lotuspsychjegood morning00:49
oerhekshi lotuspsychje01:15
lotuspsychjehey oerheks01:16
ducassegood morning06:17
lotuspsychjewelcome Greenfrog06:38
Greenfrogwho said that? jk, is that a bot response?06:40
Greenfrogguess so06:41
Greenfrogguess its nice to ge greeted but it would be nice if it was a "real" person not a bot, bot, bot06:42
oerheksmaybe it is ..06:43
Greenfrogis what? explain, i'm feeling dense06:43
Greenfrogits getting near the wee hours, so, maybe my comprension is less06:44
Greenfrogi saw you in another room :)06:45
Greenfrogoerheks:  yes i did06:46
Greenfrogoerheks: slumin were u?06:47
ducassethat was a real person, actually06:48
Greenfrogok, nice06:48
Greenfrogi get so few and far between, and then they say, "speak on topic or leave"06:49
Greenfrognot explicidy said, but in fered06:50
Greenfrogseems they have beat down any convesation other than "its the topic"06:51
Greenfrogto me, thats sad06:51
ducasseif you want offtopic chat, try #ubuntu-offtopic06:52
Greenfrogseems to take out any huminality, :P06:52
GreenfrogI WANNA EXPRESS MY HUMANITY: ok go to http: expressyourself.com anything eles you need?06:54
Greenfrogirc now stinks except for help06:55
Greenfrogbut, if you cant express your issue in a concise format it gets rejected, becuse the guru's in the channel don accept y our nOOby expression06:56
Greenfrogsorry i'm not on their level, i've gotten rejacetd by users that felt my question beneath them06:58
Greenfrog:P thanks06:58
Greenfrogok another put off06:58
Greenfrogthanks for nothing06:58
ducassemany channels will reject your question if it's clear you've not made basic research yourself06:59
ducassenot #ubuntu, however06:59
Greenfrogin most cases i have, and found no results on the net, so many irtations of linux and so many comments not up to dade with my current version07:00
Greenfrogok so do this...not my version07:01
Greenfrognot my screen07:01
Greenfrogok, never mind i'll go else where07:02
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: hi07:13
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: you joined #ubuntu you can express yourself about ubuntu here07:13

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