krytenBit more patience, bit less new lines.00:02
VideoValkbitssorry lol00:02
krytenBut also, any more details than that.00:03
Unit193Wireless or wired?  What chipset if wifi?00:03
VideoValkbitswireless, it's a realtek00:04
VideoValkbitsmy chipset is unsupported00:04
Unit193So I presume firmware-realtek is installed?  What's the output of `rfkill`?00:05
VideoValkbitsi'm gonna have to get back to you with that00:05
VideoValkbitsi'll reboot into xubuntu, brb00:05
VideoValkbitsi'm gonna have to reinstall xubuntu00:08
Unit193Oh?  If you re-install at this point, it might make more sense to install 19.04 so you can jump to 20.04 LTS once it's released, less of a jump than the last LTS to this LTS.00:09
VideoValkbitsi'm installing 19.0400:10
VideoValkbitsalso, I figured it out00:30
Unit193Oh?  What was up?00:31
VideoValkbitsappearently i installed the driver wrong00:32
VideoValkbitsit was a .bin00:32
VideoValkbitsi looked up a guide and it worked so00:33
VideoValkbitsthank y'all so much00:33
Unit193Glad you got it working.00:34
geof270_need help with shared folders xubuntu 18.04 host to VB(5.32.4) running LinuxMint 19.02 as guest02:27
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jphilipsThe #UbuntuTestingWeek has begun today, so all those interested to help improve the stability of next month's Xubuntu 20.04, please read this - https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-20-04-testing-week/05:29
liambhello, been experiencing issue with 20.04 xubuntu, breaking DVD playback, checked forum, follow dpkg-reconfigure instructions and still fails anyone have any pointers or previous experience of this?10:33
diogenes_liamb, as it's still in test, you're encouraged to report the bug.10:38
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:38
liambdiogenes_ before I raise a bug, is this something that is known in 18.10? I know for licencing the dvd features is disabled by default. I worked when running Ubuntu 20.04, I then installed Xubuntu ontop, then DVD playback broke. If its not known in other versions i'll follow the bug route10:41
stradomusHey, so I'm doing an install on a virtual machine to test this distribution out. How can I install the latest nvidia drivers ?12:41
diogenes_nvidia drivers in a vm?12:45
ihavequestionHi. I noticed that there is an OpenRA snap in the snap store. How safe is it to install? I know snaps are supposed to be safe, but I want to be careful.16:02
ihavequestion(By snap store I mean "software", don't know why I wrote it that way)16:03
xu-help61wHello, is anyone there?20:24
newbieHi, I just installed chaletos on a former win7 machine. After searching for updates and letting Software Update install them, it tells me "However, Ubuntu 18.04 is now available (you have 16.04)20:27
newbieWhen I hit the Upgrade button, nothing happens. I've tried it a few times now and can't figure out how upgrading the OS is supposed to work.20:29
xu-irc15wHi guys. I'd like to rebind a few keyboard keys to my right-click and scroll-click, but I'm struggling to get it done. I did it in xbindkeys, but it has.... issues.23:35
xu-irc15wFor example. Right-click will not trigger if I'm holding down left click.23:35
xu-irc15wAnd the same for scroll click.23:35
xu-irc15wNormally I'd fix it by using AutoHotKey, but it isn't available for Linux :/23:36
Unit193I might wonder if autokey or xcape could be your solution.23:39
xu-irc15wI've looked into autokey, but it's so complex.23:40
xu-irc15wI'll check xcape tho.23:44
xu-irc15wThanks for the intel! :D23:54
Unit193Hope it helps.23:54

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