mrgoodcatthink a lot of people who are only wfh because of the order will likely stay wfh. also, it's likely that a lot of people have already contracted it and there are possibly higher levels of immunity (speculation, also we dont know for sure that recovered people are immune)14:19
mrgoodcatreduced capacity better than nothing14:20
mrgoodcatmasks much more widely available and being used at least around where i live14:20
cmaloneyStill think it's a reckless move14:20
mrgoodcatto be clear "better than nothing" means better than full capacity. "nothing" meaning "closed" is the best14:20
jrwrenit is wreckless if you are about not getting sick, spreading, and saving lives.14:21
jrwrenbut afaict, that isn't what they care about. they care about balancing having enough medical capacity to handle the sick with the economy14:22
mrgoodcatwho is "they" in this case?14:22
mrgoodcatgovernment officials?14:22
cmaloneyfolks in power14:22
mrgoodcatso auto company CEOs14:23
cmaloneyMerlin Mann on Twitter: "Power is the ability to make strangers live your "normal."" / Twitter14:23
mrgoodcatmerlin is the best14:23
mrgoodcathe's such a goof14:23
cmaloneyThat's the best definition of power I've seen related to this14:23
cmaloneyYeah, I've enjoyed his work over the years.14:24
rick_hright, but the folks deciding can bunker themselves because they're priviledged enough to do so vs those that will have to go and risk themselves. Just more of the same. Saddens me14:36
rick_hwhat are they going to do when school starts14:36
rick_h"well since you could sit in a diner you should be able to sit in class" regardless on if you do actually visit diners because of the family you would be exposing14:37
rick_hthey're already doing that with the Nov election "since you go to a grocery store you can go wait in lines and vote in person"14:37
rick_hopening just feeds more and more risk to those removing their ability to reduce it even voluntarily any more14:37
* rick_h gets off soapbox14:38
rick_hguess who's driving home friday :)14:38
greg-g<3 <3 <314:39
cmaloneyrick_h: Good news14:41
mrgoodcatrick_h: pulled the trigger on a tallboy. tentative plan right now is to sell stache and buy another more traditional hardtail some time in the near future, and in the medium future get a mid-long travel bike for travelling places where burlier suspension is needed14:43
mrgoodcatfor now, the tallboy will cover my needs for copper harbor14:43
rick_hmrgoodcat:  yea very nice14:43
mrgoodcatand likely all my local riding14:43
mrgoodcatwant to sell the stache this year if possible. it is a 2018 so I think if i wait one more year the value is likely to go down substantially14:43
rick_hmy dropper cable broke yesterday and had to take my cable out, then manually extend the post to climb up to the top14:44
mrgoodcatright now on PB the model I have seems to be sitting in the 1500-1700 range14:44
jrwrenrick_h: I saw a thing on 11 oclock news last night hilighting how other nations are back to school. So yes, they are already programming hte people with propoganda to accept it.14:44
rick_hand then had to take my seat back out, activate the switch, press the seat down, and then ride down locked in lol14:44
jrwrenoh man, you guys and your fancy bikes :)14:44
rick_hit'll be nice to get to work on it in the garage again14:44
rick_hjrwren:  :)14:45
mrgoodcatjrwren: americans can't accept the fact that other countries handle things better than we do and get to reap the rewards. we want to skip straight to the reward part14:45
mrgoodcatrick_h: oh dear that sounds like a long ride14:45
jrwrenmrgoodcat: that is a good way to say it.14:45
mrgoodcatthe "america is the best" narrative can't be challenged by such silly concerns as not actually being particularly good at anything14:46
mrgoodcatif you simply define "best" as "whatever we do", then we are, by definition, the best14:47
mrgoodcatcheck mate nerds14:47
jrwrenwe are good at incarceration. the best actually. :)14:47
mrgoodcatyes because big number is always good14:47
rick_hYea, because if you're not the best just ask a statitician to find a way to make the graph point up and to the right and go "we're the best"14:49
rick_hthere was some graphic from a news program that showed "declining covid numbers" and when you look they moved the months around so the graph went down14:49
rick_hbut then the months were no longer in order from left to right14:49
rick_h"picture says good!"14:49
mrgoodcatoh dear i did not see taht14:51
mrgoodcatthere are twitter accounts dedicated to misleading graphs on news programs14:51
jrwreni remember14:51

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