SheilongWhat is a nice pdf reader for ubuntu that allows you to choose a different background color to read ?00:08
pragmaticenigmaSheilong, Please ask for software recommendations, and opinions in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel00:25
irreleph4ntHi. What's the prefered approach when I need to install a package for an older version of Ubuntu (18.04) on - say - 19.10?00:28
oerhekscalibre is a huge collection ereaders00:29
Theteirreleph4nt: apt-get install pkg=version00:29
oerheksirreleph4nt, mixing versions can cause huge funny errors. what package exactly?00:30
Theteirreleph4nt: if it's not there, then from ppa00:30
pragmaticenigma!ppa | Thete00:30
ubottuThete: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:30
oerheksand pinning, yes it is doable.00:30
irreleph4ntoerheks, jellyfin on 20.04 beta ... it's not available for 20.04 yet but for 19.10. So I'd be looking to use that version00:30
Theteis it not on their repo?00:31
TheteI would install their deb package from repo if it's there, otherwise just dpkg it00:32
pragmaticenigmaThete, the channel does not encourage people to use PPAs without a strong reason for doing so. PPAs are not monitored by Ubuntu of Canonical and have been known to cause system instability and corruption00:32
irreleph4ntThete, thanks, I would have missed that. Ideally though I'd like to install from their repo to receive updates00:32
oerhekshttps://community.spinup.com/t/m2v4f4/install-jellyfin-media-server-ubuntu-1804 .. if not available, join #jellyfin00:33
oerhekshere on #freenode00:33
Theteirreleph4nt: it should under "stable" there00:33
oerheks1000+ lurkers there00:33
irreleph4ntlet me try that real quick. docs say it's only available up until eoan00:34
Thetepragmaticenigma: is this not a "advanced user" type channel being on freenode/IRC and all?00:34
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Thetepragmaticenigma: and if not, is there one?00:34
irreleph4ntThete, I receive a 404 on that stable repo00:35
irreleph4ntso guess it really does not exist yet00:35
pragmaticenigmaThete, it's an all experince level, and best to not recommend things that you aren't personally going to be available full time to support. Many PPAs include packages that overwrite core modules in Ubuntu which cause issues later. Many of the regular volunteers and myself do not recommend them for this reason. Clean up after the fact is really hard to do00:35
irreleph4ntoerheks, yeah, I'll go there and ask :)00:36
oerhekshave fun!00:36
irreleph4ntoerheks, Thete thanks for your help, though!00:36
Theteirreleph4nt: I'll PM you, trying to install it atm00:36
pragmaticenigmaThete why do you instead follow irreleph4nt to #jellyfin and that way both you and the community can help them further?00:37
irreleph4ntis there a way to feed apt or dpkg a URL or am I forced to download the deb manually and then start the install?00:38
pragmaticenigmairreleph4nt, apt is for working with repositories only, not debs00:38
Theteapt works for deb packages as well00:38
pragmaticenigmaThete, It never has and still doesn't ... apt is a package manager that works with online repositories. There is no command that I have been made aware of that allows apt to install a package directly00:40
Theteapt-get install ./package.deb00:40
ducassetry 'apt install /path/to/filename.deb'00:40
oerheksblup .. lets see the dependencies errors first00:41
oerheksdpkg -i <deb>00:41
mkquistirreleph4nt: why do it that way?  (curious)  just to save a few key strokes?00:47
irreleph4ntmkquist, I am in the process of migrating from Fedora (used Arch before that). I am simply used to being able to point pacman and dnf at a URL and have them handle things00:48
irreleph4ntso no particular reason other than habit00:49
mkquistirreleph4nt: i see, just curious like I said00:49
irreleph4ntI am strongly in favor of having your package manager handle all packages you install, so I shy away from things like npm or pip00:50
irreleph4ntand hence happened to point pacman at URLs a lot in the past00:50
drbeanWhy when I type 'sudo apt install update-alternatives' do I get the message: Únable to locate package update-alternatives'?01:31
sarnolddrbean: apt can't install packages by executable name, it needs package names (or tasks for tasksel, but that's something else)01:32
sarnoldbut since update-alternatives is supplied by dpkg, if you're missing that package, apt isn't going to work well anyway:01:32
sarnold$ dpkg -S `which update-alternatives`01:32
sarnolddpkg: /usr/bin/update-alternatives01:33
pragmaticenigmaisn't update-alternatives available in ubuntu as part of the core isntallation?01:33
drbeanI see update-alternatives is already available with 'which'.01:34
geniiIt's part of the dpkg package, so yes, core01:35
pragmaticenigmadrbean, perhaps we can help you with using update-alternatives. What is your goal or need for update-alternatives?01:36
drbeanI'm OK. I'm just used to alternatives on fedora. Assuming it's the same interface, I just need to switch between elinks and lynx. I use it to create 'v'as an alternative name for vim.01:39
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cnnxis there a way to copy and paste text while preserving formatting?02:36
cnnxi have ebooks and the formatting goes away02:36
cnnxin libreoffice writer or other ubuntu apps02:37
cnnxwith control V02:37
lestacguys, if you can take a train to the south of Chile or sailboat to the North of South-America, who decide? (in the beginning of autumn...)02:37
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alkisgHi guys, I want to install Ubuntu for a Chinese user. I know nothing about Chinese, he knows nothing about Ubuntu. I usually prefer Ubuntu MATE. Should I install Kylin for him?04:23
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jsjfnircSome questions about following the Full Disk Encryption Howto 2019 when I want to dual boot Win 10 and Ubuntu 19.10, both using Secure Boot.  I can install either Win 10 (encrypted with Veracrypt) or Eoan Ubuntu (built per the Howto and encrypted with LUKS) on a system with a Secure Boot-enabled EFI, but can't figure out how to have both installed and bootable together on the same machine.  Is this the right place to ask05:36
jsjfnircabout how to adapt the Howto to Secure Boot and dual boot?05:36
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cornelhow do i know on a certain system, which users upgraded git ?06:06
cornelubuntu 16.0406:07
Major_WedgieWell it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.06:11
cornelhow can i revert to origina lversion of git in ubuntu 1604?06:49
ducassecornel: can you pastebin output of 'apt policy git'06:50
cornelnot easily06:51
cornelthe machine is behind a corporate firewall06:51
ducassewell, you can purge the git packages and reinstall with apt06:51
ducassethat should get it from the repos06:51
cornelit is from the repos06:52
cornelbut i'd like to get the original version that was released with ubuntu 16.0406:52
cornelnot the newest one06:52
ducassethe one available on release, with no updates?06:53
ducassetry to download manually if it is still available, then install06:53
ducassebut i don't know if it's still there06:54
cornelducasse, thank you very much06:58
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Groarhi sudp07:48
delldomhello sudp07:51
sudpi have a problem07:53
EriC^!ask | sudp07:54
ubottusudp: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:54
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littlepythonhi there,  a postgres client was installed in the vms. how can i find its version09:05
