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xu-help31wi have asus k570ud laptop and xubuntu 19.10 after i dist-upgrade to kernel 5.3.0-46 my laptop has noise sound from inside it but there isn't noise when i bott it with kernel 5.3.0-4511:03
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HamiltonWhy can't I empty my Trash in thunar? It just quits the app13:44
Hamiltonlol shift + del  crashed thunar14:16
CramHi, Can anyone assist please. My Ubuntu Studio 19.10 is very slow. Understood. I have 8gig ram, 160 HHD sata and Nvideo screen card which I've disabled now and the speed is not much faster. When changing between applications, opening applications etc it takes about 30 seconds to open and sometimesit does not open applications at all.On Mint I could14:28
Cramfind the system info but on this distro I have no idea where to find it.14:28
diogenes_Cram, run: inxi -F14:34
jphilipsToday and tomorrow are the last days in the #UbuntuTestingWeek, so all those interested to help improve the stability of this month's Xubuntu 20.04, please read this - https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-20-04-testing-week/14:34
xu-irc60wsaHi. I followed the instructions here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager17:59
xu-irc60wsato disable network manager at startup17:59
xu-irc60wsa''Using Systemd17:59
xu-irc60wsaWhich subsystem is xubuntu running (upstart or systemd?)18:00
xu-irc60wsaI can't re-enable it now.18:00
xu-irc60wsasays networkmanager.service not found18:04
diogenes_xu-irc60wsa, NetworkManager.service.18:05
xu-irc60wsalol this is sad. It worked. All because of capitalization.18:12
xu-irc60wsaDo you know how to run an app with admin privileges at startup?18:13
diogenes_xu-irc60wsa, yes.18:13
xu-irc60wsaPlease teach me18:14
xu-irc60wsabtw I was probably a few minutes from re-installing xubuntu and you saved me. thanks18:14
diogenes_no clue if it still supports rc.local but try and see.18:15
xu-irc60wsasays it's inactive18:16
xu-irc60wsaIs there a guide somewhere?18:17
xu-irc60wsaI couldn't find something to work18:17
xu-irc60wsaI performed the instructions. I don't know where to find ''this file to execute commands at system boot''18:24
xu-irc60wsaI couldn't find rc.local and I don't know how to open bin/sh18:25
xu-irc60wsaAlso I see I have some ''cron'' files. I heard I could use cron to do this but have 0 knowledge otherwise18:25
diogenes_xu-irc60wsa, wait i'm a bit busy.18:26
diogenes_xu-irc60wsa, ok what command you wanna rut at startup?18:31
xu-irc60wsaI want to start an app I installed. I don't know what the command would be18:31
xu-irc60wsaI was able to add it in startup settings but I think it doesn't work because it always needs admin rights18:32
xu-irc60wsaIt's a network manager18:32
diogenes_you can't run the application without knowing the command.18:34
xu-irc60wsaWhat would the command be for running an application? How can I find out.18:35
diogenes_where is the application? in the menu?18:36
xu-irc60wsaThe application is already installed. It's in the session and startup applicaiton autostart menu where it can be selected18:37
xu-irc60wsaIt also has its own window when its running. An icon to start it appears in the start menu and on the desktop.18:38
xu-irc60wsaOh I think I found the command18:38
xu-irc60wsaI went to the app's file's property, then launcher, and it shows there the command18:39
diogenes_hover the mouse over or click edit and you get the command.18:39
xu-irc60wsaOk I got the command. I was also able to start a second instance lol18:39
xu-irc60wsastatus still says rc.local is dead (inactive) and the file isn't there18:41
diogenes_xu-irc60wsa, i asked about what the command was.18:42
xu-irc60wsasudo /usr/local/{filename}/bin/run I'd rather not reveal the app.18:42
xu-irc60wsaMaybe it wasn't installed. Maybe I added the application to startup by copying the command or selecting the file. I probably just selected the file.18:44
xu-irc60wsaI just created a new entry in the  applicaiton autostart menu using the command18:45
diogenes_what happens if you run in terminal: /usr/local/{filename}/bin/run18:46
diogenes_without sudo18:46
xu-irc60wsa''authentication is needed to run .... as the super user'' asks for password18:50
xu-irc60wsaAnyway I found a way to atleast block user error by preventing networkmanager from autostarting18:51
xu-irc60wsaso I have to enable network manager, which reminds me to start the program.18:51
xu-irc60wsaWhen I canceled it says ''request dismissed'18:52
diogenes_sudo nano /etc/rc.local18:52
xu-irc60wsaI got to this terminal I don't know how to use18:52
xu-irc60wsaas before18:52
xu-irc60wsaShows [New file] and a bunch of ^[letters] [text] at the bottom18:53
xu-irc60wsalike ^G Get Help18:53
xu-irc60wsaat the top it says GNNU nano 4.3 and /etc/rc.local18:53
diogenes_ok close the terminal and open a new one.18:55
xu-irc60wsaOk done.18:55
xu-irc60wsaWriting your latest command gives me what I described to you18:55
diogenes_i will be slow because multitasking so be patient.18:56
diogenes_xu-irc60wsa, ok in the newly opened terminal run the following: pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY mousepad19:01
diogenes_enter password and tell me when done.19:01
xu-irc60wsaBefore this I ran a restart test and I discovered that adding the program to autostart didn't do anything19:16
xu-irc60wsaWhat is this?19:16
xu-irc60wsasaid could not connect19:17
xu-irc60wsabc I didn't have ntwrok manager on19:17
xu-irc60wsaI connected to the internet and it still said connection refused19:20
diogenes_xu-irc60wsa, i'd not suggest you to mess up with anything network related until you learn how it works and you know what you're doing.19:22
xu-irc60wsaIt's just openvpn19:23
diogenes_ openvpn doesn't require the trickery you're doing.19:25
xu-irc60wsabut I want the VPN to run at startup19:25
diogenes_xu-irc60wsa, networking is a very complicated sience that people study for years so i'd advice you to first read the docs and manuals and also ask in /j #networking.19:28
xu-irc60wsaRunning the app myself at startup solves the problem. I just wanted to automate the starting of the program at startup19:29
diogenes_and i tried to help.19:30
xu-irc60wsaThanks for that19:30
xu-irc60wsaI'm trying crontab19:34
xu-irc60wsaSo I added to crontab20:23
xu-irc60wsa@reboot [command]20:24
xu-irc60wsaand I saved it and nothing happened20:24

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