drose23Hi! a newbie here. I would just like to ask. What is the default username and password for Ubuntu Studio? Thanks!06:02
bugsle_cz[m]Hi, i am bit confused about ubuntu studio controls and carla. Is there a possibilty to invoke all the programs with their connections? Thanks10:55
bugsle_cz[m]<drose23 "Hi! a newbie here. I would just "> hi, i dont think there is any default login + psw11:12
CramHi, newbie here. I've installed Ubuntu Studio 19.10 but it is extrememly slow. Please assist.14:12
StevenJayCohenCram: not enough info14:13
CramWhat info do you need from me and where do I get it?14:14
CramAs I've said I'm a newbie.14:16
StevenJayCohenExtremely slow doesn't give anyone enough information about your system to have an idea where to start. Realize that we cannot see your system. So, you need to write out the situation in detail so that someone might find a clue in your description.14:17
CramUnderstood. I have 8gig ram, 160 HHD sata and Nvideo screen card which I've disabled now and the speed is not much faster. When changing between applications, opening applications etc it takes about 30 seconds to open and sometimesit does not open applications at all.14:20
CramOn Mint I could find the system info but on this distro I have no idea where to find it.14:21
StevenJayCohenCram: have you asked on #xubuntu since XFCE is the environment?14:26
CramNo, I waas not aware of this.14:27
StevenJayCohenJust a thought14:28
CramI've posted there as well now thanx.14:29
StevenJayCohenAlso, since you mentioned Mint, you could install Ubuntu Mate and run the UbuntuStudio installer on top of that if you want to feel a bit more Mint-y14:29
StevenJayCohenThat way, you'll have Mate and then add the tweaks from UbuntuStudio :)14:30
CramMint became slow after doing updates. Hence i moved to this distro. Also I'm intending on using this distro for music production and videos etc.14:31
StevenJayCohenMint forks Ubuntu, so you just moved closer to the updates (and possibly the slowness in your case)14:31
StevenJayCohenIf you'd like to try an unrelated distro to see if your issue persists, you should check out Fedora since it does not inherit from Debian like Ubuntu and Mint do.14:32
StevenJayCohenFedora and SuSE are related to Redhat, not Debian.14:33
CramYes, it appears to be the case. When I installed from fresh I allow to install 3rd party softwares as well. Then is does the same.14:33
CramWhere or how can Icheck the system info on htis distro?14:33
StevenJayCohenIf you like Mint and you'd like a good "test" install their LMDE version which is based on Debian. If the same issue happens there, then its somewhere upstream of Mint.14:34
CramHi Sorry, this pc just hung up and I had to pull the battrey out. Seems I lost the history of our chat as well14:52
StevenJayCohenCram: If you like Mint and you'd like a good "test" install their LMDE version which is based on Debian. If the same issue happens there, then its somewhere upstream of Mint.14:58
Eickmeyer!mint | Just for clarity sake15:27
ubottuJust for clarity sake: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)15:27
StevenJayCohenSorry Eickmeyer. I didn't mean to flood the channel with offtopic stuff.15:28
EickmeyerStevenJayCohen: You're fine. I just want to make sure that's known. :)15:30
EickmeyerStevenJayCohen: There should only ever be one Jack session ever started.15:33
EickmeyerIf you have more than one, that's a problem.15:33
EickmeyerOvenWerks doesn't seem to be here.15:34
EickmeyerPing timeout. He's having internet trouble. :(15:34
StevenJayCohenEickmeyer: That's why I'd love an indicator that something else has started a session, just easier to troubleshoot.15:34
EickmeyerStevenJayCohen: Well, qjackctl is good for monitoring that, and it will monitor sessions started by Controls. I wouldn't use it for actually *starting* Jack though.15:35
StevenJayCohenEickmeyer: There is a setting in Reaper (that I would love for them to have unchecked by default) taht starts JACK. It took me a bit to realize what was going on.15:36
StevenJayCohenSo I started a session in Ubuntu Studio and Reaper started its own. Once I unchecked the box in Reaper, problem solved.15:37
EickmeyerWell, for reasons that should be relatively to understand, we don't support Reaper (closed-source, not in repos, etc.). Honestly though, I'd start Jack using Controls and then run Reaper... just like you did.15:37
Eickmeyer*relatively easy to understand15:37
StevenJayCohenEickmeyer: I get that, and just using Reaper as an example that sometimes a session can be started without realizing. So, an indicator saying that a session was started by something outside Ubuntu Studio Controls, would just aid in troubleshooting, that's all.15:38
EickmeyerI completely understand.15:39
StevenJayCohenLow priority, I know :)15:39
EickmeyerI'd love to talk to OvenWerks about this as a wishlist-type item, but he's out.15:39
StevenJayCohenAnd, you're right. I can get that info from qJACKctl15:39
EickmeyerAlmost as if on cue.15:40
StevenJayCohenAnother recording session starting, back later15:40
EickmeyerOk. :)15:40
StevenJayCohenJust had something odd happen. Recording through JACK, no issues, then suddenly *silence*. Rebooting and we can get back to recording. Might this mean I need to tweak a JACk setting?16:58