littlepythonwe just ran a apt-get to do the install09:05
littlepythonwhat am i trying to do: i want to make sure apt-get downloads the specific version that was present in the vm09:06
littlepythoni dont want apt-get to install the latest version of post gres09:06
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lotuspsychjelittlepython: apt-cache search 'yourpackage'09:07
lotuspsychjelittlepython: the package versions, are related to your ubuntu release repos09:08
mas886So I have this bug where the audio doesn't work, so I used to go to "Advanced options" when on boot to change the kernel version and make it work. But now, the latest update has deleted last working kernel version. Is there any way I can make the audio work on the newest or re-download older kernel versions?09:08
lotuspsychjemas886: wich kernel version is still affected on this alsa bug?09:09
lotuspsychjemas886: this user #16 says -46 works for him https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/186780309:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1867803 in linux (Ubuntu) "ALSA: No soundcards found after updating kernel to" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:10
mas886lotuspsychje: Not for me then, -40 was the last working version for me09:12
lotuspsychjehmm that makes things weird09:12
lotuspsychjemas886: your system is up to date also?09:12
mas886lotuspsychje: Yep, it's a pretty recent Asus laptop09:13
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic-HWE-18.04 bionic09:14
ubottulinux-image-generic-hwe-18.04 (source: linux-meta-hwe): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB09:14
lotuspsychjemas886: could you pastebin your dmesg please?09:14
lotuspsychjemas886: i meant your system updates are done?09:15
lotuspsychje!uptodate | mas886 to check09:15
ubottumas886 to check: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.09:15
mas886lotuspsychje: Yeah just updated it an hour ago and rebooted. My pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Q1L8EU9X09:16
littlepython24what does apt-cache search does?09:20
lotuspsychjemas886: hmm some nvidia issues in your dmesg, can you pastebin: sudo lshw -C video plz?09:20
lotuspsychjelittlepython24: it lists packages on the repos, specific to your ubuntu version09:20
osseHi, guys. Is there a convenient way of tagging/labeling/whatever the locations shown here? https://imgur.com/a/Jl3n0o409:21
mas886lotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/WjHTt9LP that's it09:21
littlepython24lotuspsychje https://dpaste.org/Ugca09:21
Kangarooohow to report bug against ubuntu-bug ?09:21
lotuspsychjemas886: can you try a driver switch to test?09:22
littlepython24so from dpkg -l | grep postgres09:23
littlepython24i can see that 9.6 version of postgres got installed09:23
littlepython24how can i make sure to install the same version in another machine09:23
littlepython24how to do this?09:23
mas886lotuspsychje: How do I do that?09:23
lotuspsychjemas886: software&updates tab additional drivers09:23
eniHello, i upgraded lubuntu 19.04 => 19.10 and now i can't have the login page anymore. I have lubuntu. How can I go for fixing this? XServer is installed and I can startx if I go for troubleshoot mode.09:24
lotuspsychjeKangarooo: did you find an apport bug?09:25
mas886lotuspsychje: seems to be stuck at gathering system informaation09:26
Kangaroooan idea to make better09:26
FrankyGovDear heroes09:26
lotuspsychjeKangarooo: wich idea?09:27
FrankyGovIs there any keyboard shortcut within KDE Console to navigate throughout the tabs without having to use the mouse?09:27
* Kangarooo @lotuspsychje to identify app with something like if cant find package then sleep 5 && dpkg -S "\/bin/$(xprop WM_CLASS | cut -d "\"" -f2)"09:29
Kangarooomate-terminal -- bash -c 'sleep 2; dpkg -S "\/bin/$(xprop WM_CLASS | cut -d "\"" -f2)"; sleep 5'09:29
lotuspsychjemas886: theres also this error in your dmesg: sof-audio-pci 0000:00:1f.3: Direct firmware load for intel/sof/sof-cfl.ri failed with error -209:30
lotuspsychjelittlepython24: on the system you need postgresql on, apt-cache search postgresql to see wich version is available09:31
mas886lotuspsychje: Oh, I see, BTW I managed to switch graphic driver I'm going to reboot to see if it makes any change09:32
lotuspsychjeeni: you upgraded to 19.10 from an eol version, thats risky to keep using due security !usn09:32
lotuspsychjeeni: more reccomended would be clean installing a supported version from the topic09:33
enifrom eol ? i did the do-release-upgrade09:33
lotuspsychjeeni: 19.04 is end of life from some time now09:33
enii cannot fresh install sorry09:34
eniits working now that I installed gdm3 anyways09:34
lotuspsychjeeni: that means security issues could already entered your system, are you sure you want to take that risk?09:34
eniyeah for the moment it's ok09:34
mas886lotuspsychje: So rebooting with the other graphicc driver made no change, any idea about the pulse audio error?09:34
enii might fresh install later09:34
FrankyGovI solved by using > Konsole > Settings: SHIFT + left arrow and SHIFT + right arrow. Those two combinations allow me to navigate through the different tabs09:35
lotuspsychjemas886: ok, tnx for testing that09:35
eniwhat is the DM for lubuntu ?09:35
enilike GDM3 is the default for ubuntu...?09:36
lotuspsychjemas886: wich kernel versions do you still have to test?09:37
RikMillseni: sddm09:37
enithanks rikmills09:38
mas886lotuspsychje: I tried all the last ones, -43, -45 and -46 and none of them work09:38
lotuspsychjemas886: allright, can you add a comment on bug #1867803 affect yourself to the bug, and attach your dmesg to the comment and mention you still have this bug on -46 ?09:39
ubottubug 1867803 in linux (Ubuntu) "ALSA: No soundcards found after updating kernel to" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/186780309:39
BluesKajHowdy folks09:41
lotuspsychjeosse: gparted or disk-tools perhaps?09:41
mas886lotuspsychje: Okay, will do it09:41
mas886Thanks for trying to help me09:41
lotuspsychjewelcome mas88609:41
aLeSDhi all09:45
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aLeSDmy / seems to be mounted as : /dev/nvme0n1p2 on / type ext4 (ro,relatime,errors=remount-ro).09:45
aLeSDHow could I remount it with rw ?09:45
aLeSDI did something like:09:46
aLeSD➜  ~ sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/nvme0n1p2 /09:46
aLeSDmount: /: mount point not mounted or bad option.09:46
ScottHDevHello Hello !  My friend's pc is a miracle of shit : We've first tried manjaro. But it was taking hours to boot, and even hours to login (after we've entered the password in display manager). Following the lecture of dmesg, we thought of a GPU issue. Indeed, the card was too recent to work with nouveau drivers. But that wasn't it, at least not09:57
ScottHDeveverything. At that point the pc boots always in a few hours, and still takes an eternity to login.We've then suspected the network card based on the same error messages. Finally we've abandonned manjaro and decided to go for a more mainstream distro.So we went for pop!_os.It has never booted.So we ended up trying our final choice, ubuntu. And09:57
ScottHDevhalleluia, It has boot.In a little 3 hours...Have you any ideas ?09:57
jellyScottHDev, extreme slowness can be induced with overheating or a problematic hard drive sometimes.  Can you log in at the console and look at "sensors" output?  Can you look at sensor values in BIOS?10:01
jellyScottHDev, how much RAM and which CPU does the system have?10:01
ScottHDevI tell you than in a moment10:01
ScottHDevCPU is an intel core i3-6006U10:04
