tomreynToneloc: you can certainly write all kinds of data to all kinds of storages with (most of the time) predictable outcomes, and get error reporting when it fails. you just need to know what you need to do exactly.00:00
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Inteloakik, sarnold jpmh I researched on what mosh, tmux x2go are. Isn't tmux and gnu-screen same? I have used screen though.  I liked mosh for it to be fast and more stateful/reconnecting. Isn't x2go same as x11 forwarding over ssh? if not, whats the difference?00:18
sarnoldIntelo: yes, tmux and screen are very similar. you'd probably only want one of them. they're both pretty good.00:24
MannyLNJI need help  I am on Ubuntu 18.04 I am trying to configure it so I can use RDP to connect because the video output going though a VGA to HDMI adapter will not display on my TV. I have it to the point where I can open Remote Desktop Connection and enter the IP of my Ubuntu system and I connect with a black screen that hangs until I get a connection log box that says connection problem, giving up then some problem on the next line. Can I00:37
MannyLNJget some assistance in resolving my problem00:37
Intelosarnold, is there a split thing in screen? Which one do you like? Also, I was thinking, is there a web browser based ui for vim?00:39
sarnoldIntelo: both screen and tmux can split, yes https://www.gnu.org/software/screen/manual/screen.html#Split  https://lukaszwrobel.pl/blog/tmux-tutorial-split-terminal-windows-easily/00:41
Intelosarnold, I mean, I buy a linux vps, install vim, offer the developer to use browser and use it as IDE. He is not so techy to get going with vim commandline alone00:41
sarnoldIntelo: I don't know of any vim plugins for web browsing, but w3m, lynx, links, elinks, elinks2, edbrowse, etc may work00:42
Intelosarnold, ok, which one do you like? tmux or screen00:42
Intelow3m, lynx, links, elinks, elinks2, edbrowse  these are interfaces of vim?00:42
sarnoldIntelo: I switched to tmux from screen ages ago when I heard that tmux handled utf-8 better than screen, but I think that's been addressed since then00:42
sarnoldIntelo: w3m, lynx, links, elinks, elinks2, edbrowse -- all command-line web browsers00:43
Intelosarnold, no I mean, I need development/coding in browser. That browser will be interface. All code changes will be done on VPS. User can ssh and run/compile app00:44
iconoclastherotomreyn would it be better to switch to nuveau (sp?)00:44
sarnoldIntelo: oh. using any of these browsers for development sounds outright horrible. they're only barely useful as browsers. :)00:45
iconoclastheroi should say a couple things:  didn't have any problems like this from 12.04, 16.04, 18.04.  I installed new instead of do release upgrade this time so it's whatever was installed by default.00:46
guloHello, I was wondering if anyone has figured out the new partitioning scheme for the autoinstall using curtin yet? I am having some problems with the straight LVM for the autoinstall.00:48
MannyLNJNever mind, I found the solutuon, Sorry to bother everyone00:49
guloI thought that I had my autoinstall fully functional, but I noticed just using the storage layout: lvm only partitions a small part of the disk for the LVM, and leave the rest of it unused. So after every server I deploy I am using ansible to extend the LVM. So I took a stab at the curtin partitioning, and have had zero luck figuring out the correct syntax.00:52
Intelosarnold, ok. I mean, is there any interface for vim over browser?00:55
rr123alright, vim8.2 upgrade broke my vim and one day is fully wasted on trying to figure out what happened00:56
sarnoldIntelo: well...00:56
rr123downgrade to 8.0 the issue went away, but some plugin requires 8.1+ vim00:56
rr123time to build my own vim?00:56
sarnoldIntelo: like, yes, you *can* run a web service that exposes a terminal via a web browser. but those are usually unsafe and are significantly worse than just using ssh or mosh00:56
Intelosarnold, oh ok. I got you. Maybe i asked the wrong question. Is there a web based IDE :)00:57
sarnoldIntelo: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/services/visual-studio-codespaces/00:59
sarnoldIntelo: https://theia-ide.org/00:59
sarnoldIntelo: there's probably more, but I've heard of these two recently00:59
Intelosarnold, so visual studio is not opensource?01:00
Intelosarnold, I mean, are those opensource01:01
sarnoldIntelo: sorry, no idea there01:02
guloVisual Studio is not opensource. There is a community edition that is free to use if you are not a business.01:03
guloYou might take a look at Eclipse Che. I haven't used it before, but a team I work with uses Eclipse in their pipelines.01:10
miguel2013what do I do when the destination drive for cloning is larger? just resize right? but the partition that only allows resizing is not the one I want to resize while the other is stuck! what do i do now????01:26
miguel2013I don't want to lose the partition to resize it01:29
miguel2013there has to be a wey01:29
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InnovAnon-IncIs there a backup or copy util (rsync, perhaps?) for the partition that won't resize? worst case, you'll have to obliterate it and make it new and bigger01:51
miguel2013InnovAnon-Inc: hi01:54
miguel2013InnovAnon-Inc: what do u mean by obliterate01:54
InnovAnon-Incrsync the data from the unresize-able partition to a new, big partition on the other disk, then delete the old partition.01:54
miguel2013InnovAnon-Inc: that should require a new fstab for windows01:55
miguel2013I didn't wanna make this complicado01:55
InnovAnon-Incimo that's the easy solution. it's a nice situation that you've got two disks ;)01:55
miguel2013I don't want to loose 118GB of space either01:55
miguel2013I'm going to make a new windows diez01:56
miguel2013install cause this thing makes me want to eat a tres leches cake01:56
InnovAnon-Incugh... windows cares about the mbr and stuff, I think. you really do have to clone the drive. unless you do something more involved...01:57
miguel2013been stuck an hour or more on cloning from me I thohgt I knew better Ive done this with my own pc sucesfuly even made a clone from a HD to a pen drive smaller using pv and that went nice01:57
miguel2013InnovAnon-Inc: is using gpt scheme01:58
InnovAnon-Incwell that's better than it could be01:58
InnovAnon-Incyou're sure you can't just resize the windows partition? https://www.diskpart.com/resource/resize-NTFS-partition-windows.html01:58
miguel2013InnovAnon-Inc: gdisk wants me to delete the old partition01:59
miguel2013I want to keep data01:59
miguel2013gparted won't maybe gpart but i would probably give me the same wey as gdisk01:59
miguel2013gparted can't resize if partition 5 is in the wey02:00
miguel2013for recovery or some maintance partition stuff I never knew whats in it02:00
InnovAnon-Incam I understanding correctly that you have a disk that is bigger and empty?02:01
miguel2013windows manage system app won't do the resizing if gparted couln'dt02:02
miguel2013in the weys I'm trying I think no one can02:02
miguel2013no app can*02:03
InnovAnon-Incclone the small disk to the big disk, delete the linux partitions on the big disk. boot up windows (hopefully it will boot), resize the ntfs partition from within windows. resize the linux partitions on the smaller disk, then clone them over02:03
