geof270_need help setup shared folder ubuntu 18.04 host to VB(5.34.2) linuxmint 19.02 guest02:48
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tewardanyone in the IRCC around?14:44
daxteward: hi14:55
tewarddax: can you confirm my email thread reached the council list?14:56
teward(and consider it an expedited request)14:56
tewardhate to ask for you guys to do WORK but... :p14:56
daxteward: yep, i just approved both emails14:57
tewardack, thank you very much :)14:58
tewardthe spammer in question on the message stopped but that's something that kind of needs more active mods in a channel :P14:58
daxI note that genii has ops in #lubuntu and appears to be 2 minutes idle.14:59
daxnot commenting on your email thread, more on how the current situation could be resolved14:59
teward'course IRC can be a pain in sometimes not giving me that info >.>15:00
teward*kicks IRC*15:00
tewardi blame my client15:00
dax/msg chanserv access #lubuntu list15:00
daxand idle time is either /whois genii or /wii genii or /quote whois genii genii or something, depending on client15:01
tewardyeah the whois here wasn't showing it15:01
tewardso could be IRCCloud or my ZNC mangling data15:01
geniiBooted them for now, if they persist in being a nuisance ping me for a +b15:01
tewardthey're back though genii15:01
daxgenii: with my ircc hat off, i think you're probably better off +q or +b -ing them15:01
tewardi'd just keep an eye on the channel there15:02
daxsince they keep coming back15:02
teward(and give me the coffee you always provide)15:02
tewardgenii: hence my pinging :)15:02
geniiBoss is here right now requiring my attention15:04
geniiI had to go get the mail from the mailman at the front door and then go deliver it all inside the building but I should be back for probably a 15-20 minute stretch now. Was AFK when they made their "warning" in #l , banned now15:36
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