ScottHDevAnd I don't remember but I think it has 8GO of ram10:04
jellyi3-6006U is a 15W low power CPU for mobile use, if your system is not a mobile but a small standalone box in similar class as NUC, I'd first look at thermal issues10:07
ScottHDevIndeed it's a laptop10:08
ScottHDevAnd we never opened it10:08
ScottHDevSo I got confirmation : it has 8Gigs of ram10:09
ScottHDevOk, so I got news10:10
ScottHDevThe boot from scratch to the display manager only takes a few seconds, it's from the display manager to the session that takes time10:11
ScottHDevDoes this change anything10:11
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buzzheavyyearHi, I have a problem that I've been unable to find a solution to - I have three monitors running with 18.4 and everything works perfectly except for windows display:screen - xterm -display :1.0 works, xterm -display :1.1 throws a 'xterm: Xt error: Can't open display: :1.1'. Is there a solution to this?11:22
Roland-hey guys I have an silly issue, if I do iptables -L for example, works fine. However, adding into a bash script, like this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Sjm46pGXZy/ I get an error.11:37
Roland-if I do iptables -t filter -L says iptables: No chain/target/match by that name.11:38
geirhaRoland-: your script has windows line endings11:40
Roland-ah indeed11:41
Roland-perfect thank you I did not spot that11:47
phatcathello, I added a new user to root group11:55
phatcatbut it won't let me edit /etc/nginx files11:55
phatcat"Insufficient access privileges"11:56
phatcatvia SFTP11:56
ryankrage77what command did you use to add them to the group?12:03
doug16kphatcat, does the file have group write allowed?12:19
doug16kit probably doesn't12:20
phatcatdoug16k: no it doesn't12:20
phatcatdoug16k: would 755 be safe?12:20
doug16kjust do chmod g+w /etc/nginx12:20
doug16ksudo that12:20
phatcatryankrage77: sudo usermod -aG sudo12:20
phatcatdoug16k: is g+w the equivalent of 755?12:21
doug16kg+w means make the middle digit have the second bit set12:21
doug16kg+w -> group allow write12:21
ryankrage77I think adding them to sudoers would require any commands to be run with sudo, which SFTP wouldn't do12:22
ryankrage77so you'd need to change the permissions on the files12:22
phatcataha, understood12:22
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jpleauHi. apt upgrade wants to install wine-stable and its friends, addingup to 1.1GB of data.. is there a way to tell why it wants to install this package?13:01
pragmaticenigmajpleau: I don't think there is an easy way to get the release notes/reasons via the terminal13:05
jpleauI think I found it. apt show lutris shows it now recommends libwine-development, that's probably it.13:07
pragmaticenigmajpleau: you're looking for package dependencies? I thought you were looking for something akin to release notes13:07
ducassejpleau: you can try 'aptitude why wine' if aptitude is installed13:08
ducassesorry, wine-stable13:09
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gitter1234Hi! So I'm trying to write a little critique of Linux here. Would anybody mind checking it out and giving me some feedback? Thanks! -- https://pastebin.com/SuQPPfwK13:27
pragmaticenigmagitter1234: this isn't the place for that. please use #ubuntu-offtopic13:27
gitter1234pragmaticenigma: Sorry about that, cheers!13:28
ryankrage77you'll probably get a friendlier response in one of the BSD channes13:28
gitter1234True true13:29
lotuspsychjeryankrage77: that was not necesary..13:29
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HamiltonCan I check my HDD to see if any files can be recovered (by possibly listing their names)?13:40
jlevonis there any way to install two "mail-transport-agent" packages or am I compiling ssmtp from source?13:41
lotuspsychjeHamilton: photorec can get files back from far away ages if you want13:41
lotuspsychjeHamilton: you can setup filetypes in the settings, so you can more easy refind your lost files13:42
Hamiltonlotuspsychje, Does it change my HDD partition in the process? I have Windows 10 (2 drives) and Linux (1 system 1 swap) along side other partitions used in MBR13:42
lotuspsychjeHamilton: no, photorec will only scan and get your data back, but make sure you target the recovery to somewhere else13:43
Hamiltonlotuspsychje, They don't come up with GUI clients right?13:44
pragmaticenigmajlevon: you might have better success asking in #ubuntu-server ... to the best of my knowledge there is no way to install two distinct instances of a package through apt. There are some other work arounds, like placing both MTA's into containers (such as LXD) and allowing them to run side-by-side on the same machine13:44
Hamiltonlotuspsychje, Is it safe to also scan swap and windows partitions inside my Ubuntu session?13:44
jlevonlooks like it was irrelevant anyway: ssmtp is on the way out in favour of msmtp, which doesn't have the problem. cheers.13:44
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lotuspsychjeHamilton: scan swap?13:45
Hamiltonlotuspsychje, swap partitions13:46
HamiltonI created a 11 GB swap partition for installing ubuntu13:46
lotuspsychjeHamilton: photorec scans to recover data, whats the relation to swap partition?13:47
Hamiltonlotuspsychje, Does mere scanning partitions hurt system files or partitions?13:47
pragmaticenigmaHamilton: photorec does a block-by-block recovery attempt. Depeding on the parameters you give it, will determine how it determines the telemetry for its scan. I don't know how well it does with non-linux native formats.13:48
pragmaticenigmaHamilton: photorec does everything as readonly... will only do writes when you tell it to13:48
pragmaticenigmaHamilton: A good idea is when someone in channel gives you a recommendation, you should start to do your own research. Make sure the tool is right for you based on the developer's documentation: https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec13:50
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felco20.04 has a release date yet?13:56
sixwheeledbeastask over on #ubuntu+113:56
pragmaticenigmafelco: releases do not have a firm release date. they are released when they are ready and as many bugs found have been resolved13:56
felcoi see13:57
pragmaticenigmafelco: This is the proposed schedule. Please note, on the page it lists the schedule as "Draft" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule13:59
craigbass76Anyone else (on 18.04) getting real choppy audio lately? I noticed it yesterday on my work computer, which I think I updated Friday (or usually try to)14:00
wodimwhats the equivalent to debian's sid?14:06
Hamiltoncraigbass76, yes not lately, it was like this on install14:08
Hamiltoncraigbass76, VLC, FF are ok but clementine is unsable because of this14:08
pragmaticenigmawodim: Ubuntu strives for stability so there is no "unstable" channel or release. The closest possible would be to set your machine to get updates from the development channel, but that is not recommended14:10
wodimpragmaticenigma, so the closest would be to install focal now?14:11
StevenJayCohenpragmaticenigma: Do you have an opinion on upgrading from 19.10 to 20.04 vs a clean install?14:11
craigbass76Hamilton, I'm hearing it when I listen to audio in my browser (firefox and Chrome both) but also in something like VLC. Just started yesterday though.14:16
Hamiltoncraigbass76, Checkout the accessibility daemon...my latest research pointed to it14:16
craigbass76Hopefully that's it. As soon as I start being choppy in Zoom meetings, my company will probably make me use a Mac. :(14:18