miguel2013oh I see what I should do02:04
miguel2013I should clone the partition that's in the wey02:04
miguel2013but I'm not pro02:05
miguel2013I'll try02:05
miguel2013more work02:05
InnovAnon-IncI'd start with the windows partition. It's gonna be the tricky one. your linux installs should just work. Windows gets finnicky when you move it around02:05
InnovAnon-Incit also likes to overwrite the boot record so you won't be able to find your linux partitions... but that's probably just when you're installing windoze.02:06
miguel2013dd specificando la partition number to clone the partition02:08
miguel2013how I never knew that02:08
InnovAnon-Incyou probably don't need to copy your zeroes and unallocated data. https://serverfault.com/questions/439128/dd-on-entire-disk-but-do-not-want-empty-portion02:17
InnovAnon-Incdd is a little low-level. from the link: "partimage and clonezilla are actually smart enough to skip reading the free space, rather than relying on you to write zeros to it, and then have dd or gzip drop or compress the zeros after reading them in"02:20
bigLITTLEwhat's the recommended filesystem for ubuntu 20 ?02:38
sarnoldext4 is a nice conservative choice; zfs has some nice features, but is a bit 'new' for root filesystem use02:39
bigLITTLEany thougts on btrfs?02:40
bigLITTLEit has three choices on ubuntu 20 FF02:40
bigLITTLEext4, xfs and btrfs02:40
sarnoldbtrfs isn't for me; given how long their non-mirror raid code was known to be unsafe before they did anything about it (did they?) has scared me off it..02:42
bigLITTLEI see02:42
bigLITTLEhow about ext4 vs xfs?02:42
sarnoldI've always heard good things about xfs02:43
bigLITTLEI think centos defaults to xfs now02:43
sarnoldit just appears to be rarely used in the ubuntu community, so you may stumble across issues02:43
bigLITTLEany forseen issues?02:45
celularHow long does resizing usually takes? From 120gb to 970gb02:49
bigLITTLEfor me usually almost instantenously02:49
celularIs been 20 minutes02:50
bigLITTLEwhat's your filesystem?02:51
celularMaybe ntfs and gpt02:52
SynfulAckwhat are the packages that are usually required to compile from source. Most of the websites mention build-essentials but usually in the past theres been a couple more than that like make, sumin headers?03:06
sarnoldit depends on what you're building03:07
sarnoldthere's around 10k -dev packages, so there's no easy way to give a full list of everything you'd need03:08
SynfulAckstorage drivers03:08
SynfulAckwasnt there some tool to help with auto locating it all03:08
sarnoldif you're building a *new* version of something that is packaged, but too old, you can use apt-get build-dep to save yourself some time03:09
SynfulAckno its from source03:09
sarnoldquite often folks will give lists of packages to install in the README or similar03:09
sarnoldbut if they didn't do that, then your best bet is just to run the build, see what failed, install the missing package, try again..03:10
SynfulAckhmm interesing, apt-src.03:10
sarnoldinteresting, I haven't seen that before03:11
quidnuncI installed a package via check-install and now I want to remove it but I don't know what it was called. Is there a way to list all packages installed by checkinstall or a way to find out which package a file installed by checkinstall was installed by?03:16
InnovAnon-Incapt install -qy build-essential autoconf automake libtool pkgconf03:19
InnovAnon-Incthen try building the package, wait for it to fail, and lookup what headers or libs it's tryna reference03:20
InnovAnon-Incif it has any sort of Makefile or Makefile.am or pkgconfig.in or pkgconfig, then you could look ahead of time what it might try to reference03:21
InnovAnon-Incalso find . -iname \*.h -o -iname \*.c -o -iname \*.cc etc -exec grep '^#include' {} +03:22
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noraatepernosI’m in search of a one line summary of current cpu and memory usage anyone have any ideas? Like a mini top or htop.03:42
noraatepernosSorry, results can be multiple lines but I don’t need htop I’m looking for more of an average.03:43
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SynfulAckInnovAnon-Inc, I got it to work via make dkms but not as deb. driver wise isnt it overall much better to have it as dkms?04:02
InteloAnyone used vim? All I would need for now would be file tree view, code color (javascript, react, node), file search, go to declared function, auto complete of code/hints04:03
kandinskihi folks. I have a Bluetooth USB dongle that Windows recognises and uses, but Ubuntu doesn't. Can any of you help me find out how to make it work? Here's what dmesg says when I plug it in: [1363469.582140] usb 1-1.1.3: new full-speed USB device number 9 using ehci-pci04:04
kandinski[1363469.691947] usb 1-1.1.3: New USB device found, idVendor=0a12, idProduct=0001, bcdDevice=88.9104:04
kandinski[1363469.691956] usb 1-1.1.3: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=2, SerialNumber=004:04
kandinski[1363469.691961] usb 1-1.1.3: Product: USB1.1-A04:04
kandinskioops sorry04:04
kandinskithat was intended to be a termbin url, mispaste04:04
irzanhi , i need help for installation of ubuntu 20.04 server over the network04:05
irzanthe only information that I got is this https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/netbooting-the-live-server-installer/14510, which download the entire iso at the beginning04:08
irzanI need to do nfsroot04:09
irzanand it keep failing, it said unable to find live file system on the network04:09
ninguwhat's the current level of support for zfs on root in ubuntu?04:24
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InnovAnon-Incwhat would cause sound to stop working in docker when switching from an older version of the distro to a newer version of the distro?05:11
Aavar_I am using unity. How can I make alt+tab switch between all open windows without grouping them?06:13
lotuspsychjeAavar_: to tweak around, you could try dconf-editor and ccsm, see also your hotkey combo's in systemsettings06:15
vaguelyevolutionAavar: https://askubuntu.com/questions/84880/unity-how-can-i-make-alttab-browse-through-all-my-windows-without-grouping-the06:16
Aavar_vaguelyevolution: thank you, that worked... gut for some reason it jumps 2 steps when i press alt+tab... weird06:18
Aavar_vaguelyevolution: ahh... i hat two hotkeys enabled. fixed :)06:19
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lotuspsychjewelcome fnoyanisi07:38
fnoyanisi I booted my VM from ubuntu-20.04-desktop-amd64.iso and logged into as the ubuntu user07:39
fnoyanisiis there a way to  start installation from the command line?07:39
EriC^^fnoyanisi: ubiquity07:43
EriC^^oh you mean the tty?07:43
mogad0nim on  20.04 my /var/lib just keeps growing and growing07:44
EriC^^why so?07:44
mogad0nit's the docker folder07:44
mogad0nwhy is this happening07:45
mogad0nany clues?07:45
EriC^^sorry i meant fnoyanisi07:45
mogad0nis it the log07:45
EriC^^no idea07:45
EriC^^try "ncdu"07:45
mogad0ni am it's the logging07:45
fnoyanisiEriC^^ : thanks07:45
InnovAnon-Incyou probably have a lot of intermediate images cached08:00
mogad0nidk what that means08:03
fnoyanisi is there a way to invoke system installer from the command line?08:03
