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CarlFKwhat is the command to add a repository key?  2eb11aeda224c43c01:39
CarlFKto a rasp pi running rasbpian, so add-apt-repo isnt' working for me01:40
Psi-JackRaspbian != Ubuntu, either.01:40
Psi-JackNot supported /here/01:40
CarlFKIm using a ubuntu ppa.  does that help?01:41
Psi-JackOf course not.01:42
oerheksare you sure that ppa has candidates for your arm thingy?01:44
CarlFKhttps://launchpad.net/~carlfk/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+build/19322467           Architecture:           arm6401:48
skyliner_369can a luascript be pointed to a dll, and treat said dll as a black box?01:48
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BiessieHow can i make a script run in a screen at bootup? i have a cs1.6 HLDS that i want to beable to screen -r HLDS to load it up and see console and alt +a+d to get out and go on about my day01:49
oerheksBiessie, you ask about windows cs1.6 HLDS  in here?01:54
BiessieWindows cs1.6 HLDS using a 'screen' ?01:54
InnovAnon-Inclol what is windows? does run.BAT still run at boot?01:55
Biessieno but what i am asking is how to run a script in a screen at startup, regardless of what the script may be01:56
bparkerhow am I supposed to configure my networking in an ubuntu docker container if the image doesn't come with any tools02:00
bparkerthere's no ip, ifconfig, route, ping, *anything*02:01
BiessieWould this work adding to rc.local? --> su - username -c "screen -dm -S ./home/drake/cs16server/hlds_run -console -game cstrike +port 27015 +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 12 -pingboost 1 +ip"02:03
bparkerBiessie: there's no reason to use su in rc.local, it already runs as root02:05
bparkeranother option would be to run that using the @reboot tag in your crontab02:05
BiessieWhat if i want it to run as the user 'drake'02:06
bparkeroh I see02:06
Biessiechange username to drake02:06
bparkeryes then crontab of the user itself02:06
bparkerwith @reboot works02:06
Biessiethanks bparker02:06
Biessietesting it out. rebooting my box and my BNC is on same box. brb02:07
skyliner_369I'm wondering if there's a universal symbol for showing that something's under development or a work in progress02:15
hwdykii have a custom apt repo which i'm trying to apt-mirror. but is giving me an error. see: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WCBFyJy2vV/02:17
Sven_vBis there a reasonable distinction between a regular file, and a hard link to a regular file?02:24
bparkerthere are those methods however02:26
Sven_vBafaik that can only count whether "additional" hard links exist, not distinguish them, right?02:27
bparkerall hard links have at least 2 links02:28
bparkerso it is a distinguishing factor02:28
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Sven_vByeah I meant that none of the file's directory entries are more "true"/"legit"/"original" than the others02:28
housecatthere's nothing to distinguish. a "regular file" is just a hard link where there aren't any other hard links floating around02:28
bparkerright, there's no way to know which file came first besides the ctime02:29
Sven_vB"stat hardlink.file | grep -i inode" ??? the quality of a lot of answers on SO is amazing. in a bad way.02:29
bparkerI can't even browse the site, they block my host02:30
Sven_vBwait but StackExchange worked for you? aren't they the same network?02:31
Sven_vB(also I actually meant SX.)02:31
bparkermaybe broken is a better word02:32
Sven_vBalso the next answer, stat --printf '%h\n' ??? well maybe their flavor of stat doesn't have --format02:32
Sven_vByeah their stylesheets don't work for me either. it's always an extra cringe if people let me view their website but ban me from downloading their stylesheets for some paranoia reason.02:33
bparkertwo wgets a minute apart, one worked immediately and now every attempt just hangs02:33
bparkerConnecting to unix.stackexchange.com (unix.stackexchange.com)||:443... connected.02:34
bparkerstuck here forever02:34
bparkernow it works again... now it doesn't, seconds apart. same ip02:35
bparkerI call tht broken02:35
Sven_vBI agree.02:35
DrecondiusOk, so I added a disk to fstab to automount to /home/disk but when I point steam to it, it says there isn't enough room, the disk partition is almost 1tb (swap space excluded) but the primary home directory isn't quite that large, only 60 or so gb. What do i need to modify in fstab for it to "see" the entirety of the free space?02:39
DrecondiusShould I simply have it mount to a directory in mnt and symlink it, if so, how to i get it to be writable?02:40
Sven_vBDrecondius, what does "df -h /home/disk" report when run as the same user as steam?02:41
Drecondiussame user as now, or does steam make it's own hidden user?02:42
Drecondiusit shows only 1% used02:43
Drecondius"dev/sdi2       869G   72M  825G   1% /home/disk"02:43
noj357hi, how'd I go about changing the title bar height in gnome 3.36?02:43
