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user|75529Hey I need a bit of help with my installation.04:01
user|75529When I get to over 50% there is a fatal error saying that grub cannot be installed on drive sda which I did not try to install Kubuntu to. I set the target drive as sdc04:02
user|75529Ive looked it up but can't seem to figure it out04:02
user|75529Any ideas?04:03
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IrcsomeBot<akaatsukhi> How to get plasma 5.19 beta on kubuntu 20...well I tried backports but nothing seems to work.06:31
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> @akaatsukhi, 5.19 is not buildable on 20.04 as it requires a non LTS version of Qt07:24
cybercatIs there anyone online and can help me?07:31
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angel_Hello, I'm issuing a problem with playing vidoes. Whenever I'm trying to play multiple videos one by one with VLC, It would stop working and won't even start but I can see it's process on $top and it's icon on system tray09:29
angel_a screenshot for making it more clear: https://ibb.co/KrwNPRB09:33
somekoolcertainly the wrong place to submit a bug report angel_09:33
somekoolit could be VLC related and IRC conversation will get lost09:33
oerhekssomekool,  why the wrong place?09:34
angel_It's not bug report, I need support with this. It's certainly not VLC bug but it's related for Kubuntu09:34
somekoolok then, please ignore me09:34
oerheksangel_, is it the repo package, or snap vlc?09:35
oerhekssnap gives newer versions, AFAIK09:35
angel_repo, I've tried to removing every vlc files and installing again from Discover, but still same issue. Kubuntu is updated also09:36
oerheksFocal still gives 3.09 , https://snapcraft.io/vlc gives 3.0.10 with some nasty bugfixes..09:37
angel_and when I play a video with another multimedia application, vlc would open up but I can't navigate in vlc but in that other application09:38
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angel_I installed VLC from Snap and it's working fine now and tnx! BUT NEW ISSUE! and this one should be for Kubuntu for sure, after every file a vlc icon would appear in tray and it won't go, now I have 5 vlc icon down here ...09:50
oerhekslogout/login, would fix that cruft i guess09:51
oerheksor find all instances of vlc in top/htop and kill them09:51
angel_I have to do it everyday after playing a file? No that won't work ... In System Tray Settings I have multiple vlc also!09:52
oerheksit is a left over from your old vlc09:53
angel_and no instance in $top09:53
angel_let me reboot so ...09:54
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angel_my vlc problem is solved for now, thank you!10:07
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Hello all10:40
IrcsomeBot<kusuma_loka> hello … anyone here using Thinkpad T450?10:43
kajairhi i want to make /boot/grub/grub.cfg changes permanently. i cant install grub-customizer in my kubuntu 18 even i tried .deb file. how can i change grub settings permanently? i want to use lower version kernel instead of latest kernel. i purged last kernel but it still detects in update-grub program.10:50
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kajairand this is my grub-customizer error :10:59
kajairits done by using apt purge linux-modules-5.3.*11:05
BluesKaj'Morning all11:33
IrcsomeBot<kusuma_loka> hello  … anyone here using thinkpad t450? … i just curious, why my kubuntu 20.04 in my thinkpad, the trackpoint movement not like on windows. in linux just elementary os feel near same like windows … anybody can help?12:15
mocalvaohi there14:27
mocalvaoI have an Anker SoundCore 2 bluetooth speaker, which I am able to use seamlessly to listen movies, music, videos, etc, paired to my desktop, which uses Kubuntu 20.4 focal fossa.14:30
mocalvaoHowever, I am not able to use its microphone. Any suggestions?14:30
mocalvaoIs anybody out there?14:35
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jukebohihow do I get menu bars back to the programs?16:47
jukebohiI want the textual menus back. My kubuntu went into some weird state of no panel at all, so I tried to recreate the panel. No luck. Then after reboot I notice that the menu bar is _above_ the area where the window can be dragged from and I removed it and now end result is that zero programs have a menu and it cannot even be invoked by pressing the Alt-key.16:49
jukebohiand now LibreOffice will not respond to Ctrl-h at all16:49
jukebohiso I've lost the ability to replace stuff in LibreOffice16:50
jukebohiI gonna reboot to see if that fixes the Ctrl-H not working. Back in a couple of minutes16:50
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jukebohialso another great downgrade to the user experience is that LibreOffice loses all Untitled documents. I guess some bright one decided to keep those in /tmp/ when for years they were kept in somewhere in the /home/dir16:54
jukebohi*upon reboot16:54
jukebohiseems this laptop is full of sabotage. No CTRL-H in LibreOffice16:55
jukebohiso so much for working..16:55
jukebohiright-clicking in FireFox stopped working17:38
jukebohithis laptop has nothing but problems17:38
jukebohictrl-n stopped working in FireFox. Alt-key does not bring up the textual menu17:41
jukebohiI guess the vandal that has messed up this machine is having a real fun time17:42
jukebohiso, reboot and see if the "bugs" go away17:42
RoeyMecoMecowhy does chromium-browser keep core dumping on me?20:51
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