ducassefnoyanisi: yes, 'ubiquity' as EriC^^ said08:09
fnoyanisiwell sudo ubiquity does nothing08:11
InnovAnon-Inctry docker images... if there's a lot of output, then that's what's going on08:12
fnoyanisi InnovAnon-Inc : are you saying to me?08:13
InnovAnon-Incno, moga0n is asking why docker is overcrowding his /var/lib directory. for you... try sudo ubuntu-software08:15
fnoyanisisudo ubuntu-software?08:15
InnovAnon-Incyeah. worked for me08:16
InnovAnon-IncI found with with ls /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin | grep -e install -e ubuntu08:17
fnoyanisiI don't think where is something called ubuntu-software in the PATH08:17
fnoyanisiLinux ubuntu 5.4.0-26-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 20 16:58:30 UTC 2020 x86_6408:18
fnoyanisi x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:18
InnovAnon-Incwhich ubuntu-software shows that it should be in /usr/bin08:18
fnoyanisinah.. I don't have it08:19
InnovAnon-IncYou're running ubuntu and you want to start the gui for installing software, right?08:19
fnoyanisiI am on a console, is there a text install option?08:19
fnoyanisiI do not have a GUI08:19
InnovAnon-IncI use apt-fast (a wrapper around apt) for the console08:20
fnoyanisinah...not found08:20
InnovAnon-Incare you trying to install ubuntu or are you trying to install software on an existing ubuntu installation?08:20
fnoyanisimind you, this is the live CD08:21
fnoyanisiI want to start the installation from the live CD CLI08:21
ducassefnoyanisi: are you in x or on a tty?08:22
ducassethen you can't start the installer08:22
InnovAnon-IncI've always used debootstrap for that08:22
fnoyanisibummer :(08:22
InnovAnon-Incmaybe try using a different installation medium: https://ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads08:23
ducassefnoyanisi: try the server image if you need to install from a tty08:23
fnoyanisiI boot from the Live CD but it carries on with the try ubuntu option for some reason08:23
fnoyanisiducasse ... I will08:23
fnoyanisiany way to start installer from tty08:24
InnovAnon-Incas ducasse said, use the server install iso: http://releases.ubuntu.com/18.04.4/ubuntu-18.04.4-live-server-amd64.iso08:24
InnovAnon-Incswitch out the kernel for a desktop kernel if you're going to be using it as your workstation.08:25
ducassethe kernels are the same08:25
fnoyanisiI will use it to try some software08:25
InnovAnon-Incugh lame08:25
akoevening everyone, or wherever your TZ may be... I am new to Ubuntu and have some questions which I hope soneone can respond to. 1. How do I get ls(1) to behave more like a traditional UNIX? I've set my LC_COLLATE to C, but that still doesn't sort correctly. I then added --group-directories-first to GNU ls(1), close but no cigar. 2. Is it really the08:26
akoonly way to modify the xterm-256color definition in order to get it to stop clearing the buffer after exiting?08:26
InnovAnon-Incserver kernels should be optimized for throughput and desktop kernels should be optimized for responsiveness. for starters08:27
fnoyanisiI am not a starter08:27
akoJust seems as if the GNU people, or the Linux people or the whatever people are trying their best at trying to screw things up with respect to compatibility...08:27
InnovAnon-Inctry busybox ls08:28
akoWill that work?08:29
InnovAnon-Incit'll produce different output. idk what traditional behavior you're expecting08:29
akoListing a directory will sort caps first08:30
InnovAnon-Incyeah, see if the busybox variant is more what you're expecting08:31
akikako: how does LC_COLLATE=C work for you that you did not expect?08:32
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SynfulAck`fdisk doesn't understand GUID Partition Table (GPT) and it is not designed for large partitions. In particular case use more advanced GNU parted(8). ` well, that seems odd. I thought the tool was popular, kinda sounds dated.09:01
EriC^^SynfulAck: there's gdisk for gpt09:03
akoakik: sorry I didn't see you type an answer. LC_COLLATE=C does _almost_ work, in that it tries to sort the first letter in ASCII byte order. But it doesn't go all the way because it only sorts on the first letter in ASCII order, after that it's some black magic again. Also, GNU ls(1) insists on not distinguishing directories from regular files, and09:04
akolists them together09:04
SynfulAckEriC^^, What do people use to partition disks for zfs, gdisk? Something ive been wondering too is if lvm can be used for partitioning and recognized by zfs09:05
akoIn short, with LC_COLLATE=C and aliasing ls to 'ls --group-directories-first' I get mostly a UNIX style ASCII ordered sort, but again only on the first byte.09:05
akikako: can you paste a listing showing the weird behaviour?09:05
akoIt's weird to me, because the GNU ls author would have to add code to make it this complicated09:05
akoalex@turnip:~$ lsDAsktop  DEsktop  Documents  Music     Public     Videos  xterm-256color.srcDCsktop  Desktop  Downloads  Pictures  Templates  extras09:06
akikako: i meant like on a pastebin site09:07
akoI'm old09:07
akikSynfulAck: fdisk supports gpt since some years09:07
akoThat's what it's supposed to look like09:08
akoBut it seems as though when I use GNU ls, it wants to sort the first byte with LC_COLLATE=C in ASCII order, the other byte ends up being sorted afterwards. So a DZktop directory is sorted after Desktop.09:10
akikako: i'm unsure of the problem. did you paste the weird sorting behaviour?09:11
EriC^^SynfulAck: i think it doesnt really matter, gdisk/fdisk (gpt/msdos) is the partition table of the disk, zfs is just a filesystem within a part(ition) of the disk09:11
fnoyanisiserver iso install from tty fine09:12
EriC^^it's like asking if this software works and asking if a usb2.0 or usb 3.0 matters or dvd etc09:12
fnoyanisiinstallation takes ages though09:12
Aavar_I am looking for a simple calculator for ubuntu? Like the one from windows xp (windows 7?). Do you have any suggestions?09:14
fnoyanisignome used to have a calculator09:17
fnoyanisiif it still exists, it should do it09:17
Aavar_fnoyanisi: that's what I am using, but it's too advanced. I am looking for something that does not show what is summed. Foe example, if I type 1+2+3 in gnome calculator it shows just that. A classical calculator only shows the latest entry.09:19
fnoyanisialright...not sure then09:20
Aavar_fnoyanisi: thank you for the answer. I'll just keep using gnome calc09:25
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SynfulAckEriC^^, akik wow parted is very fidgety. Interesting tools for checking alignment though but still very idiosyncratic09:35
kandinskiI have a windows-supported bluetooth usb dongle that Ubuntu 20.04, fully updated, only sees as a USB device: https://termbin.com/enj9 Any idea how to make it work?09:50
EriC^^SynfulAck: yeah, nevermind my earlier messages regarding zfs, it's not correct10:07
TheRedRipperanyone here using weechat?10:12
coconutTheRedRipper, good chance there are some, yes.10:15
TheRedRippercoconut: well ofc, thats why m asking10:16
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ducasseTheRedRipper: ask your actual question, please10:18
TheRedRipperi dont have one, sorry, i thought this was just a discussion channel10:18