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noj357am I creating a gtk.css in ~/.config/gtk-n/02:44
Drecondiusso should I just have it mount in /mnt/disk and symlink /home/disk ?02:44
DrecondiusI don't need to change owner of the disk, because I'm not gonna be the only one using it, but  I would like to make sure it can be written to, at least by steam and it's group's users02:45
DrecondiusWait, do i use spaces or tabs in or does it matter in fstab?02:47
Drecondiusthe format isn't the same as it was when i wrote it before reboot02:47
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Drecondiusbetter question, it didn't require authentication to mount, but it's requiring auth to unmount. Is that normal?02:52
Drecondiussteam still only reports the disk as having 35.1 gb which is bs .....02:56
Drecondiusif I make a / on one hdd and do /home on a seperate hdd, will I still be able to use some of the space on the / disk for personal files, ex put something like minecraft on that drive and steam library on the /home drive? or do I need to have some creative maneuvering with links?03:26
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kel_channel safe now?03:58
naribiaso I'm trying to install (headless) amd drivers and stuck with "The following packages have unmet dependencies: amdgpu-lib32 " then lists a bunch of dependecies, and then "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."04:25
naribianot sure how to fix this, this is a brand new ubuntu server 18.04.4 installation04:26
naribiaive tried apt install -f, didn't do anything04:26
lotuspsychjenaribia: unmet dependencys mostly occur when adding external ppa's to your system and conflict with apt04:27
naribiahm, I never added any ppa's, brand new installation04:27
lotuspsychjenaribia: can you pastebin the apt output please?04:28
naribialotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/H9Gm2E6r04:36
guivercnaribia, your pastebin shows held packages, and software from 3rd party sources (such as PPAs) https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&searchon=names&keywords=amdgpu-lib3204:48
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oerheksnever seen this too; missing arch i386?? sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38604:54
naribiaguiverc: does this mean I need to add some sort of ppa?05:09
naribiaI'm referencing the amd driver installation manual, it doesn't say anything about needing that though05:10
guivercno, you've already got one added (wherever amdgpu-lib32 came from); follow oerheks suggestion would be first I'd suspect05:11
oerheksnever seen an command that installes amdgpu-lib32 ..05:12
naribiayeah dpkg --add-architecture i386 then apt update seems to have solved it05:13
naribiaI'm just installing amd drivesr I downloaded from their website05:13
oerheks just installing amd drivers .. sure, but you only need to run the install script05:15
naribiaright, the install script came to that error05:15
oerheksno, it did not.05:16
naribiauuh, the pastebin I shared was me installing amdgpu-lib32 manually to bring that error but that was the error the install script generated (the end of it anyways) and after I added i386 the install script seems to be working (so far, its still running)05:18
abhijitHi Guys. i have set the bluetooth headphone mic volume to highest on 20.04, and still other person hear my voice in low volume. is there any way to fix tis bluetooth headphone mic issue?05:28
nite`Hey, there's something wrong with the fonts i see question marks instead of special characters (using ubuntu 18.04)06:01
abhijitnite`, everywhere or only is few apps like web browser? only for English or you are using other language?06:05
nite`I've notice when i'm using WeeChat06:06
abhijitnite`, did you try changing font settings from WeeChat setting panel?06:07
nite`yeah, i'm not sure if it's the font settings06:09
nite`06:11:09 ▒~U Option changed: weechat.look.prefix_same_nick = "⤷"  (default: "")06:13
nite`this is an example06:13
red_shift Are you a prick? Do you like to have (mostly imagined) power? Be an OP today!06:14
lotuspsychje!ops | red_shift up to no good06:15
ubottured_shift up to no good: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax06:15
red_shiftsnitches get stitches, bitches!06:15
lotuspsychjetnx dax06:17
abhijitnite`, not sure then. maybe you should try in #weechat ?06:20
nite`ok thanks for trying :)06:21
virmahahello, my wifi is disabled by hardware switch06:22
virmaharfkill unblock all doesn't work06:22
virmahapressing fn + f2 doesn't work06:22
virmahaecho 0 > /sys/class/rfkill/rfkill0/hard doesn't work06:23
virmahawhat to do?:|06:23
anon_mooseanyone here use Yubikey?06:24
skyliner_369how do I set the compose key in 20.04?06:54
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ducasseskyliner_369: 'setxkbmap -option compose:caps' will map caps lock to compose08:09
