upgruntuI just received the upgrade notification to Ubuntu 20.04. Will this upgrade to Ubuntu *Studio* 20.04 or just the Ubuntu upgrade?02:05
OvenWerksthe dividing line between ubuntu and studio is very fine.... more one word than two02:14
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upgruntuWhat I was wondering actually was if by upgrading to 20.04 I will get the software updates or new features on Ubuntu Studio 20.0402:34
upgruntuActually, I'll follow the upgrade instructions on the Ubuntu site. Thanks.02:36
Eickmeyerupgruntu: Ubuntu Studio *is* Ubuntu. There is no separation.02:37
upgruntuI understand that, but does that mean that I will find Ardour in the regular Ubuntu?02:37
EickmeyerBy *is* Ubuntu and no separation, that means that whatever is in Ubuntu Studio is in the Ubuntu repositories. We add nothing onto what is already available.02:39
EickmeyerNot a separate distro like Mint or Kali.02:39
upgruntuMmm... okay, I see02:39
EickmeyerIn order to be an official *flavor* we must use just the Ubuntu repositories.02:40
EickmeyerSo the answer to your question is yes.02:40
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AppAraat[m]hmm, so apparently Ubuntu doesn't offer a netinstall ISO any longer - https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/netbooting-the-live-server-installer/14510/6 - So I guess that leaves me with Ubuntu Server as an alternative. I hope it doesn't install too much stuff as with the netinstall I could get it down to a very minimal initial installation.11:08
RikMillsthe mini iso still exists11:14
AppAraat[m]yeah as legacy, which is unsupported11:27
AppAraat[m]hmm, almost no choice for installed packages in Ubuntu Studio. At the end it just asks which snaps you want to install along side it.13:34
OvenWerksAppAraat[m]: snaps and Audio do not go well together14:52
OvenWerks(even schnapps probably)14:53
OvenWerksAppAraat[m]: if you use ubuntustudio-installer to install you have more choice.14:57
OvenWerksprobably someone wanting more choice than that will just apt install the packages they want15:03
AppAraat[m]ye ubuntustudio-installer will get used no matter what, that's the primary way I can turn the vanilla Ubuntu into a DAW-ready system.15:09
AppAraat[m]it's just that I'm used to minimal install, and the deprecation of the mini.iso / netinst.iso is just a roadblock to that, so I guess I'll use that convoluted PXEBOOT method described in the Ubuntu Discourse thread I linked above or just waste less time and go with the Ubuntu Server option.15:10
OvenWerksAppAraat[m]: I have not really looked at the Server install with no services/utilities installed for size. The actual installed size of the Studio ISO seems to depend on the partition size. This may just be a result of using ext4, I don't really know.15:25
OvenWerksI guess it could have something to do with the portion of space set aside for rooot use only as well15:26
AppAraat[m]would be a good idea to fire up some VMs and try it out, so I'm going to do just that :)15:26
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: yo! I really miss being able to start my jack-server from the GUI I use to manage my connections anyways, Catia that is. I'm having trouble understanding how I can run it without breaking my system with KXStudio16:55
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: https://kx.studio/Applications:Catia#Download16:55
sirriffsalotThe debian/ubuntu link doesn't go anywhere for some reason, and and I'm not sure what to do with the pre-compiled binaries as there are no instructions in the folder..16:56
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: any ideas on my catia-dilemma?17:34
gregariousgusHi! I am trying to build hydrogen from source on Ubuntu Studio 20.0420:13
gregariousgusHowever one of the required packages (liblash-compat-dev) seems no longer available, although I see it was for 19.1020:13
gregariousgusCan anyone advise? Would it be possible for me to use this older version somehow?20:13
OvenWerksYeah lash has pretty much died of bit rot20:45
OvenWerksis there some reason that hydrogen from the ubuntu repos will not work for you gregariousgus?20:46
OvenWerksfor building hydrogen frm source it may work to see how it is configured in the .src package20:47
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: ^^20:47
OvenWerksit is funny that the current version of hydrogen that would presumably be built without lash still has the checkbox "Use lash".20:49
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I built the beta for the repos just fine, so I'm guessing it's something else.20:51
Eickmeyergregariousgus: Hydrogen 1.0 beta is in the repos, I might be able to SRU the new version in.20:52
OvenWerksI was just wondering if there was a config param for no lash20:52
Eickmeyergregariousgus: So, patience.20:52
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I don't know. I'd have to investigate.20:52
EickmeyerEither way we should not be supporting people compiling software in here.20:52
gregariousgusOk thanks guys20:54
Eickmeyergregariousgus: I stand corrected. The version in the 20.04 repositories is the most recent version, you should have zero reason to compile it from source.21:03
gregariousgusOk thanks, Eickmeyer21:17
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AppAraat[m]that's a pretty nice feature22:14
AppAraat[m]yeaah, it installs like a bunch of stuff I don't need, and also enables snapd by default :/22:29
AppAraat[m]Damn, Ansible doesn't have its PPA for 20.04 done - https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/6864523:10
focalkiwiI was upgrading Ubuntu to 20.04 yesterday and the power went out. Before it went out the terminal showed that I had made some changes to sources (I think) and asked if I wanted to replace the changes, keep them or review them. I was researching online what that meant when the power went out, the installation stopped and now Ubuntu won't start. I23:34
focalkiwiget grub and the option to select Ubuntu but when I do it just shows the HP logo. I assume I'll have to do a clean install, right?23:34
Eickmeyerfocalkiwi: For non-Studio issues like that, go to #ubuntu. That's a tough topic for the limited activity in this channel.23:44
focalkiwiAwesome, thank you!23:46

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