ducasseit's not, try #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic10:19
TheRedRipperah, ok. sry10:19
Austin__hello, is it possible to load grub from USB, and then boot ubuntu from a pcie nvme drive if my BIOS will not recognise the nvme drive?10:29
Austin__i have grub installed on a USB drive, but "ls" will not show the nvme drive10:29
Austin__...at the grub prompt10:30
nbusroneAnyone know how to fix no bootloader ? the boot-repair doesn't work and only show log file https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zJDCGp4g6K/11:07
NoInternetI have no sound on my laptop - I don't have any headphones plugged it, but it's playing from the headphones...?11:09
NoInternetI can't see "Speakers" anywhere11:11
nbusroneNoInternet : ubuntu version ? check your sound setting11:12
NoInternetI installed PulseAudio, but it says "Speakers (unavailable)"11:12
NoInternetIt doesn't show "Speakers" in settings11:13
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NoInternetMicrophone is working....11:15
nbusroneNoInternet : did you load your live CD 20.04 and sound test it ?11:17
NoInternetshould I try that?11:18
nbusroneNoInternet : Try it and if the sound works , means your speaker hardware is fine11:18
NoInternetit used to work with Windows11:18
coconutNoInternet, you might get sound when bluetooth headphones are disconnected.11:19
NoInternetI don't have bluetooth on this laptop11:20
coconutNoInternet, oh ok.11:20
NoInternetI haven't restarted Ubuntu since I installed it, so something might change11:21
coconutNoInternet, but how does there get sound out of your headphones without cable connected then?11:22
NoInterneti don't have anything connected11:22
NoInternetno idea11:22
EriC^^nbusrone: reading11:24
NoInternetwait  a minute...11:24
NoInternettheres something in my headphone jack11:25
NoInternetI used a toothpick to get it out (some rubber thing) and it worked11:25
EriC^^nbusrone: did you manually dd the ubuntu to your hdd?11:25
EriC^^nbusrone: from those logs it looks like what was mounted was "sda", the whole disk not a partition11:26
EriC^^nbusrone: thus no room for bootloader11:30
NoInternetis swap in another partition?11:34
coconutNoInternet, yes, it is11:37
NoInternetBootloader, Files, System, and Swap?11:38
coconutNoInternet, you mean that they are separated?11:40
tomreynif you installed 20.04 using the desktop installer, you'll have a swap file, not a swap partition, i would think11:43
tomreynthe swap file would be stored on the file system mounted at /11:44
NoInternetoh ok11:44
tomreyncat /preoc/swaps    should tell11:57
tomreyncat /proc/swaps    should tell11:57
nbusroneEriC^^ : sorry I was away . Yeh , there is no bootloader and only sda12:02
coconuttomreyn, wasn't swap in the times of dapper drake(6.06) a partition by default?12:02
tomreyncoconut: yes, but... that's ancient.12:02
nbusroneEriC^^ : how do I create and move to sda1 ? create bootloader sda using gparted resize it out ?12:03
tomreynnbusrone: how did you create this installation in the first place?12:06
InteloI created key on localhost with ssh-keygen for user A, how do I copy its public part to server if there is no user account for user A on server12:08
undeclaredIntelo: create the user account, then place it in /home/{user}/.ssh/authorized_keys (you will have to make this directory)12:09
undeclaredwhere {user} is the username12:09
InteloThen what ssh-copy-id do?12:09
undeclaredyou'll have to set appropriate permissions too, it may be easier to su them12:09
undeclarednever used it12:10
undeclaredI think that's what you want, you're right12:11
undeclaredseems like a good tool12:11
Inteloundeclared, authorized_keys is a dir?12:12
undeclaredsorry, .ssh directory12:12
nbusronetomreyn : using clonezilla dd the particular partition , convert and restore it.12:12
fgouldI have searched for solving a magicmouse sensitivity issue that causes many mis-click actions on ubuntu 20.04 arm. I have tested several Coordinate Transformation Matrix values but none appear to work. Also, docs online have different 'list-props' values for deceleration that are not in this current list-props list. Any suggestions where to get a fix?12:12
nbusronetomreyn : The only way I can boot it is buy using super grub2 cd12:13
EriC^^undeclared: create a new partition table then partition and dd the os to the partition and reinstall grub via chroot12:13
tomreynnbusrone: i see. well, you have no partition table on this disk, and no place to store grub, so that makes sense.12:13
Inteloundeclared, so what user name to give in ssh-copy-id? user A can't do it as he don't have access yet12:13
undeclaredIntelo: you absolutely have to create a login for this to work12:13
EriC^^same time as gparted as it will have to move all the data to the right if it can12:13
undeclareda user12:14
tomreynnbusrone: i'm not sure of which tool you could use to move the data on this raw storage device to the latter part of the storage so that you could add a partition table in front. i bet it's possible somehow, but i wouldn't actually know how to.12:15
nbusronetomreyn : I really didn't know restoring it doesn't include a bootloader. What should I suppose to do now ? Can I gparted and resize a partition and move the OS to sda1 ? create a sda as boot loader ?12:15
Inteloundeclared, log is made but if theres no ssh allowed, how to login12:15
undeclaredIntelo: sudo su [user]12:16
undeclaredon the server12:16
undeclaredand then for example, mkdir ~/.ssh, nano ~/.ssh/authorized_keys12:16
undeclaredpaste the key12:16
Inteloso in this case, I cannot use ssh-copy-id12:16
undeclaredssh-copy-id implies its gonna ssh in12:16
Intelowhats the file name of key to create12:17
undeclaredokay wait.. you have a key already generated or not?12:17
undeclaredif you do, then what you're gonna want to paste in is the contents of keyfile.pub12:18
undeclaredauthorized_keys sorry12:18
tomreynnbusrone: so if i was in your situation and could not find out how to do this i'd probably just back up the data to a different storage (apparently this is all in virtualization anyways, so it should be easy), and grab another disk, partition it, copy the data to one of these partitions, remove the old disk.12:18
nbusronetomreyn : I still keep the clone dd raw uncompress data right now.But I am not familiar with the restore option even on help section.Went to clonezilla channel and no one reply.12:20
BluesKajHowdy all12:23
Inteloundeclared, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PSJDDHDCTb/12:23
undeclaredIntelo: sorry, I didn't explain correctly12:24
undeclareddelete the authorized_keys folder12:25
Inteloundeclared, then?12:25
undeclaredWhat you want to do is edit the authorized_keys file instead12:25
tomreynnbusrone: i'm not that familiar with clonezilla. you'll probably need to create the partition table on the target device first of all (using e.g. fdisk), then use clonezilla to restore the partition (apparently not whole disk, since you seem to have lost the partition table and boot code) you backed up to one of those partitions.12:25
undeclaredand paste the contents of id_rsa.pub into there12:25
nbusronetomreyn : I still keep the clone dd raw uncompress data right now.But I am not familiar with the restore option even on help section.Went to clonezilla channel and no one reply.12:26