doug16kcraigbass76, try editing /etc/pulse/system.pa and change the line "load-module module-udev-detect" to "load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0"14:18
craigbass76doug16k, I'd done that right before I came in here14:18
StevenJayCohencraigbass76: Do you have JACK set up or just Pulse audio? I ask because Zoom gets choppy for me when running JACK14:18
doug16kfor me half my applications have unbearable crackling without tsched=014:19
craigbass76I've got JACK, but it's not running14:19
craigbass76This is my work PC, so I don't do much audio (Ardour when I do)14:19
StevenJayCohencraigbass76: Be certain, this bit me during a few Zoom meetings. Sometimes Ubuntu Studio Control doesn't see an active JACK session but qJACKctl will14:20
craigbass76I just opened up qJACKctl and it didn't show jack running. Even on my Ubuntu Studio box though, I don't have it firing up by default.14:21
craigbass76Still arguing with that one about my focusrite box and jack, so I'm using Ardour with Alsa, but that's a whole other ball of wax.14:21
StevenJayCohencraigbass76: I have a couple of apps that will start JACK on their own (Reaper for one) and it doesn't always quit properly.14:22
craigbass76Ahh. Yeah, I usually fire it up with qJACKctl, then start Ardour (well, back when I was using an analog board to plug a bass in)14:22
StevenJayCohencraigbass76: I switched from Focusrite to an Audient id4. No issues with JACK and more gain than the Focusrite.14:23
doug16kI do skype+remote control often, the crackling is really really bad in skype14:24
craigbass76So, the accessibility daemon Hamilton mentioned... I'm not seeing anything with systemctl | grep running14:25
craigbass76Slack updated recently. Wonder if (even though I'm not using it for calls) it borked something.14:28
pragmaticenigmawodim: Take a look at the documentation for "do-release-upgrade" there is a way to trigger your system to run on the dev branch permenatnly. Which means that when focal is released, you will be transitioned to the 20.10 branch14:31
wodimpragmaticenigma, i currently dont have a system14:32
pragmaticenigmawodim: Please join me in #ubuntu-discuss14:32
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EickmeyerStevenJayCohen, craigbass76: I'm pretty sure Ubuntu Studio Controls will only see a Jack session it starts.15:29
monera1hi guys15:29
monera1are you there?15:29
monera1anybody here?15:30
Eickmeyer!ask | monera115:30
ubottumonera1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:30
monera1thanks. SO I am trying to install Transcriber (http://trans.sourceforge.net/en/install.php)15:30
monera1 am going around with no success in installing Transcriber in Ubuntu. Way very difficult :s15:31
monera1I follow all the steps the link above, but no way of passing this part of installing first the tcltk - ./configure --enable-gcc --enable-shared --prefix=/usr/local make15:31
monera1It doesn't work and gives a bunch of errors. SO I decided to search and do as here, to install tcltk - Install TCL/TK without root15:31
monera1So I tried the code but it didn't work again, starting here sudo ./configure --prefix=/opt/tcltk15:31
monera1It was saying I had no permissions in opt so I found a way to create a tcltk folder, fine, but when I put the sudo it comes:15:31
monera1checking whether to use symlinks for manpages... no15:31
StevenJayCohenEickmeyer: Yes, I can confirm that. I just tested. It doesn't see sessions started by Reaper or qJACKctl15:31
EickmeyerStevenJayCohen: That's by design.15:31
Eickmeyer!paste | monera115:31
ubottumonera1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:31
Eickmeyer!enter | monera115:32
ubottumonera1: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.15:32
StevenJayCohenEickmeyer: I would love some sort ofnotification that there are other JACk sessions started15:32
monera1I didn't know guys. I am new here15:32
Eickmeyermonera1: When you entered, there was a topic line to read that explained that.15:32
EickmeyerStevenJayCohen: Let's take this to #ubuntustudio15:33
craigbass76StevenJayCohen, This is offtopic probably, but have you managed to get Ardour and Hydrogen to work at once? I've always got to kill one to start the other.15:33
StevenJayCohencraigbass76: see you in #ubuntustudio :)15:33
craigbass76Eickmeyer, Sorry, I was typing and not looking at the screen...15:33
ioriamonera1, and why don't you install it from the ubuntu repo ?15:34
craigbass76I can't come. I'm working. Tonight maybe.15:34
Eickmeyercraigbass76: No worries.15:34
monera1is it in ubuntu repository?15:35
ioria!info transcriber15:35
ubottutranscriber (source: transcriber): transcribe speech data using an integrated editor. In component universe, is extra. Version (eoan), package size 924 kB, installed size 2136 kB15:35
monera1sorry guys, I am a total noob yet, I am learning first steps in ubuntu. where do I find the repository?15:36
craigbass76And I may just wipe this box over the weekend to start over. It's a Dell, and I'm not sure I want their stuff on it any more. Warranty is up anyway.15:37
craigbass76monera1, what Ubuntu version are you on?15:37
ioriamonera1,  don't you have the ubuntu Software    icon in your task bar ?15:38
ioriathat sw is included in all versions15:39
monera1craigbass and ioria yes I have15:39
monera1though I search transcriber and is not there15:39
monera1my version is the last15:39
ioriamonera1,  open it , type what you 're looking for15:39
monera1I typed, but transcriber is not there15:40
ioriamonera1,  apt-caceh policy transcriber15:40
ioriamonera1,  apt-cache  policy transcriber15:40
monera1ioria what is apt-cache policy transcriber?15:41
ioriamonera1,  run it and it 'll show you the program version and its repo15:41
monera1ioria TO run it I go to cmd line and type only that?15:42
ioriamonera1,  open a terminal , yes15:42
monera1it says is not installed15:43
ioriamonera1,  paste the output ; apt-cache policy transcriber | nc termbin.com 999915:43
monera1ioria it returned me a link, what should I do now?15:44
ioriamonera1,  paste it here15:44
monera1ioria here it is https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zN3BbSZmRb/plain/15:46
ioriamonera1,  try again  ;    apt-cache policy transcriber | nc termbin.com 999915:46
monera1it gives the same - https://termbin.com/80n515:47
ioriamonera1,  the cmd to install it is    sudo apt install transcriber15:48
monera1ioria thanks man. I typed that runned and is done15:49
ioriamonera1,  ok15:50
gitShrektleft by mistake15:50
gitShrekthi guys15:50
monera1what should I do now?15:50
gitShrekthas 20.04 hit feature freeze15:50
gitShrektI'm looking to reinstall right now15:50
gitShrektand I'm not sure wheter to install directly 20.0415:50
ioriamonera1,  the first thing to do is to read the man page of the newly installed program : man transcriber15:51
gitShrektit has not15:53
monera1I cannot find it. Man I really dont know15:53
gitShrektno one uses 20.04 ?15:53
monera1dont be upset with me15:53
gitShrektis it stable enough ?15:53
pragmaticenigma!focal | gitShrekt15:53
ubottugitShrekt: Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) will be the 32nd release of Ubuntu, scheduled for April 2020 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule ). It will be a long-term support release. Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.15:53
monera1ah ok I runned the command and oppened the manual15:54
ioriamonera1,  what you mean, you can't find it ?15:54
gitShrektso no one's running it15:54
pragmaticenigmagitShrekt: 20.04 is not considered stable until it is officially released. All further questions and discussion need to be done in #ubuntu+115:54
