lotuspsychjegood morning02:10
lordievaderGood morning06:08
ducassegood morning06:46
GroarI've been thinking about moving to KDE from Ubuntu. Installing kubuntu-desktop is enough?07:39
lordievaderThat would work, however you might end up with a lot of clutter (duplicate programs, etc).07:44
Groarso what's another way to go on?07:45
lordievaderReinstall 😋08:11
lordievaderOr a vm... each having their ups and downs.08:11
Groarwell, I've been thinking about installing 20.04 KDE now08:27
Groareven if it's in beta08:27
lotuspsychje!final | Groar08:27
ubot5Groar: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Focal and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 20.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade » in a terminal.08:27
lotuspsychjeGroar: just keep in mind, the LTS/stable way is waiting till 20.04.1 around august08:28
Groarlotuspsychje: I don't mind, this is my 'fun' computer08:29
lotuspsychjeexplore and test freely then :p08:29
lotuspsychjeim having fun on 20.04 daily since it came out already08:30
Groarhow can I install Kubuntu then?08:30
GroarI mean, not upgrade, but install08:30
lotuspsychjejust pick a kubuntu beta 20.04 iso and install08:30
Groarah nice08:31
GroarI was looking for that link lotuspsychje haha08:31
Groaruh, I thought it was a daily build08:32
Groarlast version is friday's though08:32
lotuspsychjethe beta's are currently still tested and being worked on Groar to get a more perfect final release08:32
lotuspsychjethe team is working hard to get as much bugs out now08:33
guiverclol,  I read your last line a little differently to what you probably intended lotuspsychje10:44
lotuspsychjeguiverc: what did you understand, im curious?10:45
* guiverc read it as the team are busy trying to include as many bugs as possible and push them out the door in their product... (out as in product out the door, not as in squashing..)10:47
* guiverc is probably just tired10:47
lotuspsychjeah lol :p11:02
wodimyes hello14:33
wodimpragmaticenigma, basically what i need is a working system with the latest version of the 5.12 branch of qt for development purposes14:34
pragmaticenigmawodim: 5.12 is available in Ubuntu 19.10 right now... you wouldn't have to run an unstable system to obtain that14:35
pragmaticenigma!info qt5-default eoan | wodim14:36
ubot5wodim: qt5-default (source: qtbase-opensource-src): Qt 5 development defaults package. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.12.4+dfsg-4ubuntu1.1 (eoan), package size 23 kB, installed size 165 kB14:36
wodimso you believe my best option is eoan ?14:37
pragmaticenigmawodim: to avoid having to fight against other bugs and system instability, yes, I would recommend using 19.1014:37
pragmaticenigma19.10 eoan14:38
wodimthanks, I will try that14:38
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marcoagpintothe cola demon!!!!17:03
* daftykins runs17:03
pragmaticenigmaoerheks: Support is about support, not offering or reposinding to  posts about recommendations. Recommendations are soliciting opinions which is why it belongs in -offtopic. people feel really strongly about the tools they choose to use. when you respond to someone asking about a recommendation, you open the door to allowing everything to pile on with their recommendations and opinions. Such discussions often lead to20:04
pragmaticenigmalengthy discussions about what is better and why. that sort of thing doesn't belong in a support channel. This is why I and others redirect people to the -offtopic channel when they ask for a recommendation.20:04

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