nbusronetomreyn : I also try to convert the raw data into VM .VboxManage convertfromraw --format VDI source.img target.vdi but result is the same.Sda only12:26
Inteloundeclared, ok, I got it. and if I want to ssh from somewhere else, it have to copy the private key part?12:27
Inteloundeclared, works12:27
undeclaredYeah, you need the id_rsa, but keep that private.12:27
tomreynnbusrone: you need to understand that ehat is in source.img is a backup of a partition only, not a full disk, not including a partition table.12:27
tomreynehat -> what12:28
tomreynsee this, maybe it helps explaining https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/423981/how-do-i-move-an-ext4-filesystem-from-dev-sdb-to-dev-sdb112:28
undeclaredyou can rename it to anything too just do ssh user@host -i keyfile.pem12:29
nbusronetomreyn : it explain why It doesn't include boot table.Normally how do I restore it back ?12:30
tomreynnbusrone: normally, you restore a partition image to a partition on a partitioned disk.12:31
nbusronetomreyn : I just restore it to a partition disk without partition the disk first. Not familiar with clonezilla .12:33
tomreynnbusrone: just add a new disk to this VM which is slightly (such as 16 MB) larger than the image file you have, then, inside the VM, write a partition table to this new storage, then, still inside the VM, dd all the data from the existing disk onto one of the partitions you created on the new disk.12:34
tomreynyou can then chroot into the OS on this partition (if there is one on it) or install one. you'll also need a /boot partition, and (if uefi booting) an efi system partition (somewher eon the final system).12:36
nbusronetomreyn : I will try it and report back.I am beginner , looks not simple for me.12:36
tomreynnbusrone: it's not super simple. you didn'T back up all the data you used to have, so it's more complicated to make it work again now.12:37
rr123where should I set TERM? .bashrc? Xresources? on ubuntu18.04. I was told for gnome-terminal the "correct" TERM should be gnome-terminal, but mine is set to xterm-256color somehow12:55
tomreyn"echo $TERM" returning "xterm-256color" on 18.04 is default, i would think12:58
rr123but vim had issues with that when mouse is enabled, took me one day to debug, and vim folks suggest gnome-terminal should be set TERM to gnome-terminal instead of xterm*12:59
tomreynyou may want to use the gnome-terminal to run a virtual terminal, but that's unrelated to what you set TERM to12:59
rr123actually gnome-terminal is not valid13:01
tomreynif you run bash, TERM is usually set in ~/.bashrc13:03
ThothCasteldoes AnsibleNas come with ubuntu?13:13
tomreyn!find AnsibleNas13:18
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 11568 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=AnsibleNas&searchon=names&suite=focal&section=all13:18
tomreynthat's roughly a "no"13:19
GarretDrakehi everyone14:52
GarretDrakehas anyone got lucky working adobeconnect for ubuntu10.04 in a higher release?14:52
GarretDrakecome on you people14:53
GarretDrakeif not for helping eachother why is this channel present?14:54
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:54
GarretDrakethank you14:54
tomtiger11GarretDrake: it's usually best to give people some time to respond first :)14:55
GarretDrakesorry for my hasty jump-to-conclusion14:56
GarretDrakeI have a working understanding of EOL. I am trying to stick to Ubuntu despite the effort of my corporation to discourage use of anything bu Windows14:58
GarretDrakeI need to connect to meetings using AbobeConnect14:58
GarretDrakebut I don't want to leve my beautiful xubuntu 20.04 behind14:59
GarretDrakeinstallation of ubuntu 12.04 and enduring "AdobeConnect Loading" screen for hours is where googling got me so far15:01
bindiwhy are you in the year 2010 and 2012 with your ubuntu installations?15:02
GarretDraketherefore I need some first-hand information from someone who has done it15:03
bindiwhich is it, 10.04, 12.04 or 20.04?15:03
GarretDrakeOK the application in question is AdobeConnect, which was released for Ubuntu 10.04. I am using 20.04, which is far from establishing any connection through the mentioned app. googling around i found  some text (don't really remmeber where now) advising use of ubuntu 12.04 to connect through the app.15:07
GarretDrakethats the point I installed ubuntu 12.04 on a spare harddisk15:07
GarretDrakeI don't want to downgrade all the wa back to 10.0415:08
bindiadobe connect should work with chrome with flash enabled15:09
bindi(which will be removed end of 2020)15:09
GarretDrakecorrect but with no screen sharing15:10
GarretDrakewhich is a must for my job15:10
GarretDrakeas a matter of fact Opera works much better with AdobeConnect IMHO, alas, it has no screen sharing either15:11
lotuspsychjeGarretDrake: as said above, 12.04 is eol, do you use 12.04 ESM?15:12
oerheks12.04 should be off the internet15:12
bindisounds like you need a different machine for your job then15:13
oerheks12.04 esm does not exist anymore,15:13
GarretDrakesoo, no tricks or handy tools or workarounds? just simply use windows?15:16
oerheksGarretDrake, install a suported version of ubuntu, done.15:17
oerheksplease, you know it is outdated, without updates, vulnerable, and should be off the internet15:17
benz_glockThe ubuntu 20.04 emphasize the gnome 3. However, I can't any useful develop doc on gnome3. Developing gnome3 is very painful for me.15:20
GarretDrakeAll right thank you all for your responses15:23
GarretDrakeI guess sometimes a lost case is a lost case15:23
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Sven_vBtrying to "aptitude full-upgrade" an Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS amd64, I get the unmet dependency "linux-image-lowlatency-hwe-16.04 : Depends: linux-image-4.15.0-102-lowlatency which is a virtual package and is not provided by any available package." What to do?15:30
oerhekssven did you run apt update first?15:32
Sven_vBnope, just aptitude update15:32
oerheksthat 102 is not in the list https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/kernel/15:32
Sven_vBI can try with apt, too15:32
oerhekstry the normal apt method?15:32
mike18hi what does it mean if FIN_WAIT2 is so high? https://ideone.com/ihINvI15:34
Sven_vBproblem persists after apt update.15:34
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lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic xenial15:35
MuertoLivesSven_vB: do a full update then run "sudo apt -f install"15:35
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 15 kB15:35
Sven_vBmike18, https://benohead.com/blog/2013/07/21/tcp-about-fin_wait_2-time_wait-and-close_wait/#FIN_WAIT_215:35
Sven_vBMuertoLives, did so, it ran very quickly, seemingly without doing anything: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.15:36
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic-HWE-16.04 xenial15:37
ubottulinux-image-generic-hwe-16.04 (source: linux-meta-hwe): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB15:37
ioria!info linux-image-4.15.0-102-lowlatency xenial-proposed15:37
ubottulinux-image-4.15.0-102-lowlatency (source: linux-hwe): Linux kernel image for version 4.15.0 on 32 bit x86 SMP. In component main, is optional. Version 4.15.0-102.103~16.04.1 (xenial-proposed), package size 7338 kB, installed size 7994 kB (Only available for amd64; ppc64el)15:37
