paranoid millenial demographic20:31
wxlthey still probably use some combination of signal, whatsapp, wickr, telegram, or the like20:31
wxlalthough there's that little tiny flip phone contingent, but they're likely to get pushed back to smartphones given the rise of 5g and the fall of 3g20:32
Bunkerganooshyeah, really.....i had to get a new phone when 2G went away20:33
MetamorphosisMost of the juvenile population are into social media services like Facebook, instagram and Snapchat. I like it when I see a 11 YO tries to install Linux and learn commands.20:34
wxldax: actually i think the key in figuring you out is knowing whether or not you have used a rotary and/or pulse phone more than once and/or whether or not you've used dialup20:34
daxi've used all of those things and im a millenial :s20:34
wxlMetamorphosis: i don't disagree with you. as long as they play nice with everyone else. i mean, i like it when an 11 year old goes to the library and tries to read books but if they run down the ailes screaming, naw.20:35
wxldax: in that case, you're just weird20:35
daxmy generation's age 24 to 39 now, it's not *that* young20:35
wxli guess if you're on the tail end there, perhaps it makes sense20:35
Bunkerganooshi used to browse the library at that age20:36
wxlMetamorphosis: mind a pm?20:41
theMetamorphosiswxl sorry I was disconnected. Sure20:47
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lubot<HMollerCl> @wxl [<wxl> dax: in that case, you're just weird], outlier20:55
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