Steve45I just compared the md5checksum for the iso and it matches so that's not the problem00:05
akemOk, good, try some usb-creator now to create the boot stick.00:06
Steve45Thank you I'll do that00:08
CharleyHi, I am having trouble installing Lubuntu on a pretty old toshiba Satellite laptop02:44
CharleyAfter installation I get an error on start up that there is no bootable device02:45
CharleyMy Bios does not seem to have the "secure boot" or "select an UEFI" options02:47
CharleyIs there anyone here ho might be able to help?02:47
korn788hello is anyone online that can help me with installing steam05:45
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WarSpEcKhi :)07:18
SallyI using Lubuntu 19.04 Can i upgrade the  os to 20.0407:45
Sallyor do i have to re install the os07:46
guivercSally, the default tools will upgrade you to 19.10 (the fully tested & supported path from 19.04)07:47
Sallyah cool ty! just noticed that my current os is no longer supported  and did not wish to wipe the drive07:50
Sallywhat is the tool name to update?07:51
apt-ghettoIf you reinstall, you are faster (having a backup)07:51
apt-ghettoTo upgrade: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo do-release-upgrade07:51
apt-ghettoAnd then you have to upgrade from 19.10 to 20.0407:52
guivercyou should ensure your system is fully-upgraded (it'll be more difficult because 19.04 is EOL; see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades  which shows how to change to point to old-releases.ubuntu.com) - reinstall is far faster (use manual-partitioning & no-format to not wipe your user files, backup first regarldess)07:52
Sallyomg ty so much! still very new to linux07:54
guivercalso re-install allows you to skip the 19.10; so whilst faster than 19.04->19.10; it'll jump you straight to 20.04 instead of two far longer upgrades07:55
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lubotFrank Fiamingo was added by: Frank Fiamingo13:15
lubot<Frank Fiamingo> I just installed Lubuntu 18.04.4 LTS on an very old i386 Dell laptop. It run very well. Is there a user manual specific for that version. When I search all I get is the newest manual for 20.04. Of course many things do not apply.13:18
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el-x-cutieis anyone capable of reading this?17:27
tomreynel-x-cutie: well, maybe someone else. i didn't really read it, though, just glanced at it quickly.18:11
el-x-cutiethx - seems to work ^^18:13

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