lotuspsychjeah its proposed15:37
oerheksgood find15:37
Sven_vBdoes it mean I need to enable proposed repos?15:38
mike18Sven_vB but what does it mean if FIN_WAIT2 is higher than connected?15:38
Sven_vBnah, the proposed repos are already enabled.15:39
oerheksbackports are standard enabled, proposed is just a test repo15:40
Sven_vBmike18, that more connections have finished uncleanly, than are currently active. if it stays for a long time, it means you're faster at making connections that will end unclean, than their timeout is.15:40
mike18but why connections closing?15:40
mike18server client use keep alive15:40
Sven_vBmike18, you could query a list of FIN_WAIT_2 connections, then try to guess from their hosts and ports what they might have been.15:41
mike18how and why?15:42
Sven_vBmike18, you could also take a packet capture of all connections, then later analyze the ones that end up in FIN_WAIT_2.15:42
mike18im just wondering why they close15:42
Sven_vBmike18, to find hints for possible reasons of why they close.15:42
mike18since client server use keep alive15:42
woenxHi, one question. I noticed that sometimes when I open a program in Ubuntu 20.04, it does not appear in the "docker" where the other icons is. Only after changing program, or minimizing/maximizing it, then it appears15:43
woenxdoes that happen to everyone?15:44
Sven_vBmike18, e.g. if the packet capture shows that a certain client suddenly stops sending traffic altogether, then re-establishes a session from another IP, you might assume they're roaming on a mobile network.15:44
mike18its not mobile :)15:44
mike18so that cannot happen15:44
Sven_vBmike18, guessing (yours or ours) probably won't help you. do the science.15:46
Sven_vBnot meaning to say there's roaming on your scenario, it was just one possible example for observation you could get.15:47
guloHello, I was wondering if anyone has figured out the new partitioning scheme for the autoinstall using curtin yet? I am having some problems with the straight LVM for the autoinstall.16:27
guloI thought that I had my autoinstall fully functional, but I noticed just using the storage layout: lvm only partitions a small part of the disk for the LVM, and leave the rest of it unused. So after every server I deploy I am using ansible to extend the LVM. So I took a stab at the curtin partitioning, and have had zero luck figuring out the correct syntax.16:27
tomreyngulo: try asking this in #ubuntu-server, preferrably during UK business hours. or, better, file a bug if you think oyu found a configuration which should have worked or documentation seems to be lacking16:45
Deano59I turned off mitigation's but not seeing any performance difference... is it just me?16:49
gulotomreyn, Thanks, I will try asking over there. I know the autoinstall stuff is super new, so there is almost no Ubuntu documentation on it. So I was reading through the curtin documentation, but it appears the syntax isn't 1:1.17:04
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jpmh__sarnold: hey, JPMH here - you were helpng me with a terminal width issue yesterday - then we had a storm here and I lost connection - so, wondering if you came up with any ideas after I lost comnnection18:45
rjbhi all, is it intended by booting into recovery mode to be root without any password asked?18:51
rfmrjb, well yeah, since one  of the things it's used to recover from is forgetting a password.18:55
rjbrfm: so i could as well have autologin enabled (almost)18:56
rjbwith this, anyone can easily gain access to everything :(18:58
akikjpmh__: did you try using TERM=xterm on your local terminal?18:59
rfmrjb, if somebody can walk up to the computer and reboot it, they can get in.  only disk encryption would protect against that.18:59
EtherManAnyone know what happened to freeipa-server in 20.04? It was there in 16.04 and 18.04, and in 19.10, but now suddenly missing in 20.04? Did it move to a PPA or?19:00
rjbrfm: agreed, but why was disk encryption (at least for user's home directories) removed from standard installation?19:00
greggHello. I am having a problem with a Marvell 88SE9485 SAS/SATA 6Gb/s controller. Since (I think) a kernel update, the HDDs attached to the controller are not detected.19:02
rfmrjb (a) last time I ran an install encryption was still there (b) I wouldn't know why any more than you would.19:02
ioriarjb, because it uses eCryptfs, which is considered buggy and  unmaintained;  and you don't need recovery for that; just boot a livecd and mount the partition19:03
guloEtherMan, some packages are still being updated for 20.04. Not everyone has caught up with the new distribution yet. I have seen this for a bunch of packages, but I haven't looked specifically at freeipa yet.19:03
EtherMangulo, ah. Thanks. Only server is missing which had be a bit confused. Had it all been removed I was thinking it could be like maintainer leaving or something but that felt unlikely when client was there :)19:04
rjbioria: ok, thanks. that's a pitty. is there another suggested way of encrypting home folders?19:06
tomreynEtherMan: seems to have been removed off debian (except for sid=unstable) https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/freeipa19:06
rjbrfm: at least in 20.04 the encryption option it is removed19:06
ioriarjb, luks is enough19:07
EtherMantomreyn, was never in anything but testing, unstable and experimental though.19:09
tomreynEtherMan: my point is it was removed off debian testing, thus didn't land in ubuntu universe for 20.0419:09
EtherMantomreyn, eh? Is Ubuntu LTS releases tied to Debian's testing release? O_o19:10
rjbioria: thanks19:10
EtherMantomreyn, And even so, the freeipa-client isn't in testing anymore either... But that is available in 20.04.19:11
tomreynEtherMan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess states that LTS release packages may be (or are) synced from debian testing.19:16
EtherManO_o  that seems a bit insecure to take testing packages for LTS but ok19:17
tomreynEtherMan: those packages in repositories supported by the ubuntu security team (so not universe) are usually in good shape regarding security.19:20
EtherMantomreyn, Security isn't the only thing of concern IMO when running LTS releases. Stability should also be one, and they're in testing exactly because they have not yet been tested for long term stability yet.19:21
tomreynEtherMan: a better place to discuss is #ubuntu-discuss19:22
EtherManWasn't my intent to discuss it so it's fine. Just surprising to hear19:22
sublim20is there any issue with running 16.04?  got a friend that is new to linux, and has been running 16.04 for a while, and uhhh, they refuse to upgrade (mostly cause its new and scary to them).19:23
gulosublim20, Just means they won't get any security updates, and some package updates and installs will start to fail.19:25
sublim20gulo, whoa.  security updates?  that's pretty serious.19:25
tomreynsublim20: as long as they run ubuntu or kubuntu, they're fine for another year.19:25
guloOh, my bad, yeah security updates continue for another couple years after EOL.19:26
sublim20tomreyn, gulo, thanks for the responses btw.19:26
tomreynonly with !esm, gulo19:26
