parrotloverIt's Will O... I have now 5.4 kernel booting android with 10.0 samsung driver blobs being reworked and rebuilt into the kernel after being extracting during the build process. on one device i have what appears to be full hardware support, specifically the S10+, but no other devices have gotten enough attention for HAL-HAL to have been tested for working with. It also works with the 9.0 stock blobs and I have00:34
parrotlovereverything but radio working on S9 and S7... Everything is buggy but all hardware is working enough that I can do basic tests. I have bricked 17 devices this week00:34
parrotloverIt's not usable, because buggy as hell, but I'm chatting on it with Enlightenment and hexchat right now because I don't own a personal computer anymore00:36
parrotloverif anyone has a 1tb S10+ I can post an image but you can't revert to android and if your flash interupts or fails it bricks your $1650 phone, and the warranty bit obviously gets set.00:39
parrotloverI only have 1tb model images right now... It also works with Unity8 and all the ways UT does, because my goal was to make UT except the way I thought was better that everyone said I couldn't do, but it's also able to run any distro, and I even got ahold of Samsungs compilers for Exynos 9 SoCs00:41
ikmaakeverybody, congrats with the pre-order! I will be the proud owner of a great UBPort phone!19:08
parrotloverikmaak, Ubports phone.... which device?23:12
parrotloverI would love to see Ubports have a fully working retail modern powerful23:12
parrotlover device23:12
ikmaakthe pinephone-ubports edition: https://www.pine64.org/2020/04/02/pinephone-ubports-community-edition-pre-orders-now-open/23:13
parrotloverOh, nice23:13
parrotloverI will totally buy one23:13
ikmaaki already did :)23:13
ikmaaki already have the braveheart version, and it is an amazing device23:13
parrotloverI have a unstable and device bricking s10+ port I made that is pretty nice and I'm proud of, but I bricked 19 S10+ in 8 days of work23:14
ikmaakthank you. those 19 devices that you bricked are a small price to debrick the official ones :)23:15
parrotloverikmaak, It's a process that is slowly fixing problems and costing me money but I have no issue dealing with the cost to make my project perfect23:16
parrotloverI really want Ubports to adopt my work when it's ready to use in any way that is safe and doesn't brick devices and can be safely maintained and reflashed and restored to android capable device... Right now it's a non-alpha but semi working Linux/GNU system with no Android components at all23:17
parrotloverI was told my ideas were not wanted when I tried to be UT dev but I didn't give up I just did it myself and that means years and years of work because I'm only one person23:18
parrotloverI am probably 2 years away from an alpha testing batch to be given to app developers and users who will hunt for bugs... And that's being optimistic23:19
ikmaakparrotlover: do not get distracted by people not wanting to accept you doing the right thing :)23:19
parrotloverikmaak, that's why I left and did it myself, but I am no where near ready to give people the images which run on $1650 phones that aren't stable and have no warranty and are already outdated by 1 generation23:20
ikmaakyou just have to wait some superficial "generations", and your work will be golden23:21
parrotloverikmaak, it's a pipe dream23:21
parrotloverbut I won't give up23:21
parrotloverI think eventually I will succeed if I don't die first23:21
ikmaakas soon as samzung bricks them, they will all be yours for the taking :)23:21
ikmaakthey will break them, just like their other older models23:22
parrotloverI chose samsung specifically because everyone said samsung was the most impossible to work with devices and I would never make it work... I like projects that people say aren't possible or aren't realistic, and I am no expert in anything at all but I invest years, sometimes decades, into learning skills to complete projects I devote myself to23:23
parrotloverI just am very dedicated and hard to lose motivation for23:23
ikmaaka pinephone will die if the hw dies, it is using mainline, no strange layers inbetween, so support will be as long as mainline23:24
ikmaaki personally think your work is worthwile as in 3 years samzung considers them trash, all 200? million of them. and if you do not work on them, they will be.23:25
parrotloverikmaak, my goal is to support every device with 6.0.1 or later support and keep it maintained and worked on23:26
ikmaaknice. that is a lot of prevented bricks :)23:26
parrotloverThe main thing that is really awesome is it uses tensorflow to use AI for keyboard that provides better than Gboard functionality in every way, and uses the UT keyboard with custom QML API for tensorflow23:26
parrotloverikmaak, I bricked so many because I've been dealing with clocks and voltages and OC/UC and turbo mode and power save mode and such... I'm doing work that literally requires testing to see if it bricks and then trying again and hoping I fixed it23:27
parrotloverI have 5 devices in torture testing right now with the code that was bricking my devices before23:27
ikmaakthe sad thing is at the moment that if you buy a phone today, you need to wait for years till the manufacturer gives up on it, and then you can finally use it... if ever.23:28
parrotloverthey have been bootstrap compiling GCC 8 constantly while rendering complex static 3d images from models and textures at maximum possible rate23:28
ikmaakbut are you trying to mainline your solution?23:29
parrotloveryes, I have submitted a number of PR's to Linux kernel and plan tonight to begin other PR requests for other things. I wanted originally to do this for profit, but I no longer have a need to make income from a project so niche and small23:29
parrotloverI have too much money to care about making a few thousand a month at most if adopted and trusted23:30
ikmaakgreat! thank you, thank you!23:30
ikmaakif it is not on its way to mainline, its on its way to being forgotten.23:31
parrotloverikmaak, unfortunately a lot of the upstream commits will take a long time to get into production stable builds and I'm pretty sure many will be rejected requiring better standards than my current system has23:31
ikmaakis there a way to improve your standards?23:31
ikmaakkernel driver always take too much time23:31
