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EickmeyerALL: I have yet to see any movement on bug 1851346 and I'm starting to get REALLY nervous. I can let it go for beta, but if this ends up in Final, with my flavor lead hat on, I will be very unhappy.01:10
ubottubug 1851346 in ubuntustudio-live (Ubuntu Focal) "Ubuntu Studio 19.10 Installer Causes Wanted Programs to be Removed" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185134601:10
EickmeyerI'd at least like some comments, assignments, and status changes in the bug report, please.01:10
Eickmeyerxnox, juliank, bdmurray ^01:11
Eickmeyerpopey: Could you help me follow-up with this rather critical bug? ^01:12
juliankEickmeyer: fwiw, I picked it up for my committed queue last wed, so i'll either have a chance to investigate that soon, or it will revert to the general queue next week07:11
juliankEickmeyer: It's fairly low priority, though - worst case you'd just remove the plugin and be grudgingly ok with it?07:12
juliankEickmeyer: I'm stuck in grub work atm07:13
* juliank really has to stop doing irc and email in the mornings07:17
cpaelzerdoko: will you take a look at the llvm fix mentioned in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/llvm-toolchain-10/+bug/1867173 ?07:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1867173 in postgresql-12 (Ubuntu) "FTBFS with llvm-10" [Undecided,Incomplete]07:25
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m_tadeuhi...is this the place to ask about issues on ubuntu20.04?10:01
rbasakm_tadeu: #ubuntu+1 please10:08
kanashirodoko, do you have a way to coordinate the work that people have been doing on packages FTBFS you reported? I am asking this because I have proposed two MPs fixing packages and when they got reviewed and sponsored they were already fixed12:04
dokokanashiro: no, besides filing the bug reports. if you work on an issue, you should mention it in the issue. and maybe look before in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/+queue?queue_state=112:09
kanashirodoko, ack12:12
dokoseb128, Laney: could one of you help with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libaccounts-glib/1.23+17.04.20161104-0ubuntu2 ?12:48
seb128doko, hey, sorry but probably not this week, that would require debugging and that's an universe package so not a priority12:53
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Eickmeyerjuliank: That bug has been there since November and nothing has happened. To say that response of it being a low priority, despite people's installations breaking, is a little off-putting.13:25
EickmeyerI'm OK with it being in beta, but it needs to be fixed by final. Full stop.13:25
juliankEickmeyer: it's low priority because a page offering you to remove optional components is not an essential part of an installer, and can be removed if necessary without really negatively impacting anybody's experience13:29
juliankThe first time I saw the bug was last week13:29
EickmeyerThen it needs to be delegated to somebody else.13:30
juliankGiven that the bug was originally reported in November and you let it sit around until last week, it's not really fair to blame other people for it13:31
juliank* let it sit around as well13:31
EickmeyerI did not let it sit. I had been talking to this channel about it with zero response. I've been ignored up until this point.13:31
juliankit was only raised in last weeks meeting13:32
julianksand I don't even know why13:32
juliankThe bug has no importance set13:32
EickmeyerAnd that's the biggest reason I'm upset about this. It needs to be fixed ASAP. This is critical priority from an Ubuntu Studio point of view. (I don't have access to set importance).13:33
juliankWe normally only look at critical and high bugs13:33
juliankEickmeyer: then why did you not mark it as such?13:33
juliankthe importance is still undecided13:33
EickmeyerI don't have access to set it as such.13:33
EickmeyerLaunchpad literally will not let me.13:33
juliankbdmurray: Eickmeyer needs to be in ~ubuntu-bugcontrol or at the very least ~bugsquad13:35
juliankhaving a flavour lead that's not capable of setting importance of bugs is fairly bad13:35
juliankEickmeyer: so, if you don't remove anything on the installer page, everything works?13:37
Eickmeyerjuliank: Correct.13:37
juliankI need to get an ubuntustudio image eventually13:38
juliankI won't have a chance to look at it today, but tomorrow should be doable13:38
EickmeyerThat's fine. :)13:38
bdmurrayjuliank: there is an application process for bug control13:38
juliankbdmurray: right, I should have added a question mark?13:39
julianknow i added a question mark where it does not belong :(13:39
bdmurrayAh, yes to set importance join Bug Control or be a developer13:39
Eickmeyer"Ways to join:" Point #5 is definitely a qualifier for me, the list of bugs is in the hundreds.13:41
EickmeyerUnfortunately, that would be too much to compile.13:42
bdmurray5 bugs would be too much to compile?13:42
EickmeyerI'd have to go through a ton of bug reports over the course of the past two years.13:43
EickmeyerPossibly longer.13:44
Eickmeyerbdmurray: Can BugSquad set importance?13:46
popeybdmurray what needs to happen in launchpad to enable Eickmeyer to be an effective leader of his flavour?13:59
bdmurrayI don't know what it takes to be an effective leader but setting bug importance sounds useful and to do that one needs to be a member of Ubuntu Bug Control.14:00
niedbalskibdmurray: hey bryan o/, pinging you about lp: 1867398 (bionic)14:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1867398 in containerd (Ubuntu Bionic) "[Regression] unsupported protocol scheme" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/186739814:45
Eickmeyerbdmurray: Applied.15:18
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