gitShrektI'm currently on Fedora 3215:54
gitShrektand GNOME 3.36 is really awesome15:54
gitShrektso what ?15:54
monera1ioria but how am I able to start and open the program?15:54
ioriamonera1,  press the Win key15:55
monera1ioria done15:55
ioriamonera1,  type the name of the program15:55
monera1ah ok15:57
monera1thanks ioria15:57
monera1it oppened!15:57
brknmanquestion that is ubuntu specific15:57
ioriamonera1,  no problem15:57
gitShrektThe only way to change the default ubuntu dock behavior is to install dash to panel ?15:57
monera1but dont I need tcltk?15:58
brknmanI have a .deb that I'm trying to install, it does a bunch of checks and asks for information, I'm trying to pre-define it, is it possible with the postinstall script they have?15:58
monera1ioria it was saying in the installation page I needed15:58
ioriamonera1,  you already installed it15:59
ioriamonera1,  when you ran apt install trnscriber you automatically installed 'libtcl8.5 libtk8.5 libtk8.6 tcl tcl-snack tcl-tclex tcl8.5 tk tk8.5 tk8.6'15:59
monera1ioria it was so simple and I was around and around...16:01
monera1thanks a lot man, really16:01
monera1you saved my day16:01
ioriamonera1,  it's ok16:01
monera1guys, is it possible use transcriber to turn audio into subtitles automatically?16:38
ice9why would i choose ubuntu server over debian?16:39
monera1I mean does transcriber has voice recognition?16:39
lordcirthpragmaticenigma, hey, so it looks like the problem was the SATA cable - I tried a new one from my PC and it worked!18:04
lordcirthI'm not sure if I have enough new cables for all 3, but new cables are cheap18:06
crypt0krakenHow do I enable the bfq disk scheduler on boot on 18.04, kernel 5.3? The wiki just shows how to enable it temporarily and the resources I find online seem to be outdated18:10
sarnoldcrypt0kraken: what's the wiki page in question?18:13
zutatkernel boot parameters18:15
pragmaticenigmacrypt0kraken: bfq is not available as a package for Ubuntu. How did you install it?18:16
grawitythat's not something you install as a package in the first place...18:16
crypt0krakenzutat: which ones, specifically?18:16
crypt0krakenpragmaticenigma: not a package, it's a kernel module available by default, but not enabled by default18:17
zutatcrypt0kraken: can't remember. i'm on another computer. googling something like ubuntu 18.04 grub io scheduler should do the trick18:17
crypt0krakensarnold: wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/IOSchedulers18:17
crypt0krakenfor reference, the only things that I've done so far were "sudo modprobe bfq" and "echo "bfq" | sudo tee /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler"18:18
StevenJayCohenRunning 19.10, clicking on an app with more than 1 open window in the dash (I see 2 dots under the icon). I would like to chage it so it brings ALL windows connected with taht app forward. Now it only raises 1 of the windows. Any ideas?18:19
sarnoldcrypt0kraken: thanks18:21
sarnoldcrypt0kraken: these bits of the instructions should work fine "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT string in /etc/default/grub"18:22
crypt0krakenzutat: Supposedly, I only need to add elevator=bfq to the GRUB command line. But that was a random article from 2 years ago18:22
barnexCan I safely assume stuff in my /var/lib/flatpak can be safely reinstalled easily? Or do I need to backup that somehow for OS reinstall?18:24
zutatthat wiki page also mentions ubuntu 18.04 with 5.0 kernel. have i missed something?18:24
pragmaticenigmazutat: bfq wasn't available with the original kernel 18.04 shipped with. You have to enable HWE to receive a later kernel18:25
zutatpragmaticenigma: ah ok. not worth the hassle, then18:25
pragmaticenigmazutat: Under the heading "Selecting I/O Schedulers" on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/IOSchedulers has more information18:27
pragmaticenigmafirst two paragraphs18:27
grawityLinux gitlog says elevator= is ignored by the multiqueue IO system18:27
grawity(and the multiqueue IO system is the only one that remains)18:27
crypt0krakenthe wikipage just says that from kernels 5.0 onwars the multiqueue scheduler is used by default18:28
crypt0krakengrawity: so my suspicion was correct, that information was outdated and I cannot use elevator= to use bfq18:28
pragmaticenigmacrypt0kraken: Same wiki under the heading "Selecting I/O Schedulers" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/IOSchedulers, has the instructions for enabling bfq18:28
pragmaticenigmait's at the bottom of the section18:29
grawitysince it's changeable through /sys, just create an udev rule to set the desired scheduler whenever the blockdev is detected18:29
grawitybasically ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="block", KERNEL=="sd?", ATTR{queue/scheduler}="bfq"18:29
crypt0krakenpragmaticenigma: the wiki just says how to enable it at runtime, not at boot18:30
crypt0krakengrawity: are you sure? I saw some similar info online, but it was for kernels <5.018:31
StevenJayCohenRunning 19.10, clicking on an app with more than 1 open window in the dash (I see 2 dots under the icon). I would like to chage it so it brings ALL windows connected with taht app forward. Now it only raises 1 of the windows. Any ideas?18:32
pragmaticenigma!patience | StevenJayCohen18:32
ubottuStevenJayCohen: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/18:32
grawitycrypt0kraken: this doesn't have anything version-specific in it18:32
crypt0krakenpragmaticenigma: the only kernel parameter the wiki mentions is scsi_mod.use_blk_mq=0, which just disables multiqueue schedulers18:32
grawityif you want to change a /sys parameter that corresponds to a device, then you do that using ATTR{} from an udev rule18:33
crypt0krakengrawity: alright, I guess I'll try that, which file do I need to append to/create?18:33
grawity/etc/udev/rules.d/50-set-iosched.rules I guess18:34
pragmaticenigmacrypt0kraken: there might be a reason it isn't exposed as a boot parameter. Perhaps in the event that you swap out a disk? If you statically set that on boot, and put in a disk that shouldn't have that enabled, couldn't that cause a problem later?18:34
grawitythe official Linux docs are https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/block/switching-sched.html18:34
grawitythis specific file got the mention of elevator= removed a couple releases ago18:34
grawityprobably elevator= was useful back in the day when udev and /sys didn't really exist as such18:35
crypt0krakenpragmaticenigma: surely it has a boot parameter, we just have to find which is it18:35
pragmaticenigmacrypt0kraken: from what grawity mentioned... it very well could have been removed for a reason, if it isn't documented, I typically go with, it's not supported18:36
crypt0krakenpragmaticenigma: grawity just said elevator= was deprecated/removed for setting non mq schedulers; setting mq schedulers might be done with a different parameter18:37
StevenJayCohenpragmaticenigma: searching now :)18:38
pragmaticenigmacrypt0kraken: I think I'm finding the same materials as grawity ... I either see references to the deprecated "elavator" or the suggested add it as a udev rule18:41
pragmaticenigmacrypt0kraken: currently found a thread that mentioned the reason elevator was removed was because it was unreliaable, and that udev offers better fine tuning and is suggested as the path forward18:43
nikolamhi. I again have large CPU usage on 2 cores from kworker/acpi IRQ9 .. previously I were under impression problems were gone whe I re-seated RAM modules in slot 1 and 2 and now again same problem ..  https://pastebin.com/8G6ECuCY18:44