idstamHow do I add a known wifi network that is currently out of range? (I'm on ubuntu 20.04)08:09
OnceMesomoene with webcam from logitech? is it working on ubuntu?08:35
oerheksOnceMe, tons of logitech webcams, which one?08:45
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oerheksno bugreports on that one08:47
OnceMecool homie08:49
OnceMeno issues with logitech08:49
OnceMeits a good brand08:49
addc182any recommendations for a system checkpoint/rollback tool?08:59
lotuspsychje!borg | addc182 could try this09:00
ubottuaddc182 could try this: borg is a fast backup tool with incremental backups: https://www.borgbackup.org/ (Ubuntu packages: borgbackup, borgbackup-doc, and borgmatic)09:00
OERIASfirewire should have been the standard over USB09:00
lotuspsychjeOERIAS: we dont take hardware polls here09:00
dan01Old question, can Ubuntu be installed on a T2 Macbook? :D09:02
oerhekswhat are the specs?09:03
dan012019 macbook pro 16", 16 GB RAM, core i-9,AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB09:04
lotuspsychjeliveusb test dan0109:04
dan01It's the T2 chip problem that didn't allow Linux access to theS SSD09:04
dan01lotuspsychje: ... that's right.09:04
lotuspsychjedan01: also interesting: https://gist.github.com/gbrow004/096f845c8fe8d03ef9009fbb87b781a409:10
user217_what is differences between "cp -r" and "cp -R" ?09:23
oerheksman cp is clear about that09:25
rjbuser217_: cp --help or man cp would tell you.09:25
user217_rjb: really helpful, thanks09:26
oerheksspoiler, -R is equal to -r09:26
OERIASlotuspsychje, it wasn't09:28
OERIAS*wasn't a poll09:28
OERIASIt was something I typed on the wrong channel09:28
OERIASI was having  discussion on USB vs FireWiere09:28
luna_On the testing branch of the Gorilla now09:49
eliyahutbrHello folks. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ft9Nx7Wk4G/ whats up with the "E: The method 'ftp' is unsupported and disabled by default. Consider switching to http(s). Set Dir::Bin::Methods::ftp to "ftp" to enable it again."?10:04
oerheksi think you did something like this? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1187236/how-to-re-enable-ftp-on-secondary-ubuntu-debian-server-to-pull-updates-from-main10:06
oerheksremove that 99local-ftp as in that example to fix it10:07
eliyahutbri need a file name as an argument, no?10:08
oerheksthat step created the FTP error..10:09
oerheksremove the file10:09
oerheksyou know how you got there, right?10:09
eliyahutbrremoved the file10:11
eliyahutbrso now what?10:12
eliyahutbrbtw, this is all due to me screwing around trying to import a root crt file10:12
oerheksnow you can run apt update again?10:14
eliyahutbri am a bit worried about not being able to upgrade...10:22
boktanhow to point domain name to virtualbox without open port on ubuntu server10:34
Fudgehow do you get your old kernels to show, i thought shift should do it. also what can i type into the grub menu to boot an old kernel, linux-image-5.3.0-53-generic broke my sound/networking and im blind so trying to get old kernel to play ball10:58
Fudgethis shitty lenovo chipset needs kicking10:59
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eliyahutbr1posted this an hour ago. not trying to spam. just seeing if maybe someone else has any ideas. "Hello folks. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ft9Nx7Wk4G/ whats up with the "E: The method 'ftp' is unsupported and disabled by default. Consider switching to http(s). Set Dir::Bin::Methods::ftp to "ftp" to enable it again."?"11:04
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Fudgethat's a bad conn11:08
tatertotsFudge: please don't use profanity such as "shitty"11:17
tarelerulzI'm instaling Kdev and why is my system needing to install linux-image 5.4 ?11:22
tarelerulzlots  problems random programs not installing11:27
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BluesKaj'Morning all11:33
tarelerulzI got Ubuntu 20.04 awhile ago and I can't install a lot of apps. it said something about updating my kernel ,but why you need to do that to install an app?11:50
Ben64what exactly was the message11:50
lotuspsychjetarelerulz: always keep your system up to date, before doing anything else11:50
tarelerulzThat did not work ,but its kind of been messed up. it says apps install but they don't work , some stuff flat out does not install. I have not do anything but install Ubuntu . It seem odd to be so broken11:52
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lotuspsychjetarelerulz: pastebin the errors as adviced by Ben6411:52
lotuspsychjevolunteers can take a look for you with more details11:52
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic11:58
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (focal), package size 2 kB, installed size 17 kB11:58
lotuspsychjetarelerulz: can you pastebin the output of: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade please11:59
tarelerulzwhat does that do?12:01
