pragmaticenigmahey TJ- ... welcome to the party01:05
TJ-oooo alcolhol!?01:08
pragmaticenigmanot quite01:10
pragmaticenigmaif only your issues for PDF were in Windows... I might have some answers01:10
TJ-Been an uphill battle... wasted a day trying to get the printer to print at all... turned out a small pop-rivet had 'popped' out due to heavy handling by the courier and a stepper motor had moved out of place so it couldn't ingest cards. Saw the empty hole, shook the printer, out fell the plastic rivet. Now it prints fine *except* from the one application it needs to, Inkscape. However,01:14
TJ-printing to PDF *then* opening it with Evince (PDF viewer) and then printing it from there works fine! Difference being the former uses cairo library and PDF-1.5, and the latter uses Ghostscript and PDF-1.201:14
TJ-Been trying to find some bug reports that might cover this, but in vain so far01:15
pragmaticenigmaI could maybe see how a stretch might happen and even monotone, rotation baffles me,01:22
pragmaticenigmaanychance that there is some sort of Adobe proprietary interpreter in the printer?01:23
TJ-no, printer is fine from other PCs with apparently identical Xubuntu installs01:24
TJ-I've checked the local user config has nothing set to affect this by printing from another user account. There's something in the CUPS filters I think but, again, cannot figure out where.01:25
pragmaticenigmaother computers have same issue with inkscape though?01:27
pragmaticenigmaso one computer with inkscape cannot print?01:29
pragmaticenigmaor rather prints incorrectly01:29
TJ-something to do with the CUPS and/or PDF filter version I think01:41
pragmaticenigmabut why would it affect only one machine?01:42
pragmaticenigmai think i'm missing something01:42
TJ-as I said, the PDF-1.5 version... maybe that confuses the CUPS filter if it doesn't expect 1.501:43
pragmaticenigmaright but don't the other machines have the same install/configuration?01:45
TJ-I think part of it is the PPD for the printer sets a media type "Card" but for some reason the print dialog in Inkscape doesn't see that one. I set the page size manually to the same 86x54mm but it looks like without the media set to the exact media name it causes some upset01:46
TJ-they do, in principle, but over time maybe something subtle has been changed... or because I do a lot of experimentation on mine maybe I've some package installed that affects this01:47
pragmaticenigmathat'd be my guess... you do like to experiment :-)01:48
TJ-Here's what it does:  https://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/IMG_20200402_022618.jpg01:54
pragmaticenigmame thinking out loud... TJ- you tested this specific printer on other machines?01:59
TJ-pragmaticenigma: correct, and there it prints the same file fine from Inkscape with the same printer driver!01:59
TJ-I'm going to get the apprentice to do some comparisons later today (I'm working through the night but he'll be here in about 5 hours!)02:00
pragmaticenigmaMe thinks your machine is "special"02:00
TJ-he can check the producer and PDF versions for differences from my system's values02:01
lotuspsychjegood morning02:02
TJ-hi lotuspsychje02:02
lotuspsychjehey TJ-02:02
lordievaderGood morning06:11
ducassegood morning06:39
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lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic bionic08:38
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 16 kB08:38
lotuspsychjegood morning cengiz_io08:45
cengiz_iogood morning to you too lotuspsychje08:45
cengiz_iothanks for your invite08:45
lotuspsychjecengiz_io: i would convince them more with !USN then bugs, cause bugs arise very much, on every release08:45
cengiz_iowhat is !USN08:46
ubot5Please see https://usn.ubuntu.com/ for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.08:46
cengiz_iooh. it's a good start.08:47
cengiz_iothankfully though the device is completely offline. it will be used in intensive care units and there's no connectivity. not even USB08:47
lotuspsychjecengiz_io: that will prove your team, tons of security flaws are risky to keep using 14.0408:47
cengiz_ioit only runs Qt4 frontend that controls a huge team of embedded cards over UARTs08:48
cengiz_ioby the way let me introduce myself. I'm an embedded linux developer working for a multibillion dollar company that uses Linux almost everywhere. but mostly custom built stuff with Yocto and Buildroot. x86_64 is very expensive08:49
lotuspsychjecengiz_io: even offline, its probably part of a network? always good to keep ubuntu running on supported releases08:55
cengiz_iosorry my archlinux hanged LOL09:19
cengiz_iolotuspsychje in fact, it won't be connected to any network. except maintenance by field personell09:19
cengiz_iolotuspsychje but it will certainly be constantly get updates to userspace frontend application, and I don't want my team to work on an archived OS image that doesn't exist anymore.09:20
cengiz_ioI can even imagine requiring a new library that doesn't ship with aptitude and thus we have to install manually created deb packages..09:21
lotuspsychjecengiz_io: will that machine get external media plugs?09:46
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic eoan10:02
ubot5Package linux-image-generic does not exist in eoan10:02
cengiz_iohello lotuspsychje. currently only sensors via CAT5 cables. they are using custom protocols. but as in media if you mean USB drives and such, no10:07
lotuspsychjecengiz_io: ok, so that sounds like a pretty isolated ubuntu system10:16
cengiz_iolotuspsychje it is. but there will be future feature develelopments11:04
RikMillscengiz_io: what are you askign exactly?11:15
lotuspsychjeRikMills: his original question was to convice his team why to upgrade to 18.04 from 14.0411:16
lotuspsychjewith all bugs in between11:16
RikMillsQt4 is not going to get updates in any release, except in case of very critical CVEs. it is now dead upstream11:21
RikMillshence why it was removed completely from 20.0411:22
cengiz_ioRikMills yet people are very reluctant despite Qt4 applications work almost perfectly with Qt512:01
cengiz_io(minus the font issue ofc, that's easily fixable by installing cc fonts)12:02
cengiz_ioanyway thank you for your assistance. I'll compile my warnings and propose my idea. the rest is up to those decision makers.12:02
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* Aavar is upgrading... could not wait...21:44

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