Scary_Guy@Dekkard happy early Passover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGXcXFH_CHY :)02:59
cmaloneyHow's the day so far?13:38
rick_h_not too bad.13:43
rick_h_Aunt's birthday, working on the new standing desk setup which is nice.13:44
rick_h_little crazy at that end of cycle stuff at work wheeee13:44
cmaloneyAre you still out-and-about?13:44
jrwreni saw today's kernel updates and got excited for a sec, i thought it might have the wireguard backports, but it doesn't.14:05
rick_h_yea, a bit soon for that unfortunately. Especially in an LTS release14:09
jrwren19.10 tho14:14
jrwrenno. i just mean I saw teh update come in 19.10.14:25
* greg-g yawns14:52
cmaloneymorning, greg-g14:52
jrwrenso... debian is having a covid19 hackathon... https://lwn.net/Articles/816280/16:04
jrwrencool I htink, so I click the bugs link.16:04
jrwrentop bug on the list is that some package doesn't build on hurd.16:05
jrwrenoh right, now I remember why I don't care about debian.16:05
greg-gtaking people to task for having fun with their pet projects :P16:07
greg-g(and that's the only mention of hurd on the page...)16:08
greg-g(and by "top" it's "first alphabetically by package name and only middling importance (yellow))16:09
greg-gthrow a " up there to balance my quotes16:09
jrwrenstop belittling my experience with your facts. ;)16:11
cmaloneyAll we are saying is give hurd a chance16:15
rick_h_that's ok, every time I've got to chase down a bug because s390x failed I cry inside16:16
cmaloneyAll we are saying is give IBM Mainframes that happen to run Linux a chance16:17
cmaloneyAlso, I'm sure that IBM no longer makes their owk equipment anymore. Do we know who makes s390x en?16:18
rick_h_no idea, but IBM pays us to make sure all our stuff works on everything IBM16:19
jrwrenugh... so true... i'm not sure which is worse.16:20
Dekkardhehe..I actually had an email correspondence with his ild lawyer Eben once20:45
Dekkardthose were the days20:45
DekkardActually had one with Andy Tannenbaum too20:46
Dekkardhe sent me an email like a year later looking for someone for a faculty position20:46

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