alexandros_cgood day is the update for 18.04 to 20.04 out?02:40
Bashing-omalexandros_c: Last I was aware the .1 is to be released Jul23.02:57
alexandros_cthanks for responding, so no upgrade path from 18.04 to 20.04 as yet?02:59
Bashing-omalexandros_c: There is a means if you are in a hurry - yes .03:01
alexandros_cno I am not in a hurry just checking03:02
alexandros_conce again, thanks Bashing-om for asking my questions03:03
Bashing-omalexandros_c: Be aware that untill the .1 release that 20.04 remains under the development umbrella. There is a command to effect that release upgrade.03:03
alexandros_cjust out of curiosity, what is it?03:04
Bashing-omalexandros_c: Once your system is fully updated - PPAs reverted ( graphic's driver) then ' sudo do-release-upgrade -d ' .03:06
alexandros_cit did that and it said no updates available03:08
Bashing-omalexandros_c: Terminal command ' grep -i ^prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' returns what ?03:09
alexandros_cI am not at that machine atm03:11
alexandros_cI will try it when I git access to that machine03:12
Bashing-omalexandros_c: ack - no hurry :P03:12
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xu-help23wHey, I am having trouble establishing an initial wifi connection on my new xubuntu system.16:10
diogenes_xu-help23w, initial?16:14
xu-help23wYes, my first connection to a wireless network16:14
diogenes_xu-help23w, details16:17
xu-help23wI am selecting the Icon in the taskbar and I have only a few avaliable options: VPN Connections, Enable Networking (checked) and Edit Connections16:18
xu-help23wThe unselected ones are Ethernet network, and connection information16:18
diogenes_xu-help23w, can you connect with cable?16:19
xu-help23wNo, I dont have a space ethernet cable16:19
xu-help23wNo, I dont have a space ethernet cable16:20
diogenes_xu-help23w,  try with phone tethering.16:20
junorun dmesg and look for detection of your wifi card16:21
xu-help23wI should mention that I am dual booting16:23
xu-help23wso that may effect tethering16:23
diogenes_xu-help23w, it won't affect anything.16:23
xu-help23wWhat should I look for when running dmesg16:24
diogenes_it would be almost impossible to fix your issue if you don't get internet on that PC.16:25
xu-help23wAfter enabling tethering, where should I look to check for connections?16:26
diogenes_it should be via usb cable just open firefox.16:27
junosomething like 'dmesg | grep -i wifi' or 'dmesg | grep -i wlan'16:28
xu-help23wNo matches16:29
xu-help23wShould I try a different linux distro?16:29
junofrom the options you listed in the applet it sounds like the wifi isn't enabled at the hardware level16:30
junoor its just a complete driver failure which wouldn't be too surprising16:30
junobut i would expect to see that in dmesg16:31
junodo you know the chipset of your card?16:34
xu-help23wI do not, is there a way to get this hardware info?16:35
junotry lspci16:35
junomaybe slpci -knn16:35
junolspci -knn16:36
xu-help23wYeah, quick hardware test says processing is fine16:36
junoneed to find the chipset16:38
junoso, lspci | grep -i broadcom16:38
junosame for intel16:39
xu-help23wjust lspci?16:39
xu-help23wno flags/16:39
junotry lspci | grep -i wireless too16:39
xu-help23wit lists my network controller16:39
xu-help23wPCIe Wireless network adapter16:40
junoah good16:41
junoso anything in 'dmesg | grep -i pcie'16:42
xu-help23wACPI FAST deckares the system doesn't support PCIe ASPM, so dsiable it16:43
xu-help23wand it lists pcieports16:43
junoyou might try: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-wireless-troubleshooting-hardware-check.html16:44
xu-help23wFrom the looks of it I have a supported wireless card16:51
xu-help23w(reltec PCI)16:51
xu-help23wI think the network drivers may be the issue.16:52
xu-help23wThey may not be dysfunctional, but they were designed for windows machines.16:52
junodoes 'dmesg | grep -i reltec' show any errors16:52
junosorry i meant realtek16:53
xu-help23wI dont see any errors, just memory addresses, and driver information16:54
xu-help23w``ums-realtek 1-9:1.0: USB Mass sotrage device detected``16:55
junoat this point I would follow this advice: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-wireless-troubleshooting-device-drivers.html.en16:56
xu-help23wIs there a way to check if your driver is designed for a particular operating system?16:57
xu-help23wMaybe I should use the NDISwrapper?16:58
junowithout knowing the exact chipset, I don't know16:58
junobut if it's designed for windows, you're probably SOL with that card16:58
junoit probably won't work if it's windows-specific17:03
xu-help23wSo say I have the chipset, how can I tell if my driver is Windows-Specific?17:04
xu-help23wchipset information*17:06
junocheck this list: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported17:06
xu-help23wRealtec support pci and usb17:07
junochipsets: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsRealTek17:08
xu-help23wWhat if my chipset is not stated in the By Card Section?17:12
junoat this point I'd throw up my hands and go buy a cheap tp-link usb card :)17:14
junosorry I can't be of further help17:15
Previoussorry, my broadband disconnected17:19
PreviousWhat should I do given that my chipset is not listed on wifidocs17:21
junoat this point I'd throw up my hands and go buy a cheap tp-link usb card :)17:27
junosorry I can't be of further help17:27
PreviousThanks for your time17:49
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xubuntu22iis there HexChat like linux mint?19:36

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