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blackboxswrharper: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/308 is updated. and so is https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/uss-tableflip/pull/4500:40
blackboxswnew instructions :)00:41
blackboxswwill check back later00:41
blackboxswotherwise we can do this in the morning.00:41
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marlincAre there some official Ubuntu instructions on how to clean an image after a build for the next boot? I'm already running a cloud-init clean, deleting SSH host keys and clearing apt caches09:53
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andras-kovacsmarlinc:  search around for docker image bulding best practices13:09
andras-kovacsand don't forget to reset the /etc/machine-id13:10
andras-kovacsDo any of you know why runcmd doesn't work at all on a machine which uses LVM?13:10
Odd_Blokemarlinc: Are you asking because you're seeing issues, or just to be sure?13:37
marlincJust to be sure Odd_Bloke, there's just tons if things that generated and its easy to forget something14:46
marlincSystemd's /etc/machine-id for example, I don't think I'm deleting that rigth now14:47
Odd_BlokeSo cloud-init will detect that it's running on a new instance, even without a clean, and regenerate host keys etc.14:49
Odd_BlokeI don't know that we have much documentation around what else you might want to clean up.14:50
rharpermarlinc: it's really quite difficult.  I do have some hand tuned files that I remove to return an image to "pristine" ; it's not exhaustive;  I started with running find . -cnewer /etc/machine-id ;  it's challenging to know which files are created or modified; and to know that, you need to have the filesystem layout captured *before* it's been booted; and then you can diff the two lists and then make some patters for removal15:15
rharper find / -xdev -cnewer /etc/machine-id15:17
Odd_BlokeFor most cases, you don't need to restore an image to it's fully pristine state.  (That's more of a concern for us when testing, because we want to ensure that cloud-init behaves properly specifically against a pristine image.)15:37
HellMIndIm trying to use proxmox ovh, but in otder to use cloud init to assign an ip , i need an static route to make the gw valid. How should I do that ?17:26
sarnoldhey HellMInd, the webchat is working fine, I've just got no idea, and others who might are probably occupied elsewhere for the moment :)17:56
blackboxswrharper: if there is time today. all instructions are updated on https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/308 and  https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/uss-tableflip/pull/4518:10
Odd_BlokeHellMInd: I'm not sure I fully understand the question.  Could you explain the problem you're having in a bit more detail?18:13
rharperblackboxsw: yes, I'll review both today18:37
HellMIndIm using Proxmox, and I want to create a debian kvm  template18:41
HellMIndSo  i need to use cloud init to assign an ip18:41
HellMIndSince my box is in ovh, you need to setup a fake route to enable the gw because its outside subnet18:41
HellMIndBut how can I set that rule.18:42
HellMIndI need to do some post-up  cmds, not just the ip18:42
Odd_BlokeLet me make sure I'm understanding right: you're running Proxmox on an OVH node, and you would like to configure the instances launched on Proxmox with network configuration?18:49
HellMIndI need a way to change the network templates to add some static routes18:52
Odd_BlokeWhen you say "the network templates", you mean /etc/network/interfaces{,.d/*}?18:54
HellMIndI think cloud-init uses some template to add  the interface file. But im not sure18:55
HellMIndcloud init isnt uses : /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg/custom-networking.cfg ?18:56
rharperHellMInd: https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/network-config.html  ;  it's not a template; instead cloud-init will read configuration files written to disk, or in some platforms, it reads the configuration from a metadata-service ;19:09
rharperif you need a static route, there are a few examples;  static routes  in eni are added as post-ups ,  https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/network-config-format-v1.html19:13
blackboxswOdd_Bloke, or rharper, if there is time, can you peek at a json schema addition that needs eyes https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/152?19:14
blackboxswI didn't want it to timeout and get closed19:14