grawitywell, it was removed for a very specific reason: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/Documentation/block/switching-sched.rst?id=f97eeb6cfd527f5d40167bf20359eee3c1d23a6d18:44
nikolamubuntu 64bit 19.10, updated yesterday18:44
grawityalso https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt?id=85c0a037dc7a1a34d6add49d6eaa2deddbf43d7b18:44
pragmaticenigmagrawity: sounding more and more that the accepted method to managing this scheduler is with a udev rule then, wouldn't you agree?18:45
crypt0krakengrawity: is the SUBSYSTEM=="block" needed?18:46
grawitypragmaticenigma: as the person who suggested using a udev rule, I would in fact agree18:46
crypt0krakenaskubuntu answer I found online said ACTION=="add|change",KERNEL=="sd?",ATTR{queue/scheduler}="bfq"18:46
grawitycrypt0kraken: technically no, I just add it habitually for clarity18:46
crypt0krakenwhat about ACTION=="add|change"  vs   ACTION=="add" ?18:47
grawityand I guess to avoid the odd chance that it would match some other sd? device that wasn't a block device18:47
grawityas for actions, I'm not sure – it's definitely safe to use "add|change" but I don't know whether it's *necessary* to use "add|change"18:47
crypt0krakenwell if it's safe, let's go with that18:48
crypt0krakengrawity, pragmaticenigma: thank you very much18:48
pragmaticenigmanikolam: are you using any suspend-to-disk or suspend-to-ram features?18:49
nikolampragmaticenigma, nope18:50
nikolamI hav put it to be always-on18:50
nikolamIt could also be something hardware related.. but just to see what is using IRQ 9 exactly.. or to reset firmware/bios settings to defaults and see18:51
pragmaticenigmanikolam: IRQ 9 is reserved for ACPI18:54
nikolamyes, it is acpi then but..18:56
barnexIs LVM on top of RAID still a thing?18:57
lordcirthbarnex, you mean does it work, or do people still do it? It works, and a few still do it. Why?18:57
barnexlordcirth: I meant, wasn't raid (0 or 1) made obsolete by LVM18:58
lordcirthbarnex, Perhaps. Do you have a specific scenario you need help with?19:00
pragmaticenigmabarnex: RAID 0 and 1 are very different implementation from LVM. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.19:01
lordcirthpragmaticenigma, Do you mean mdadm RAID specifically vs LVM RAID?19:04
barnexlordcirth: yes, I'm currently on a painful and misguided setup that's mdadm raid 5 | dm-crypt | lvm. I've set it up a few years ago and wasn't able to migrate from it till now. Finally got enough disk space (2x6TB) to get out and I want something simpler and maybe faster if possible. I got decently lucky and none of the drives failed, so I'm considering something like RAID 0 for the two drives and using one19:06
barnexor two of my old drives a to backup stuff I can't afford to lose.19:06
lordcirthbarnex, will the rootfs be on this array, or a separate drive?19:06
barnexAnd I'm starting to read some stuff about how the 'techonology has advanced' and dunno which solution to pick (eg. https://serverfault.com/questions/217666/what-is-better-lvm-on-raid-or-raid-on-lvm)19:06
barnexlordcirth: separate drive, this is just for /home19:07
lordcirthThen I would use ZFS.19:07
lordcirthUnless you really want to do raid0, which I don't recommend19:07
lordcirthAlternatively, you could use LVM and have some LVs be raid1, and some raid0, because it lets you do that19:08
barnexlordcirth: Thank you, that wasn't on my radar at all. Is the setup decently easy in current ubuntu with encryption?19:10
barnexwell, I guess I have to research anyway :-)19:10
lordcirthbarnex, ZFS's native encryption came in ZFS 0.8, which came in Ubuntu 19.10. But you can use it over dmcrypt pretty easily.19:11
wingedrhinoHi! Does anyone know if https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1396379 is going to be fixed before 20.04 is released?19:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1396379 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "installer uses first EFI system partition found even when directed otherwise" [High,Confirmed]19:20
pragmaticenigmawingedrhino: all the information you need is right there in the bug report19:21
wingedrhinopragmaticenigma, you mean if it's unassigned and has no milestone, then the answer is no?19:24
pragmaticenigmawingedrhino: yup19:24
oerheksi think it is not a bug. uefi partition should be on the first disk, if you have not changed the bootdisk ( not the usb you install from) before install, well, it takes SDA.19:25
sarnoldwingedrhino: can you please comment in the bug if you can reproduce it?19:25
wingedrhinosarnold, I'll download the 20.04 image and try. I can reproduce it as far as 18.04.19:26
sarnoldwingedrhino: woot, thanks :)19:26
wingedrhinoBTW, is Ubuntu 20.04 sufficiently stable that I can install it on the hard drive and wait it out till the packages all hit their release versions late April?19:32
pragmaticenigmawingedrhino: No, it is not19:32
sarnoldwingedrhino: I use it daily and there's bits that really annoy me still. how much do you like filing bug reports? :)19:34
* StevenJayCohen needs a 3rd machine to test dailies on19:37
* wingedrhino refurbished a couple of old laptops just before the lockdown happened19:37
pragmaticenigmaplease stay on topic StevenJayCohen and wingedrhino19:37
wingedrhinosarnold, I use Ubuntu Studio with Xfce4 so I'm not even sure how I'd find Ubuntu with Gnome. But since they share the same base packages, it shouldn't hurt to give the nightlies a go...19:40
EickmeyerStevenJayCohen: Join me in #ubuntustudio-offopic please. :)19:41
wingedrhinoOn that subject, is there a tool the community recommends for creating multi-ISO bootable USB drives?19:41
oerhekswingedrhino, easy to find, there is just one, not in our repos.19:42
wingedrhinooerheks, this one? https://github.com/mbusb/multibootusb/releases19:47
oerheksno, https://www.pendrivelinux.com/19:48
oerheksthey claim it works with uefi.. not sure about that19:48
wingedrhinoIdeally I want something that works on BOTH. Got an old Vaio that's BIOS-only.19:49
wingedrhinooerheks, I think their stuff only works on windows. Site has no Linux links.19:51
pragmaticenigmawingedrhino, oerheks ... this is in offtopic territory ... please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic19:51
oerheksno it is on topic.19:52
pragmaticenigmaoerheks: Pendrive linux has nothing to do with Ubuntu... it's not ontopic and you know it19:52
ldshHi, I have an integrated GPU in my Intel CPU and an Nvidia GPU. I wish to use most of time the Intel GPU as main for graphic and the Nvidia for computation, and when I don't use the Nvidia for computation, having the possibility to use the Nvidia one for graphics. Which is the nome of the key concept here I should use in my searches?20:07
sarnoldldsh: hopefully helpful https://bumblebee-project.org/20:09
ldshsarnold, So with bubblebee, by default softwares runs on the IGPU, and if I start a software with "optirun software", it will run on the Nvidia GPU?20:15
=== lepusfelix is now known as luckybunny
sarnoldldsh: I think that's how it works; though that sounds exhausting. hmm.20:20
ldshsarnold, That could fit my needs. Thanks. I don't know why, last time I searched I readded thing where I would need to restart computer for each change, which would not have been comfortable.20:22
ldshI'll test it as soon as possible.20:22
ldshThanks all for your help20:22
sarnoldldsh: ugh, compared to restarts, yes this sounds better :)20:24
ldshsarnold, My computer is a desktop I assemble myself, while the Optimus feature looks to be something that can be linked to laptop hardware. It's however not clear for me what would prevent to use the some concept on a desktop.20:27