sublim20so they got another of pestering, till its 'no, you have to do this'19:27
tomreyn(and only select packages)19:27
sublim20*another YEAR19:27
EtherMansublim20, Only thing 16.04 won't get anymore is hardware updates. As in support for newer hardware and such. But maintainance updates continue for it until 2021 so for another year. And then 2024 the ESM also ends. So until then, you should be fine for running on say older hardware.19:27
sublim20whats ESM?19:27
ubottuCanonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.19:27
sublim20oh ok.  yeah, they're not a paying customer.  so they gotta update this year.19:28
sublim20would it be alright to copy this conversation and paste it in an email?  hearing it from others might change their mind19:29
tomreynsublim20: actually i was wrong, kubuntu 16.04 is EOL already.19:29
tomreynkylin isnt19:29
sublim20they're on ubuntu19:29
ioriagood, ìcause ,iirc, kubuntu support is 3 years19:30
tomreynioria is right19:30
sublim20thanks all.19:31
ioriathe desktop part, i mean (not the core)19:32
tomreynsublim20: note that upgrades are only supported *from* releases that are not EOL.19:33
tomreynsublim20: so they'd need to do it in advance. if you want to suggest upgrading, also take into account that 32-bit x86 support has been dropped and that hardware requirements have been raised for newer releases.19:34
sublim20tomreyn, whoa, 32bit support has been dropped?  that's pretty big.  how will people, who need to run 32bit software in wine, get around?19:35
tomreynthere are still some 32-bit packages available with the amd64 system, but 32-bit installations are no more.19:36
sublim20as for the hardware requirements, to quote rocky 4, if it dies, it dies.19:36
sublim20tomreyn, so 32bit legacy software can still run in 20.04 under wine?19:37
akiksublim20: some of the 18.04 flavors have the 32-bit installer19:37
tomreyn!32bit | sublim2019:38
ubottusublim20: For information about the future of support for i386 packages in Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine and onward, please read the following official statement: https://ubuntu.com/blog/statement-on-32-bit-i386-packages-for-ubuntu-19-10-and-20-04-lts . Note this applies only to i386 (Intel/AMD) builds, not other 32-bit architectures like arm.19:38
sublim20tomreyn, reading that link now19:39
ViperXL75I've been trying to find out what is causing my gnome to lock up on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (and also Debian stretch). It'll freeze up and only my mouse can move. Nothing else responds. I have to kill the "gdm3" process through ssh for system to become responsive again. How to investigate this further?19:39
sublim2032bit support has to end at some point, but, wow, never thought that that day would come.  just figured that can would be forever kicked down the road19:40
tomreynViperXL75: when it happens, try switching to a !tty and examine the situation using dmesg | tail and journalctl. if this doesn't work, use !sysrq to reboot without loosing most logs and after rebooting review joujrnalctl.19:41
tomreyn* journalctl19:41
tomreynViperXL75: if there are no errors by the end of these logs, look into kernel debugging instead: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelDebuggingTricks19:42
jpmh__I am having an issue with bash (and only bash, as far as I can tell) where for some reason, when I am using it via terminal and ssh after 86 characters the cursor jumps back the first column - stty etc all correctly tell me that my window is 129 characters and even /bin/sh works fine.  Any ideas20:12
akikjpmh__: did you try TERM=xterm on your local terminal?20:13
jpmh__akik: yes20:16
akikexport TERM=xterm20:16
specteri would do $ export TERM=xterm-256color20:16
akikjpmh__: what's the os of the server you're logging into?20:16
jpmh__akik: some 18.4 a few 20.420:18
akik18.04 and 20.0420:18
jpmh__akik: yes, excuse the lack of zeros20:19
akikjpmh__: do you have some server where this doesn't happen?20:19
jpmh__akik: not as far as I know - and I do have hundreds of instances20:20
akikjpmh__: could you create a new user account on both the client and on the server and test with those?20:22
jpmh__akik: easily - a GREAT idea - I'll try that right now - BRB20:22
jpmh__akik: TY - here is the problem, and it is thanks to your idea - I was connecting and my teminal was setting TERM as xterm-256color - but then I was doing a TERM=xterm in my .bashrc, and then I do a screen, since I always run unders screen - turns out, and I will think this true - that the sequence here is importamt.  With the new account I connected,, then export TERM=xterm, then my screen and all is GREAT!20:26
jpmh__akik: TY20:27
akikhey great20:27
akiknext thing i was going to suggest was testing with another local terminal emulator :)20:27
guloI had posted this on the Ubuntu forums a couple of days ago as well, but I have a problem where some applications are not being drawn properly in my fluxbox GUI on 20.04. One example is OBS when I open it, it mirrors all of the bottom controls more than once depending on the size of the window. I have this problem in a CAD application that I use as well.20:33
jpmh__akik: YES - I just need to think through why the sequence is so important20:33
guloI'm not really sure how to even begin to troubleshoot this. I think this might be related to QT, but I could be wrong. I had this problem in 19.10 as well.20:33
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jpmh__akik: in case you care - the problem is/was that screen grabs settings from TERM and then changes the TERM=screen - so we need to do the reset to xterm BEFORE screen, for some reason - I'll think this through and experiment a bit more - but TY akik20:42
electrostrongdoes anyone know if you can transition to an encrypted disk if you didnt start with lvm? I have a raid md6 config and need to encrypt the data.....20:52
electrostrongand it's a massive array...cant easily copy off and back to it...20:52
tomreyndo you have backups, though?20:53
tomreynyou can use cryptsetup-reencrypt to add a cryptolayer underneath. read it's manual well, it's not simple to use.20:55
tomreynalso, this won't add lvm20:55
electrostronggot it - thx - might just have to bite the bullet and backup/restore with lvm encryption if it's overly complex20:56
tomreyni don't think there is "lvm encryption", unless you mean dmcrypt-luks encrypting an lvm pv20:57
TheFuWow, I'd be afraid to use cryptsetup-reencrypt.  I'd definitely test it on a separate block device/VM before.21:12
TheFuThe warnings in the 16.04 manpage are pretty clear. "THIS TOOL IS EXPERIMENTAL"  <--- all caps in the manpage. In 20.04, the other warnings remain, but that has been removed.21:14
robertparkerxmy znc suddenly will not open webadmin21:25
robertparkerxI see it listening on the correct port though21:25
robertparkerxit returns empty response21:25
InteloAny solution to this? using timux, vim, putty https://ibb.co/GTDHfkg21:27
Intelothe doted lines do not let me go full screen. I can in linux but in windows/putty, I cannot do ctrl+ or mouse scroll to zoom. https://ibb.co/GTDHfkg21:28
tomreynare you asking questions regarding the graphical putty SSH client for windows in #ubuntu?21:29
Intelotomreyn, yes because I am using tmux, vim, all are linux based21:30