StevenJayCohenThere was a click from the interface when it lost sound (I think). As if it powered off (maybe?)16:59
StevenJayCohenJACK - Buffer: 64 Periods: 217:01
StevenJayCohenDoing live monitoring of recording so small buffer size preferred17:01
OvenWerks64/2 should be fine except for some motherboard audio systems which need at least 64/3 and are mosr comfortable with 128/217:02
StevenJayCohenOvenWerks: What does Periods: 3 actually do? (would like to know)17:02
OvenWerkshdmi sound needs much higher :)17:03
StevenJayCohensound through an Audient USB interface17:03
OvenWerksit adds a bit more time for things to respond17:03
OvenWerksthat should have no problem at 64/217:03
OvenWerkshave you set that as the master device?17:03
StevenJayCohenJust double checked, yes, the Audient id4 is the Master Device.17:05
OvenWerksI guess the easist thing is to try 64/3 and see if that helps.17:05
OvenWerksAre you using it for guitar affects or soft synth?17:05
StevenJayCohenI will. If you have a link that describes periouds well, I'd really like to read up on it.17:06
StevenJayCohenA microphone (AT4047/SV) -- nothing else17:06
OvenWerksI don't really. I would point you at Jack's author... bnut he has mostly lost interest in jack these days being too busy with Ardour.17:06
OvenWerkswhy not monitor straight from the audio interface?17:07
StevenJayCohenJust had an idea. The interface is stereo and I only ever use it mono, is there a way in Ubuntu Studio Control for me to tell it to only bring in a single mono channel, and would that help?17:07
OvenWerksnot really possible.17:07
StevenJayCohenOvenWerks: applying FX on input (virtual channel strip) and I want to hear if there is any noise on the track.17:08
StevenJayCohenFX are just highpass and an expander17:08
StevenJayCohenTrying 64/3 and will report back (I forgot that Paul(?) at Ardour was the JACK guy)17:09
OvenWerksya, but he has passed jack off to a new maintainer17:10
OvenWerksfalktx (from kxstudio) maintains it now17:10
OvenWerksI normally record dry and add effects later when latency doesn't matter anymore17:11
OvenWerksIf you are using Ardour, it records the signal before any effects in any case17:12
OvenWerks(unless you are using 6.0pre1 which has the ablility to move the record point I think)17:13
OvenWerksThis allows one to change the effects later if they are not right at record time.17:14
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StevenJayCohenOvenWerks: I'm actually using Reaper not Ardour. And I was thinking the problem might be a Reaper setting and not Jack. As if Reaper was "losing" its connection to JACK.18:05
StevenJayCohenI'm going to report it in the Reaper forum and ask that they don't autostart JACK by default (a checkbox in their settings).18:09
jukebohiHow long till 20.04 ? I'm going to install a vanilla Ubuntu Studio instead of Kubuntu with Ubuntu Studio repos. Going to want an SSD for it too. The small ones don't cost a lot18:31
ubottuUbuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) will be the 32nd release of Ubuntu, scheduled for April 2020 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule ). It will be a long-term support release. Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.18:31
Eickmeyer[m]jukebohi: ^18:31
jukebohiMerci Eickmeyer[m]. April 23rd18:32
Eickmeyer[m]jukebohi: Also, aside from the Backports PPA, there's no such thing as an Ubuntu Studio repo. It's ALL Ubuntu.18:33
Eickmeyer[m]We are NOT a derivitive.18:33
* StevenJayCohen just realized that my first ubuntu was Feisty Fawn and we are all the way back to the F's18:40
StevenJayCohenOvenWerks: We have some StudioBricks isolation booths in a converted old mill building. So, we need the highpass and expander to quiet the space just a touch more making it easier to record spoken word (mostly audiobook) stuff cleanly.18:44
StevenJayCohenOvenWerks: Otherwise, I agree with you, recording dry is best.18:44
OvenWerksI don't know the sound train in reaper but would expect it to be similar18:44
OvenWerksallowing the VO talent to hear some effects is not bad really, but recording is maybe18:45
OvenWerksStevenJayCohen: how did the 64/3 work for you?18:46
OvenWerksreaper should try to connect to an allready running jack if possible and if not auto start the jack server18:46
OvenWerksThat is the default jack lib API18:47
OvenWerksStevenJayCohen: if you use jack to listen to a browser output do you have similar problems? If the audio device disconects itself or has plug problems that could knock jack out yes.18:48
StevenJayCohenOvenWerks: The problem is so intermittent that it will take me days to track down18:49
StevenJayCohenIt is what it is. I can record for hours without it happening at all18:50
StevenJayCohenI'll find it, eventually18:51
* OvenWerks doesn't use a USB device right now (PCI) so doesn't have experience18:53
StevenJayCohenEickmeyer: I'm here (on a break)19:45
EickmeyerStevenJayCohen: This room and the main #ubuntu room are for support conversations only. That's what they mean by on-topic. Hence, there are offtopic rooms for conversations outside of support. Make sense? Especially in #ubuntu, they're very strict on that.19:46
StevenJayCohengot it!19:48

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