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lotuspsychjegood morning02:07
Aavar_Hi. I am having issues with hotkeys in unity. Alt+tab and ctrl+shift+t (and others) are not working. Can you help me?05:31
lotuspsychjeAavar_: the ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu try there05:49
ducassegood morning05:56
katnipgood 'morning ducasse05:59
Aavar_lotuspsychje: I tried to ask unity-questions there before, and they only support official flavors. That being said. I think I got it working :)06:03
Aavar_Well... I did get it working :)06:03
lotuspsychjeunity is still supported06:03
Aavar_lotuspsychje: Good to know. I will keep that in mind :)06:06
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lotuspsychjehowdy TJ-12:47
* TJ- waves from under the truck13:07
TJ-hey daftykins :D13:10
TJ-Trying to figure out how to fit a new towbar into the sub-frame13:10
daftykinshappy weekend! ah sounds like fun13:11
TJ-it is joy :p especially with the gale blowing grit around13:11
daftykinsmmm it's blustery even here today13:12
daftykinsbright and sunny but the clouds are at some pace13:12
TJ-alarm on weather station here keeps reporting 80kmh winds13:12
daftykinsooh my13:14
TJ-It blew our witch off her perch yesterday!13:17
TJ-(at the office in the courtyard we put up a witch-on-broomstick weather vane)13:17
oerheksweekend trolls15:14
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oerheksMicrosoft brings Linux GUI apps to Windows 10. Microsoft announces Windows Package Manager similar to Linux.   ... what is next, free download Windows 10?20:04
oerhekswithout ads ..20:04
oerheksbug 1 is really bugging microsoft, no?20:05
daftykinswhat ads :P20:05

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