sarnoldI'm very confused, why does this directory not appear in apt-file search or dpkg -S?01:45
sarnold$ dpkg -S /usr/lib/systemd/system-generators01:45
sarnolddpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/lib/systemd/system-generators01:45
wgrantsarnold: That path doesn't exist on this focal system.01:49
wgrantWhere did you find it?01:49
sarnoldwgrant: well that's very curious. I've got it on my focal laptop (installed via debootstrap), my focal power9 box (installed via server live installer iso), my eoan rpi3b+ (installed via server filesystem)01:52
sarnoldwgrant: I don't have the directory on either of my bionic systems though..01:53
wgrantInteresting. This sysyem was installed on something pre-bionic.01:53
sarnoldwgrant: where are your systemd generators stored?01:54
wgrantsarnold: It's /usr merging01:55
wgrantThe real path is /lib/systemd/system-generators, but on fresh focal installs /lib is a symlink01:55
sarnoldwgrant: AH! I checked four or five times if /usr /usr/lib/ etc were symlinks but never thought to check *other* places to see if they were symlinks01:56
sarnoldwgrant: thanks so much, this was driving me insane01:56
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xnoxsarnold:  "installed via debootstrap" => sounds scary04:46
xnoxi hope you mean at least d-i ?04:46
xnoxsarnold:  we currently build packages in split-usr mode (to support upgrades), yet all new installs are merged-usr.04:47
xnoxsarnold:  dpkg stores paths, as they are in .deb ; yet it honors local symlinks ; hence things are  accessible via both paths on disk ; but only have split-usr path in .deb04:48
xnoxand dpkg database04:48
xnoxthere is no good solution for this at the moment.04:48
xnoxour way out of this, is to stop supporting split-usr and forcemerge people on upgrade04:49
Eighth_Doctorxnox: doooo it!05:37
Eighth_Doctorstop the bleeding and just go to merged-usr05:37
Unit193Bah, it breaks other things, no.05:44
Eighth_Doctorthis fence-sitting setup right now makes everything worse05:45
Eighth_DoctorI'm not even the only one who has said this... I'm pretty sure I read something else saying this on debian-devel last year05:46
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Eickmeyer[m]Indeed, it does make cross-distro development a little difficult.17:48
Eickmeyer[m]xnox: Thanks for the merge/release of casper. I'm looking forward to testing it in a couple hours.17:50
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