fradon turning the computer on first thing I see is the vendors name. I want to hide it. How do I do that?12:01
fradablank screen with thecompany's logo12:01
lotuspsychjetarelerulz: update your system12:02
tarelerulzreally my system this messed up because I did not update and try to install apps only?12:02
tarelerulzIs that normal?12:03
lotuspsychjetarelerulz: for a stable & secure ubuntu system, always first update your system to latest12:04
lotuspsychjetarelerulz: after that, you can choose what you want to do12:04
tarelerulzIt seems like ok , if do fresh install , it seems like it should work if you only install like one or two apps. I mean I did get there stable version from them. It seem odd to be that broken12:06
InnovAnon-Inc"should" is a moral statement. the stable variant of ubuntu may still require security patches and bugfixes if problems are discovered at a later date than it was released.12:09
mrecdoes anyone know x11vnc? any idea how to get the keyboard work properly?12:13
mrecthe keymaps are nothing but chaos with vnc12:14
tarelerulzdoes it matter if you do a mulit boot system for update?12:14
vltmrec: Often depends on the client.12:33
MapManHi! I'm running a django app on ubuntu with nginx. All works well. I have an REST API endpoint that's reachable via browser or Postman. The problem is, my Slack app that's supposed to send POST requests to the endpoint is unable to do so. Any idea how to troubleshoot this? I'm not seeing anything in nginx or UFW logs. Anything else I should try?12:51
DarkTrickhm... would be nice if the update mechanism had a "download and update later"-functionality like on ios12:57
oerheksthere is a setting for that, in updates settings12:59
oerhekswhen there are security updates > download automaticly12:59
vltMapMan: Does the slack app know and use the CSRF token?13:03
tomreynMapMan: system logs can be viewed using the journalctl command. other than that, this sounds a lot more like a django / pthon question. you'll probably find separate channels here on freenode for those. ask !alis is needed.13:04
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anarhisthello, how do i file a bug? when i do ubuntu-bug package, in the browser i get "invalid open-id"13:26
anarhistit used to work13:26
lotuspsychjeanarhist: what is the issue about exactly?13:27
anarhistlincity-ng doesn't start. it tries to create a directory, but creates a file13:28
lotuspsychjeanarhist: wich ubuntu version does it happen on?13:28
anarhisti know that bugs are not fixed lately normally ppl just wait until support ends and they mark them with 'won't fix'13:29
anarhistbut i thought that maybe something will happen and that'll change13:29
lotuspsychjeanarhist: ubuntu-bug lincity-ng13:30
anarhistthat's what i did13:31
lotuspsychjeanarhist: you got a launchpad account?13:31
anarhistyes, but it doesn't ask me to enter it13:31
anarhistInvalid OpenID transaction13:31
anarhisti just get that error and that's it13:31
lotuspsychjeanarhist: i just tryed it on 20.04 and it loops me back to desktop with a small resolution, is that what happens for you?13:38
anarhistare you talking about lincity or ubuntu-bug?13:39
anarhistno, for me it doesn't start13:39
anarhist1 sec, i'll show you13:39
lotuspsychjehmm ok, different bug then13:39
anarhistlotuspsychje, https://pastebin.com/Przmh7e213:40
anarhistit creates an empty file and then gets upset that it is not a directory13:41
lotuspsychjeanarhist: you installed lincity from their site instead of the repos?13:41
anarhistsudo apt-get install lincity-ng13:41
anarhistotherwise i would not try to report it to ubuntu13:42
lotuspsychje!info lincity-ng bionic13:42
ubottulincity-ng (source: lincity-ng): City simulator game with polished graphics. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.9~git20150314-3 (bionic), package size 459 kB, installed size 1541 kB13:42
lotuspsychjelemme reboot holdon13:45
lotuspsychjeAnarchic: try a new LP account?13:48
lotuspsychjeanarhist: ^13:52
lotuspsychjeanarhist: try to delete: ~/.lincity-ng and re-run the game13:53
anarhistit just does that, that is why i did first ls13:54
anarhistto show that it's not there13:54
lotuspsychjeanarhist: seems like an older bug: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/5968013:55
lotuspsychjewelcome snowhawk14:17
snowhawkwhats up?14:17
lotuspsychjesupport is up snowhawk14:18
snowhawkI am trying to find a reliable thumb drive and a tool kit to open up my Mac14:18
snowhawkfound this so far, unless i can find a better deal somewhere else14:18
lotuspsychjesnowhawk: try ##hardware perhaps14:18
snowhawki did14:18
lotuspsychjesnowhawk: we can only take ubuntu issues here, hope you understand14:19
snowhawkWhy do you guys prefer Ubuntu over other distros?14:26
Psi-JackPersonal choice.14:26
snowhawkwhats better though?14:26
Psi-Jack"better" is one's own opinion.14:27
snowhawkand i guess you can install KDE ?14:27
snowhawkor Enlightenment E1714:27
