rick_hwe've got tools for scanning systems for cve'd software on your systems, doing CIS scanning/hardening, etc12:51
rick_hit's crazy how much stuff there is out there12:52
greg-gwell that's more red than I normally like seeing15:19
jrwrenhaha, right?!?15:27
jrwrenbut a lot of these systemd security features are very new, and the debian/ubuntu packages haven't been updated to use them.15:27
jrwrenwould be some sweet security work to debian/ubuntu for someone.15:28
greg-gyeah, a good distraction from shit right now16:00
jrwrenon a good note... Firekeepers casino reopens today. Who wants to go shoot craps?16:26
_stink_don't tempt me16:27
cmaloneywhat did craps ever do to you?17:05
rick_htake my money?17:09
cmaloneyblam blam blam17:09
jrwrenGov Whitmer press conference right now. MI is partially reopening. YAY19:46
rick_hcan anyone explain to me how getting numbers down by sheltering works, but then opening without any chance to the underlying environment is ok and good?19:48
rick_hI don't see what change has occurred that makes it ok now, but didn't 30 days ago?19:49
rick_hsome form of treatment, or managing contagion? Just that enough prople have it now?19:49
rick_hsays the man that's been hiding from MI for 3.5mo and moving back this weekend...19:50
jrwrenthe opening is changing underlying a bit.19:50
jrwrenlimited capacity reopen.19:50
rick_hright, but since nothing changed in the actual medicine we "in theory" could have just been doing that all along19:51
cmaloneyHonestly I think it's still foolishness19:51
jrwrenthe now v. then is tied to our Rt value AFAIK.19:51
rick_hright, but opening will do nothing but raise cases no matter what19:51
jrwrenit isn't hte medicine chnages, but capacity and availability to perform the medicine19:51
rick_hso you open in order to keep a moving average of the sick?19:51
cmaloneymy (limited) understanding was the awareness vs slamming the ICU19:51
cmaloneyit means we now have beds open19:51
rick_hvs holding for a vaccine or something?19:51
jrwrenyes, opening will raise cases, you are right about that. Medical infrastructure can now handle that.19:52
rick_hright, but as far as death rate/etc nothing has made this thing less deadly19:52
jrwren1-2mo ago, medical infra couldn't handle it.19:52
jrwrenwhat cmaloney said.19:52
jrwrenit is still just as deadly, just as communicable.19:52
rick_hright, but great, so now it's more likely the pizza guy deliverying has it and gives it to me because he's out and about in a more open society19:52
rick_hand since folks aren't deemed unnecessary folks have to go back to work as they won't quality for staying at home regardless of their risk levels19:53
jrwrenyou aren't wrong.19:53
rick_hit moves the respsibility off the state and back on to individuals who (by necessity to be clear) have to make poor choices19:53
cmaloneyIt means that we get a short-term political win until it gets scary again19:53
rick_hit just really saddens me to be honest. It feels like giving in and accepting the loss of life will continue and grow19:54
cmaloneyand the smart places will remain closed and distant19:54
rick_hbut maybe I'm missing something and I shouldn't be so negative19:54
cmaloneyrick_h: It's the will of the people19:54
* rick_h says the rest of his commentary "off air" lol19:54
cmaloneythey protested for it. Now we'll have to suffer the consequences19:54
rick_hright, I'd be fine if only they did but it won't be that19:54
cmaloney"here's your freedom. Don't wait for the tab"/19:54
brian__I think you mispelled that. It's freedumb. ;)19:56
cmaloneyIt's asinine, but apparently societal pressure work20:02

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