ubottuoerheks called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:59
dax@comment 79857 /me YOU CANT BAN MY ACCOUNT $a:independent OP daX!!@#$ I DEFY YOU! IT'S NEAR IMPOSSIBLE, 3d02:03
ubottuComment added. 79857 will be removed after 3 days.02:03
geniiWell, I'm not asleep now. Forgot I had the volume cranked, that !ops call jarred me awake02:04
pragmaticenigmadax: not so much like bad behavior... just mood swings and rage quit... not really worth the effort02:05
daxpragmaticenigma: yeah, i'm gonna leave for now02:07
daxleave it*02:07
daxnot impressed by their parting language at all, but not worth banning over unless it persists02:07
elpeople are generally quite a bit grumpier in general right now. consider the human, etc02:07
pragmaticenigmaThey're fairly new, they usually go on tangents and stories, then get upset if anyone asks them to please stop02:08
pragmaticenigmaQuite an interesting conversation for them on https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2020/03/28/%23ubuntu.html02:09
eli don't see that for them in #ubuntu. i'd rather not make a culture of targetting people based on behaviour elsewhere on the network unless it's very serious infractions02:09
elby which i mean actual threatening behaviour, doxxing, etc02:10
daxthey've been in #ubuntu twice that I can see. today, and the time pragmaticenigma just linked02:10
daxprobably a majority chance they're not gonna be back, since they seem a bit unhappy lol02:10
pragmaticenigmaJust impatient, and possibly a little lonely02:11
daxel: could always +b $a:Mercster$#ubuntu-ops I guess. Thoughts?02:11
daxi'm pretty neutral on the idea02:12
pragmaticenigmaI'm happy to just keep a mental note and if they become too much for us to handle in #u I'll send the issue this way02:13
pragmaticenigmabeen having decent success at finding creative ways of inviting them to -offtopic where it seems to keep the peace02:13
pragmaticenigmathem => others like them02:13
eli'm honestly very uncomfortable about the idea that we're being that snappy at people for what is generally just people being non-succinct because thee're not professional question askers02:15
daxi'm mainly bothered by the f****t usage02:15
daxthe rest of it is just generic irritated #ubuntu user02:16
eli would have appreciated a more PC insult yeah02:16
elbut confusion and frustration makes people bad at asking the things they need02:17
pragmaticenigmaI mostly take issue when an attempt at non confrontational redirection or correction leads to a tantrum of vulgarities and insults02:17
daxpragmaticenigma: I think for now let's see if they come back and how they behave if they do.02:17
pragmaticenigmasounds good... take care everyone, stay safe, and hopefully good health02:17
daxIf they don't, great, problem solved. If they do and act up again, things will hopefully be a bit more clearcut02:17
daxYou too, thanks :)02:18

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