parrotloverikmaak, the standards right now are to perfect the code, but linux kernel and gcc have very strict standards that I get about 50-75% rejection rate with instructions on what to fix before it's accepted23:32
ikmaaksounds reasonable23:32
parrotloverI will improve to meet standards based on rejection feedback and resubmit while also improving my own stuff at same time23:32
parrotloverbut I think to commit all my work over the years will itself take years23:33
ikmaakbetter than the MS method of saying "no" without explanation23:33
parrotloverMS sucks23:33
ikmaaki think your accepance level will improve by their teachings as well23:33
parrotloverikmaak, I'm always getting better, but I do too many different things to be an expert in any one field23:34
ikmaakin a way they train you to know better :)23:34
ikmaakand to train a new generation23:34
parrotloverI learn very specific usage skills based on my goals and don't study any one field in full capacity unless I need every part of it for the project I am working on23:34
parrotloverI only learn things i need to do my goals usually23:34
ikmaaki try to work togeter with someone in any field of interest, so they can get in, and i can get out again, without abandoning my archievements23:35
parrotloverikmaak, I would do that if anyone else was as able to do what I want as me. Usually I'm told the things I want to do are impossible... Those are the ideas I really commit to23:36
ikmaakthis way i can get motivvated growth in my goals, and get people a good way to get into my interests, even if i move on23:36
parrotloverI love solving impossible tasks. I love creating theories, defining technology needed to develop the theory, experimenting with different ways to implement it, perfect it over time, and finally put it together and then I have to start over with a new project or refactor huge parts of it23:37
ikmaaki have a number of those people, and try to find one in each part of my interests. this way i can start the project, and educate my colleague23:37
ikmaakafter that i get out, and the person has a job/speciality23:37
ikmaakand i can get in, and get up to speed faster again if i need to, as they can tell me what happened since i left23:38
parrotloverI can't find anyone who I feel is as committed and capable of inventing things themselves from theories and the requirements of those theories, and I am a researcher and theorist more than a developer, but I do develop things I've just never completed a serious goal yet, but I have 3 serious long term projects 2 are expected to be ready in under 10 years and the 1 bigger one is going to take 20 if I am lucky23:38
ikmaakso even if the work initially doesn't go as fast because of all the explaining, it has more longevity, and easier to foolow up on23:39
ikmaaki use more than one person, one for each interest/job. then they can also cooperate, as they all know they can trust my selections23:40
parrotloverI can't find anyone who I feel is as committed and capable of inventing things themselves from theories and the requirements of those theories, and I am a researcher and theorist more than a developer, but I do develop things I've just never completed a serious goal yet, but I have 3 serious long term projects 2 are expected to be ready in under 10 years and the 1 bigger one is going to take 20 if I and distro23:41
parrotlovercontent and repo content, but it's always needing to be debugged because it was never intended t7o /use the way I do so never tested properly for what I'm doing23:41
parrotloverI invented myself less than 10% of this project, and patched and modded the rest to an extent ranging from a few lines to a few thousand lines23:42
ikmaakso every project uses more than one person, and each is molded to fit one job, so they can work together, and do things better than i ever would be able to due to losing interest if the issue is solved23:42
parrotloverI wish I have developers who wanted to help me and had time and energy to be useful23:42
parrotloverno one wants to help me except people who I have zero confidence in23:42
ikmaakoffer them a job in the part they are supposed to learn from you23:43
ikmaaki now work on a project with someone who was a storeclerk in the daytime, but very interested in what i needed23:44
ikmaakif you already can dev, you mostly have a project already :)23:44
ikmaaki never ask ppl to help me, i show them a profitable niche in what they are interested in anyways :P23:45
parrotloverI have a project that is probably about as developed and stable as UT in basic functionality but I'm trying to improve everything and add more features and just make it perfect for the nerds who want a pocket gaming/server device that also is a phone23:45
parrotloverthe only place for profit is app development, everything else is going upstream making my project simply possible for anyone by the time I'm done and not special at all except for being cheap and powerful and cool as hell to own23:46
ikmaaki have issues with ap oss phone software atm as they follow a system that is working against them23:46
ikmaakapps are a dead end for oss.23:47
parrotloverWell, if you use my device with a dock which I want to offer support for, you have a full computer basically23:47
ikmaakoss prevention was the reason for app stores in the beginning.23:48
parrotloverI want an app market, and I want to have paid and free apps, and any profit i make beyond paying for maintaining once built, will be sent to FOSS projects that I use in the project23:48
ikmaakorganizations work like an app, life works as a workflow23:49
ikmaakso apps are only usable against users, not by users23:49
ikmaaklook at the app store conception, it was specifically created as something foss could never duplicate successfully23:51
ikmaakbut anyway, bedtime. i lurk all the time, but would like to hear more about your projects. please keep me informed23:53
parrotlovergood night ikmaak23:56
parrotloverI'll be here unless they ban me again which has happened before23:57
parrotloverI am crazy and tend to rant and post walls of essay format text when I am chatting, and it bothers admins and devs to the point where they disciminated because of my mental illness and banned me23:58
parrotloverI can't communicate in ways normal people can tollerate23:58
parrotloverThis conversation is very low key for me, I'm very stable and usually I'm not23:58
ikmaakso you get banned for not being the right kind of crazy, while producing usable work?23:59

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