alkisgTest successful :)04:28
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lubot<rs2009> @HMollerCl [I have Netbooks with lubuntu 19.10, the only problem is if it has 32bit], I don't have one05:13
lubot<rs2009> but there are some systems which are underpowered05:13
lubot<rs2009> like 1gb ram and 8gb storage05:13
lubot<rs2009> or even lesser05:13
lubot<rs2009> In such cases, LXDE will be much better05:13
nmzmHello everyone :) Can't remember, is "Dialog" pre-installed in Lubuntu?08:04
eniwhat is the DM for lubuntu ?09:35
guiverceni, lubuntu uses openbox09:36
guiverceni, you didn't say which release (as far as login/dm)09:36
enilogin/dm indeed09:37
enii cannot get back the old login page i had09:37
eniafter some upgrade09:37
eniyou have any idea what package do I need and how to restore the login ?09:38
enior what repo is it in at least since apt is not returning anything atm09:38
guiverclubuntu since 18.10 has defaulted to `sddm`; `sudo dpkg-reconfigure sddm` is what I'd likely try first (if you have more than one installed; I woudl expect it to ask which you want to use09:39
guiverci just tried on my box, it asked me if I want to stick with `sddm` or switch to gdm3 or lightdm09:39
eni> sddm is broken or not fully installed09:39
enithis is what i get09:39
guiverc`sudo apt -f install` (please pastebinit if you've multiple lines)09:40
enii had to go to gdm3 but I dont like it and wanna go back to sddm actually09:40
eni0 upgraded; 0 installed; 0 to remove etc.09:40
enican i remove it and install it again09:45
guivercI would try `sudo apt install --reinstall sddm` first but I was expecting you to pastebin error messages09:45
enino installation candidate09:46
eniguiverc apt -f install gave 0 errors09:46
guivercI would start with `sudo apt update` and look to ensure output from that command looks normal (normal repos found, what mirror are you using, is it up-to-date etc)09:47
eniok wait im coming in from the other box where the error is09:47
eni2https://pastebin.com/zb99CcHg <- sources.list09:49
eni2all packages are up to date09:50
eni2do I even have the rght sources ?09:50
eni2I might have edited by hand at one point09:50
eni2are lubuntu and ubuntu repos different ?09:50
guivercgive me a few mins09:50
guivercno, lubuntu uses ubuntu repos09:51
eni2ok, I have the 19.10 eony offical ubuntu repos generated by do-release-upgrade09:51
guivercit looks strange (unofficial); plus I don't see 'universe'; why it cannot find sddm09:52
eniim adding universe and multiverse, will update and search again09:55
guiverceony? means??   'deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu eoan-updates main restricted'  (main is ubuntu software, community flavors are all found in universe; all flavors)09:55
eniok thnx09:56
enii am upgrading09:56
enidownloading sddm10:08
eniwill remove gdm3 after that10:08
eniupdate, upgrade, reboot, and will let you know how it goes10:08
eniguiverc all good thank you10:13
guiverceni, please, and you're most welcome10:14
BananaManCJMy Chrome apps have no icons, how would I fix that19:23
a1a2a3a4a78a5"start job is running..." this appears every time i boot my lubuntu 16.4. and i have to wait 90seconds for os to start. How can i fix this?19:59
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lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @BananaManCJ [<BananaManCJ> My Chrome apps have no icons, how would I fix that], Edit the .desktop file of the app to point the icon field (add if doesn't exist) to your desired icon.21:23
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> I usually keep my custom icons in ~/.icons and edit the file to point to them.21:23

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