akem_Large community and tutorials, good support, lots of packages.14:27
snowhawkEver run Ubuntu on a Macbook?14:27
snowhawkI tried running it in VirtualBox, but I dont have enough RAM14:28
Psi-JackDo you have an Ubuntu actual question? This is an Ubuntu channel.14:28
snowhawki was just wondering about the operating system14:28
snowhawkand games support14:29
uebera||Hi. Can someone explain the rationale behind "The current version must *and two or more previous versions of a file should be available* if support for by-hash is indicated with the Acquire-By-Hash in the Release file." to me? (https://wiki.debian.org/DebianRepository/Format#indices_acquisition_via_hashsums_.28by-hash.29)14:34
uebera||I don't see a use case here… (cross-posted from #debian in the hope that it reaches different eyes, sorry.)14:34
tomreynuebera||: if you'll be sorry for posting something off-topic here then just don't post it in the first place, so you don't need to be sorry.14:45
eelstrebori've been trying find a way to upgrade or roll back a distro without creating all these permissions and file ownership and users and group issues. doesn't appear to be a way to do so. so i spend the better part of the day manually fixing these issues. sometimes 2 days.15:20
* eelstrebor wouldn't have had to roll back if could've got printing to work on 20.04 (as well as other issues)15:21
eelstreborbesides, a fresh upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 caused all those file and ownership permission issuses just like when i upgraded from 16.04 to 18.0415:22
iseneUpgrading from 19.10 to 20.04 on my Dell XPS15 using update-manager - toward the end of "Installing the upgrades" it stops at "EFI boot entry: Input/output error." and I cannot get past that. How to fix?15:24
* eelstrebor guesses he'll have to wait for 20.04.X to come out - but the hassle.........15:24
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
iseneHere's the errors I encounter: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jxwYJJncnH/15:27
iseneAny help to circumvent this issue would be highly appreciated - as this is my working machine and I don't want to leave it midway in an install like this...15:28
iseneI should add that I have had efi-issues when doing regular apt-get upgrades - and then I run this script and all is well: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yKhQc8MCDF/15:30
iseneDo I terminate the upgrade, run that script and go back to the upgrade? Or is that to risky?15:33
ThinkT510eelstrebor: perhaps a backup would be prudent before attempting an upgrade so it would be much easier to restore it to what it was if anything goes wrong15:36
eelstreborThinkT510, did that15:36
eelstrebortrying to find a way to restore users after a fresh install without having to manually recreate them also. simply backing up the passwd and group files and restoring them is no help15:38
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ThinkT510eelstrebor: i was thinking more of an image backup (such as using dd) so restoring would be as simple as issuing a dd15:39
=== Tobbi is now known as Tobbi|therealone
eelstreborThinkT510, that takes a really long time to do with a 4TB drive but I'll have to do that since it'll take less time to restore and i won't have to sit in front of the pc for hours on end typing on a keyboard15:41
ThinkT510eelstrebor: yes, the caveats are time and space but the simplicity does remove much of the headache15:42
eelstreborThinkT510, but that won't help much on a fresh upgrade like going from 18.04 to 20.0415:44
* eelstrebor might just change from bionic to focal in sources.list and upgrade that way15:45
leftyfbeelstrebor: you should need to restore the /etc/shadow file for the passwords to be the same15:48
leftyfbeelstrebor: or at least, the entries from the shadow file. I do not recommend just copying over the password, group or shadow files from another system15:49
leftyfbeelstrebor: it's pretty trivial to script creation of users and restoring from backup15:49
eelstrebori'll have to give that a try and hopefully get they done before any more attempts to upgrade15:52
Sven_vBwould it make sense to have each manual sudo attempt be approved by another computer on the LAN? so someone would have to hack both at the same time to escalate privileges.15:52
leftyfbSven_vB: you want #ubuntu-security for such discussions15:55
Sven_vBleftyfb, thanks!15:55
leftyfbSven_vB: but a quick answer would be, look into 2fa: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/configure-ssh-2fa#1-overview15:55
* eelstrebor wonders if he mentioned that virtualbox didn't work properly on 20.04......15:56
leftyfbeelstrebor: This is a support channel. If you'd like help with an issue, please ask for helping resolving 1 issue at a time. To rant or discuss Ubuntu, feel free to go to #ubuntu-offtopic15:57
Helenah1How do I remove the static warranty notice from the bottom of the MOTD?16:34