rharperblackboxsw: ok19:14
HellMIndI did this, but no change: https://prnt.sc/ruxzbs19:17
HellMInd"not a new instance. network config is not applied" says :S19:22
HellMIndI dont  know  if that is some error,19:24
HellMIndhow can I debug that .cfg19:25
rharperHellMInd: after each change, you'll want to cloud-init clean ; which will remove the instance-id file and tell cloud-init that it's booting a new instance ..19:32
HellMIndthank you rharper19:32
HellMIndtharper, if I want to change the ip from  proxmox?19:33
rharperHellMInd: also, you can manually render the file, this is an awkward interface, but it exists:  cloud-init devel net-convert --network-data /path/to/input.cfg --kind yaml --distro <debian|ubuntu> --output-kind eni --directory /tmp/test-network-config/19:34
rharperHellMInd: I'm not sure what you mean?  If you have proxmox give you a different IP for a VM, you'll need to reset cloud-init with the 'clean' command and reboot;19:35
HellMInddevel: error  argument subcomman : invalid choice net'convert19:39
rharperhrm, what version of cloud-init ?19:41
rharperjust shy, landed in 18.419:43
HellMInddont know how to test the damn cfg,20:11
HellMIndI just need to see some error, there are no error on log files20:11
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blackboxswrharper: if you haven't reviewed https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/308 or https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/uss-tableflip/pull/45 yet, I think I can further simpify debian/cloud-init-cherry-picks by dropping the 'applied' column in that file.20:24
blackboxswany objections to be force pushing new ubuntu/devel based on that ?20:24
blackboxswany objections to *me* force pushing a new commit?20:24
Gonerireview of https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/298 welcome.20:26
blackboxswGoneri: good reminder. cheers. will get some eyes on this today20:29
blackboxswhttps://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/308 and https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/uss-tableflip/pull/45 good22:04
rharperblackboxsw: ok, finished my review, but not before you've pushed more changes; sorry some local drama interceded;  one question though;  should we land the cloud-init PR to fix ubuntu/devel while we work on improving #45 ?  or should we get #45 in shape first and then redo the cloud-init PR ?22:35
blackboxswrharper: I had drama related to that changeset too. I'm sorry about that. I wanted to make sure we were in a good state currently on ubuntu/devel by performing that initial "git add debian/cloud-init-cherry-picks; git commit -am 'Add debian/cherry-picks file"22:36
blackboxswrharper: I suppose we could address the debian/cloud-init-cherry-pick* files afterwards.22:38
blackboxswthat'd make 308 a standalone22:38
blackboxswyet you wouldn't have the --pop-all option for cherry-pick.22:38
blackboxswso the manual steps would be longer22:39
blackboxswhrm, you think it's worth maybe having cherry-pick put up a temporary tag before cherry-picking to ensure we reset back upon failure?22:46
blackboxswrharper: ^?22:46
blackboxswhrm this --push-all  is gonna be fragile especially if we have to use quilt directly to refresh patches (which then has no knowledge to update debian/cloud-init-cherry-picks with new commitishes)22:51
blackboxswI worry about putting too much stock in designing a fully-featured cherry-pick cmd. as generally I think initially we want to just fix daily recipe or revert all22:53
blackboxswas most of our releases also tend to be new-upstream-snapshots too22:53
blackboxswbut I don't know the best path forward here at the moment.22:54
blackboxswI really think we need to unblock daily recipe builds on focal for testing purposes22:54
rharperI guess it just seems to me that if we can push a single one on, we can pop one off.;22:54
blackboxswrharper: we can, but I tried being smart and collectively doing that in bulk to avoid git commit log noise22:55
blackboxswbut, again, it's probably not worth the effort there given how complex I've made it22:55
blackboxswso, if individual push/pop noise is acceptable during cherry-pick reverts an re-applies, then it will make the tooling simpler22:55
rharperok, I see where you're coming from22:55
blackboxswand we can support the pop-all and push-all22:56
rharperI'm going to have to run now; let's discuss tomorrow;22:57
blackboxswrharper: will do take care22:57

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