Dekkardgood morning13:18
Dekkardtotally missed that yesterday was April foolsday13:18
jrwrendid you get fooled?13:21
Dekkardit was pretty much SSDD13:22
Dekkarddid half of vimtutor again13:22
Dekkardinstalled virtualbox13:23
Dekkardgoing to see if I can find some wierd and arcane images13:23
Dekkardi would do something with containers, but dont fundamentally understand enough to give a shit13:24
Dekkardas iundersand..you can run an application now, without an underlying OS??13:25
jrwrenwell, i guess it depends on what you mean by container :)13:34
Dekkardwell....docker or kubernetes I think14:08
Dekkardas opposed to running a full fledged VM14:09
greg-g"it's just a process"14:13
Dekkardi think im getting that its a process in its own userspace..yeah?14:13
jrwrenyup, with its own filesystem image14:18
Dekkard....limited filesystem..ja?14:23
Dekkardusing system resources, on either bare metal, or as part ov a VM14:25
Dekkard ergo hybrid cloud?14:25
jrwreni've no idea what you just said.14:35
Dekkardoh queso we have the cloude, azure, AWS, etc..sime things running out there in"the cloud" as VMs, some running as Containers some doing both.14:39
Dekkardcloude is french for cloud14:41
Dekkard..no it isnt14:41
Dekkardok, that just isnt right..14:44
Dekkardi dont have that key14:44
jrwrenat least they escaped the FL stay at home order, lol.14:45
jrwrenoops, misdir14:45

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