Helenah1I'm trying to set a custom MOTD because it doesn't get seen...16:34
leftyfbHelenah1: /etc/default/motd-news ... change "ENABLED" to 016:37
Helenah1leftyfb: No, I don't want to disable the dynamic MOTD feature, I want to remove the static warranty notice that is shown last.16:39
leftyfbHelenah1: look in /etc/update-motd.d/16:41
Helenah1I already have been playing around in /etc/update-motd.d, it only contains files for the dynamic MOTD feature, none of them contain a warranty notice.16:42
Sven_vBdoes ubuntu come with a default read-only empty directory for user accounts that shall not have home directory?16:42
ioriaHelenah1, maybe is in /etc/legal ( but honestly no idea)16:43
Sven_vBor should I just put "/"?16:43
Helenah1Damn, why didn't I see that?!16:44
Helenah1Like... that filename is self-descriptive...16:44
Helenah1ioria: Thank you very much, I'm going to see if removing that file will remove the notice.16:44
Sven_vBinteresting. is that file read by getty?16:44
Helenah1Sven_vB: I'll tell you in a minute16:44
ioriaHelenah1, mv it maybe, not remove16:44
Sven_vBmy getty man page doesn't list it16:45
Sven_vBoh it doesn't list "motd" at all16:45
Helenah1ioria: Yes, whenever a user logs into... that file is read and displayed.16:45
Helenah1ioria: Thank you once again! :)16:45
ioriaHelenah1, ok, np16:46
amosbird_Hi, what's the best way to apply this patch to current running kernel ?  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/da-cali/linux-x1-tablet/master/trackpoint.patch17:11
zutatbetter not apply it to a running kernel17:12
amosbird_can I have it compiled to a new module ?17:13
amosbird_I don't want to replace the entire kernel17:13
amosbird_and is there a way to have the module work after kernel update?17:13
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donofriowhat does it mean when rsycn cannot sycn 1.5 gb anymore but when you make it 1.4 gb then it works, was working with larger files now not17:29
DerHorstdonofrio: any error message?18:00
pais there a way, or a ppa, with ffmpeg with qsv (quicksync video) acceleration?18:13
pasince it's present on 90% of the pc, it would make sense if it had ..18:13
pai found instructions for building it from source, but it's overwhelming..18:13
pashouldn't it be default, in ubuntu?18:13
paor isn't it because it relies on proprietary code?18:14
birdman007what is the best way to do full disk encryption if ive already installed ubuntu18:25
Xardsnap packages don't seem to get access to alsa midi sequencer even if connected to not audio but alsa18:27
sarnoldXard: please do file bug reports on those things, I really wouldn't be surprised if you're the first to think of it ;)18:27
eelstreborleftyfb, fine - i'll just leave if i can't provide info or feedback - the fact is that ubuntu 20.04 was ready for issue and things like that cause a lot of grief for people - and yes i've been known to donate money to help develop ubuntu - goodbye18:28
sarnoldbirdman007: copy off the data you want, reinstall, copy the data back18:28
eelstreborubuntu 20.04 was NOT ready18:28
Xard(as a side note managed to get vulkan working for a snap package after some fiddling)18:28
Xardthough which would be the place to do these reports?18:29
Guest84182in ubuntu, what is a good way to throttle my gpu. My screen is turning white periodically, and it seems to get worse the colder my laptop is.19:23
Guest84182I have a monero miner going but that is only the cpu19:23
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corshmockHello Folks.  I hope you are all very well today19:54
corshmockWould anyone know of a decent OneDrive client for 20.04 ?19:55
sarnoldthere's a 'onedrive' package; is it decent?19:56
corshmockThanks sarnold, would you know of any links?  If it's decent :)19:56
sarnoldcorshmock: the Homepage: field lists https://github.com/abraunegg/onedrive19:58
tomreynthat's not the one which is in ubuntu unfortunately20:02
tomreynits a fork of what's in ubuntu20:02
snowhawkhow long does it take to load youtube.com for you guys?20:03
snowhawkit takes me like 5-7 seconds. is that normal?20:03
sarnoldprobably, it's an insanely heavy webpage20:03
tomreynsnowhawk: it could be, depending on a couple factors including your hardware, resource allocation, and network connectivity20:04
snowhawki am hoping it will load faster once i get an SSD and more RAM20:04
tomreynand sorry, i was wrong about "not the one in ubuntu", the newer ubuntu releases do track the abraunegg fork. i was looking at bionic which still has the original https://github.com/skilion/onedrive20:06
tomreynsnowhawk: how much ram do you have now, which ubuntu release and graphical desktop are you running?20:07
tomreynoh 20.04 for the release, i guess.20:07
snowhawkI'm not running Ubuntu yet, but I plan on it20:07
snowhawkI have a Mac with 4gb ram20:07
tomreynoh ok20:07
snowhawkand a normal hdd20:07
