lotuspsychjegood morning01:40
ducassegood morning06:46
* daftykins hides14:48
daftykinsgood afternoon14:48
marcoagpintoyesterday I watched several lectures of my Unity course15:00
marcoagpintobut the quizz was too hard15:00
marcoagpintoI failed several questions in it15:00
lotuspsychjeunity course?15:02
marcoagpintoyes, I asked in the Facebook group if the diploma at the end would mention the score... they say it doesn''t15:03
marcoagpintolotuspsychje: yes15:03
marcoagpintoI want to remake games again15:03
marcoagpintoit will take me over a month or two to finish the course as I can't focus more than 30 minutes per day15:04
marcoagpintoand I only wrote some two new paragraphs about Benoulli in my thesis :((((((((15:05
marcoagpintoI can't focus on everything15:05
lotuspsychjemore cola, more work :p15:06
marcoagpintowhen I got up at 5am, I had no cola :((((((15:09
marcoagpintoI had to drink tea and water15:09
joelcrumpi always have diet pepsi on hand15:11
marcoagpintoI only go to the store every two days or so15:13
marcoagpintoso, I drank a bottle today and have another for tomorrow15:13
marcoagpintothen, on the next day I need to buy two more bottle15:13
marcoagpintoand repeat the ritual15:13
marcoagpintoBuaaaaaaaaaaaa.... yesterday I saw an ad about a 14'' laptop with 8-cores... "AMD using 7 nm lipography" :(((((15:20
daftykinslithography, yeah - that core count in a laptop though, not gonna be great15:22
daftykinshot hot hot15:22
daftykinsor just hamstrung15:23
marcoagpintoI notice my laptop sometimes does tasks faster15:23
marcoagpintofor example, when I select "statistics" in my Hunspell tool, sometimes it decodes 70K words/second and other times just 40K15:24
marcoagpintoit is very wierd15:24
marcoagpintosorry for the typos15:25
marcoagpintoI am stressed15:25
daftykinsabout what...15:52
marcoagpintomany things16:23
marcoagpintoI will return later16:23
marcoagpintotake care everyone16:23
* sarnold hides his pepsi17:14
=== akem_ is now known as akem
Bashing-omUWN633 fresh off the terminals: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue633 :D20:06

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