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IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> ?01:17
WenzI have a security related doubt04:01
WenzIs it wise to use the only account on our PC ( Kubuntu ) ?04:01
Wenzie, the account with admin powers04:01
Wenzcan websites see our user name and system name ?04:02
slaanesh_i need help by kubuntu07:33
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> Hallo people...is anzbody know how to solve the problem with unetbootin? Under KUbuntu 20.04....chrck the screen...it's wrote that the packages not possible to install...and some packages was broken...WHAT R F...K ? I don't understand how, what... please need your help07:37
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/MufcoQOm/file_31012.jpg07:37
oerheksGalantGTR please run updates properly; sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade # and reboot07:40
slaanesh_sorry is here the help for kubuntu or not07:41
slaanesh_and give it annacoument for using this help channel07:41
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @oerheks, Yeap...wait a sec.07:41
slaanesh_i ask why never answer me here.07:42
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @slaanesh_, What kind of help do u need????07:42
Guest39324Good morning07:42
oerheksask your real question, wait and see?07:43
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @oerheks, Nothing...the same notification like before07:43
slaanesh_okay thanks07:45
Guest39324slaanesh_: This is a volunteer channel. People got lifes beside IRC. Sometimes questions get lost in the noise.07:45
slaanesh_first i have under kubuntu a problem with my sound07:45
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @oerheks, I can't believe that it's happened because of wrong packages...07:45
Guest39324GalantGTR: qt4 sounds like it is an old package or no longer maintained.07:45
slaanesh_i used a pc monitor with hdmi07:46
slaanesh_it came not sound about this boxes07:46
slaanesh_i have stand the display audio on hdmi from the monitor.07:47
slaanesh_not sound07:47
slaanesh_what i can do?07:47
Guest39324Is sound routed to the hdmi output?07:48
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @Guest39324, No...it's wrote that it's not possible to install them. And the last line is : not possible to correct the packages, its detected the broken packages...or something like that.07:48
Guest39324(install `pavucontrol` to check.07:48
oerhekslibqtgui4 .... GalantGTR .. what kubuntu version is this?07:48
oerhekssounds pretty old and EOL07:48
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @oerheks, 20.0407:48
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slaanesh_sorry iam a nobe what linux ago07:49
lordievaderBlegh, stupid nickserv timing out the login07:49
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @slaanesh_, What kind of PC u have...is that's a tower or notebook?07:49
slaanesh_in terminal who is the order to see the version?07:49
oerheksno it isn't. that would be
slaanesh_the version is 20.04 lts07:51
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @slaanesh_, Right!!!07:51
slaanesh_what i shall doe?07:52
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @oerheks, How to update that librarys?07:52
slaanesh_whats the name from the programm07:52
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @slaanesh_, Unetbootin...07:52
lordievaderslaanesh_: Have you checked your audio routing with `pavucontrol`?07:54
slaanesh_how to start pavucontrol?07:54
lordievaderslaanesh_: Have you installed it? (if not: `sudo apt install pavucontrol` then simply run `pavucontrol` in a terminal or krunner)07:56
slaanesh_its not avalible07:57
slaanesh_did must i stalled07:57
slaanesh_i have it07:59
slaanesh_whats now07:59
lordievaderOpen the program and check where the audio output is going to. And if that is the right output interface.08:06
slaanesh_it is the right outout. it came not sound08:08
lordievaderIt is not muted?08:08
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> It could be that he had a system pc...and a specker on the front of the tower...and that's why he had a problem...I had the same with HP Prodesk08:08
lordievaderElse I'd check the receiving side.08:08
lordievaderGalantGTR: hence the comment to check where the audio was routed to ;)08:09
slaanesh_doe you need my pc konfiguration, how the type of model from my motherboard? or graphic card?08:09
slaanesh_my hdmi its going about this08:09
slaanesh_i have a duol booot system withe kubuntu and windows.08:10
slaanesh_on win i became sound about my monitor08:10
viewer|71Hi, sorry for my english. i can't resolve my problem with deja-dup08:15
viewer|71After fresh update to Kubuntu 18.04, i can't restore and make backups, deja-dup doesn't see the files08:17
lordievaderslaanesh_: If pavucontrol is reporting the sound is going to the hdmi output and it is not muted I'd say to problem does not lie with your computer.08:18
slaanesh_whats wrong08:19
slaanesh_why i have not sound?08:19
slaanesh_can i send a picture from pavucontrol?08:20
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:22
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slaanesh_its on uploading08:29
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> So I just check...I have delete all reps that not in use anymore...I make an autoremove...reboot it all...and... nothing...how could it be???08:31
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> (Photo, 677x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/TcK06rfQ/file_31013.jpg08:31
slaanesh_did i must registration on imgur?08:31
slaanesh_sorry guys thats i will note make. any other way to sent this file?08:34
slaanesh_mtp:/Galaxy A5 (2017)/Card/DCIM/Camera/20200602_102532.jpg08:35
slaanesh_or is that the link?08:35
slaanesh_is that right08:36
slaanesh_i must go on handy i leave the chat moment please08:41
lordievaderGalantGTR could you pastebin the output of `apt-cache policy unetbootin`?08:42
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @lordievader, Excuse me???08:46
slaanesh-2Hi sorry iam back what i so for my sound problem? I09:00
slaanesh-2What i so done my englush is not so good09:01
slaanesh-2Or speak anyone german here?09:03
lordievaderGalantGTR, what is t he problem?09:04
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!09:04
somekoolslaanesh-2: qt4 under 20.04 is .... hmm,...09:04
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> @GalantGTR, Qt4 does not exist in 20.04 repos. It has been removed from debian and ubuntu as it was obsolete upstream and could not be maintained or supported09:29
lordievaderGalantGTR, could you pastebin the output of `apt-cache policy unetbootin`, I'd like to know where your unetbootin comes from.09:32
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> PPAs that have things that depend on qt4 things should have either switched to qt5 builds or provided qt4 in their ppa09:34
jouleshi, i purged and reinstall pulseaudio10:10
joulesnow i have no system try audio mixer10:10
lordievaderThat makes sense...10:13
joulesI search, reinstalled other packages. tried a seperate account. I have audio, no mixer.10:14
joulesamazing how shit breaks10:14
lordievaderAh, reinstalled. Read over that. Whoops10:14
joulesno one can tell!10:15
joulesi have audio, i have pulseaudio working fine. no volume controls. Huge mystery!10:15
joulesfound it!10:17
joulesok i have a tip before i install it.10:17
lordievaderIs phonon still installed and working?10:17
jouleswhats even more insane i have deja vu. since i have pro audio stuff. definately done this before.10:19
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BluesKaj'Morning all11:35
IrcsomeBot<Kc0dxf> I can drag an icon from the application launcher menu and place it on the desktop but the widget handle is gone.  How do I get to the widget handle?14:22
loki_Hello world15:59
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IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> hi17:01
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IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @lordievader, I just want to make a bootable USB for install KUbuntu 20.04...than how can I do that if the packages are not available anymore...???19:38
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @RikMills, I just want to install the unetbootin...but do u know how???19:38
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> @GalantGTR, No I have never had need of it19:40
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> @RikMills, Maybe u know the other tool to make a bootable USB???19:40
IrcsomeBot<GalantGTR> I don't want to install windows because of that19:40
lordievaderGalantGtr we were trying to help you. But to do so I'd like to see the output of `apt-cache policy unetbootin`20:21
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