oerheksand those dotted lines .. is a picture?21:31
tomreynhmm not sure i can follow. maybe you could describe how those are stacked up21:31
tomreynyour screenshot is so low quality it's hard to see anything21:32
paint-it-blackmixed architecture install iso?21:38
tomreynno, thanks.21:38
oerheksinteresting idea, not useable.21:39
paint-it-blackDebian has one, but drivers are missing.  Ubuntu says they mixed architecture but there is no 32 bit UEFI on the image.21:39
oerheksubuntu does not claim such interesting thought.21:40
oerheksif you have an 64 bit machine with 32 bit uefi, there is an ugly hack, without guarantee all hardware would work.21:41
paint-it-blackah ok, must have misunderstood the article ... so there is no 32 bit UEFI on the amd64 bit media, no option for such media,  just hack it together?21:43
oerhekssee the uefi manul21:46
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:46
celularI created an image iso using dd like dd if=/dev/sdc5 of=/folder/image.iso21:48
celularnow I want to restore it into sdc5 again how do I do that?21:48
celulardd if=/image.iso of=/dev/sdc5 doesn't work21:49
newdimensionWas anything regarding libffi.so.6 changed in 19 > 20.04 ? I'm getting an error that says this it's missing, and this seems like a system package21:49
celularthe image is store in a usb flash drive21:50
celulardoes anyone knows?21:50
nikolamWhere can I take a look at the exact LICENSE of an application I am offered to install from SNAP STORE, BEFORE, I cna install application?21:51
nikolamThat is because ALL applications in the world offer user to first SEE the license, BEFORE install, to evaluate IF user wants to ACCEPT applicaiton license before installation.21:52
nikolamIf Snap Store does NOT display ANY application license before installing snap application, Snap store does not fulfill requirements of ANY APLICATION AT THE SNAP STORE..21:53
SmashcatHi, anyone know if there will be any issues wiping a 16.04 installation and installing 18.04 on a server with a RAID5 array (OS is on an SSD, separate to the RAID). Want to ensure I don't have to rebuild RAID if possible21:55
nikolamSorry, Snap Store Does not fulfill requirements of any license of all applictions in all Snap store, e.g. by not displaying their licenses AT ALL.21:55
nikolamE.G. Snap store brake all licenses requirements of all Snap Store applications.21:56
hggdhnikolam: try #snappy.21:56
nikolamhggdh, thanks21:56
nikolamhggdh, isn't Snap store part of ubuntu distribution?21:56
hggdhnikolam: and we read what you wrote here. But there is nothing we can do here21:56
guloSmashcat, It kind of depends on your setup. But I do that all of the time. I have a mirrored RAID for my data drive, and I just wipe my SSD with my OS install. Although, I usually physically disconnect my data drives before I do a fresh install, just because I am little paranoid.21:59
fradwhere do I find the local configuration of vlc?21:59
guloI just don't want to accidentally wipe out my data drives during an install is all.22:00
Smashcatgulo: Cool, I just want to check the version of md in 1804 is compatible with 16.04. I have a 20TB RAID5 array. Will take a while to rebuild it :)22:00
gulofrad, ~/.config/vlc22:00
fradstrangest of things gulo , it's not there22:01
guloSmashcat, I had a problem one time where there were some driver incompatibilities with my RAID card, and I panicked for about an hour before I sorted it out.22:01
tomreyncelular: "does not work" how?22:02
Smashcatgulo: Heh, yeah I've had that on Adaptec cards before - hard to recompile kernel22:02
gulofrad, you can always do a search for the vlc config files. The two files I have in my .config/vlc are vlc-qt-interface.conf and vlcrc22:03
guloSmashcat, Yup, definitely gets your heart racing for a bit22:04
fradgulo, I found it under snap. wtf is snap?22:05
tomreyn!snao | frad22:06
tomreyn!snap | frad22:06
ubottufrad: Snaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io22:06
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal22:06
SmashcatWell that was easy - upgraded from 16.04 to 18.04 and the only problem was named not restarting :)22:57
hanshporting this command from 18.04 to 20.04 isn23:25
hanshisn't as easy as i expected: wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/initrd.gz http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/linux http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/pxelinux.0 && echo OK23:25
Bashing-om!test | eblip23:31
ubottueblip: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...23:31
hansh> The new Ubuntu Server Installer now supports all Server hardware platforms, unattended autoinstall, offline installation, network-gapped install, PXE and HTTP boot, RAID, LVM, LUKS, among other things.23:31
eblipthanks ubottu23:31
hanshlast time i tried the "The new Ubuntu Server Installer", it refused to install in a terminal window, got grumpy because there was no screen present, has that been fixed?23:32
eblipi am installing zoom on debian...and not sure if there is a snap issue ..i got this error https://bpa.st/J23A23:32
eblipbeen advised to speak to ogra23:32
Bashing-om!debian | eblip23:33
ubottueblip: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!23:33
eblipyes debian sent me here to speak to ogra23:33
eblipapparently could be an issue with snap, requiring interfaces not present in debians version23:34
eblipi think ogra will know from the error file i just posted.23:34
loganlee!deepin | loganlee23:39
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oerheksthere is a deepin edition, ubuntudde, not (yet) official though23:41
oerhekshttps://ubuntudde.com/ ..23:41
oerheksnot on the ubuntu site, nor cdimage. so no ubottu factoids.23:41
loganleedeepin just looks like windows 1023:42
loganleewhich is not bad i suppose23:43
guloI had posted this on the Ubuntu forums a couple of days ago as well, but I have a problem where some applications are not being drawn properly in my fluxbox GUI on 20.04. One example is OBS when I open it, it mirrors all of the bottom controls more than once depending on the size of the window. I have this problem in a CAD application that I use as well. I don't even know what to Google for to troubleshoot.23:43
travismhow do I compile with multilib?23:47
leftyfbeblip: try #snappy23:48
travismI did dpkg --add-architecture i38623:48
travismtravism@travism-Inspiron-7591-2n1:~/mesa-20.0.7$ sudo apt  install $(for x in glslang-tools libdrm-dev libx11-dev libxxf86vm-dev libexpat1-dev libxfixes-dev linux-libc-dev libx11-xcb-dev libvdpau-dev libvulkan-dev libxcb-dri2-0-dev libxcb-glx0-dev libxcb-xfixes0-dev libxcb-dri3-dev libxcb-present-dev libxcb-randr0-dev libxcb-sync-dev libxrandr-dev libxshmfence-dev libzstd-dev python3-dev python3 libelf-dev libwayland-dev libwayland-23:48
travismegl-backend-dev llvm-10-dev libclang-10-dev zlib1g-dev libglvnd-dev; do echo -n $x:i386\  ; done)23:48
travismand I run that and it complains a bit I have one more line of outpit23:49
eblipthanks leftyfb23:49
travismum something about how python3-distutils:i386 is broken somehow23:50
travismit says it's already installed23:50
oerheksinteresting, mesa-20.0.7 ?23:51
travismit has a little fix for mpv23:52

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