sarnoldldsh: oh, hmm, you're rigfht, I've almost nnever heard of this thing on desktop20:27
sarnoldldsh: have you pked around the arch wiki? they've got nice up to date docs on the craziest of things :) this feels like something they might have converred20:28
ldshsarnold, That's a good idea, I even have a side ArchLinux install I could use for tests20:29
jsjfnircI'm trying to adapt the Full Disk Encryption Howto 2019 to use Secure Boot for dual-booting Win 10 (encrypted with Veracrypt) and Ubunty Eoan (encrypted with LUKS).  I'm able to install either OS with encryption, but can't get them to install together.  I'm installing and encrypting Win 10 first and then trying to use the Howto to install and encrypt Ubuntu.  I have several questions about the Howto to see if it can be21:05
jsjfnircadapted to what I'm trying to do.21:05
jsjfnircFirst, is what I'm trying to do possible?  There's a reference in the Howto to bug #1565950 that suggests it should be possible to use Secure Boot mode with Eoan.  Further down in the Howto it mentions installation alongside other UEFI-capable OSs like Win 10.  Sounds like Secure Boot and dual installation were both on the minds of the authors while the Howto was being written, so hopefully it's not an impossible task.21:08
ubottubug 1565950 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Grub 2 fails to boot a kernel on a luks encrypted volume with Secure Boot enabled" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156595021:08
jsjfnircubottu - That's what the Howto says, but it also says that the problem has been corrected in 19.04.21:09
ubottujsjfnirc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:09
jsjfnircNevertheless, it was a good comment.  :)21:10
jsjfnircI'm hoping to find some suggestions here about what to do at several points in the Howto.  (1) At one point it says that the 2MB bios_boot partition is for BIOS-mode GRUB's core image.  What I'm trying to do with Win 10 and Eoan should be a UEFI-only configuration, what the Howto calls a "GPT + EFI-SP installation".  Is there a need for the bios_boot partition on /dev/sda2 for purely UEFI configurations like mine?21:20
jsjfnircThe Howto doesn't create partiion 4, to mirror what the Ubuntu Installer would do.  This sounds like a relic of MBR extended partitions.  Since Windows has at least three partitions that need to be preserved after working through the Howto, are there restrictions on the partition numbers for a UEFI-only system?21:25
jsjfnircThe last post was question (2).  :)21:26
jsjfnirc(3) What's the impact of "sgdisk --hybrid 1:2:3 $DEV" on pre-existing OSs (Windows or other Linuxes), and is it needed for a UEFI-only configuration?  There's a page at https://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/hybrid.html that seems to say that hybrid partitions are not needed for UEFI-based systems, and they come with a lot of baggage.  For UEFI-only systems, what are the downstream effects in the Howto if the sgdisk --hybrid21:29
jsjfnirccommand is skipped?21:29
jsjfnirc(4) Now that GRUB supports luks2, how could the Howto be changed to accommodate it, and would there be any positive effect on a UEFI-only configuration?21:34
jsjfnircSorry for the long posts, but I've put a lot of effort into this, including a lot of reading, and was hoping someone on the support list could provide some pointers for what to try next.21:35
MrokiiHello. For some reason my root-partition is 100% full and I'm not sure why that happened. One idea I had was to look for log-files getting too big (I had that some years ago, which filled the root-partition up). But I'm not sure where to look. Can anybdoy point me in the right direction?21:38
jsjfnircMrokii: logs are typically in /var/log.21:40
sarnoldMrokii: the ncdu application may help you, once you've freed up enough space to install something new21:42
Mrokiijsjfnirc: Thanks. Can you tell me if I can delete all files in logs without causing problems?21:42
sarnoldMrokii: apt-get autoclean may give you a few spare megs quick21:42
Mrokiisarnold: Unfortunately not. The disk still shows 100% full. I wonder if there's something else going on...21:43
Mrokiisarnold: Can I just delete all files in /var/logs? That should give me about 800 MB of space.21:44
drleviathando perform a search for root directories with lots of data try "du -sh /* 2>/dev/null"21:46
sarnoldMrokii: don't just delete all of them, instead remove the highest-numbered of the various compressed logs21:47
drleviathanMrokii, syslog and other daemons are currently writing to some of those files in /var/log/21:48
MrokiiOkay, I found that the biggest folder in /var/log/ is "journal". According to the info I found it's safe to delete the files within that. So now I have a least about 600 MB free again.21:55
MrokiiI'll try ncdu now and see what that tells me.21:55
sarnoldif you never look athe journal output you could remove that directory entirely21:56
sarnoldjournald decides whether or not to keep persistent logs based on that directory existing or not21:56
sarnoldno directory, no journal logs from previous boots -- but I haven't got a clue where it stores the 'current boot' journal, heh21:57
Mrokiisarnold: I deleted those files, which gave me about 700 MB of space. But I'm still puzzled about what filled up my root-folder. It can't be /home as this is on another partition21:59
drleviathanholy smokes, I've got one file in /var/log/journal from 201821:59
Mrokiisarnold: Thanks for the tip regarding ncdu. That helped me finding more junk. :-)22:08
sarnoldnice :D22:08
fradi want to name 160 files according to the Japanese names I have as a plain text file. How do I proceed?22:09
sarnoldfrad: what's the question?22:10
fradI want a command or an app to do it, to rename the 160 fles according to the 160 names I have in a text file, I don't know how to keep going22:11
drleviathanwrite a bash script, then run it22:12
sarnoldfrad: does each line have two names? or are the files currently numbered 1, 2, 3, etc and you've got the right names in the text file, one per line??22:12
fradsarnold, it is simply a fiel with 160 lines, all Japanese text, not numbered, but no empty lines either, meaning the file has 160 lines22:13
fradone name per line22:13
sarnoldfrad: I still don't understand what you're trying to do22:16
sarnoldfrad: so, how would you rename *one* file?22:17
fradsarnold, f2, rename, copy, paste22:17
sarnoldfrad: and what exactly are you renaming?22:17
fradsarnold, anime episodes22:17
sarnoldfrad: so I assume you've got like a thousand of them in a directory22:18
sarnoldfrad: how do you decide which one to rename?22:18
sarnoldfrad: do you pick one of them at random?22:18
fradno, mkv files are already numbered, sorry if I didnt phrase it clear22:18
sarnoldyou know what you want to do but your computer doesn't know and we don't know :) heh22:19
sarnoldso you've got to at least explain it to us wel lenough that we stand a chance of telling you how to tell the computer :)_22:19
MrokiiHm.... I'v found some files, directly situated in root that I can't make sense of. All three of them are about 400 to 500 MB big and their file names look like some kind of binary. One if named this: ''$'\b''g'$'\254\212\177\177'22:21
MrokiiCan anybody tell me what that could be?22:21
fradin a directory I have 160 numbered mkv files. Simply numbered, but no title (no name, like 'adventure in paradise'). From the internet I downloaded the 160 titles for the 160 episodes, also chronologically ordered. I'd like to know if there is an app or a command to import the 160 file names into thedirectory where all themkv files are. Hope this isclear enough22:22
