estan aw, very sad that 5.14 for focal won't happen, but understand your decision of course.05:35
valorieit probably will be in focal backports soon, estan06:31
valorieknowing rik, asap06:31
lubot<RikMills> Not sure about usual backports. Would have to rebuild and maintain other non KDE things in the PPA to do that. Very likely I will have it somewhere though.06:35
valorieah, for sure07:18
valorieesp. since I think Plasma isn't bumping?07:18
valorieI might be remembering that wroing07:18
RikMillsvalorie: plasma is bumping Qt minimum, sadly07:54
RikMillsit is possible we could have 'normal backports' (limited to what builds natively) and backports with bumped qt (super use at your own risk on a LTS, don't install these unless you really need the new things)08:00
RikMillsmaintenance overhead is also an issue08:00
mitya57qutebrowser developer about our plan to ship 5.12.8:10:45
mitya57<The-Compiler> mitya57: as a downstream, that's probably a good thing - at least QtWebEngine suffers from lot of crashes in 5.14.0 and .1 (most of them I haven't reported yet because I don't see any pattern yet, and/or they were too late for .2 anyways)10:45
lubot<X> "A lot" is an over-exaggeration for sure. I had like 3 or something with .110:49
lubot<X> And I use no other browsers except Falkon10:50
mitya57Maybe depends on application…10:51
estanyea i know there will probably be some ways to get 5.14 packages eventually, but had gotten my hopes up that it would be part of the main repos (not just kubuntu backports). we build debs of our commercial application for *buntu LTS, and many of us at the company run the LTS with no special backports enabled (typically).14:58
estanbut i completely understand the decision, and the time pressure. you're doing a great job and 5.12 will be fine.14:58
lubot<RikMills> focal archive now builds riscv6420:22
lubot<mitya57> Oh20:23
lubot<RikMills> That came a bit out of the blue20:24
lubot<mitya57> qtbase currently dep-waits, but in Debian it built fine on riscv6420:24

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