tomreyn4 gb ram is just the bare minimum. and i don't know how well the mac will work, depends.20:08
tomreyndefinitely replace the hdd *if you can*20:08
snowhawkim buying an SSD, RAM (16gb) .. usb drive, and a tool kit ….tonight20:09
sarnoldsnowhawk: you'll love life with more ssd andmore ram, but my nvme system with 16 gigs, and gigabit fibre, still takes ~six seconds to load the youtube frontpage. it's a terrible experience.20:09
snowhawkbut the new SSD should help with webpages opening?20:09
snowhawkthat makes me feel better.20:09
snowhawki was feeling outdated with this hardware20:09
sarnoldyeah, I think youtube devs don't ever use their thing at their parent's house :)20:10
snowhawkbut if it takes that long for you to load youtube, i feel better20:10
EriC^^ssd definitely is nice, but i dont think it will load any pages quicker, might get firefox to start up quicker though20:10
snowhawki deal with a LOT of icon bounces20:11
EriC^^those icons that show instead of pictures til they load?20:11
bluejaypopI'm trying to use a pc as router gw with 2 eth cards, but something is not working. I have in the main eth card a IP already setup and with internet, 2nd with 1st IP of the different subnet already setup, I added another pc and trying to use the main IP of 2nd NIC from my pc router as GW but is not working i'm not getting internet on 2nd pc.20:11
bluejaypopSomeone can point me to the right direction? this is ubuntu server 20.04 LTS20:11
EriC^^bluejaypop: i think you have to set it in the network manager to share connection with other connections20:12
sarnoldbluejaypop: did you set the sysctl to allow ip forwarding?20:12
bluejaypopsarnold, yes20:12
snowhawkfirefix seems to load pages faster20:12
snowhawkbut the last time it took 8 seconds to load youtube homepage20:13
EriC^^bluejaypop: click edit connection on the connection that's between the 2 pc's and set it to shared to other computers instead of auto dhcp20:13
sarnoldsnowhawk: how about *fast* webpages? eg https://zfsonlinux.org/ ?20:14
bluejaypopEriC^^, I have no graphics. But I can follow up.20:14
EriC^^bluejaypop: maybe this is helpful https://makandracards.com/makandra/46300-ubuntu-share-internet-connections-with-other-computers20:15
bluejaypoplet me check thnk you20:16
snowhawkyea, everything seems to load fast except youtube20:16
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bluejaypopEriC^^, i tried and i see the pings from 2nd PC to the router PC, but I don't see router PC reply back to PC 120:31
EriC^^bluejaypop: maybe there is some firewall rules in play?20:33
EriC^^bluejaypop: if nobody here knows, there is also ##networking here on freenode20:34
bluejaypopi did but no reply :/20:34
sarnoldbluejaypop: does ip route get  on various IP addresses onthe various hosts give output you expect?20:35
bluejaypopsarnold, i think i found the problem: 20:41:06.057473 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 2820:42
bluejaypopthat's what tcpdump shows when i want to ping from .195 (pc example) to 192 (router pc)20:43
sarnoldbluejaypop: heh, I was going to ask if the arp tables all looked sane but apaprently arp(8) isn't the recommended tool any more, and I can't find what replaced it..20:43
sarnoldbluejaypop: do both machines have proper network address and CIDR?20:43
tomreynip neigh20:44
* sarnold socially-distantly hugs tomreyn20:44
sarnoldthanks :D20:44
bluejaypopthis is the scenario: i have 2 IPs from DC, 1 is for vmware server and 2nd is another ip in same subnet, but I asked for more IPs and they gave me different subnet, so I created a VM router pc with 2 NIC, I have now internet correctly in the VM router but on VM test i'm not getting internet, so I assume the problem is the ARP table.20:45
tomreynyou might need proxy_arp - but first of all check with the DC as to which gateways you should be using and whether prxying arp is ok with them20:48
tomreynbasically they should be able to tell you what you need to do to achieve what you're after20:49
bluejaypopyes i think i will open a TT20:50
odplooking to buy an nvidia video card. is there a way i can confirm drivers are available?21:28
sarnoldodp: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/159360/en-us21:33
sarnoldodp: there's a handful of nvidia driver versions packaged in ubuntu21:33
sarnoldodp: nvidia apparently is agressive in dropping support for old hardware, so if you're buying, it might be worth sticking to the newer end of that supported hardware list21:34
odpthanks sarnold21:34
odpthe card i'm looking at is on here21:35
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alexaHello, dear fellows22:21
metbsddoes ubuntu really support lvm installation?22:21
alexaMay I ask a question regarding Conky?22:21
guntbert!ask | alexa22:22
ubottualexa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:22
sarnoldalexa: you can ask, maybe someone else uses conky22:22
alexawhy is my conky different when started with system startup than when I manually start it?22:22