sarnoldfrad: now we're cooking ;) what filenames do you already have?22:22
sarnoldMrokii: hmm. that's an ominous sign.22:23
jsjfnircman ls22:23
fradsarnold, I haven't renamed any of them22:23
sarnoldfrad: but what *are* they? :)22:23
fradoh, '第001話 - ' up to '第160話 - '22:24
Mrokiisarnold: Ominous? In Which way?22:24
sarnoldMrokii: well... my mind immediately jumps to the conclusoins that you've got either (a) a hacker who is using your system for something (b) filesystem corruption of some sort22:26
sarnoldfrad: so if you run mv '第001話 - ' 'hello'  will this rename the file? that's a *strange* filename..22:26
drleviathanMrokii, do an "ls -l" on that strange file.  Are the perms/owner on it also strange/corrupt?  or is it owned by a valid userid?22:28
fradsarnold, I executed "mv '第001話 - '.mkv 'hello.mkv'" and it renamed the file accordingly22:30
sarnoldaha so there's an extension on there too, alright.22:31
Mrokiidrleviathan: All three files seem to be owned by root, with read and write access. No other permissions are set.22:31
Mrokiidrleviathan: Two of them have been created just some days ago, but the third was created in september 2019 and hasn#t been accessed since then, as it seems. I tend to think that his may be some kind of file-corruption, as, every few weeks, my system freezes completely, after which I have to use a hardare-reset.22:34
drleviathanok Mrokii, so userid = 0 on those files and the perms aren't too strange.  What about... yeah I was going to ask about timestamps.22:35
sarnoldugh, frad's gone..22:37
rominnoodlesamurhello, I've been struggling with enabling screen sharing in 18.04LTS. I found this (https://askubuntu.com/questions/1070520/screen-sharing-no-network-selected-for-sharing-problem-in-unity-control-center) on askubuntu but none of the steps resulted in the network area being populated with my wired network connection. any suggestions?22:37
fradhi sarnold , had to upgrade22:39
sarnoldfrad: ana, I'm glad you're back :) I think I've got something that might worka22:40
sarnoldit's still in pieces.. but still22:40
Mrokiidrleviathan, sarnold: I think I'll try to delete the oldes one of these files. I can't imagine that this could damage anything.22:40
drleviathanprobably not.  BTW, have you backed up your important data recently?22:41
MrokiiNope, why?22:42
drleviathanJust gentle humor.  Don't forget to back it up sometime soon.22:43
MrokiiAh. :-)22:43
drleviathanIf there is a possibility of filesystem corruption then... backup.22:44
sarnoldMrokii: what does 'file' say that file is?22:44
MrokiiI know I *should* do that. But I've never been good with backups and before I can do one I would have to clean up my "spare" HD to make space for it.22:44
sarnoldfrad: argh. this just keeps getting harder..22:44
fradit is a pain that there are no regular expressions...22:45
Mrokiisarnold: if I do "sudo file ..." it says "g: data"22:46
sarnoldMrokii: weird.22:47
sarnoldMrokii: are there any strange processes in ps auxw output?22:47
sarnoldfrad: alright, so, this is a bit grosser than I was hoping but I'm just not finding an easy way to give you something small to execute..22:52
sarnoldfrad: copy-paste the contents of this thing to a file https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/97RGynYqZg/22:52
sarnoldfrad: say you save that into file 'oldnames'22:52
fradsarnold, a plain text file will do, right?22:53
Mrokiisarnold: I'm no expert, so I saw some things I don't know anything about, but I didn't see anything that would stand out to me as suspicious.22:53
sarnoldfrad: yes22:54
sarnoldfrad: and make a copy of your list of new names, eg cp whatever newnames22:56
sarnoldfrad: then run sed -i~ "s/^\(.*\)$/'\1'/"  newnames22:57
sarnoldthat should just add a ' at the start and end of each of those names22:57
sarnoldfrad: then paste -d " " oldnames newnames    will emit 160 lines of 'mv' commands22:57
fradok, im going in...22:59
sarnoldfrad: if those lines look correct, then we can execute them all..  paste -d " " oldnames newnames | sh23:00
fradwow, it looks good, but let me make a security copy first sarnold23:02
sarnoldfrad: good idea :)23:04
MrokiiI've deleted these ominous files now and will check root regularly to see if something similar appears.23:05
linusmaximus20.04 is decent. No need for tlp on my laptop finally23:20
linusmaximusIs this place dead or what?23:22
linusmaximusUsed to be full of life23:23
drleviathanI just downloaded 20.04 today.  Was going to test it on a lesser spare laptop.23:23
fradIm now working with geany to add an E to position zero in 96 lines. Isn't there any way to do it automatically for the whole 96 lines instead of going one by one? or other app insntead of geany?23:24
linusmaximusI installed it and got rid of my 19.10 on the other partition. It's so smooth.23:24
fradI am working with 96 lines in a single plain text file23:24
drleviathanfrad, are you a vim user?  With vim you can edit on a whole column.23:26
fradnever heard of vim23:26
drleviathanha!  I had to search for info about geany.23:27
Ben64if it has a find and replace thing you can probably do it in geany23:27
drleviathanIt is an IDE.  Huh.23:27
linusmaximusEven gedit does that.23:29
linusmaximusbut it will probably be removed in 3.34023:29
sarnoldyeah, vim's visual block selection mode is freaking awesome. I use it for this kind of problem all the time23:31
drleviathanLife changing.  Like many other vim features.23:32
=== nt0_ is now known as nt0
sarnoldI want to try this out some day https://github.com/martanne/vis23:35
sarnoldI'm pretty sure I couldn't actually adapt to it, but you never know23:35
fradi don't believe vim is for me, it looks like a terminal and I simply don't know what instructions to give the app23:43
sarnoldyeah, that's everyone's first dozen or so interactions with vim23:44
lestacin linux mint have an option to exchange local repositories, ubuntu have same similar?23:45
linusmaximusyes, in sofftwareand updates23:46
juanonymousoff topic, im not sure if this question can be answered in this channel23:52
leaftype2juanonymous: there is always #ubuntu-offtopic23:52
juanonymousoh, ok23:52
leaftype2what is the question?23:52
juanonymouson the link i poster, how can a user get that ip?23:53
sarnoldundernet may have a VPN set up, and this person used it23:54
fradriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, so how many months did you need to memorize all vim commands, or at least to automatize its use?23:54
juanonymousim not sure what the purpose of it, i guess anonimity.23:54
sarnoldfrad: I've been using vim for ~20 years, and nvi for seven years before that. I've often wondered what percentage of vim's features I use, and I'm not even sure I use 1% of what it has to offer23:56
fradjesus christ, 20 years??23:56
drleviathanyeah, vim is not the answer to get your quick edit done frad.  I was just asking if you were familiar.23:57
drleviathanonce you achieve a certain mastery of vim... you have trouble using other editors23:57
drleviathanbut, what you need to do could probably be done with sed23:58
drleviathan(if you haven't figured out how to solve your problem yet)23:58
fraddrleviathan, I have already done it the old way , one by one23:58
fradbut, for future cases it ould be helpful to use an automated mode, massive renaming lines in a file23:58
drleviathanright, if the edits are regular... you could pass the file through a suitable sed "substitute"23:59

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