alexaI have YES to both draw_outline and draw_shades — none of them appear when started with the system.22:22
sarnoldmetbsd: yes, I did an lvm install on ubuntu server on my power9 machine a fwe weeks ago..22:22
alexaOtherwise told, it looks like Conky makes different between User and System. Cause when the user starts it, it works well. When started by the system, some features lack.22:23
sveinseI'm trying to run ubuntu 20.04 on a VB VM, and I'm getting lots of hash sum mismatches on apt update. What can I do to avoid them?22:52
sarnoldsveinse: the usual cause is crummy proxies, quite often run by ISPs that don't tell you what they're doing22:54
sarnoldsveinse: are you running a caching proxy? is your isp?22:54
sveinsesarnold: I'm using the no.archive.ubuntu.com mirror. I also tried changing to the se.archive.ubuntu.com, but that didn't help22:56
sveinsesarnold: What is the official URL to use there?22:57
sarnoldsveinse: archive.ubuntu.com22:57
sveinsesarnold: thanks. same failure there22:58
sarnoldsveinse: try this one instead https://mirrors.xmission.com/ubuntu/22:59
sarnoldsveinse: using https may be able to defeat silly caching proxies22:59
leftyfbsveinse: check the date/time on the VM23:01
sveinsesarnold: for the latter first: I evidently don't have update CAcerts, because https does not work due to cert error. I'll try the alternate repo. Time and date on VM is fine23:02
sarnoldsveinse: hmm..23:02
sarnoldsveinse: there's a workaround on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ca-certificates/+bug/1881533 for the cert issue23:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1881533 in ca-certificates (Ubuntu Groovy) "Remove expired AddTrust_External_Root.crt because it breaks software" [Critical,Fix committed]23:03
sarnoldsveinse: or you could download the update by hand https://usn.ubuntu.com/4377-1/23:03
sveinsesarnold: uhmmmmm. I *have* ca-certificates 20190110ubuntu1.1 already installed. I think this VM is completely bonkers. Let me start over.23:06
sarnoldsveinse: oooooookay, that's crazy23:06
sarnoldsveinse: another cause of hash sum mistmatches that I see every few years is tcp offloading23:07
sarnoldsveinse: it's drastically less common than apt-cacher-ng or ISP-provided proxies, but it still happens..,23:07
sveinsesarnold: or that the installer crashed at some cruical part while installing, leaving the system in a strange state23:08
sarnoldsveinse: heh, I see bug reports from that every few days, but not usually hash sum mismatches due to it23:08
sveinseHeh, "installer crashed" on the second try. Yup, something fishy here.23:13
sarnoldis there anythiung in dmesg on either host or guest?23:15
tdssveinse: fwiw, openssl and gnutls handle those expiry issues differently - I think apt uses gnutls which handles it particularly badly?23:16
tdswithout having tested, i wouldn't be surprised if it still fails if the server is sending you back an expired cert in the chain; you could test directly with gnutls-cli or something23:17
Sbur3I've noticed in my menu of programs in Ubuntu a load of things that are blue rectangles with "LSP" on them.  How do I get rid of them?  Or do I need them?23:26
sveinsesarnold: third run installed ok and apt updated completely fine, so I'll cross my fingers and hope it'll keep that way. Thanks. (I got to go for other tasks.)23:39
snowhawkanyone here dual boot?23:39
sarnoldsveinse: aha, cool, I hope this one works fine :)23:39
sveinsesnowhawk: I do23:39
snowhawkwhich operating systems?23:39
sveinsesnowhawk: Win10 and 18.04 and 20.0423:39
snowhawkHow do you like the latest version of Ubuntu?23:40
sveinseIt's great. This is on my dev machine, so I use it for daily work.23:41
snowhawkWhat all do you use it for?23:41
snowhawki cant really see it playing games, like windows can23:41
sveinsesnowhawk: I don't play on it no. My use is pretty simple: browser, console, vscode for development, lot and lot of python. Spotify for music which works nice with snap23:43
sveinseIf I shall be completely honest, Windows has become increasingly unix/linux/posix-friendly lately, so I tend to stay longer and longer in Win10. And I do find the same work and dev environment there as I do on linux. -ish.23:45
sveinseBut I am a Linux user by heart btw23:45
sveinseE.g. I hate it when Win ppl answer "we've got powershell" when I express a pity for Windows being the only platform that doesn't have a native (ba)sh. But, I'm digressing into OT. I'm done.23:47
snowhawkWhat do you guys think about dual booting macOS/Linux23:49
snowhawkor maybe just a virtualbox for linux to live in23:49
alexeightsixi use linux for work (coding) and win10 for games only.. best of both worlds23:55
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leftyfb!ot | snowhawk23:58
ubottusnowhawk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:58
corshmockHello Folks23:58

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